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this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes i'm ashamed of perpetrators of rape and conflicts and the victims of these atrocities go unnamed those seeking justice on their behalf have today gone before the u.n. security council seeking a resolution to combat sexual violence. and making limbs for amputees in south sudan how prosthetics are giving victims of the country's conflicts
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a new lease on life. and then taking conservation to the concert in africa's villages we have a report on efforts to save the endangered wild dog in zimbabwe. i'm christine wonderwall come to africa i'm glad you're chained and the issue of sexual violence against women has taken center stage at the united nations today germany as chair of the un security council and several of the countries pushed a draft resolution combating the use offer a in conflict zones to noble noria to raise awareness about the issue of morag that is a woman who was kept as a sex slave in syria by the so-called islamic state and dr dennis. he is
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a gynecologist from congo who's treated women who've suffered injuries after being raped in the d.r. see rape and sexual abuse have been used as weapons of war in several african countries for example celts have done the democratic republic of congo the central african republic and mali all countries torn by years of conflicts now when it comes to rape in conflicts impunity is still the norm the perpetrators of those who carry out and direct violence usually escape justice or even sanction i'm now joined by dr chu say to me being gay she's an author and specialist on gender based violence and she's based at the university of stanford in the united states while come to you dr what perpetrates is that one to begin by asking you that we we've often observed sexual violence being used as as a weapon of war as a tactic in war in conflict zones in africa what in what ways do we see this being
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manifested. there you undefined sexual violence in conflicts as rape forced marriage forced prostitution forced abortion forced air and i think . and any type of sexual violence that compared comparable gravity looking for example at their own to conflict i think the definition that came out of the u.n. tribunal prosecuting genocide in rwanda well that sexual violence doesn't even have to include touching so for example don't want to k.s.u. iran and made it with convicted essential as the crime against humanity in one instance he forced women to strip naked and to parade in front of a mock that was defined essential items again in that context one of the recurring feature of sexual violence conduct are essential and it's forced marriage frankly seen fourth marriage limited cases in northern uganda that deshon of girls from schools in the ship ocurred to nigeria the direction of growth and in syria on with
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the revolutionaries for a united front of women girls right these women and girls. and forced into relationships which parity african managed and within both forced marriages you have sexual violence you have great you have forced missy's forced abortions so you can see just how egregious social violence is and on conflict on our continent and we're seeing and i'm understanding from much a saying that there is there is there is there is sort of a methodology to this in some cases way when these militias go into areas that they are attacked and they are using sexual violence but what do they hope to achieve by doing this and what is the result perhaps. well it's a major strategy and the mission strategy is different wings the unfit so in the case of a tank which we saw just this past year probably the tank and you can the democratic republic of congo the strategy with him to to terrorize communities you have to do
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bad to our communities read a movement from different ethnic groups in a conflict such as southern sudan what you have is force displacement sexual violence being used to force communities to flee in order that you can capture resources on a territory yourself or have a company who provide evidence of conflict you have people who have detained experiencing sensual whatever genital torture genital mutilation and we saw that in berlin the after the election violence will feel that an election environment in kenya could divonne guinea political opposition and their family members and their supporters being experienced both essential violence and why is it so important that this draft resolution is pos that the u.n. security council. the draft resolution in sight and generally should be commended is vital when we look at nigeria nigeria has been attempted to prosecute member the
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book her arm and that terrorism not convicted over one hundred about one hundred twenty. one members but none of these people have been charged with the crime of sexual violence despite the fact that it's well known that sexual violence is a key strategy of their military strategy of their militant their militia strategy right so the resolution by germany is stating that state we recommend that you national governments are failing to take full responsibility training the culture of impunity and that such items must be elevated to the level of the security council at the highest political level in order to be enforced and monitored ok doctor to say. author and specialist on gender based violence at stanford university thank you thank you five years of civil war in south sudan has left possibly tens of thousands of people without limbs some directly as a result of armed conflict of this have lost on the lake simply through lack of
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medical treatment for other conditions as a about to see in this next report the international red cross is now trying to fit prosthetics for as many people as possible. this is the consequence of a snakebite five year old mate all lost her leg in the war torn country of south sudan her mother couldn't get medical treatment for her in time so the infection worsened until no one could see from leg. here she's trying her prosthetic limb for the first time. it's hard work but she knows she's not alone here. and the law we got was i was leaving my house on a rainy day to go to the field like got bitten by a snake. but i think i was taken home. but there was no car to transport me to a hospital right away. in addition to the physical
