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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2019 8:15pm-8:30pm CEST

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the other then the earth and the moon now by analyzing a mars quakes researchers are hoping to learn more about how rocky planets including our own were formed great stuff our idea of your business in africa is up next with garrett al first on little rock n roll and see you tomorrow. staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. closely. carefully. don't know who these soon to be nice to did you.
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discover who. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. a country on the brink with a sudanese president imposed the population living below the breadline is serve as a future on the cards for africa's ninth biggest economy sitting on rich reserves of oil and gold. and mobile phones all the communication backbone in most parts of africa and in. mobile by the welcome for many thriving small businesses. this is business africa. welcome to the future of saddam very much in the balance
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in a tug of war between civilian protesters and the military meanwhile the economy is suffering saudi arabia and the united arab emirates want to send three billion dollars worth of aid to saddam which according to the united nations are the poorest countries in the world despite an abundance of natural resources. it said a million people are toiling their way through sudan's deserts and mountains gold diggers dreaming of striking the mother lode and the subsequent life of the gold mining has been around here since the time of the pharaohs but most of what's found nowadays winds up in the pockets of the khartoum government and its regional potentates there's not enough funding or know how here for industrial scale mining . and who wants to invest in a country anyway it's caught up in a revolution. after three months of mass protests the military stepped in and took power. but the demonstrations continue the sudanese people are demanding that power
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be hundred over to a civilian transitional government the protests began last december. protests were provoked by. prices the price of bread jumped at. the poles the same was fuel. prices now. but they don't have a solution for the economic crisis that is facing almost fifty percent of the population who are below poverty line so the challenges of. sudan is one of the world's poorest countries the u.n. says almost six million people there are threatened by hunger but the state of the economy is still a huge mystery because analysts have little access to reliable data. that's been our correspondent in nairobi a joy with president omar bashir deposed does this now mean. better economic times
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for the sudan. well hadley's so because since twenty seventeen when the u.s. lived at some actions on sudan the hope was that the economic crisis would ease but this is not the case as we have seen the economies travel over the past decade the inflation shooting up to about seventy percent in twenty eighteen alone and what we're seeing more of is that this crisis could actually last longer and over the next to me as not much is going to be done either. well the transition government what can they do to push the economy can they do anything. well there's not much time that they have considering they only have two years until the next general election and saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have placed three billion dollars of which five hundred thousand dollars five hundred million dollars
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rather is meant to go to sudan's central bank and the two point five billion dollars is meant to be given or sent in form of food from a set of calls as well as petroleum products but the transition government deal will have to struggle to fix the crisis that has been looming for the past ten years or even twenty years as as would be one of the poorest countries in the world of a joy have these these protests affected business with sudan's neighboring countries and maybe it is any help coming from those neighbors. yes if you look at sudan's neighboring countries you talk about chad central african republic as well as if you are pierre if you don't get in this case could have been affected the most because it's one of sudan's close as partner is. sudan it imports rather european ports gas from sudan and it's full its energy to sudan and this
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energy is worth millions of dollars so with that is fraction of the cool and the protests there's a lot that has been affected from kenya as well. kenya airways that is the national carrier in kenya three lies to sudan about five times a week and so these disruptions have caused quite an interference of business interruption for kenya airways uganda as well exports coffee to sudan and all these protests and hash economic times have affected these exports to the country as well audrey and they're our correspondent in nairobi thank you very much. closer investment ties between nigeria's petroleum ministry and saudi arabia. on the cards following the nigerian oil minister's visit to the kingdom nigeria says the visit ended with a pledge for talks spending the entire oil and gas value chain is five be africa's biggest crude producer of nigeria imports most of its fuel you to insufficient
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refining infrastructure around khaleesi spending refining operations and for the production in a bid to become the world's largest integrated and engine. much of africa has simply skip the age of land lines and moved straight on to cell phones today almost half of africans have a mobile phone that's nearly five hundred fifty million people mobile phones on the only use to make calls but also to transfer money pay bills and manage personal finances huge market has developed in africa mobile telecommunications. anyone looking to buy a cellphone in mali's capital bamako will likely head straight to the mob she had to telephone. no one knows exactly how many dealers and workshops there are here but it's somewhere around two thousand crowded together along the road the magic come ourselves new smartphones in his stall he says the place isn't just full as it
