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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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why they matter to africa today. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin. new summit partner promises positive efforts on the korean peninsula north korean leader meets with russian president vladimir putin for the first time this just two months after kim's meeting. ended in failure also coming up. his government admits a major lapse in security in connection with the horrific bombings that says
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intelligence warnings about the suicide attacks were ignored the president is demanding his top security officials quit. plus researchers work to stem the comeback of malaria which has been on the decline today is world malaria day and we'll hear. the african country is coping. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us russian president vladimir putin has welcomed north korea's leader kim jong un to a summit in the far eastern city of blood of bus stop the meeting is the first between the two leaders and it's a chance for pyongyang to seek support from moscow especially when it comes to ending international sanctions imposed over north korea's nuclear program just two months ago a summit with us present donald trump. broke down over the top pick before kim
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putin went to their meetings into their private meetings i should say they talked about one of their major points of discussion peace on the korean peninsula. i'm sure that your visit to russia today will contribute to the development of russian move korean bilateral relations and how close to understand better how we can settle the situation on the korean peninsula want we can do together and what russia can do to support these positive processes but the happening now. i also wanted to say that now the situation on the korean peninsula has great interest for global society and i hope that our talks will be important to assess the situation exchange opinions on the situation and together address these issues . of more now let's bring in our very own family sure when in moscow and only the two leaders are talking and have spoken to the press we heard part of the statement
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is just there what else have they had to say so. well sorry they're currently in their one on one meeting which has been going on for one and a half hours a bit longer than expected so far it seems that there's a lot to discuss and both leaders as we just saw focused on denuclearization in their opening remarks they said that that would be a main topic on the agenda for both sides this is of course the first meeting and there will apparently be no written declarations after the meeting so it's hard to know whether we can really expect any breakthrough sit a both sides are basically sizing each other up but this meeting does of course have huge symbolic importance as the first meeting between the two leaders. take a look here at the time between the reclusive north korean government and the kremlin they do have
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a long tradition. the similar. different north korean leader with his visit to russia kim jong un is following in his four father's footsteps. his grandfather kim il sung went to the soviet union numerous times to secure moscow's support during the cold war. his father kim jong il also met with russian presidents the last time was with dimitri in twenty eleven shortly before the korean leader's death. north korea has few friends in the world russia is one of them but they used to be closer the soviet union was once peon young's main trading partner taking over half of its exports today trade is just a trickle worth about two million dollars a year due to international sanctions against north korea's weapons programs taking steps towards each other moscow has called for the sanctions to be eased that would
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allow the restart of trade and joint infrastructure projects which would profit both countries. when you look at kim has now met twice with the u.s. president donald trump who was seeking to secure north korea's denuclearization but that last talks in the vietnamese capital hanoi ended in a deadlock. putin the north korean leader is hoping to find a new friend and ally to keep his goals on track. so there's a bit of back. talk about what north korea and russia are looking for in these current talks first. of this meeting with putin. well i think terry kim has two to kind of goals in these meetings the first one is a kind of political goal and the second one is economics so if we look at the diplomatic side of things this meeting really is kim showing to the world and to
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the u.s. that when it comes to diplomacy he has other options apart from just the u.s. as we just heard in that peace talks between the u.s. and north korea have stalled over denuclearization at a summit meeting in in hanoi in february north korean officials actually walked out of the meeting and last week again they were railing against mike pompei as the u.s. secretary of state and saying that he's reckless that he should be removed from talks so now kim is kind of showing look i also have i also have these russian partners and of course there's also an economic factor as is so often the case in these these political meetings. kim is trying to expand ties with russia after all things aren't looking so rosy for the north korean economy with sanctions really biting and china is its main trade partner but russia is also an important source of income there are thousands of north korean workers just over the border in
