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this is news coming to you live from berlin accordion good vibe it's been russia's president vladimir putin and north korea's leader kim jong il and bush even says their talks address nuclear weapons programs their first meeting was just two months after kim summit when donald trump ended in phoenix also coming up plans to create a financial national champion in germany for the pot bank and georgia banks torn off their tools on a massive. we find out why it's from our financial correspondent in fact.
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and after a decade of progress efforts to contain material stored on this wall of malaria day doctors still face hundreds of thousands of infections. are correspondent went to mozambique to see how the country's culture is with the disease. i don't have a warm welcome to you. russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong un have wrapped up their first face to face meeting they discussed a variety of issues including security on the korean peninsula and the north's nuclear weapons program and all this just two months after kim summit with u.s. president donald trump ended in failure. it was their first ever
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face to face meeting but for russia's vladimir putin and north korea's kim jong un the body language suggested it was set to go well talks took place on an island off the pacific coast we have a lot of all stock and went on for two hours a little longer than expected but statements after the meeting didn't really give away any substantial news but. of course we spoke about the situation on the korean peninsula we exchanged views on what needs to be done so that we can improve the situation in the future ali and i don't this is just gushed the korean peninsula and the regional political situation which is garnered the urgent attention of the world and we also help deep discussions on strategic ways to pursue stability in the regional political situations and on matters of jointly managing the situation . but later in a press conference putin revealed how he expected to play a further diplomatic role. playing for unity american chairman kim jong un asked us
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to inform the american side about his position. about the questions he has in relation to the processes that are happening on the korean peninsula and everything that's happening around these process is pretty simple. word of the summit then has offered putin a chance to push russia's agenda of opposing u.s. influence north korea's talks with president trump on the country's nuclear arsenal broke down without a deal in february. for more let me draw in. correspondent in moscow and joining us from seoul south korea is journalist killy casillas welcome to both of you let me start with you i mean a summit is wrapped up what was the first sound the two leaders the meeting came was given a very warm welcome what came out of the meeting go. well we didn't really see any big breakthroughs coming out of this meeting after all this was the first time
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that the two leaders met at all as you say so this was really very much the two leaders sizing each other up and it seems that they came out of the talks with a kind of basis for a friendly relationship judging from what putin had to say after the meetings he gave a small press conference and he said that kim was an open person he called the discussions that they had had open as well and he also said that russia had kind of assumed somewhat of a mediator role we'll have to see what that means going forward but he said that kim had said that everything that they had discussed could be passed on to other countries and that russia would pass on what kim had said the position of north korea to china and the u.s. and can you what can you tell us what he expects to shoot also this summer of love was it so important for him. the summit was really him or and because after the
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failed summit with donald trump he really wanted to broaden his or. international allies that he can you know kind of work or use leverage on to get some kind of easing of economic sanctions right now north korea is really hurting from the u.n. sanctions that have been affecting the country who last couple of years and it's looking for some kind of relief especially as the nuclear station deal isn't happening very quickly. and really asked me could russia was keen on reducing pyongyang is going to push a nuclear missile program and they did in these talks was any indication that some progress was made on this issue. well speaking after the talks flooding here putin said that north korea wants further security guarantees including on its sovereignty the sovereignty of the country itself. in order to go forward with a denuclearized nation process he also emphasized that russia has. a lot in
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common when it comes to their position on denuclearization with the u.s. he said again that russia is interested in do nuclear arising and in the korean peninsula peninsula being denuclearize and also in nonproliferation around the world more generally after all for russia this is an important issue as well because they want stability on their border we shouldn't forget that russia after all shares a land border with north korea and putin was also very much advocating continuing talks continuing to build trust including by bringing in the chinese who are actually part of a previous format of six way talks up until two thousand and nine so we may see more diplomatic wrangling and a broadening of conversation a broadening of the people brought to the table on the on this issue on this crisis
