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from russia times. this is due to reading his lawyer from berlin sri lanka begins to bury its dead funerals take place for the first of three hundred twenty victims of the easter sunday attacks the so-called islamic state now says it was behind the deadly bombing also coming up germany tries to pass a resolution at the united nations tackling rape as a weapon of war but russia and china have watered down the measure and now the united states is threatening to veto it.
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thank you so much for your company everyone sri lanka is mourning the deaths of more than three hundred twenty people in the easter sunday bombings the country ground to a halt on tuesday morning to observe three minutes of silence while in colombo people started burying the dead our correspondent in the shot giles wall met a small community of christians in the capital grieving for their loved ones. a family waiting forty one year old shante went to attend the easter service at st anthony's church they have not taught from her since after multiple trips to the hospital and even the more shitty they have not found her. i only did it in the morning and we're only warmer than our bush i went to the church i'm sure of it
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never did it was she always comes home after going to the church did you but she never came back no no is she still not back to the autumn evening we went and searched for her but we couldn't find her. we're still searching for me there's no information only lived there the only thing time to me is was one of the eat locations hit in the seattle blasts on sunday all around it is a neighborhood in mourning residents here saw another explosion on monday in an abandoned run as people read to receive the bodies of friends and loved ones they silently contemplate their own survival a few feet from the site of two blasts as locals here prepare for few one of those they tell us that the death toll in one neighborhood could have been much higher but for the practice that people clause of the charge of ten was a little on saturday evening and on sunday morning people who live father of eight and services the blasts hit on easter which was a sunday morning. this is
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a mixed neighborhood people from all religions just like here many residents muslims and hindus pitch in to help local christians are unable to understand the carnage there and then a little who will say this is new for us you know even during the time of the tamil tigers we were targeted even the tsunami didn't damage this area and these attacks of shocked us. were that the guards doomsday this is so sad today's choose day we usually go to mass but the church is closed history lankans and especially residents of this neighborhood were very sad. but sadness and anger have to be put on hold to bid farewell to those who were lost. today colombo has come together to mourn. well one destinations are under way over who might be responsible for the bombings the so-called islamic state says it was behind the attacks although and
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hasn't offered any evidence to support that claim because prime minister viktor missing warned it's likely that there are more explosives and militants still at large speaking at a news conference the prime minister also addressed the investigations into the attacks i would like to say that the minister gave making good progress in regard to identifying to be. beats. means that they're going to be filing beats and look at what they need he's well joining me now from colombo is reporter jim realign national dean jamila what more did the prime minister reveal about the ongoing investigation that brought the prime minister thinks there that a month sorry now the suspect had been taken into custody but have a role. and a massive operation is on the way to him that all those involved right now what we
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do know is that a local radical group cars and that he's a mock have been discussing is in the front of the attack and they're clearly doing that i see it as a game made by the i.c.c. . today evening the prime minister also said that they were searching their brains investigating to see if there was another parting with his hand in base and he also said that some of the suspects had gone abroad and had to be singing so massive investigations up and running by security forces then hopefully in the coming days we should have more on. jimi what he acknowledged the claim that islamic state was behind the attack were these suspects inspired by islamic state or were they directed by a so-called islamic state do we know. i cannot have that information at the moment because my this is the times to confirm all the all-state that they had direct contact with i think. what we do know is that. the local press being
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inspired by how the i.c.c. operates and the way they gave us directly a controlled by the i.c.c. is yet to be seen because what the timing is to be saying is that there are reports that they are connected to the i.c. but they are going to be sorting that and so be made just have to wait and see what the starting with the duty now the prime minister as you referenced in your first answer warned that there may be more potential were terrorists at large in that there was even an attack planned on a fourth hotel that's very alarming how on edge are people where you are just an extremely scared of i mean if you will resist canonical right now and even the outskirts of roads. there being a v.k. used to these days enormous traffic on a little suspect they act cynically nobody suspects those close offices that those people running those p.c.'s have to set out sites and reactivating information and
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at least everyone although at this one still is exactly found suspicious fossils are being found so the high forces on the ground the foot the sounds around it conducting massive operations and there have been many those it's fallen since sunday's explosion and now there have been of course serious intelligence alaap says our people furious with authorities do they believe the government failed to protect them to the prime minister addressed this issue. the prime minister did the honors the fact that there was a prior warning and that these attacks could have been out of us if they had that he knew if there was some the it's improper information prior to this it goes and some of these explosions could have been avoided and he also said that if the mason was given this security it could have been heightened in these affairs but unfortunately somebody has not the prime minister or the president being for an
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investigation is ongoing that even looking into this is the priming is that if they're there the president is probing into the right to a journalist a general a national team in the sri lankan capital colombo reporting thank you want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world russian and north korean government sources have confirmed that north korean leader kim jong il will hold his first ever summit with president vladimir putin on thursday operations are underway in the eastern russian city of lot of os software the meeting is expected to take place. mexican immigration officials have detained hundreds of central american migrants in the southern state of chop buzz is the biggest single raid since large groups started crossing into the country last year on route to the u.s. and mexico initially welcome ben but has hardened its stance since the increasing
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number started overwhelming u.s. border crossings. the u.n. security council is taking up a resolution that condemns rape as a weapon of war on germany which currently chairs the council introduced a measure writing in the washington post of foreign minister heikal mohsin actor angelina jolie after called for action against sexual violence in conflicts they said impunity for perpetrators remains the norm the measure is facing resistance from the u.s. china and russia. all right and joining me now from washington is our correspondent in helena humphrey good to see you know an out war of course is mostly waged by men and women have historically been victims of rape unfortunately used as a weapon of war and it's as old as time surely stopping that and punishing the perpetrators is long overdue right and i think essentially that is germany's argument as it bort this resolution to the table of the u.n.