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russia which have provided an important source of a foreign currency for the country so that is something that kim is hoping to get out of this meeting today expanding ties because so that's where north korea is coming from the russians saw it with interest. in meeting kim jong il. well for putin the economic side of things isn't so important north korea isn't such a valuable trade partner for russia but this meeting has huge symbolic importance for russia putin is kind of demonstrating to the world once again that russia is an important player on the world stage and that it is and an important has an important role to play in the north in north korea and in the korean peninsula in general plus there's a much more practical reason as well terry we shouldn't forget that north korea and
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russia share a land border and stability on the korean peninsula is very important for russia as one analyst i spoke to said we don't need another conflict on our borders. thank you very much there for bringing us up to date emily sure when in moscow. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today flooding and mudslides have killed over sixty people along south africa's eastern coast it's been caused by days of heavy rain more than a thousand people have fled their homes the worst affected areas lie around the city of durban authorities have warned more rain is expected. lawmakers in the democratic republic of congo have elected a female head of the national assembly for the first time janine is a former minister and an advisor to president joseph kabila she was the only
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candidate running after her main opponent was disqualified the opposition boycotted the vote. and authorities in the u.s. say cases of measles have climbed to their highest level since the year two thousand nearly six hundred ninety five cases of the virus have been reported this year its resurgence is largely attributed to misinformation that is turning parents against vaccines. were many muslims say they fear a backlash after the easter sunday attacks these suicide bombings have been condemned by muslim groups but many in the community say they feel vulnerable. wall has this report. she could not get back to. thought he stooped to spend the night in his house. and easter sunday
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a few hundred meters from. the dead the next day with his young children and wife. and i feel. that we had to see it so since we had being in the in the main road so we talked off. and also being with that with the children we. reasoned what will what made us store the site believe how says he or. she has grief stricken about the attacks and feels guilty that the creators of the seemed religion that's how. he's christian not to think of him and his family as ted it. all along his street reforms and office muslim neighborhoods. several muslim one businesses were attacked after the bombings. in the city.
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what christian and muslim communities in sri lanka have been targeted by both to stick street must in the past muslims and christians in the country have co-existed the fleece so far the easter sunday bombings set off tensions between the two minority communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support holding prayers sending condolences and emphatically condemning the attack but with the traditional friday prayers just around muslims wadi it may not be safe to congregate to. a small but vocal group a few long guns are trying to help them. they're from different religions and ethnicities and i'm trying to find ways of reducing the backlash muslims on the fringe. religious leaders from both communities are meeting to express their concerns as well as that solid data to crackdowns against minorities on martin
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northern sri lanka and a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two decades of civil war that civil liberties were after the. us national security and countering terrorism and we have an experience of civil liberties being dramatically during the course of the water anyway after the war in the name of fighting sicko. there isn't the days of worry that the similar situation may arise probably against muslims this time most muslims and christians have always kept a respectful distance. now there is hope that the easter sunday bombings as a reason to build some bridges between the two communities. let's cross over to colombo now are journalist jamila knows where dean is standing by for a similar another explosion has just been reported outside the capital of colombo what can you tell us about that. yesterday morning there was a mine explosion which was that it brought up some of the obvious g.'s i'm coming
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in here called poor the in the outskirts of the capital now i have just spoken to the police and they have told me that the area has been cordoned off an investigation is ongoing no injuries have been deported from it inferred that of that that these was a hundred bullets that the suspicious colic found close to the international afterwards and operations have after what has come to a temporary halt but this seems to have enough false alarm and operations have resumed or no money security has also been tightened that would take the road to ten times the central bank in the capital colombo just a short while ago after the police if you have received a tip off for those we can also see that the statements coming out that the archbishop of colombo has called for all churches to be closed following sunday's attacks are two days a confirmation from the government that the country is now safe and tomorrow being on a friday an important day from what i mean we also hearing that secret security is likely to even further right now on the country's extremely tense that people are
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leaving to be especially in the muslim community where expecting a backlash. of the nine suicide bombers i understand have been identified what can you tell us about the suspects. here to your right eight have been why didn't you try to do. in fact. that you can. expand. background. apparently was extremely popular. citing they have a history of. being. the communities. expect he could be.
