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d.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight interlink of the first political fallout from sunday's suicide bombings the president says the country's defense and police chiefs must step down for ignoring intelligence morning authorities say they've identified all but one of the suicide bombers who killed three hundred and fifty nine people on easter sunday they say the attackers were educated in came from well to do families will go to colombo to get the latest also coming up north korea's leader arrives in russia for his first ever summit with president vladimir putin to stand all over
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north korea's nuclear weapons program widely to top the agenda. it's good to have you with us tonight show a link as president is demanding the country's police and defense chiefs quit he's accusing them of grossly mishandling intelligence relating to these suicide bombings on the easter sunday the government has confirmed that information about possible attacks was not passed on to relevant authorities the death toll has now risen to a staggering three hundred fifty now it has to gator say that they've identified the bombers and are now looking into whether international extremist groups may have provided support. for more on what's going on in joy. now on the phone from
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colombo by journalist jimmy leno's would be a good evening to you i mean that the president has asked for the resignations of the defense secretary and the national police chief is that what the people of sri lanka want to see now. granted i have the public at this moment of time changing any of you shows is not going to do much damage control it has now been confirmed that she was a police definitely had seized by information of possible terror attacks and they had a chance to act and that the president and the government each passing the buck on each other saying they were not a bad he just goes on to show that that essence even if that's as in the entire administration and the public is extremely angry about this that's really what the public want to hear right now is about not seeing or hearing voices resigning but they need some firm onto us from this government a so why do you get the extra police was behind it what more is going to be done in
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the coming days and how to see if the nation is going to be having a difficult because one of the see if meeting the houses the changing will feature the right now is not being raised by the public yet it's a good point that you bring up jim you live there slow with just deciding what to do politically but when it comes to identifying the suicide bombers that has happened rather quickly eight out of the nine suicide bombers have been identified what do we know about them. yes you're right because according to the latest information released by the government to the a.p. also nine to ten bombers have been identified and the government said that one of the bombers indeed was a female the government also told us that all of these almost came from very rich backgrounds and they were highly educated in fact for mommy come on the whole german distributed that these attacks being have been panned as back of seven to
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eight years and this is not something which i think then in the recent past where i thought we missed occasions on going to see if this group was leading to any other radical group in the country and may that they have had any funding links so this investigation is going on and maybe in the coming days the government should be able to shed more light as to what exactly these groups were and were connected to them ok journalist as i mean the national do you know with the latest tonight from colombo i mean i thank you. for many muslims intro say they fear a backlash after the easter sunday attacks the suicide bombings have been condemned by muslim groups but many in the community say they feel vulnerable. has this report. sheikh. back home to. sought he's too scared to spend the night in his house for enjoyment and other ships on easter sunday a few hundred metres from the even lives
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a massive loss hit the church. he said the next day with this young children and wife. and i feel. that we had to raise it so since we being in the in the main draw so we thought off. and also being with that with the children we. that is that even what we what made us to be site believed how says he or. she has been about the attacks and feels guilty that the puppetry to us either seemed religion that's when. he's christian not to think of him and his family as ted it. all along his street the homes and shops office the muslim neighborhoods. several muslim one businesses were attacked after the bombings. in the city.
