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w. . the fact that. this is news live from berlin shocked and shattered sri lanka mourns after a wave of devastating bomb attacks on easter sunday seven blasts ripped through luxury hotels and churches and eight explosions went off during a police raid the death toll now stands at two hundred seven with hundreds more injured officials are blaming religious extremists and have made several arrests we'll have the latest from colombo also coming up exit polls show coming out in the water mirrors the landscape has won a landslide victory in ukraine's presidential runoff race he played
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a president on t.v. now he's the real thing incumbent petro poroshenko as conceived. on car last month thanks for joining us we begin in sri lanka following a devastating wave of easter sunday bombings that killed at least two hundred seven people and wounded more than four hundred fifty world leaders have condemned the coordinated attacks that targeted luxury hotels and churches where abortion purse had gathered for easter services police say thirty two foreign nationals are among the dead most of the eight bombings appear to have been suicide attacks the government is blaming religious extremists and made several arrests but no proof has claimed responsibility so far. just hours after the series of bomb attacks on churches and luxury hotels three law. and insecurity forces carry out a raid on
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a house in the capital colombo a further explosion rips through the buildings killing three police officers along with the police special task force the sri lankan military has been deployed in the search for the perpetrators of sunday's deadly bombings. prime minister run ill wickramasinghe paid a visit to one of the three churches that were targeted in the attacks you would like to know that the orders have been given to find those responsible for this security services will be given all the powers they want we can't allow these kinds of crimes to take place we will also look into what went wrong what is going to be worried about for the next few days the important thing is counting on a peace that the prime minister's said there had been prior information about possible attacks and that there would be an investigation to determine why the precautions were not taken and that fears that sunday's massacre could destabilize the country the government has imposed
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a nationwide curfew and blocked access to social media saying it was necessary to stop the spread of false rumors and to ease tension. but by sunday night police in colombo reported that there had been a petrol bomb attack on a mosque and arson attacks on two shops owned by muslims. for many sri lankans the apparently coordinated attacks have brought back painful memories of the country's long running civil war when bomb blasts were a frequent occurrence. let's get the latest now from sri lanka with jimmy dean editor of news in asia and she is a journalist there in colombo it's getting late in sri lanka what's the situation right now after today's horrific events. we are not seeing any movement on the road except for a cry for service and a very heavy police presence in the site so that the explosion has taken place and also outside the stock last appearance of course right now there has been
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a call to reach is it because when you post which is going the same definitely which is why we're seeing nobody on the roads is there but i was just out on the roads of a short while ago and it's extreme here that city do we have any more information about the people that are believed to be behind these attacks. right now police are thirteen suspects have been arrested and timing is running become a single tell us a short while ago that all those of was being arrested on three younger nationals no no group has been named at the moment and the police have said that they did not name any organization till all of a missing asians are complete so we do not have even the slightest idea as to who could be the sponsibility behind these attacks or be jamila be heard about those attacks on hotels that took place in the capital city colombo but two of the three
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churches that were targeted were in other parts of the country what does that tell us can you tell us anything about a potential motive here. there's basically the church attacks were a clear a clear indication that they were aiming the captaincy question first who had gathered on easter sunday and mind you that all the three churches extremely popular churches even three them called that day's a very large gathering so when these attacks that happened in the churches in the morning the immediate information we got was this was an attack to ignite racism and this was an attack especially targeting the catholic community so these attacks on the catholic community how christians are catholics in sri lanka felt and he stressed before today's events. yes they have because just last sunday on palm sunday a church in on the run the poor in the central province become under attack by a local group of course the police to conduct the speeding with sickish and. you
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can be sparse to one we catholics have a sense of insecurity instead bt and have the government to look into all the text which has taken place and also to prevent such attacks in the future but nobody expected the text which took place today which has killed at least two hundred twenty eight people. along of course the country of many religions christianity is a minority religion there have been religious tensions in the past. definitely second recent years there have been minor incidents targeting minority communities on and off just last year we saw some deadly attacks against the muslim community begin a in the central highlands which prompted the government through the grass state of emergency and they have been minor incidents which have been taking place against
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a minority time is so there has been cds of continuous attacks which has been taking place in recent years but as i said before this is one of the worst and one of the deadliest all right geneva national d.n.a. journalist bring us the latest from colombo thank you very much thank you. france is honoring the victims of the sri lankan attacks by switching off the lights of the eiffel tower the landmark structure only shown to mouse in paris is of course known around the world and this was the scene just moments ago in the city of life that glowing tower which french government flicked the switch as a gesture of mourning and solidarity for those affected by the tree duncan. well exit polls from ukraine's presidential election points to a landslide victory for the comedian of a lot of mayors a lenski those polls show the challenger has won comfortably with over seventy