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problems most patients are traumatized many have been injured by landmines or fighting during the civil war the red cross doctors have to counsel patients struggling to accept an artificial limb. then is the process is provided until the this is part and parcel of you is going to be part of your is going to let you walk get your back to the business us use of. that means manufacturing the artificial limbs to make them look as natural as possible. last year they treated hundreds of people in this center in juba but the need is much higher. south of the story of africa's wild dogs which may not be as glamorous as some of the other species and a threat but they're just as important in keeping ecosystems stable but their population has shrunk dramatically from off a million in the middle of the last century to only around six and
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a half thousand now a project in zimbabwe a survey river valley is aiming to put a horse to that decline. as the day cools down life in the bush in southeast zimbabwe begins to reawaken. when. the only african wild dogs spend the hottest part of the day sleeping in the shade. now in the late afternoon the pack comes together ready to go out hunting. it's the perfect time for jessica water maya to check up on them she heads a conservation project for wild dogs in the sov a valley conservancy. that's a protected area covering three thousand square kilometers. they are incredibly social pack animals so just the way that they interact with each other the way they take care of each other where they take care of the puppies or pack members pull together to look after each other and very different from other social convoys for example lion when wild dogs either kill the adults one at the pepsi first they will
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look after the injured they will take me back to the injured wild dogs or among the most endangered carnivores in africa with population numbers of around seven thousand at most the souther valley conservancy provides a large area for them to roam freely which is exactly what they need to survive. they prey on game such as in parlors. the savi valley conservancy was originally formed from an amalgamation of large private ranches that finances itself through tourism and controlled sustainable hunting. outside the conservancy little of the original bush remains the local population has grown on more and more land has gone over to farming leading to increased contact between wildlife and humans. victor chibuye of the african wildlife conservation fund is
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responsible for the school based education program. to whatever to do was buy a teaches the children about the food chain and explains what happens when one species dies out the idea is to help the children learn the importance of conservation was to know for one's example i think it's great to learn about protecting the animals know when to undergo no i know that if patients come i need to report it to the police or my teachers when you are going to do. this we have an ear for it. but african wild dogs are still expose. the danger even inside the park as we discover the next day two dogs got caught in a snare trap jessica water my is at the scene when the ranger arrives. soon as possible within twenty minutes of the report but on forty bucks on the gotcha the
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dogs had already struggled themselves and suffocated. it's a senseless killing the dogs weren't even the poachers target the traps were set to catch antelopes. the dogs had tried to free themselves by biting through the wire but the copper was too tough was still it's the alpha male that's been killed along with another adult dog the best hunters of the pack. why a snare traps are almost invisible in the dense bush and the area is vast but the rangers have still managed to find or around fifty of them. the rest of the pack will stick together until the juveniles are fully grown fortunately the alpha female wasn't lost otherwise the pack would have broken up but with her mate now gone hopes of gaining a new litter of puppies this year look slim. and that's why we believe it. is africa today as always you can catch our stories on our website and facebook
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page shall we need a major but not so wild bush chose to run and alter the baritone in morocco recently its time at the. prison fear of its most fascinating and its most exciting. most creative code clearly trying to taste innovation really charming. filesystem books.
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on t.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. code is in germany to learn german why not come with simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nico speak german. hello and welcome to arts and culture news and the united nations is currently debating a german led bid to step up efforts to combat sexual violence in war zones also this big coat instigated by hollywood star angelina jolie will be talking about that of the celebrity culture of getting involved in such political issues also
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coming up. a huge street art exhibition with a fantastical backdrop has opened in western germany. three d. printers and how they can help recycle plastic waste. in monday's washington post newspaper article appeared written by angelina jolie and the german foreign minister us it was a call to the international community to support survivors of sexual violence perpetrated in war zones and also to pump punish the perpetrators of such crimes is written to come inside with a debate at the u.n. about this very subject to talk about this and the subject of celebrities getting involved in political issues i'm joined by my colleague david leavitt's david let's .

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