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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2019 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin. new. positive on the. north korean leader meets with russian president vladimir putin for the first time . in just two months on his meeting with the trial ended in failure. also coming up. in the aftermath of the horrific attacks new security measures are in place but. leaders have offered condolences and condemnation for the
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bombings that killed more than three hundred fifty people but already owned businesses have been attacked. which have been on the decline today is world malaria day here. and welcome to the program russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong un have met face to face for the first time the summit in the far eastern city of blood of all stock offered a chance for food gain support from moscow especially when it comes to ending international sanctions imposed over north korea's nuclear. program just two months
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ago a summit with u.s. president gul troll broke down over that topic. well before kim and putin moved to a private meeting they talked about one of their major points of discussion peace on the korean peninsula. we didn't speak you push me i'm sure that your visit to russia today will contribute to the development of russian move korean bilateral relations and how close to understand better how we can settle the situation on the korean peninsula what we can do together and what russia can do to support these positive processes but are happening now because there are three things. so huge but i also wanted to say that now the situation on the korean peninsula has great interest for global society and i hope that our talks will be important to assess the situation exchange opinions on the situation and together address these issues . well for more now let's bring in emily sure when did a correspondent in moscow and joining us from seoul south korea is journalist kelly
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wallace and will it start with you the russian a north korean leaders have been talking stand they've finished their talks now how did they get along. well they have had one on one talks and abroad broader negotiations as well and coming out of their one on one meeting both struck a rather positive tone putin called the talks detailed and kim even called them meaningful and both mentioned that they had discussed denuclearize ation on the korean peninsula they also emphasized the historic ties that the two countries have stretching back to when the soviet union was north korea's main ally and they also said that they would continue talking now this is the first meeting between the two leaders and apparently there will be no written statements or declarations after
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this meeting so it's unlikely that we can really expect any big breakthroughs today but the two leaders are sizing each other up for the first time is that we're. killing how does this meeting look from the korean perspective can you tell us what kim jong il wants to have this meeting with putin it really seems like kim wanted to broaden his international alliance especially as you seeking to kind of like economic pressure on this country north korea has been you know suffering a lot under sanctions regime and especially after the sama and vietnam did not go as planned it really seems like he was looking for some other solution when there is no real end in sight and i think north korea also wants to signal to the united states that it's not an isolated country as the us off that makes it out to be and that it has other partners that it could work with besides the u.s. and south korea and terms of you know building its economy and seeking for all
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these really what is russia's position all north korea controversial missile development and nuclear program. well russia of course wants denuclearize ation as well let's not forget that russia shares a land border with north korea they really want stability on the korean peninsula they want talks to keep going they don't want you know a potentially a nuclear conflict on their borders and they want to broaden talks including china as well russia has been working rather closely with china in fact putin will be traveling to beijing for an economic forum just after this talk with kim so the ten chile north korea will be on the agenda there as well but on the whole russia's rhetoric has been softer when it comes to north korea's nuclear program than
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than the rhetoric we've seen from many western countries including the u.s. they have called for an easy to ease international sanctions in general russia disapproves of sanctions international sanctions they think that it's a bad policy and instead they think that talks with north korea should continue to to solve this crisis chile was getting involved here perhaps to some degree what potential do you see for breaking the law denuclearizing the korean peninsula. right now i don't see a whole lot of potential although it's hard to tell because there are no statements or declarations being signed from this summit today you know a lot of people are saying that russia doesn't have a whole lot of leverage and the denuclearization process i think that's somewhat
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true it is possible that the sends the message that you now trump needs to get on his game plan and meet with kim jong un again after the failed summit and vietnam it certainly doesn't send a great message to the united states and the other thing is russia doesn't have to necessarily cooperate with economic sanctions or a sanctions are only as good as they are or is he so you know in that sense there is a potential that a stronger relationship between north korea and russia could propel this denuclearization process one way or another for better or for worms. because in seoul they're really sure in moscow thank you very much to you both. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today flooding and mudslides have killed over sixty people along south africa's eastern coast it's been caused by days of heavy rain or than a thousand people have fled their homes the worst affected areas lie around the
