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this is t.v. news of live from a wave of easter sunday bombings in sri lanka international grief and condemnation the death toll stands at two hundred seven with hundreds more injured seven blast ripped through luxury hotels and churches and faith explosion came during a police raid officials have made several arrests and have blamed religious extremists will have the latest from. the money. i would like to express my heartfelt closeness to the christian community attacked while gathered in prayer. to all the victims of such a cruel act. pope francis at the vatican this easter
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sunday adding his voice to a chorus of condemnation and sorrow from the world leaders reacting to this really like attack also coming up. there's a comic actor about to become ukraine's next president polls in today's runoff election are due to close in an hour incumbent president petro poroshenko runs against polygamy selenski a comedian who played the president on television but can he do it for real. i'm michael thanks for joining us world and religious leaders have condemned a devastating wave of easter sunday bombings in sri lanka at least two hundred seven people were killed and hundreds more wounded luxury hotels and churches were targeted police say most of the eight bombings of peter have been suicide attacks
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the government has blamed religious extremists but so far no group has claimed responsibility. the hospital in the capital colombo was overwhelmed people brought in victims anyway they coat. that. outside shock and disbelief at the scale of the violence. no one expected easter sunday to end in this way i heard the explosion and then the roof fell on us we took the children and ran out but when i came to the hospital i saw my brother in law and son on the ground. among the buildings hit the five star shangri-la hotel in colombo. many had been enjoying a special easter breakfast when the blast went off. it was one of several luxury hotels and a church targeted in the capital. another blast happened at
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a church in the town of the combo north of the capital more than ninety people died here. then shortly afterwards the zion church in the eastern town of butter canola was devastated by another device. it's the worst act of violence in ten years since the end of the country's civil war the government has blamed religious extremists and has warned of serious consequences for the nation. i see this as a serious situation as destabilizing the country and the economy i strongly condemn this attack aimed at religious institutions and some hotels in the capital back. in the aftermath of the carnage a number have arrests have been made and a curfew imposed on the government is back to hunt down all the perpetrators.
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joining us now by phone jamila national an editor of news in asia and journalists in colombo sri lanka jamila is there any information. and it's you who carried out these attacks. high so just a shock while ago prime minister running become a single according to local journalists at his official office that textbook headed by a local group and all of the seven suspects who have been arrested so far locos reach is not only winning out any foreign aid to mention however he has not named as to who is behind these attacks and the police have said they would not be a bunch of us mourning commission to all the investigations are not conclude that. so just to be clear jamila do we know who this local group is and have they been featured prominently in the past. you know at the moment we do not have any information as to who these real close may be all we have been told is that
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it definitely is a local group because there were dumas being spread that there may be some pardoning convention behind today's attacks but now that has been completely legal is out and seems we do not know which who is behind these attacks if you search for those behind these attacks still ongoing. that many three s. in fact just a shot try to go at the police have raided a house in the south and they have said that it is a house where the suspects are believed to have stayed during the past few the is so that what he says nah morning sorting put this out as their conduct into such operations so that just gives us an indication that the such operations are very much continuing and he pretty much means continual in the coming few days is whether you have events evolved through out the course of the day what is the
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situation in and around colombo right now. but at the moment things in kind i'm like stream the quiet since that has it being an indefinite call to which has been imposed all we can see is that the thai forces the patrolling the streets the security has been beefed up in colombo and other parts of the country is with that data. security contingency on ground that has a large number of police because of being deployed outside the stock last put. so up people have to step out of their homes at least today and tomorrow so we are seeing the death city at the moment a good city because of this curfew that you just alluded to the authorities have also put a ban on social media tell us a little bit more about what's behind that. and said basically when the
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attacks took place today morning the church attacks people and started spreading a lot of misinformation and also pictures of the victims and the bodies and the injured. to. come into being spread on social media. this from the president might be participation at the meetings maybe a statement urging the public not to for the create a misinformation and or need to spread messages. from my credit both to listen to but unfortunately that did not help much because the one month imposing a temporary ban on want to apply and facebook so this has been done and then attempt to calm the situation journalist jamila nash medan in colombo sri lanka thank you so much to have this relaunch attacks targeted roman catholic churches filled with worshippers celebrating easter at the vatican pope francis went ahead with his easter mass as news of the attacks came that he spoke to worshippers in st
