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this is d.w. news live from berlin a day after the easter sunday suicide bombings in sri lanka at issue of the success of terrorists the failures of political leaders investigators say they believe a domestic terror group was behind the attacks which killed almost three hundred people intelligence chiefs say they warned the country's president two weeks ago about possible islamist attacks yet nothing was done to stop them also coming up over the job since time to get serious in ukraine the comedian blood in the hands only inskeep pulls off
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a stunning upset by winning the country's presidential election by a landslide and a letter to a survivor we find out how students are pledging never to forget the holocaust as those who experienced its horrors prepare to leave the state. i'm burnt off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we start off tonight in sri lanka where authorities now say a little known local terrorist group is to blame for the bombings that killed almost three hundred people on easter sunday intelligence chiefs warned the country's president two weeks ago that the new group known as national the week gemma were planning attacks and they say they even passed on the names of the suspects yet nothing was done that revelation has the country searching for answers
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tonight after a day of carnage and heartache that could have possibly been averted. this family's life has been torn apart. a husband a father has been taken from them and they have not just lost a loved one but a breadwinner is the dead man's brother fears. that i. know he's gone i'm worried about the effect it will have on the lives of his wife and his daughter. they're either going to get the real question is what will happen to their future. i'm extremely sad. well some stand in shock and disbelief at what has befall him. many are unable to contain their grief as the scale of the tragedy sinks in. and
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most of the dead are sri lankan many including at this church north of the capital which children. dozens of foreigners were also killed among them national from the us britain turkey india china portugal and denmark. alongside the sadness there's also a growing sense of outrage. this is a very sad moment this is a very comfortably. because it's not just an attack it's every girl's gruesome attack on humanity. in the aftermath of the carnage sri lanka is a nation in shock and one looking for answers. all right we want to get more now from the capital colombo i'm joined on the telephone by journalist joe miller was what do you mean it's good to have you with us let's talk a little bit about what is happening right now we understand the country is now
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under a state of emergency and security forces we understand today initiated a controlled blast result does all of that mean that the threat still remains in sri lanka tonight. yes so as i said we'd night tonight to look at the countries on the state of emergency and as you a correctly set for the evening the security forces the financing and externalities of each of their colonies and then been very close which was very close to the financial means to achieve that the first bomb went off on sunday. since yesterday there have been seven expose leaders we have been following the left the band and in the city and outside the city and the security forces have been successful in the funny thing is it just goes on to show that the prestes very much alive and it's really what do we know about the group that has been blamed for this attack is
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we know it's a domestic islam this group national so we jim of what we know about this group. yes so i rang the strongest minister made this announcement today to no one even a big shock and surprise as well because this is not at all the nice patient which we have heard of before but what we are now hearing is that it's a local maybe central such as farms in the country the natural county jail mosque and now they're looking into the front to be to feel free to the school because had any funny meeting maybe renters i. and what about the fact that intelligence had informed the government about possible terror attacks what we saw on sunday and nothing was done and the political infighting i think is what we've heard today how functional is the government in general
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a good tonight is there going to be political phone. yes actually the country isn't as easy as all shock and anger ever since prime minister running to come i seem to think announce that the police have trying to mansion about a possible terror attack and i'm not things have been done all steps have been taken to a why did. the government as us now is obviously continuing to function but the pm game has got to go on monday ming inclusions office because the saying that report has been handed over to the president the president has yet to make a statement on that we are going to see probably a month convening for a special session tomorrow that time is running become a single an opposition or these are going to make through a separate special statements politically s.p.n. off strong at the moment and the coming two days is going to big stream the crucial for the government to see if they can continuing problem is there
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a concern that as a result of these attacks and this political infighting that sri lanka will see now more heavy handed ruling or are you worried about them. read what happened on sunday's doctor a method which anyone can forget about any time soon i mean it just gave us a early if we simply as a nation will capture terrorism once again because we had defeated terrorism ten years ago but so we were all on sunday today can you think there's going to be much of a tie to a rule from now on but i mean yes seeing that already have. being at the moment but . christian mingle there and they have been going into fifteen going in. the documents they have been leaving here and i don't have anything. sometimes i want to be seven to come up and after all month to why they voted on if you want
