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exhibition with the cast of cool backdrop has opened in western germany. three d. printers and how they can help recycle plastic waste. and that monday's washington post newspaper article appeared written by angelina jolie and the german foreign minister. it was a cold to the international community to support survivors of sexual violence perpetrated in war zones and also to pump punish the perpetrators of such crimes written to come inside with a debate at the u.n. about this very subject to talk about this the subject of celebrities getting involved in political issues i'm joined by my colleague david leavitt stave it let's start with angelina jolie who we used to know as a glamorous film star meanwhile for a long time now we've known she's been involved in humanitarian issues how did the
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old start what you know believe it or not it actually started with the two thousand and one movie to moderate or this action film based on a video game this did to this really changed angelenos life in two ways one it made her an international superstar but also this was the first major film shot in cambodia after the camaro rouge regime and the young actress she was in her mid twenty's at the time realized she wanted to help the country recover to whatever she could see she returned back there soon after where she adopted her first child maddox you probably remember and basically what you do this she called up the u.n. refugee agency she said how can i help she started paying her way on to their missions by now she's been actually around sixty u.n. refugee let's find out more about humanitarian work that. just months after tumor angelina jolie was going on missions around the globe with the u.n. refugee agency and was soon named the agency's goodwill ambassador
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a title that would take her on missions from chad to pakistan sometimes with ten husband brad pitt meeting with people displaced by conflict and disaster. it's just. julie's film work also reflected stories she heard in conflict. or directorial debut in the land of blood and honey deals with. the year after in two thousand and thirteen julie addressed the un security council on sexual violence the world has yet to take up war zone rape as a serious priority hundreds of thousands if not millions of women children and men have been raped in conflicts in our lifetime the numbers are so vast and the subjects so painful that we often have to stop to remember that behind each number is someone with a name a personality a story and dreams no different from ours and those of our children. following
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julie's appeal the security council adopted its broadest resolution on sexual violence in conflict before their bodies are able jolie has continued to advocate for more action on sexual assault wherever she goes demanding that survivors be heard and cared for perpetrators prosecuted and that organizations including nato and the u.n. do more to stop or a world jolie the seems to take the job pretty seriously what about all the celebrities who fight for good causes of a effective indeed they always necessary what you know it really depends on how credible they are and how much they actually engage with the topic jolie is effective because she's believable you really believe that she cares and she's on the ground now let's take a look at some. do gooder do gooder celebrities who've sort of undone their own credibility going back to bob geldof and bondo these were the big guys in the
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eighty's starting with the live eight concerts by know for instance has been on the scene for decades speaking out about so many topics that there's almost kind of a bano overload he's almost undone his own credibility because people are sick of seeing him and bob geldof for his part of a few years ago it was reported that he wanted one hundred thousand australian dollars to give a speech about poverty so that really doesn't do much for his credibility either so why it all up do you think stars should get involved in supporting good causes well i think they can do a lot of harm and i'll give you one example of someone who may have done harm may have done good edge here and he was in liberia a few years ago and came out with a video for comic relief this is a u.k. action where he was talking to children whose parents had died of cholera in liberia and he seemed to have no clue what he was talking about he was accused of being a white savior he said you know let's we should be putting all these kids in hotels
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that brought in a lot of my. but it didn't really do good in some sense now if it's someone like george and amal clooney when they talk about human rights you know that they know what they're talking about and they're engaged. someone like them or angelina jolie i think that they can bring the public's public's attention to these causes and do a lot of good david leavitt's as always thank you field knowledge thank you very much. the furnaces of the massive klingon works in the southwest of germany was shot down over thirty years ago meanwhile these rusting ruins have been used for innovative cultural events and in one thousand nine hundred four it was named the first industrial monument to be on the unesco world heritage site list right now it's being used as a fascinating backdrop for over one hundred street artists from around the world. vision free. and i mean workers at the. turn who have been
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immortalized in the artworks of mentality from. the work in the chimney shows the brain of artists who grew up in south america his mother was hung and his father the french location for the piece is linked to family tradition. my great grandfather edmund built chimneys for factories in paris and france one hundred fifty years ago. today and a chimney from the same era is very special for me. the world cultural heritage site is a very cool backdrop to the works of one hundred artists from twenty countries and four continents painting. and don't spur foreman said the opening this is parts of morton. but it all began with a spray can and the graffiti seen illegal street in the late one nine hundred
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seventy s. and eighty's today collectors queue up to grab the latest artwork to is in demand to use suburban trains in the bronx district of new york. he was frequently arrested are going to electrocute. i was hiding on the train because the train was coming so i had to run very quick to hire the train if. i touched the track. safety at work was the inspiration for french artist mark you know our old german railways posters adorn a hut for money used for brakes but he thought it was interesting to put the pictures back into their original environment i changed them to fix days tastes it's a journey into the past of work. with. one political theme because over and over constant surveillance facebook is watching you. does.