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and can be a part of that and you can't issue people young is in desperate economic does it get any support from russia on the easing of sanctions that you mentioned and also with the financial aid. you know so far we don't really know there's not a sign declaration after this meeting but we do know that north korea definitely had every reason to talk about economic sanctions as well as other forms of economic cooperation and so far you know north korea has had ten thousand migrant workers and russia and according to you know the same post by the u.s. russia's most expelled those workers by the end of this year so i'm sure much of the conversation was about how can they keep those workers in there a blogger especially since the united states estimates that about five hundred million dollars so significant about money comes into north korea or workers around the world every year. get a service in solon emily sheldon indeed obvious moscow bureau thank you both very
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much for your reporting now to look at some other stories making news around the world after months of speculation former us vice president joe biden has announced he'll run for president in two thousand and twenty it's the seventy six year olds heard beach for the white house he joins a crowded field of democrats twenty at this stage gore competing for their party's nomination biden is seen as from. the last twelve million hectares of property forest last year that's according to a new data from global forest watch tropical trees acts as a defense against climate change and the research is of course an action against the forest station a loss is equivalent to thirty foot board feet each minute. no make in the democratic republic of congo have elected a female a to head the national assembly for the first time jemima buddha is
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a former minister an adviser to former president joseph kabila a buddha was the only candidate after her main opponent was disqualified the opposition boycotted the vote. for mundus on both karloff gooden has left jail after took your court upheld a decision to grant him bail he has been released four point five million dollars gooden was granted bail in march but rearrested in april on a fresh challenge he faces for charges relating to financial misconduct but he denies any wrongdoing. now mucha talks between john these two biggest lenders dortch a bank and comments have been cordoned off the tension risks and restructuring costs it was cited as reasons why the divas backed by germany's finance minister who wanted to create a super national banking champion but the idea was met with opposition critics fear
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in lost a son thirty thousand jobs. a financial correspondent only bots is tracking that story he joins us now from frankfurt what gets more about why these larger talks collapse and what this means for deutsche and commits blank well one group spokesman the group spokesman for the bank addressed journalists just a little bit of a while ago and he said that they had good talks and fair talks in a partnership kind of atmosphere but they both concluded that there was not enough added value considering also the risks involved risks like the capital base the deutsche bank probably would have had to raise top in order to take over the collapse bank or for example restructuring costs before you save costs by cutting jobs and cutting down the number of branches you need to invest in order to provide an incentive and provide compensation for the people you're letting go you did say that first quarter results also underscored the ability of the doj your bank to
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stand alone what happens after this is up in the air both a lot of people would say have hurt themselves by talking merger and not going through with it going through with it would also have been about idea come out strong could be a takeover target for foreign banks it said that some foreign banks like you in the credit or or the i n g of netherlands had expressed some interest i don't know what some of the reactions you are killing about the collapse of this. well you know you mentioned the finance minister all of shoulders here germany's top finance politician i haven't seen a statement by him yet but there have been statements by for example a financial spokesman for the c.d.u. c.s.u. hans michels he said that economic sense has taken over over a pipe dreams so he thinks it's a good idea that that not happen green spokesman financial spokesman lisa paos said that this escapade has ended it never made sense to imagine that you could create
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a bigger bank with bigger risks and the bundesbank also weighing in saying that the deutsche bank is solid and stable and the come out spunk is also even if they don't merge and the fund company take saying that common sense had won out in the end so you see the kind of direction these comments are going when he busts of the deadliest financial correspondent in frankfurt thank you very much. and europe concern is growing with the crisis in libya and the lack of a coordinated approach to it the u.n. envoy for libya says he hopes to restart peace talks between the country's two warring sides in the coming days the un backed government in the capital tripoli is under threat from an insurgent general who's made last editorial gains on germany and europe awarded that the instability in libya could spark another refugee crisis . libya's strongman general khalifa haftar and his continued offensive on the