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city of durban authorities are warned more rain is expected. lawmakers in the democratic republic of congo have elected a female head of the national assembly for the first time janine is a former minister and an advisor to president joseph kabila she was the only candidate running after her main opponent was disqualified the opposition boycotted the vote. authorities in the u.s. say cases of measles have climbed to their highest levels since the year two thousand nearly six hundred ninety five cases of the virus have been reported this year it's resurgence is largely attributed to misinformation that is turning parents against vaccines. and in london environmental activists have blocked the entrance to the stock exchange and climbed onto the roof of the train as part of protests calling on britain to take action on climate change the group called
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extinction rebellion wants the government to declare a climate emergency and eliminate carbon emissions by two thousand and twenty five . in sri lanka it's a country on high alert after a series of suicide bombings there on the easter sunday officials have now bans drones and unmanned aircraft and have carried out more controlled detonations on suspicious vehicles and items more than three hundred fifty people died in the attacks which targeted churches and hotels his president has vowed to take action for intelligence units failed to pass on information about a possible terror attack. all muslim leaders and say they fear a backlash after the easter sunday attacks suicide bombings have been condemned by muslim groups but many in the community say they feel vulnerable. wall has more.
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she could not get back home often. thought he's too scared to spend the night in. another church sunday easter sunday a few hundred metres from where he lives a massive loss hit the. people that the next day with this young children and wife. and i feel. that we had to use it so since we being in the in the. main draw so we talked off. and also being with that we the children we. even what we what made us to be site believed. she could. be attacked and feels guilty that the book would treat us other themed religion as him. he's christian not to think of him and his family. all
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along his street the homes and shops office muslim neighborhoods. several muslim one businesses were attacked after the bombing. in the city. what christian am muslim communities in sri lanka have been dogged by but this to extremists in the past muslims and christians in the country have co-existed peacefully so far the easter sunday bombings set off tensions between the two minority communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support. sending condolences and emphatically condemning the attacks. but but the traditional friday prayers just around muslims may not be safe to congregate to. a small but vocal group a few young guns are trying to help them. they're from different religions and
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ethnicities and i'm trying to find. the backlash from the. religious leaders from both communities are meeting to express their concerns as well as. crackdowns against minorities on martin north. and a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two decades of civil war that civil liberties work after the nine eleven incident in the u.s. in the name of national security and countering terrorism i mean we have an experience of see really bodies being dramatically during the course of the water anywhere after the war in the name of fighting cyclone terrorism so days of worry that the similar situation probably a. muslim christians have always kept a respectful distance. now there is hope that the easter sunday has a reason to build stronger bridges between the two communities. well joining me now from the capital colombo is journalist the danger miller is clearly.
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how worried are the country's people that there may be more violence to come. i've been small one tough times for a long time to extremely worried and scared as i did not know what to expect in the coming days in fact their security blocks have been picked up on a close call number two pm police are checking already because entering kumble people are living on the edge all right the archbishop says close to our church just to be killers and i am now hearing that the muslims will also not get the pan to the mosque tomorrow to try to defeating a backlash because also remain closed and men you're not going to look at your main door until the indictments come to a complete standstill any test to see that then there's a paradise item doors being hit by terrorists so badly. the government has admitted a major lapse in security in connection with the attacks or so religious leaders
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doing to restore confidence in their ability to protect the country. clearly and so there the president michel platini can order to the resignation of the parties chief and the defense secretary but that is not going down to whether the public because the public is angry that despite having trying to make sure nothing was done by the authorities to prevent the attacks the position is calling for the government to step down offer them much experience maybe isn't some government maybe some of them sows criticizing the leadership in fact that this entire country was asked to resign given almost as good two months running some days explain the vanstone crying summation they've expecting on the isolated incidents and never expected that facts of this magnitude so right now days not much confidence in the government or any of the police station for that matter on what people want to hear is that the view would be seen in the coming days of the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the at acts but apart from that claim well there is