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information to be see i'm sure we certainly can under stand that. journalist on the phone tonight talking with us from colombo the capital of sri lanka thank you well tonight tensions are escalating in sudan after talks broke down between protesters and the country's military rulers the military council has told demonstrators to take down road blocks outside the headquarters of the army thousands have been staging a sit in the years since president omar was sure was ousted back on april eleventh the demonstrators are demanding an immediate transition to a civilian government. oh they will not be silenced the protesters on the streets of khartoum have voted to stay until sudan gets a civilian government and after dusk fell on sunday night protest organizers called for an escalation. absolutely rather. we will continue
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our sit in and start negotiations with the military council and we will continue our revolution on the streets with more protests until we get all of our demands. that nobody went out. with the demonstrators halting talks pressure on the military council is growing on sunday its leader met with the head of the african union local media reported that the union threatened to suspend sudan if it did not transfer power to a civilian government within fifteen days. it's been almost that long since the army as did president omar al bashir after months of protests the military cancel says the delay in handing over power is because it wants to hear proposals from all political parties. for protestors that's raised fears that factions close to bashir could play a role leaving much of his regime intact or paving the way for another strongman i do not. recall we were disappointed by the depressing news from the military
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council who we thought would respond to these crowds and all this pure blood all over khartoum and this is what these guys are just an extension of the regime which has stolen thirty years from us one of. the demonstrators aren't turning down the volume protest organizers have called for mass rallies on thursday when they plan to announce their own civilian transitional council in a challenge to the military. were earlier we spoke with. him who was in court to with public opinion still against the military we asked him about the situation tonight as. the tension between the military council under protesters is rising it's very important to mention after talking to people here in sudan after being some days here you have a very big challenge which is there's no unity among the protesters you have to
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sudanese professionals association you have to us who say we are the ones who did the revolution we have different parties liberal secular islamic parties and among themselves who are none or who don't belong to the middle of it military council they are not united today and that's the opportunity for the military council to tell them i'm ready to give the power to the to the people but who is the civilian concept who is representing the civilian councils and so the opposition is not being able to unite to have run representative or a number of people who represent them today so when you talk to the people on the ground when you go to dissent in an area you feel there is frustration there's anger what's going to happen next especially today after the military council announced that some streets are blockaded because of the sit in area they will reopen it again and no one is allowed to block this streets the protests are where
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like no it's our revolution we're going to sit and we're going to stay where we are and it's time for the military council to hand over to power to disagree in council but still who are present the civilian council so these are the questions when you talk to the people in sudan and i think this will be the challenge facing sudan the next days and the next weeks. it was correspondent kareen reporting from the sudanese capital khartoum heures some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world and iran and pakistan have agreed to form a joint force to fight terrorism on the border that they share it will act against groups within baluchistan province which seek independence from both countries the talks come days after militants from iran killed pakistani troops in southwestern state police in uganda say they have arrested pop star turned opposition politician bobby while he was on his way to a planned a concert at leat victoria on sunday police ordered wine to call off his one love
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beach concert citing security concerns says that police used tear gas to disperse his supporters. are firefighters in the u.k. are struggling to put out a huge blaze on more land in yorkshire in northern england the fire started on sunday at marston more important conservation area and then began spreading north it's thought to have been called by a barbecue. well spain is gearing up for a general election next week and it will be the country's third in just four years our minister pedro's on just called the election early after losing the support of lawmakers from catalonia one party surging in the polls is the slow far right and euro skeptic vox party it sees itself as a potential ally in a right wing governing coalition but vox's divisive agenda and rhetoric harking