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capital tripoli have exposed europe saw a lack of the joint libya policy in french newspapers on wednesday the head of the internationally recognized libyan government prime minister fired several hours for the first time openly denounced funds for supporting general haftar and thereby fueling the current crisis a crisis many say europe chose to ignore or the europeans have become completely irrelevant in this crisis through their disunity it is also a problem of german policy because here in berlin libya has not been recognized as a priority not something that really merits. being raised with president. yet but then insists it fully recognizes the severity of the situation and start on three different. states on the southern border of the mediterranean right next to europe with no security and where there is an armed conflict is
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a problem for germany and europe. so far germany's attempts as chair of the un security council to forge a joint u.n. position have failed while reports of money and arms pouring in from the united arab emirates egypt and saudi arabia amounting if you can we are aware of these reports but we did not have our own findings that i could share. german m.p.'s too are beginning to worry about the knock on effects of a new libya crisis it's obvious that the pressure of pressure on people to migrate and try to to escape from the situation. going to arise and it's going to be of course affective for for that what is happening in europe this is a key conflict on europe store step in which europeans have completely abandoned control too far away gulf states if this continues libya will become
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a proxy war between regional and international players germany has less than a week to go as ten of the u.n. security council. she calls it back home after today it's thought he's too scared to spend the night in his house in a concert for another church sunday easter sunday a few hundred meters from venue lives a massive blast hit the macomber church. that the next day with this three young children and why. not why not with my feel feel more traits that we had received so since we had being in india i just said to the main draw so we talked off. and also being with that we the children we secured and that is the reason what will what made us to be a site believed leave the houses here. shake his grief stricken about the attacks and feels guilty that the bopper treated as other themed religion as him. he's
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alleging local christians not to think of him and his family that started it. all along his street the homes and shops office the muslim neighborhoods are shut down. several muslim one businesses were attacked after the bombing. there's a tense atmosphere in the city. what christian am muslim communities. in sri lanka have been targeted by blood test extremists in the past muslims and christians in the country who existed peacefully so far the easter sunday bombings set off tensions between the two minority communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support. sending condolences and emphatically condemning the dead. but with the traditional friday prayers just around muslims wadi it may not be safe to. leave a small but vocal group
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a few young guns are trying to help them. they're from different religions and ethnicities and i'm trying to find. the backlash muslims on the fringe. religious leaders from both communities are meeting to express their concerns as well as the solid data. crackdowns against minorities on martin northern sri lanka and a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two decades of civil war that civil liberties were after the. us national security and countering terrorism and the experience of being dramatically during the course of the water anyway after the war in the name of fighting six so days of worry that the stimulus is probably. muslims and christians have always kept a respectful distance. now there is hope that the easter sunday. as
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a reason to build stronger bridges between the two communities. today is world malaria day it's a disease that was once on the decline but now efforts to contain it have stormed the world health organization estimates malaria killed four hundred thirty five thousand people in two thousand and seventeen this at a time when international research funding is declining correspondent has this report from. here in the village of. the waiting room at the medical center is overcrowded fourteen year old and his mother are among those who have been waiting here for hours. my head always feel so hot in the night i lost my appetite my legs feel heavy as if there's hardly any blood flowing through the. village was destroyed when cyclonic died tore through the area flattening most buildings and destroying them and the
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subsequent flooding even the medical center was damaged by a falling tree. the force of nature and the destruction are still visible all over . but while the reconstruction is continuing there's a major concern right now diseases and in particular malaria. some parts of the region are still submerged providing ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes and his mother have had to sleep in the open with no protections against the insects since their home was destroyed the bridge didn't have any mosquito nets i was swept away in the floods along with our whole house no one has given us new nets. finally it's turned to see the doctor the only one at this clinic and fears are confirmed he has malaria like so many others of the patients seen here by dr. in recent weeks.