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in the country and sixty six was arrested overnight in special operations and the police told me that one of the suspects arrested are still happening so it's. probably shed more light on these people. thank you very much for that. a journalist in the sri lankan capital colombo. thank you very much. the leaders of the u.k. were among those attending the funeral of slain northern irish journalist earlier in the key on wednesday. nationalists last week during rioting in the city of london derry also known as derry a priest told the congregation must be a turning point for northern ireland sermon had some uncomfortable moments for political leaders that. the
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murder of the young journalist. and. hundreds of mourners together. and british prime minister. at the front of st ann's cathedral. and politicians from across northern ireland's political divide was side by side father martin mcgill a friend of micky commended them for standing together in creating on good friday but also challenge them. why in god's name does it take the death of a twenty nine year old woman with her whole life in front of her view of the before you could finish a sentence a standing ovation erupted a clear sign of people's exasperated with the violence and odd moment for the politicians who only joined after some hesitation. be
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leery mickey was shot last week by reporting on rioting and londonderry as she stood behind a police line the new ira a splinter group of the former irish republican army claimed responsibility for a death and later apologized to her family the group wants to unify in northern ireland with the republic of ireland. the young journalist is the first to be killed on the job in the u.k. for almost twenty years now people are hoping her death will be a turning point for northern ireland. in the words of layer herself. we must change our world one pace at a time. now let's get to work. father martin macneill later set that mickey was a powerful example of the pending my dear than the sword that something northern
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ireland will likely bear in mind after this tragedy. you're watching news still to come an american iranian helped start a women's soccer revolution in iran the country's under nineteen team is fast becoming one of the best in the top football field and he's. fine and the nation. today is world malaria day it's a disease that was once on the decline but is now making a tragic comeback world health organization estimates that malaria killed four hundred thirty five thousand people in twenty seventeen alone this at a time when international research funding is declining our correspondent sent this report from mozambique. here in the village of. the waiting room at the medical center is overcrowded fourteen year old moose armando and his mother are
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among those who have been waiting here for hours. my head always feel so hot in the night i lost my appetite my legs feel heavy as if there's hardly any blood flowing through their. village was destroyed when cyclonic died tore through the area flattening most buildings and destroying them and the subsequent flooding even the medical center was damaged by a falling tree. the force of nature and the destruction are still visible all over . but while the reconstruction is continuing there's a major concern right now diseases and their particular area. some parts of the region are still submerged providing ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes and his mother have had to sleep in the open with no protections against the insects since their home was destroyed. we didn't have any mosquito nets i was
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swept away in the floods along with our whole house no one has given us new nets. finally turned to see the doctor the only one at this clinic and fears are confirmed he has malaria like so many others of the patients seen here by dr candy to our tour in recent weeks. was following the cycle the number of malaria and diarrhea cases has increased compared to previous months and. some areas are still waterlogged after the psycho and the floods that's where the mosquitoes breed. we need to launch a campaign to stop the mosquitoes from spreading. mother receives the mets and he needs in exchange for a symbolic fee of one cents a good thing since that's just about all she can afford to pay now she can only
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hope that the drugs work and that she and move will soon have a roof as well as mosquito nets over their heads. sports now and tennis world number two rafael nidal is attempting to win the barcelona open for a record twelfth time but faced strong opposition from argentina's leonardo maya a dull playing in the light blue shirt surprisingly last first set on his favored surface it was the first time in four years that he dropped the set at this tournament but true to his reputation as the clay king it's all fun back to when the next two sets six four and six two sealing his ticket to the last sixteen where he will face fellow spend your dog be around. in football by and dashed braman this german cup dreams thanks to a very controversial late penalty emerging victoria's from a three two wrote
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a coaster match the win sends by on to may's final where they'll face army life sake as they chase a league and cup double looks set for an easy outing following goals from robert f. and also. bought a burst of energy from braman saw them score two goals in two minutes to level things barking their hopes of an upset was until a suspect penalty call against the hosts led to live and aussies eightieth minute winner from the spot. forty years ago in iran leaders of the so-called islamic revolution bad and women football fans from attending matches women are still allowed to enter the stadium as players however and now iran's national team of women under the age of nineteen is one of the best in asia the team has coached by an american iranian who believes her players are starting a revolution of their own. and. i wanted to make history in