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back to the franco dictatorship well that has many a war in spain. it was the most terrible experience of his life dealing there was just nineteen when he was thrown into this prison in madrid. today it's hard to imagine the horrors that took place here during the fascist regime of francisco franco to force mayor to speak the police staged his execution. if it will fit and . when they point to pistol you and press the trigger with no bullet for this and that split second two things can happen you can just stand there speechless like i did or you fall apart. or sit at home but mayor fears that right wing populist are gaining support in twenty eighteen the far right box party took eleven percent of the vote and to lucy has regional election now the country is heading into a general election. and if it was they would have better i feel safe today we but
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i'm very worried because a political force like vox is yearning for a time in which we lived under a dictatorship for. the far right box party wants to unseat the socialists the crowded talk supporters have come to this bull fighting every now for a rally many have written the slogan spain for the spanish on their flags they want to ban abortion and same sex marriage and they glorify the years under the dictatorship. grayle if we the frank a year. as when say bad he was the lesser of two evils this will have our border ok it was a dictatorship but a homeless one. yes then we had to guess at it but i'm proud of spain's history thanks to franco spain made progress and became what it is today. for franco's victims and their families sentiments like these are a slap in the face for nine years they've been demonstrating every thursday in the center of madrid. the people here the rants of the far right is
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a shock. from their lot and they want to recon ques a recon quest can you believe it this is a disgrace to spain. that's why we're here demonstrating against fascism not for ourselves we're old they're not but for our children our grandchildren. spain's history has divided the country far right box leaders santiago rejects the notion that any form of reckoning or redress is necessary to come to terms with franco's nearly forty year dictatorship but you look are you going to apologize for our history michelle technologists can already it's dark a site draw the best out of it and take pride in it that you know your really mayor is dismayed and angry at the spanish left which he says failed to counter the rise of the far right he hopes the radical right won't have a strong showing in the general election and become kingmakers in
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a new conservative government as they did in and. as well the t.v. actor and comedian blogger me as a linsky is no ukraine's president elect he won yesterday's election by a landslide zelinsky took seventy three percent of the vote while the incumbent petro poroshenko managed only twenty four percent it's a crushing defeat for ukraine's political establishment at the hands of a political newcomer. it was a stunning victory for a political novice. ski has up ended the status quo in ukraine shortly after exit polls delivered him a landslide he addressed his supporters on social media. to what he simply hello everyone which follows i wanted to thank all of you for joining me on this journey for the four months of important work great work that you did we did it together we
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united ukraine we united our people we united our country must work you know let's go. there. the result was a bit of a blow for incumbent petro poroshenko who conceded defeat the divide to stay in politics par shank a had presented himself as an experience pair of hands but it seems many ukrainians were looking for a fresh approach where when he says i think we'll see some changes let's hope there for the better and that ukraine sees some real developments of the accused to you know the most important thing is that the war and the solution should remain there will be a dual system we've nothing to lose things can't get any worse than they already are selenski is young and full of energy fighting care if he's an actor and a clown we're going to see some big changes he'll be better than four schenkel one hundred percent. but if you craniums believe fail to solve their problems it's not clear why selenski will either the close as he's being to political power is
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playing a fictional president in a sitcom. and while his campaign was media savvy it was light on concrete policy ideas. he inherits a country burdened by a separatist war in the east rampant corruption and economy to lex he has much to prove to voters helping him in an era of change. well. nick connelly he has the. landslide is a term that doesn't really do the results of this election justice. has picked up the support of almost three quarters of the ukrainian electorate bringing record numbers of young people to the ballot box or just months after announcing he'd be leaving show business behind to run for the top job his promise of shaking up ukraine's politics and bringing a new generation to power clearly striking a chord with ukrainian voters but serious questions remain how exactly does he plan to achieve the kind of radical change he promises and who will make up his team and
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perhaps most damagingly water his links to the billionaire businessman. whose channel's made. president elect selenski has yet to offer answers to any of these questions but one thing is already clear the true winner of these elections is ukraine's democracy after a campaign marked by mudslinging ukraine health free and fair elections and the incumbent pressure conceded defeat that is not a given in this part of the world and selenski knows it but his election rally selenski had a message for other countries look at us everything is possible. nikolay there were four ting from. here in germany thousands of activists have taken part in and you will marches for peace and nuclear disarmament organizers say the good weather and zion over the current state of the world led to strong turn on easter sunday one margin particular took on greater significance as tensions between the u.s.
