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this is news a lot from berlin clashes in central paris as yellow vest protesters reclaim the spotlight after the fire at notre dame cathedral police have made scores of arrests as protesters battle officers and set fire in the french capital it's the twenty third street weekend of yellow vest demonstrations. correspondent on the scene in paris also coming up. northern ireland police arrest two suspects in the murder of journalist lira mckeith she was killed while reporting on
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a riot in london on the eve of the twenty first anniversary of the signing of the good friday peace deal. americans are marking the twentieth anniversary of the columbine high school massacre two students killed twelve of their classmates and a teacher in the worst school shooting in the u.s. up to that date. i'm michael thanks for joining us we start in paris where thousands of yellow vests demonstrators have taken to the streets once again to protest wealth inequality police detained more than one hundred protesters after clashes broke out in the heart of the french capital this time many demonstrators were enraged that the international effort to rebuild notre dame cathedral has drawn more attention than . five months movement. everything from not nothing for the poor says the slogan on
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this protest is yellow vest. anger at the millions of euros pledged to rebuild the cathedral following monday's devastating fire by the activists say their demands for social reforms of being ignored. the future it's shocking given the state of the country giving to notre dame is all very well but maybe this is not the time to talk about it not the time to do this. was it's the twenty third consecutive weekend of protests against the administration of president emmanuel mccraw actions taking place in the capital paris and across france. still expecting on's us from the government there are democratic social and environmental emergencies for which we still have no answer of. course we were very young protesting even if my wife and nora are the last or learned of. plates of
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violence flared in the capitalist scooters and other vehicles were set on fire. as in previous protests the police response was forceful. tear gas and water cannon deployed to disperse the protesters. the blaze at notre dame may have united front since shock but so far it's done little to heal the deep divisions over poverty and inequality. our correspondent rebecca ritter's is in paris covering the story for us hello rebecca we understand you have to stay in a relatively secure position but what can you tell us about what's going on in the streets around you. well i've actually been able to move away from that more secure position because things here is starting to die down a bit police are trying to clear this particular site and we've definitely seen
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a lot of the protesters move on but as police have been clearing the scene there's been more violent clashes between the protesters and the police and we're starting to see the debris that is now left over smashed windows of police keeping guard to stop looting and lots of debris from the smoke bombs and the little explosive devices used by the protesters but this particular place definitely coming to an end of the protest the protest is moving on. as you well know we're back of the yellow vests years have been at this for months but the temperature the intensity seemed different today is that true and if so while. that is true we've seen a bit of a resurgence shall we say of the violence we've seen a couple of months ago this is the twenty third consecutive weeks now of the yellow vest protest five months they have been going on every single week and they have been waxing and waning in terms of violence and numbers the last few weeks have
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seen the numbers die down but today even before the not fire was planned to be a resurgence of numbers and violence largely june in response to a speech that emanuel macro was due to give on monday now that speech was it was a postponed because of the not return fire but in it he was going to address some of the concerns of the protesters and so they were expecting to respond in kind expecting to be disappointed one might assume and respond in kind so this already had planned to be a very big day and it's proving to live up to that. well the sun is clearly setting soon what's expected later this evening. well as the protesters clear out from this site they may be moving on to other sites as you say it's very warm here so be a warm night to know whether deterrence here for protesters there is a concept
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a commemorative concert for not planned for nine pm local time the saving and i know that the french interior minister has come out saying he's concerned about protests in the area and police presence presence will be beefed up around that concert area to stop scenes like we've seen here today thank you that's our rebecca readers in paris much appreciated. police in northern ireland have arrested two men over the killing of a journalist during a riot on thursday evening the eighteen and nineteen year old suspects are being detained under anti-terrorism legislation hundreds gathered last night in london derry for a vigil in memory of lyric mckee her death underlines the fragility of the peace process in northern ireland. the ceasefire babies was what they called us we were the good friday agreement generation destined never to witness the horrors of war but to reap the spoils of peace the spoils just never seem to reach the words of
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leader micky a young journalist who was gunned down on thursday night in a city that's it captured her heart a few months ago she wrote. derry is such a beautiful city i felt in love with it over the past year while falling in love with a woman who hails from it here's to better times ahead and sing good bye to bombs and bullets once and for all. all of northern ireland's main political parties have condemned the violence which led to her day this was an attack on everybody in northern ireland doesn't matter if you're a catholic or protestant british or irish this is an attack on democracy they have attacked the community they've attacked the people of derry they've attacked the peace process and they've attacked the good friday agreement leerie mckee wrote extensively about the decades long conflict in northern ireland known as the troubles between nationalists who supports a united irish republic and loyalists who want to remain part of the u.k. she was working on her second big writing about the disappearances of young people