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an islamic country where women who are so talented to be able to become you know top top football pinchy. and in the rankings. previously you know it was considered taboo and eventually you know that whenever the officials and the and whatnot we're seeing you know women are taking such an interest in this they they were letting down a lot of their guards. so i just honestly i find a location on the run and i'm going there this week and i just end up where you know walking through the streets to the parks to the schools and i try to find my players that way so you know very very traditional but i have actually found one of my best players playing in a park with her uncles and her brothers you know she's beating everybody up and i'm like you are coming back with me and you know the fathers fortunately they love the fact that their daughters are complacent there now are football so for them it's
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like yeah take my daughter and make her into the next you know super star because they're football nation and they want their daughters to be involved and you know now we have you know we start with forty players now we have over like four thousand football players and you want to say good start. i was one the u.s. i'm american you me and but you know here they don't look at it that way they just say oh hey the the foreign girls but yet in day i'm i'm very iranian at the same time very american so i try to bring the best of my both worlds together. although i'm young you know i have a very strict system is set in place because i want the girls not just to come here to play football i want them to also have a future in whatever they like they wake up very early they train twice or even three times a day and they have to take care of themselves and this is something that if you can teach them they will teach their friends and their friends will teach the you know so and so on so i want that domino effect to happen throughout the entire
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country i just a few months ago we were able to enter the stadium see iran which is bolivia see the asian championships and whatnot i think this is a good step it's something that we can fight. for but in general i think internationally we need to be recognized as not the country that doesn't allow women to the stadiums but as a country you know there ninjas and they're fighting and you know they're really improving in their football skills and you know their hands in every social level that's well and it's helped me with the development of a country. so you know i want these girls to be the next minister hopefully the president to be the mayor governors of their side and to help but not just to help you know women grow as a whole. now what shaking on mars the houses in sight lander appears to have detected the first ever mars quake if confirmed it would mean scientists finally have proof that mars is still seismically active probes sensors
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picked up a faint rumble on earth likely to be the first seismic event detected on a planetary body other than the earth and the moon by analyzing mars quakes researchers are hoping to learn more about how rocky planets including our own were formed. just remote of the top stories we're following for you here on g.w. news north korea's leader kim kim jong il and russian president vladimir putin are meeting for their first ever summit north korea's nuclear weapons program is one of the top issues on the agenda. all because here to tell us what's coming up in business and the belts in the road in the issue to try just saying it does seem to fail to broach initiatives for kicked off but it's a really good word. i think. of when he's actually headed to the air among forty other and head so for them meant to learn
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a little bit more about beijing's high level and very vicious a project that beijing of course says that this is a great opportunity for international cooperation but there is growing criticism that the project is actually about cementing china's influence beyond its borders and debt trap diplomacy here about that quarter here and stay tuned for monaco with business coming up in just a couple minutes. the
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food. coming. to. a child be positive in many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but an orphanage and show ya business takes a different approach. here h.i.b. positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the virus. what's the daily
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routine like for the staff and how do the children themselves fare. in sixty minutes on d w. reaction of greatest. around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in philosophy enabled this memphis people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way and there was an outpouring of self-confidence and interim steps before. our country. scientists. and artists. that invented completely new things and talked of the ancient giants who had originally been its teacher to see them to. come out of the darkest lynchers into
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a. steep place and probably no place anywhere in the when things were invented such quick succession of. this week d.w. . some fourteen heads of state and government are gathered in beijing for the second to belt of road for the three days i made a was to promote beijing's approach of the century and boost investment but critics warn off beijing's debt trap diplomacy. also on the show it's the i think sees.


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