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this make sense mr zuckerberg babyface into something monstrous. somehow fits in with the idea you actually have to have about facebook these days. cameras is an installation by spanish artist by he also made most a federal artwork on show he spoke rises from the chimney of the industrial monument once more but just for ninety seconds. good press for street out of plastic has been having a bad press for some time now is too much in our oceans and mountains of it on land that we can't get rid of because it doesn't biodegrade but there are innovative ways being found to recycle plastic and we've been to see one instigated by a dutch research and design studio for bras adapt this particular project is being realized in a park in greece. plastic recycled into a new form with a new function. the seating elements and the greek port city of their saloniki are
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part of a project called print your city. plastic waste disposal i called this furniture from a three d. printer. the idea came from the dutch design studio the new rock panel suckers from greece as one of the projects founders the plastic is a mis understood material which is it's not the material that's the problem it was about how we use it packaging for you. sample yeah but i did my skin it might only be used for a few seconds but it never degrade so i could not but you know if we use it in some other way later we can change things and improve our lives. this is precisely what kano soccer's hopes to achieve with the project. he designed the furniture to allow people to experience public spaces in a new way with different last years. rather than sitting right they can relax a bit more. they were sitting in their own living rooms you know i mean. this is
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the feeling i'd like to put across and bring private living space into public spaces and the fate of. anyone who wishes to participate can suggest designs online or select pieces of furniture from the various templates the ones that are selected most often go into print try to save the earth and i was so happy when i was walking through town one day and saw that a bench i had designed had been printed caveat i know it's there for everyone thank you to the others that you know. as soon as a new design template goes online the amount of recycled plastic needed for the three d. printing process is calculated automatically. at the zero waste lab or research initiative of the new raw people in festal uneek you can find out about recycling and deposit the plastic trash cleaned sorted shredded and melted down. only i don't like to just throw things out at all but if aside i think we ought to
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have a responsible attitude toward our planet. after all we use its resources year by year. it takes about seventy kilos of plastic and ten hours to make a park bench from a three d. printer. nine. colorful seeds of argument placed around castle and the center and more planned eventually the idea is to spread them all around the city. the combination of recycling and design is proving a hit with the locals and visitors alike. lips cups and it's very impressive to see that you can transform waste into something a static in this way this image of the canonical everyone can enjoy it and said here with their friends it's a definite gain you keep there's nothing negative about it might be the. end of the park benches never fall apart they'll simply be recycled if it's a good idea and
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a sustainable one. with bush is in the back of the city school that's it for this edition don't forget to check out our website the w dot com slash culture or off facebook page that's. for more on all those topics for now thanks for watching now and i hope you can join us at the same time tomorrow i'm told that.
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climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. give globalization. biodiversity species ronsard asian exploitation ecology. human rights displacement. the global. local action. global three thousand and thirty minutes on d w. c it's magic.
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to. put the first campaign for europe in are in full swing and we're standing here today at the last plenary session of this particular european parliament because we'll have a bill what comes and the result of that election is going to be closely monitored in africa the continent after all the chance years of a complex relationship because you know a. lot of special folder do you like so why the matter. frank food. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail.
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located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. sri lanka observed a national day of mourning to honor the over three hundred victims of easter sunday is deadly attack a government official says the suicide bombings were carried out by a local islamist group in revenge for last month's christ church attack in new zealand so called islamic state has also claimed responsibility for the murders. egyptians have approved a series of controversial forms to the constitution that will allow president to
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l.c.c. to stay in power until twenty.


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