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percent of the vote that's well ahead of incumbent petro poroshenko who's already conceded defeat and congratulated the political novice on his big win. oh wow. he went from playing a president on t.v. to being one in real life this is the moment lot of years olinsky the new president elect of ukraine found out he had won on the world stage he's just the latest political novice with an affection for social media to sweep aside the old guard. ah very hard thing you know thank you everybody so lansky actually studied law at university but never practiced instead opting for a burgeoning comedy career in two thousand and fifteen he began starring as a fictional ukrainian president and the servant of the people his own political party was eventually named after the t.v. show. selenski has been the unlikely front runner for most of the election with
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poll ratings flying high he even went so far as to not show up for one of two scheduled stadium debates against incumbent test reporters shanker. the fact that ukrainians had spent years watching him play it being president may have helped him ascend to the post selenski projected a sense that people could trust him by a supporter sankoh the more experienced candidate was seen as corrupt speaking earlier just after casting his own vote so once he was calm and optimistic. we still are today it will be a victory for ukraine the victory of a fair choice we've united the country and now look we've also united the journalists. many ukrainians are looking for something new frustrated by the slow pace of reforms and wearied by a five year conflict in the east of the country selenski they hope will usher in an era of change. joining us from selenski election event in kiev is correspondent nick connelly nick given how how big this victory is for selenski are
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you surprised at all by this margin by this result. is not just me that surprised a lot selenski supporters seem pretty surprised when it eight o'clock local time the ballot boxes were closed off and suddenly we had the first exit poll there was a two or three minute shouts of god of excitement a real shot here at selenski selection policy this is something that not many people have called off in ukrainian politics especially if you consider that just a couple of months ago zelinsky wasn't even in the running here in the announce that he'd be running for president on new year's eve so this is really something that has shown that is shaken ukraine politics to its core and he really has pulled up through that not many people thought he could. how is the political world in ukraine reacting to that big victory. what we heard from selenski himself at the beginning he was very brief is that something
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that's been a characteristic of all of his campaign a kind of reluctance to engage with journalists he just thanked his team and his family he came to the stage once more and again he was pretty vase it when it came to talking about who he would make his advisors who would be in his government how he would make that work. ask the petro poroshenko will you very soon can conceded defeat i guess the polls also of such a good that the caption of the two candidates is so pronounced that there isn't much chance even if those polls are quite hundred percent accurate facts that can still be closed he we understand called solecki and congratulations on his win let's have a look at what's ahead for think i'd say. he said yeah next month i will leave my post as president of the country. we sure this is what was decided by the majority of ukrainians favors and i accept this decision be dissolved as i will leave the
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office of the presidency which but i would like to emphasize i am not leaving the politics. supporting go there saying that he does accept that decision let's go back though to selenski in a debate last week we heard him say that he would seek to quote break the system what exactly does that mean what can we expect from selenski now as president. will call this about two things first it's about generational change so that you're pushing co in third place units in washington selection of figures that have been at the forefront of ukraine's politics for decades selenski someone who all the one hand is known to almost all ukrainians through his work in show business in act as a comedian who has no baggage of that kind who hasn't been involved in frontline politics or politics of any kind for that matter so he's promising at least basic and a generational result and his major concern he says is corruption the thing he says is holding ukraine back on realizing on its immense potential this after all is
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ukraine's is europe's rather poorest country still and he says by fighting corruption bringing people even people with top level involved in politics to account for their corrupt dealings he can help release that you cannot tensional and really help ukrainians living at home rather than being forced to leave the country as millions of ukrainians have been in recent years leaving the country in the hope of finding decent wages and the ability to provide for their families nick connelly reporting there in kiev from selenski headquarters thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world more than seventy thousand people gathered in st peter's square for the pope's traditional easter address francis offered a pardon for sins and a reflection on the world or rather. regions also condemned the bombing in sri lanka and offered condolences for the victim's family. in sudan protest leaders have broken off talks with the country's military rulers and are preparing to
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announce a civilian council that they want to take power this fall as military leader general abdel fatah al gore hons announcement earlier today that he would respond within a week to demands for civilian control. tripoli's only working airport has reopened after being hit by airstrikes mitiga airports have been shut down amid two weeks of fighting over control of the libyan capital forces loyal to strongman tar have been unable to break into the city which is defended by libya's internationally recognized government. and a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you at this hour a wave of easter sunday bombings in sri lanka has killed at least two hundred seven people under is more also police say thirty to forty nationals are among the dead the government has blamed religious extremists and arrested several suspects in nationwide curfew is in place. and i suppose show comedian volodymyr zaleski has
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won the ukrainian presidential runoff in a landslide incumbent for shrink on has conceded the race the poll shows lenski won seventy three percent of the vote for shank otoh just twenty five percent. in washington news live from berlin more news at the top of the hour but first it's the bundesliga show with us they turn for. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word courage to be called. rico is in germany to learn german and why not with him simple online on your mobile phone and free to shop d w z e learning course speak german.


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