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being recipes for success the strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d.w. . this is due to reviews live from berlin the leaders of russia and north korea meet for the first time face to face with lattimer putin and kim jong un toasting their new relationship at a summit in russia's far east in the wake of the failed u.s. summit but will the meeting be a game changer when it comes to persuading north korea to abandon its nuclear arsenal is also coming up after decades of progress efforts to contain malaria are
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stalled on this world malaria day hundreds of thousands of people are infected with this preventable disease every year a corresponding reports from mozambique on how the country is coping with this disease cluster can't you see yourself playing competitive sports with this kind of vision well we report how people are gaining insights into visually impaired sports. and why our thank you so much for your company everyone a russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong un have wrapped up their first face to face meeting they discussed a host of subjects including security on the korean peninsula and the north's controversial nuclear weapons program and this just two months after efforts by
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u.s. president donald trump to persuade him to abandon his nuclear weapons ended in failure . it was their first ever face to face meeting but for russia's vladimir putin and north korea's kim jong un the body language suggested it was set to go well talks took place on an island off the pacific coast we have a lot of all stock and went on for two hours a little longer than expected but statements after the meeting didn't really give away any substantial news but. of course we spoke about the situation on the korean peninsula we exchanged views on what needs to be done so that we can improve the situation in the future or you know this is the korean peninsula and the regional political situation which is garnered the urgent attention of the world and we also held deep discussions on strategic ways to pursue stability in the regional
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political situation and on matters of jointly managing the situation. but later in a press conference putin revealed how he expected to play a further diplomatic role. spring for. us to inform the american side about his position. about the questions he has in relation to the processes that are happening on the korean peninsula and everything that's happening around these process is pretty simple all three. of the summit then has offered putin a chance to push russia's agenda of opposing u.s. influence north korea's talks with president trump on the country's nuclear arsenal broke down without a deal in february. well our correspondent in moscow and we share one sense is this is this meant about the meeting between kim and putin. this was the first meeting between vladimir putin and kim jong un and though we didn't see any major
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breakthroughs what we did see was a chance for the two leaders to size each other up and they seemed to get along quite well after the meeting the two leaders exchanged gifts a saber and a sword respectively and putin after the talks said that he had an open discussion with kim and he also called him an open person the main issue on the agenda today was denuclearization the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and that's something that russia is certainly in favor of they want stability in on the korean peninsula after all we shouldn't forget that russia shares a land border with north korea so the last thing they want is a conflict at their borders now after the talks it seemed that russia might take on some sort of mediator role in this conflict going forward we'll have to wait and see what that means but what it certainly means is that russia is trying to get a seat at the negotiating table and to once again get
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a chance to show that it's an important player on the world stage and in this case on the korean peninsula as well now putin emphasized today the importance of keeping talks going of building trust and that seems to be what the russian president is doing he's going to beijing next for an economic forum and that certainly makes sense when it comes to this conflict after all china is an important partner for north korea in fact it's the main trade partner for north korea so it has a lot of leverage in this conflict and putin said that he would certainly be discussing north korea so it seems that denuclearization and the conflict on the korean peninsula will be high up on the agenda for the russian president in the coming days as well. and we share in their reporting from moscow want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world the after months of speculation former us vice president joe biden has announced he will run
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for president in twenty twentieth's the seventy six year old's third bid for the white house he joins a crowded field of democrats twenty at this stage you are competing for their party's nomination biden is seen as the front runner. the world lost twelve million hectares of tropical forests last year that's according to new data from global forest watch tropical trees act as a defense against climate change and the researchers have called for urgent action against deforestation a loss is equivalent to thirty football fields every minutes. lawmakers in a democratic republic of congo have elected a female it to head the national assembly for the first time the woman's name janine who burnt out is a former minister and advisor to former president joseph kabila was the only candidate after her main opponent was this qualified the opposition boycotted the
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vote. we say on the continent because protesters in sudan are calling on the ruling military council to speed up the transition to civilian rule following the ouster of long time president omar al bashir while the million strong march outside army headquarters in hard to him comes just one day after the military and protest leaders reached an agreement to form a joint committee on demonstrators want to keep up the pressure on the military council says it's that the transition to civilian rule could take up to much years . and i'd like to welcome now here with me in the studio ahmed. and sit in a civil rights activist and artist based here in berlin a very warm welcome sir we're still seeing these extraordinary images coming out of your home country where protesters are just unwavering in their demand for the
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military council to make way for a civilian government how much trust is there in the military council to deliver and make good on their promise until now the military council is having a face from the old regime extreme age of faces from the old regime izing the protesters are seeing that and until that change is still the mistrust will be between the protesters and the military and dollars in that there is a progress also in the in the negotiation with the military but there is no i read actions that could be distrust among the protesters or bring distrust but is there a sense of or a reason for cautious optimism because the army has given in to some or made some concessions is there some optimism or are the conditions as not meeting that the main demands of the people are looking for which is a transition towards a civil transitional government where civil transition government civil authorities until now the only decision maker in the country is the military council and this