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and russia intensify. no weapons yes to world peace that's the message of peace to march which at the color organizes it for you international didn't rule west in general dimension how people are scared to be a nuclear war and he would be one of the first targets but when you realize that and i think that concern is spreading. the air base in vishal is believed to have a twenty american nuclear bombs in underground storage because in the event of a war they would be dropped from german tornado fighter jets the german government refuses to confirm or deny their presence since u.s. president tunnel trump and russian president vladimir putin ripped up the i.n.f. nuclear nonproliferation treaty the fears of these demonstrators have increased. so much i believe nuclear weapons are a great danger and don't want to have american nuclear weapons here in germany and it was a. mistake that it's important to come out and show our support for
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a better peaceful world without nuclear weapons they're a danger to us all that money if you don't do anything nothing will change right. at the end of the march the four hundred demonstrators rallied at the entrance to the happiness you have to look around you there are a lot of young people here today and that makes me feel optimistic for all hell to call intends to march again next and hopes to see even more young faces in the crowd. well now we'd like to share with you the words of. one of the last survivors of the holocaust here in germany at ninety five years old it's getting harder for her to tell her story in public so a group of youngsters they have made it their mission to keep her memories alive and those of other holocaust survivors so long as we can still do that after they are no longer with us at xm and ready for when i was told how you were separated from your mama i started to cry for me it would be the worst thing in the world to
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lose my mama and you are so strong and brave for. a fifteen year old students let search and a difference read by by nessa i snarfed who has taken on the mission after telling the old lady story. this was one of the hardest things for me at the camp saying goodbye to my mother i knew for sure that she would never leave auschwitz again and are not a phrase was sitting anti semitism was widespread in germany targeting her so to order a jewish mother. stored in the i have a still in youth behind me. when i had no use at all and thanks to naziism. on being subjected to hostile remarks and being excluded. it was horrible especially for a child. mr friess sas data back then the number that the nazis tattooed on
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her in the concentration camp were up to her of her identity. to a girl if i had had it removed i would have a scar here and that would remind me as well. i just always reminds you that you can't do anything about it. erna difference survived the holocaust but she never saw her mother again and that is probably murdered her in our streets before they were separated she taught anna you must fight you must survive and tell the world what they did to us and she has done that all her life but at ninety five years old it's getting more difficult that's why vanessa eyes and heart has taken over she and other students taking part in the pro checked called second witnesses be tall of course survivors and tell their stories to others like up to school and sell them germany. she said it was basically
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a death train they were being loaded into a cattle car she said we stood packed tightly as sardines but less us than heart also tells us that and i did for peace worked as a nurse before the war that she wanted to become a doctor that she talks about her family and how sure appeared to be met plans to emigrate to israel plans that never came to anything. i mean listen listen up stories like these show what happens when you leave room for racism and anti semitism that if you give it enough space it can no longer be changed back there are so many parallels with the present such as losing your home and that's something that flows through the entire story. that was quite was just about to cry but i didn't after all i think her will to survive and tell her story is really great to your sister and for most. of us i think that you have to open some people's eyes because they think that something like this can never happen again
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but i think that some people are still too gullible mention that we're not obliged lovers to india and these students write letters to and i did freeze personal messages that i've been hard brings to her. still of course it pleases me that they let someone read to them and tell them the story. often people just aren't interested if you have seen. it or not to freeze is happy that her family helped her to make a life for herself after the war now she's counting on the young people who know her story to tell it when she is no longer around. i hope that this somehow stays in people's minds and that it won't be forgotten. here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you sri lankan officials are blaming local islamist extremists for the suicide bombing attacks which killed
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almost three hundred people on easter sunday intelligence chiefs say they warned the government almost two weeks ago about possible attacks but that nothing was done to prevent and comedian the blow to me as alinsky has won a landslide victory in ukraine's presidential runoff he has played a president on television he'll soon be the real thing the incumbent petro poroshenko has conceded defeat which. you're watching t w news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight why sri lanka knew that terror was coming and yet did nothing to stop.
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when the water starts rising people fight for survival and he hastened abundantly doesn't like it but when there's a flood water comes up drawn waste by your clothes fast to everyone. but a lack of water. these equally dangerous. days and you can see people move south
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so they can plant crops and find food stamps. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of peace not if you want and probably most of them do come from. the climate exodus starts if you curteous on t w. it's all happening coach of british. tour linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come student news after killing program tonight from funny to me from the news of these eat our i would say d w to close the traffic come join us on facebook at t w africa. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild motto w correspondent at the baker can stretch this second line with the rules set by the
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team of. cuts. to smoking recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . sri lanka the day after the attacks. controlled detonations explosives that were meant to add to the carnage in sri lanka's easter sunday suicide bombings nearly three hundred people have died tonight his government issuing an apology it received advanced warning of possible attacks and did nothing and work often berlin this is the day.


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