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following the cycle the number of malaria and diarrhea cases has increased compared to previous months. i think some areas are still waterlogged after the psycho and the floods that's where the mosquitoes breed we need to launch a campaign to stop the mosquitoes from spreading. mother receives the mets and he needs in exchange for a symbolic fee of one cents a good thing since that's just about all she can afford to pay now she can only hope that the drugs work and that she and move will soon have a roof as well as mosquito nets over their heads. joining me now is scientist. from the max planck institute for infection biology welcome dr leave us you know now live is a disease that was once on the decline but it's making
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a comeback what explains this the short answer to this question is we are not really sure it's a game as a surprise because there were really massive efforts to contain a deceased for used to be used in all of insecticide treated mats and treatments and they believe it reflects one of the usual cycles of while area distribution and we have to understand they practiced it to drive one area and that's an attempt you're making to do in the lab it's of but you've also been out in the field in africa now a new anti malaria vaccination campaign is being lost in some african countries it's been described as a breakthrough tell us about this funded project and this is really an exciting time and really is a historic week because that for the first time ever we have launched my area works in nation complain and pre-conscious and africa and it is a national wide campaign so all kids will be vaccinated with this vaccine now this
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vaccine is not yet the dream product it does not prevent infection but it prevents the death of the kids and if they can buy one heart for the number of kids who are dying from malaria i think it's really we're better. now other than to downsize vaccination how affordable is it for people because as we saw in our report many of the people who are affected by this disease in fairly kind of weak financial situations i think this first campaigns are fully supported by the governments of the contras poor and gauged into this process and also by numerous foundations for give money to pay for this work seems this campaign's also will help us to. stand back tom how would you create a new course in truck sales to prevent infections at all so you're optimistic about this funded project and what about other techniques out there in the scientific was to to cope with malaria because it affects large parts of the world in asia and
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africa and south america and that's absolutely true and i think again i'm very optimistic and i think we are living in exciting times because at different angles there are multiple trolls now which are being developed to stop malaria thinking about almost you so control for gene drives a placation which are not yet ready for a placation but will give their soul and development of new powerful lessons right dr alina from the max that institute you very much for sharing your expertise with us. football down a big european game last night manchester city move closer to retaining the premier league title with a two nil win at rivals manchester united city now top the table just a point ahead of liverpool with just three matches left but not a silver gets to see the lead in the second half jimmy's literary psammead doubled their advantage following another mistake from keeper davida here as united's
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miserable recent run goes on a city coach guardiola was full of praise for his side's winning ways as they target a treble of domestic trophies. can't hear our neighbors united more prestigious team in the last you know twenty years in and for the third time in a row winning and especially today with a lot of pressure that we had that we know nothing. so it's fantastic now a new virtual reality exhibition is sweetness giving the public a chance to experience what it is like to place force if you have visually impaired the display is sponsored by far to me said a miti who had to give up a promising a full career after he lost almost all his vision. a pair of goggles and the sense of all that is needed to give fans an insight into the difficulty of playing football with various visual impairments such as albinism
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glow coma. you are now experiencing class b. two and albinism in this case there was also a mix with congenital cataract causing cloudy i lenses together with secondary glaucoma affecting each eye differently the system developed by the swedish power sports federation is being promoted by fat miss sarah messi at age thirteen his footballing career was abruptly ended by glo coma. football. dreamt of playing football in the big leagues. and of course it was like. you could you could say that my dreams just. lights went out of my dreams but a new sport helped them dream again fatma sara messi took up a goal goal in which teams of three compete using a pole with bells in it that gave fatma sarah messi the chance to win a world championship and to paralympic medals for sweden. is looks like we can see
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when we do our sport but it's very important for me to be able to show people how much as. a home little i actually can see. sarah messi now hopes the v.o.r. project will raise awareness for visually impaired athletes and also help sports like gold will gain popularity.
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blue. blue blue. blue blue blue blue blue. blue blue. h.i.v. positive in many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but an orphanage and show yaba takes a different approach. here h.i.b. positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the virus. what's the daily routine like for the standard and how do the children themselves fare. in sixty minutes on d w.
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i'm scared that my work that's hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers who are liars. what's your story. with numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. the only border these history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting cowards the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nine
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th the laboratory for the digital age. who are we from knowing whom do we trust debate and shape the future at the georgia village global media forum twenty nineteen the place may for minds. this is the end of the news a shot coming up on the program a meaningful exchange was of north korean leader kim don't own up to his first ever face to face meeting with vladimir but nearly a decade up the last meeting between north korean and russian me does where the ties between the two countries stand plus. securing opportunities for.


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