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a clear indication that the attacks were international network. no as of. not on the government. funding coming from that that was applying these extraordinary. corney that didn't just take for instance or one night one of them is the fact that to have links to a group today is not hiding from these and i can give you on the phenomenon of time jamila thank you very much for bringing us up to date that was journalist jamila nuts would be in there in the sri lankan capital colombo well that's world malaria to day and malaria of course is disease that was once on the decline but no it's making a tragic comeback the world health organization estimates that malaria killed four hundred thirty five thousand people in two thousand and seventeen alone this at a time when international research funding is declining our correspondent creech
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sent us this report from mozambique. here in the village of. the waiting room at the medical center is overcrowded fourteen year old and his mother are among those who have been waiting here for hours. my head always feel so hot in the night i lost my appetite my legs feel heavy as if there's hardly any blood flowing through their. village was destroyed when cyclonic died tore through the area for letting most buildings and destroying them and the subsequent flooding even the medical center was damaged by a falling tree. the force of nature and the destruction are still visible all over . but while the reconstruction is continuing there's a major concern right now diseases and in particular malaria. some parts of
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the region are still submerged providing ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes and his mother have had to sleep in the open with no protections against the insects since their home was destroyed. we didn't have any mosquito nets i was swept away in the floods along with our whole house no one has given us new nets. finally turned to see the doctor the only one at this clinic and fears are confirmed he has malaria like so many others of the patients seen here by dr candy to our tour in recent weeks. following the cycle of the number of malaria diarrhea cases has increased compared to previous months and. i think some areas still waterlogged after the psycho and the floods that's where the mosquitoes breed. we need to launch
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a campaign to stop the mosquitoes from spreading. program which skewed the mother receives the mets and needs in exchange for a symbolic fee of one cents a good thing since that's just about all she can afford to pay now she can only hope that the drugs work and that she and i will soon have a roof as well as mosquito nets over their heads and watching t.v. news still to come an american iranian helped start a women's soccer revolution in red the countries under nineteen team is fast becoming one of the destination. the first to libya the u.n. envoy for libya says he hopes to start peace talks between the country's two warring sides in the coming days troops led by an insurgent general have made massive territorial gains recently and even launched an offensive on the capital tripoli this is challenging the internationally backed libyan government the
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conflict has raised fears in europe of another refugee crisis. libya's strongman general khalifa haftar and his continued offensive on the capital tripoli have exposed europe saw a lack of virtue and libya policy in french newspapers on wednesday the head of the internationally recognized libyan government prime minister fires surat for the first time openly denounced funds for supporting general haftar and thereby fueling the current crisis a crisis many say europe chose to ignore or the europeans have become completely irrelevant in this crisis through their disunity it is also a problem of german policy because here in berlin libya has not been recognized as a priority not something that really merits. being raised with president yet but then insists it fully recognizes the severity of the situation
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and start and he'd want. a state on the southern border of the mediterranean right next to europe with no security and where there is an armed conflict is a problem for germany and europe. so far germany's attempts as chair of the un security council to forge a joint un position have failed while reports of money and arms pouring in from the united arab emirates egypt and saudi arabia amounting if you can if we are aware of these reports but we did not have our own findings that i could share. german m.p.'s too are beginning to worry about the knock on effects of a new libya crisis it's obvious that the pressure of pressure on people to migrate and try to to escape from the situation. going to rise and it's going to be of course effect if for for that what is happening in europe this is
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a key conflict europe still step in which europeans have completely abandoned control too far away gulf states and if this continues libya will become a proxy war between regional and international players germany has less than a week to go as ten of the u.n. security council of. germany's u.n. legacy is already being overshadowed by its apparent failure to live up to its role as leading power over this new looming libya crisis. well we've got some football for you now and by our brains german cup dreams thanks to a very controversial late penalty emerging victorious from a three two rollercoaster match the win sends by on to may's final where they'll face rb leipsic as they chase a league and cup double viable set for an easy outing following goals of robert lopped off the tallest miller but