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used to be like the mobile of the little googling prices in the country is making our business worse people have less money and if they do have money they buy other things not phones but if it wouldn't it be that would be cool but don't. molly is one of the poorest countries in the world but mobile network coverage reaches almost one hundred percent of the population and one who can afford one hasa cell phone up that moment is there's a stand for second time phones business is better there modibo haidara has already checked out a few dealers but hasn't found the right one yes. well. so. i'm looking for a second time phone for a slate i don't have much money and secondly this street is the best place to get second. what. he brought him haidara no relation just a small range of things mostly used i phones they're more expensive but they look
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impressive and they're a lot cheaper than the new ones across the way. for the i phones come from the us or france people often trade their old ones in so i buy them after they've been repaired. the repairs are done in one of the yards along the road it's where adama city bear has his workshop cracked screens and broken circuit boards even the most hopeless cases are brought back to life here have repair cost the equivalent of a she sends to twenty euros depending on the job. towards the sun so my repair old brands some song i phone android but it's only possible if i can get the replacement parts here and molly from oprah's school for two. locked phones are also taken care of in the repair shops. soleimani said d.b.a. has programs that can get any phone up and running again.
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and that's what i'm very fortunate i phone steffen to me because they have a security code therefore it didn't work out the code it now and install a new system then it will work again of. the form it's about. to match it to telephone provides thousands of jobs and bamako just by the country's crisis these jobs are relatively secure as africa's mobile phone system is the fastest growing in the world. and some of the other business stories making . lines around the world u.s. aircraft make a boeing so quarterly profits fall steeply as it grapples with a seven three seven mux crises plane was grounded around the world after one ethiopian and one indonesian seventy seven knots that crashed killing all on board says the crisis has cost the one billion dollars so far it has now abandoned its
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financial four cost of twenty nine thousand. japanese comic in the sun has issued its second profit warning saying twenty eight hundred profits will come in at two point eight billion dollars that's more than twenty percent down on its previous estimate. says it faces weaken sales in the u.s. as well as corporate issues taken to mean the arrest of its c.e.o. follows. japan's softbank is investing nine hundred million euros in german financial technology company wide or stake a five percent cut specializes in electronic payment services and was a rising star of germany's fin tech sector but was shaken for a while by a series of allegations about its asia operation. through at the beginning of may no country will be able to import iranian oil without sanctions that's what the u.s. government said on monday the oil market was quick to respond and in the long term
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some countries like turkey abound to struggle once iran's oil stop is turned off but there's no doubt iran itself will be hit the hardest. inflation is up by over fifty percent that means everything is getting more expensive for ordinary iranians but hardly anyone wants to comment on the situation publicly. yet there's already many of you do some have a fixed limited wage like us when prices rose we had to change a lot of things our rent went up we were forced to spend our money on rent instead of food. capital. before us and. in other words money has been losing its worth since u.s. sanctions on iran were reinstated in november of last year. for. life before the sanctions was hard for maybe half of the people but after the sanctions approximately eighty percent of the population is having
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a hard time. and things are about to get harder prices are expected to rise even further once america's sanctions plug the last hole in iran's oil well. from me on the business africa team follow business news and back on stories photo . business will stay. up next. right after this following brain folk walk very much.
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entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful markets this week here in thailand is mocking how many. of the conservative peoples hockey despite calling for blacks to leave the country feel insists fuz not a racist phony see the. good the movie will support. we don't want to be faced in the stone of. conflict so for sixty minutes.
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he takes it personally. with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans fall. more than. this is africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes he is the ebola outbreak in congo is searching out of control the world health organization has taught me suspended its vaccination campaign as filed into attacks on treatment sanchez forced into others to wind down their services what does this mean for the nation off the deadly virus.


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