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peter's square. and a piece of the it had i heard with sadness the news of the horrendous attacks which on easter sunday have brought sadness and pain to some churches and other places in sri lanka to see that of money fist. i would like to express my heartfelt closeness to the christian community. which was attacked while gathered in prayer. and to all victims of such a cruel act of violence. when i entrust to the load. who so tragically time and i pray for the wounded and all those who are suffering because of this dramatic event. now to some of the other stories making news around the world thousands have been protesting in the moroccan capital rabbi against
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a crackdown on the reith antipoverty its leader. was sentenced to twenty years for threatening state security the movement demands development and job creation for the northern rift region. tripoli's only working airport has reopened after being hit by airstrikes mitiga airport had been shut down amid two weeks of fighting for the libyan capital forces loyal to strongman khalifa haftar have been unable to break into the city defended by libya's internationally recognized government. to ukraine now incumbent president petro poroshenko job is on the line today in the country's presidential runoff his opponent is volodymyr selenski a political novice who has never before held elective office opinion polls ahead of the vote showed selenski is a big lead over portion. it's all about this man comedian volodymyr
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zelinsky plays a fictional president on television now he looks set to be elected is the real thing selenski poll twice as many votes as the sitting president in the first round of voting and is on course for a decisive win. today it will be victory for ukraine the victory of the fair choice we've united the country and now look we've also united the journalists. many ukrainians are looking for change frustrated by the slow pace of reforms and wearied by the five year conflicts in the east of the country with russian backed insurgents. i'm voting for the young the candidate of hope the choice is obvious the war is dragging on and that's awful. we need something new we've had enough of the old faces we've seen them all before the with the passion for poroshenko i respect him and the good things he has done. i'm for his alleged
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scheme we can trust him partially because clever but he's corrupt. but i'm very keen for poroshenko he's professional a true statesman of loss that. petro poroshenko has been tarnished by allegations of corruption but he's keen to play up his role i know why this stage. it was a little cheer for me but we made great progress in integration into the family of european nations we have done everything possible to strengthen our transatlantic integration our reforms are not finished yet and we will not allow anyone to stop them from i am a little bit semantically. after hurting the president went on to an easter mass but perishing because days in office look to be numbered. joining us now from the ukrainian capital kiev correspondent nick connelly nick president bush and co is under threat of losing his job to a political eunuchs periods
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a lot in near selenski where the opinion polls tellings. well the last poll we have is from the end of last week no more polling was allowed after that on the election rules and that doesn't look good for the incumbent he looks to be trailing a limousine lenski by about two to one selenski all around seventy percent pushing around thirty percent that's basically the same pattern we saw from the first round so nothing much changing if anything zelinsky increasing his lead in the last few days before that last poll. this is been an election that has really taken everyone by surprise just a few months ago zelinsky wasn't political scene here in the announce his candidacy on new year's eve on live t.v. and now you when you see the poor or shake of the incumbent president doing his down to try and talk to people who maybe are disappointed with him who are frustrated about corruption the slow pace of reform and get them to pull back from the brink of the last moment and to go for him as
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a kind of hands because as as the polls have it and as the kind of feeling on the street here and here on this beautiful spring day seems to just it's not working there's been some discussion about how the candidates have been light on the issues what are the candidates focused on in their election campaigns. so petra pushing his campaign has been all about positioning himself as the commander in chief of the i. me a father of the nation figure a kind of conservative campaign reminding people that he came to power twenty fourteen when russia had just the next crimea and the separatist conflict in the east was just getting going basically telling people had it not been for me that conflict would spread and you would have seen fighting the maybe even here in kiev so really pushing that national security agenda telling people that only he can stand up to russia whereas selenski has really gone for a bit more of a positive optimistic campaign talking about a change of generation the opportunity to fight corruption really shake politics up and also talking about people's incomes let's not forget ukrainians incomes are
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taking a real getting at people still have less money at the end of the month than they did five years ago before the war so that is really something despite the war that is on everyone's minds and corruption fighting corruption as a way of helping people to get a better listener living is something that seems to be dominating people's agendas . that was connally in kiev ukraine to the buddhist leader where dortmund have cut the gap to leaders buying munich back to a point they won four nil at freiburg with england winger jaden sohn show scoring one goal and superbly setting up another bahrain and dortmund have just four games left and a thrilling end to the season. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you a wave of easter sunday bombings in sri lanka has killed at least two hundred and seven hundreds more wounded the government has called the attacks a terrorist incident and blamed religious extremists several people have reportedly
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been arrested a nationwide curfew is in place. you're watching live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the yeah with more news so that take care. birth. home. of species. a home worth saving. yes those are big changes and most start with small steps but global warming tears tell stories of creative people and.


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