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a burst of energy from hosts graeme and saw them score two goals in two minutes to level things that was until a suspect penalty call involving the video assisted led to eleven offseason a.b.'s minutes when. raven coach florian cole ferret's was extremely angry at the penalty decision but was magnanimous in defeat. course it's really brutal if i think that at least nine times out of ten a referee wouldn't give that penalty no way and if the facts make that call i wouldn't have blown the whistle i would but i want to be clear by an equal coach and his team deserved to win if it didn't. well forty years ago in iran the leaders of the so-called islamic revolution banned women football fans from attending batches a women are still allowed to enter the stadium as players however and now iran's national team of women under the age of nineteen is one of the best in asia teams coached by an american iranian who believes her players are starting
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a revolution of their own. what. i wanted to make history in an islamic country where women who are so talented to be able to become you know top top football country and in the rankings. previously you know it was considered taboo and eventually you know that whatever the officials and the and whatnot were saying you know women are taking such an interest in this they they were letting down a lot of their guards. so i just honestly i find a location on the run and i'm going there this week and i just end up with you know walking through the streets to the parks to the schools and i try to find my players that way so you know very very traditional but i have actually found one of my best players playing in a park with her uncles and her brothers you know she's being everybody up and i'm like you are coming back with me and you know the fathers fortunately they love the
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fact that their daughters are complete our football so for them as they get to take my daughter and make her into the next you know superstar because their football nation they want their daughters to be involved and you know now we have you know we start with forty players now we have over like four thousand football players in iran has a good start. i was born in the us i'm american union but you know here they don't look at it that way they just say oh hey the the foreign girls but yet in day i'm i'm very iranian at the same time very american so i try to bring the best of my both worlds together. although i'm young you know i have a very strict system is set in place because i want the girls not just to come here to play football i want them to also have a future in whatever they like they wake up very early they train twice or even three times a day and they have to take care of themselves and this is something that if you can teach them they will teach their friends and their friends will teach the you
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know so and so on so i want that domino effect to happen throughout the entire country. just a few months ago we were able to enter the stadium because bolivia see the asian championships and whatnot i think this is a good step it's something that we can fight for but in general i think internationally we need to be recognized as not the country that doesn't allow women to stadiums but as a country you know there ninjas and they're fighting and you know they're really improving in their football skills and you know their hands in every social level that's right and this helps them with the development of a country. so you know i want these girls to be the next minister hopefully the president to be the mayor governors of their side and to help but not just football grow but to help you know women grow as a whole. now what's shaking on lords in sight lander appears to have detected the first ever mars quake if confirmed it would mean scientists finally have proof that mars is still seismically active probes
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sensors picked up a faint rumble on mars likely to be the first seismic event on a planetary body other than the earth the moon by analyzing mars quake sri searchers are hoping to learn more about how rocky planets including our own were formed. just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news north korea's leader kim jong un and russian president vladimir putin are meeting for their first ever saw that north korea's nuclear weapons program as one of the top issues on their agenda. is on high alert in the wake of the easter sunday bombings new security measures are in place and police have carried out more controlled detonations all catholic churches have been ordered to stay
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close to. you are watching g.w. news from berlin we've got business coming up next with monica jones she's going to be looking at china's belt and road initiative i'll be back at the top of the next hour thanks for being with us. please. please please.
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please. please. typical man. cynical slut traditional gender roles against intersexuality same sex marriage and the mitsu debates. how is society's view of sex change and. i think that we should not push ourselves too strong any goals. could we be nearing the abolition of gender in forty
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five minutes and. it's time to take one step further. than face. time just such steel. and fun for the troops. to overcome pound trades and connecticut. it's time for. a new deputy is coming up ahead. minds. and your civil chain reaction of first. began around six hundred years ago in the premise of the revolution and fought enable the submission of people became aware of their abilities and strengths and a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence. that's the first.
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part. of. the darkest enjoyment. d.w. . merger talks between germany's top to lend us are expected to face a possible tie up of dortch a bank and was met with stiff resistance from some major investors we go live to frankfurt for the natives. also coming up the second fails and rosy dish of foreign kicks off in beijing china wants to boost foreign investments in its project of the century but critics warn of beijing's debt trap diplomacy.


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