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during and since the conflict in iraq was also a fierce advocate for l g b t right as if you don't have kate are gay and so are you going to have to ok. and i hear that myself for much of my life because of what religion taught me about people like me. and when i stopped here myself i started hearing religion. within the l.t.v. community we have a saying that we tell people we tell them it gets better. and what i realized is that it gets better for some of us it gets better for those of us who live long enough to see it get better. i friends and colleagues have set up a craig funding campaign to support levy mckee's family donations are coming in every other minute and will go some way to honoring her legacy. now to some of the other stories making news around the world officials in afghanistan say they have
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ended an assault on the communications ministry in the capital kabul all the attackers have been killed after an hour's long siege the violence comes a day after peace talks between the government and taliban insurgents were cancelled and to talk. in the libyan capital tripoli crowds have protested against the military offensive led by warlords khalifa haftar who opposes the un recognized government this as news broke that the u.s. president had called half hour in a surprise show of support to ready has the backing of egypt saudi arabia and russia. egyptians have begun voting today in a referendum that could grant the country's authoritarian leader abdel fattah el-sisi another term in office the proposed changes to the constitution would also give the former army general more power over the judiciary a move heavily criticized by international human rights groups. this was supposed
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to be his second and last time in office but president of the c.c. is poised to extend his rule until at least twenty thirty gyptian citizens of voting on constitutional changes including one that would allow a c.c. to run for a third presidential term in all likelihood without any real challenges the changes are also meant to give the former general more control over the military and judiciary which rights groups say he's used to silence his critics. polls suggest the referendum will pass. so i would a constitutional amendments are necessary and important. so that i'll say seek and complete his achievements because the constitution is not the holy qur'an the constitution can be adjusted according to the situation of the country. others are very much against the changes. i strongly oppose the amendments because they consolidate military and authoritarian rule and it makes no sense to be so
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different from the civilized world there are a president is in office for a term of four or five years and can then be elected for a second term. with after that another president assumes office in the. c.c. rose to the top following a pro-democracy revolution that ousted long time autocratic leader hosni mubarak in twenty eleven sisi led a military coup against a man elected to replace mubarak mohammed morsi and was himself elected president in twenty fourteen since then c.c. has ruled egypt with increasing severity. human rights groups estimate he's jailed some sixty thousand people on political charges and staged unfair elections to remain in power public criticism of the c.c. has become nearly impossible. nevertheless r.c.c. remains
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a key ally for western governments keen to defend their interests in the volatile region among those interests fighting islamic fundamentalism. the egyptian leader was in washington just two weeks ago to discuss military ties and trade with the us president donald trump for many egyptian activists however the referendum is a blatant power grab and the end of aspirations for a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. today marks twenty years since the columbine high school massacre in the u.s. when two students armed with guns and homemade explosives killed thirteen people on that tuesday morning the school in littleton colorado rose to tragic fame around the world a fate it today shares with other locations in the country like sandy hook and parkland but columbine is still remembered as the start of a modern era of school violence in the united states. scenes that have become all
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too familiar played out for the first time on april twenty nine hundred ninety nine the students who ran from the horrors of the mass shooting at columbine high school in littleton colorado could hardly have known that so many others would follow in their footsteps twelve students and one teacher died that day at columbine as well as the two disaffected teens who executed the massacre. survivors brought shocking stories of random cruelty inside. of that is greening ground in delhi no not do you know we didn't know we shot the girl was. there and that in front of me and he shot the black kid because he was glad that he shot them in the way. they prayed it would never happen again the response from then president bill clinton became a script too often repeated by other leaders. i can only say that the prayers of
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the american people are with you. since columbine there have been more than one hundred deadly school shootings in the us an estimated two hundred thirty thousand children have experienced a school shooting incident. students have had enough of politicians thoughts. and prayers and thoughts and that is. to say you did the same thing as if you say stop it stop it said it was last year's shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida set off a wave of protest against decades of political inaction over gun violence. students all denies nationwide muchas since then some states have cost tougher gun access laws in response but little has changed in washington president onil trump has banned so-called bump stalks that make semi automatic weapons fire fost but he
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has promised to veto a bill that would tighten background checks on gun buy as. two decades on the name calling by and still represents an unresolved american tragedy you're watching news live from berlin up next is reporter which takes a look at a game young woman preparing for the paralympic games remember you can always get all the latest news on our web site that's. when the water starts rising people fight for civil. aviation up i get anybody but when there's a flood water comes up to your waist when you close fast and everyone but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junkie is sleep.


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