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bought christian i am muslim communities in sri lanka have been talking to my book this extremist in the past muslims and christians in the country have co-existed basically so far the easter sunday bombing set off tensions between the two minority communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support. sending condolences and emphatically condemning the attacks. but but the tradition of fighting just around muslims may not be safe to. a small but vocal group a few young guns are trying to. they're from different traditions and i'm not from this idiot and i'm trying to find a reason for using the backlash muslims on the fringe. religious leaders from both communities are meeting to express their concerns as well as the. crackdowns against minorities on martin no one and three and
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a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two decades of civil war that civil liberties of. the us in the name of national security and countering terrorism and the experience of civil liberties being curtailed dramatically during the course of the water anyone after the war in the name of fighting six terrorism so days of worry that the similar situation may arise probably again as muslims this time. muslims and christians have always kept at a spectacle distance. now that is hope that the easter sunday serve as a reason to build stronger bridges between the two communities. well here are some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world in syria an explosion has killed at least fifteen people in the opposition held province of of these twenty eight people were also injured a monitoring group said the blast occurred close to an office belonging to the jihad as to why it's. shot it controls much of the profits scotland's
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first minister nicola sturgeon has called for a new referendum on scottish independence from the u.k. by the year twenty twenty one if britain leaves the european union she said the scottish government will introduce legislation setting the rules for a second vote of course it would need british approval for. russian president vladimir putin has signed an order making it easier for people living in a separatist controlled eastern ukraine. to get russian passport ukraine's president elect a lot of media criticized the move he called for more international sanctions against russia denouncing moscow as a quote aggressor state. north korea's leader kim jong un has arrived in eastern russia had a big summit with president vladimir putin the meeting in the city of blood of all stock will be the first between the two leaders economic cooperation and north
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korea's nuclear program are likely to be on the agenda kim is concerned about u.s. led sanctions against his country because of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs russia has called for this ancients to be just. on i'm joined now here at the big table by marcus kind he is from the german institute for international security affairs it's good to see you would get into that here we know that when you. met twice that they always met to talk about denuclearization of north korea is that what mr putin wants to discuss first of all it's evolved to the revival of bilateral relations in general i mean we have to cue the last by liberals on the two planes two in two thousand health the two thousand and i don't think it was the father of camille when we were meeting promised the medvedev and since nothing. has really happened they have. increasing and improving economic relations and the third pov might be dino grounds there do you think this
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would be happening if the last summit in one or in between or between kim and trump if that summit had not ended so terribly would there be a summit now with mr putin maybe we don't know exactly but it provides a terrific opportunity for russians the russian foreign policy of provides a terrific opportunity for us east asian policy and it provides a terrific opportunity to spoil u.s. foreign policy in the region yeah i mean we have two different approach this year. the one the big plan the big. the big deal. the plan by donald trump and step two step approach by commune one the russian president is supposed to give me one and i can imagine that when vladimir putin was watching me twice with kim jong on he he had to have been sitting there thinking why why can't i be there is he doing this summit now in an effort i don't have to do don't troll.
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it's a win win situation for both sides and it allows the communal one to show to the chinese and to have been pretty good to be americans look i've got other options as well and there's a nice return for russians east asian policy and allows to president putin to present himself as a responsible leader he needs to we i would be surprised if you. read invigorating behind the six party talks with jeff and then. would have been dormant to put it this way and this might be one diplomatic approach he's cruising all right mark is not as always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you. the leaders of ireland and the u.k. were among hundreds of guests today attending the funeral of slain northern irish journalist earlier mckee she was shot by irish nationalists last week during a riot in the city of london derry which is also known as derry
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a catholic priest leading the ceremony told the congregation that her death has to mark a turning point for northern ireland his sermon had some uncomfortable moments for the political leaders there. the murder of the young journalist the roma key leaders of britain and ireland as well as hundreds of mourners together the many irish prime minister leader and british prime minister theresa may set at the front of st ann's cathedral. and politicians from across northern ireland's political divide was side by side since father martin mcgill a friend of micky commended them for standing together in creating on good friday but also challenge them. why in god's name does it take the death of a twenty nine year old woman with her whole life in front of her the eve
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of the before you could finish a sentence a standing ovation erupted a clear sign of people's exasperated with the violence and odd moment for the politicians who only joined after some hesitation. be leery mickey were shot last week while reporting on rioting and londonderry as she stood behind a police line the new ira a splinter group of the former irish republican army claimed responsibility for a death and later apologized to her family the group wants to unify in northern ireland with the republic of ireland. the young journalist was the first to be killed on the job in the u.k. for almost twenty years now people are hoping her death will be a turning point for northern ireland. in the words of layer herself we must change our world one pace at
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a time now let's get to work. father mark mcghee alleges that mickey was a powerful example of the pen big my dear than the sword that something northern ireland will likely bear in mind after this tragedy thank you. football now where by in munich have joined the leipzig in the german cup final at the end of may in berlin by the cup record winners narrowly won three two at braman thanks to a harshly awarded penalty thus ending a very remarkable feat of thirty seven consecutive unbeaten home matches in the competition that's history now after a break from robert levin belsky and a lone thomas goal secured by a passage to the fine it's another big thing in space nasa's in sight lander appears to have detected the first ever mars quake it would mean scientists finally have proof that mars is still seismically active the probe sensors picked up
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a faint rumble on mars likely to be the first seismic event ever detected on a planetary body other than the earth and the moon by analyzing that they hope to learn more about how our very own earth was four you're watching news live from berlin janell's up next with business stick around. if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make an exit. raring to. it's never read it like this. just. the streets. to get your romex you tube channel.


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