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security council in new york rape as a weapon of war is an international war crime that's been set out under the geneva convention for the past seventy years and germany's argument essentially was that it is time to end impunity it's time to send a fact finding missions collect evidence and prosecute the international criminal court obtain justice for the survivors of these atrocious war crimes if you compare it to other war crimes for example when there are allegations of genocide when there are allegations of chemical weapons attack being used fact finding missions sent that said a lot of resistance now to this text at the u.n. security council and also mentally we could see is a very rude to down version of this text amounting to little more than an informal working group on women peace and security i mean it's frankly baffling how and why are some countries resisting this most notably the u.s.
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china and russia. i would say that. as well but without resistance coming from the u.s. russia and china what they are against is that formal mechanism to enforce that formal reporting mechanism in prominent prophets in the un special envoy on sexual violence in conflict zones and said we're about to be removed this would be a very weak text indeed how would you enforce how would you police the united states has also got further resistance when it comes to language over women's reproductive rights saying that this is essentially a tacit endorsement of abortion and that really echoes the policy we've seen coming from the trump administration in recent months with regards to women's reproductive rights now in terms of european members on the security council the u.k. and france they have said that this must be included and essentially were it not to be this would be rolling back the progress made by the united nations on human
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rights women's rights over the past twenty five years now and it's an atrocious issue but just outline for our viewers a little bit more how endemic is it to conflict is absolutely endemic layla and i think of rape as a weapon of war acts like no other weapon in war in that it can end up cutting through communities stigmatizing survive as we've seen that in rwanda we've seen that in uganda we've seen that in the democratic republic of congo over two hundred thousand women they're victims of campaigns in meanwhile for example it's forced people over the border into bangladesh is forced them to flee and i think right now even we have to be aware in cameroon some atrocious testimony coming from women who are in the grip of separatist violence in that country it continues helena humphrey reporting from washington thank you. now the jurymen cup is down to its
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final four teams of raymond host byron munich tomorrow but tonight's first semifinal features an interesting matchup between hamburg and leipsic and hamburg were relegated from the going to sleep the last season for the first time in their history but suddenly this season fans are dreaming of a german cup title for the first time since one thousand nine hundred seven i heard suffering in the second tier may be nearing its end they're sitting second in the table but it's not because of their recent form the top doesn't win the league game in their last five encounters in the german cup though it's been a different story france the semifinals with relative ease. so i was of the embassy and we've played very well at home in the cup as i now we have a chance to end up in the final contemplation up in front the we're not going to make it easy for them we're going to do everything in our power to books in that
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final even though we know how good luck for places and in the city would like to hear us. and leipsic are good they're sitting third in the books maybe table and our and beaten in fourteen come to functions they're running because hasn't been so smooth to be as hard for wins against hoffenheim fallsburg and out bird. is because on to this is the german cup and of course the match is in hamburg. in front of their own crowd they'll be desperate to seal a place in the final for them so we don't expect an easy opponent or an easy game win for leipsic would result in their first ever cup final. you're watching today we are still to come. twenty years after grounding its fleet uganda airlines is set to take off again is just taken delivery of two brand new regional jet liners the first of six and carried out first we'll talk to our correspondent in the. capital
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and he'll also be taking a look at the state of south africa's construction in the street which is struggling. those stories and a whole lot more coming up on d w business news after this after a short break on plan to rock n roll and state your. move. bursts. home to use of species. of home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps globally duos tells stories of creationist people and innovative projects around the world. is the commitment to stream of submissions and resources should.


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