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is the protesters demanding according to the duration of freedom and change that they signed in the beginning of these demonstrations that they are they they are demanding a civil society a civil authority and the civil society of thirty and to now is not fulfilled that by by the military and by the still there is a negotiation and this negotiation will be made by would be supported by protests and sit in front of the military had quote until this deterioration of freedom and change come to reality do we know who will make up the civil government because there's a lot of talk about the civil government who makes up the civil guard there is a national concerns now being from the beginning of this demonstration there's times he's going to clear ration of freedom and change declared by a google forces the political parties and the sudanese professional association opened his creations and they they did. political parties show no interest in joining this government but this is declaration of pritam and shame they say that we need a government of professional and technocrats that they can lead this country to
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being through a social democratic country what do protesters in your country fear host fear most that continuation of military rule after seventy years none democratic change in the country and on peace and undeveloped tell us about your aspirations for your country for post al bashir said i'm happy like my millions this is a nice and i think would of we are waiting for this transition to be true to be potus other with other duties to design to behave the way to democratic change democratic societies so we are waiting for this change to come to reality this military rule to answer to is a very heavy heritage of war conflict and repression there is a need for any students to work hard to fulfill the dreams of avarice they need for prosperity and development when you talk to your friends back home in sudan your family what are they telling you what's it like right now to be in sujata a sister than i was a big celebration in front of the military quater was is it and best for analysing
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since six of aberlour is a sit in is tend to be a celebration as base as space where the politicos there patient cultureless are patient a place for national the political education and democratic education that people have a committee i think this is the small sit down in front of the headquarters present all of the all of demonstration all the dreams of my family my friends and my comrades in the ground sam city civil rights activists an artist base here in berlin thank you for coming in and. you're watching the news we saw a lot more to tell you about including or puts you in this shoes that of a visually impaired athlete to better see their challenge. but first top defense ministry official has resigned following intelligence and security lapses that lead to suicide bombings in the country the defense secretary's resignation comes as more suspects have been arrested for their
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possible involvement in the attack was police have also appealed to the public for information on an additional six suspects three hundred fifty nine people were killed in the easter sunday bombings and muslim leaders in sri lanka say that they fear that a backlash after the easter sunday attacks. the sunday the suicide bombings rather have been condemned by muslim groups but many in the community say they feel vulnerable to the use in the me shut sent us this report from colombo. sheikh of the could not him back home to do idiots thought he's to get to spend the night in his house in the comfort of a church and other church run easter sunday a few hundred metres from the even lives a massive loft hit the macomber church. people that the next day with this three
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young children and why. not why not do it with my fuel feel more traits that we had presented so since we had being in the in the i just hadn't thought of the main road so we talked off. and also being with that we the children we fared in secured and that is the reason what we're what made us to be site believed houses here. shake of grief stricken about the attacks and feels guilty that the. papa treated us of the same village and that's him. he's coaching local christians not to think of him and his family as ted it seems. that. all along his street reforms and shops office muslim neighborhoods are shuttered. several muslim one businesses were attacked after the bombings. there's a tense atmosphere in the city. both christian and muslim communities in
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sri lanka have been thought it'd by booklist extremists in the past muslims and christians in the country have co-existed peacefully so far the easter sunday bombing set off tensions between the two minority communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support holding prayers sending condolences and emphatically condemning the dead attacks. but with the tradition of fighting a pez just around the corner muslims body it may not be safe to congregate to. a small but vocal group of sri lankans are trying to help them. they're from different religions and ethnicities and i'm trying to find ways of producing the backlash muslims on the from. religious leaders from both communities on meeting to express their concerns and as well as that's all of that. crackdowns against minorities are not a norm and freedom and a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two
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decades of civil war that civil liberties were good till after the ilo eleven incident in the us in the name of national security and countering terrorism and in sri lanka we have an experience of civil liberties being curtailed dramatically during the course of the water anyway after the war in the name of fighting six terrorism so days of worry that the similar situation merits probably this time. muslims and christians have always kept at a spectacle distance. now there is hope that the easter sunday bombings but so it has a reason to build stronger bridges between the two communities. and we're all for more we're now joined by a journalist. who is on the line from the trunk and capital of colombo. understandably is on and sure also there's a heightened sense of security and what many feared is now happening sherlock as muslims are facing an angry backlash and i want to get your take because sally strike is no stranger sectarian violence is there if fear that this could spiral
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out of control in the days to come. yes definitely they say to create that teams are not going to be stable in the coming days in fact many welcome them are creating their houses and that means no time is terribly. hard thing i'm committed to the max i can guarantee that. heritage i mean you can see that all being there and i'm also not hearing that the more he said leading main clause to morrow being tied in a new park a base of the most famous in fact mostly in a league saying child has begun to speak money just evening or can look up to book a mosque practice tomorrow and do you practice sitting at home so much then that there can be living in fear right now and for many other communities because there was no want to want to expect in the coming days to feel good right now using the poor. so many people bracing themselves for what's to come meanwhile of course to
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relive a full on from the government's failure to act on intelligence it received is continuing more resignations today. vera defense secretary just announced their big name to the evening is that people to expect school to do so vice president might do definitely is not enough because right now the public is not does. the trick the entire family history it is going to get a break because for the country to come to terms with the fact never fired from a team of people to the fact that you can't really know what people will believe like not just slow mo sure that never repeats and that they can keep it up again for me like well not so much talk to them today but in london or any of the week because for our part for that matter now more arrests took place today jamila
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police also released images of more suspects still at large we're going to tell us about that. a year and hussein fact the party actually needs. more to take and they have illegally and sought public i think the last of a lot more income they can demand on their debt and how they have to be connected to the bottom of why they can't have a reason to follow them because people have been there and that for the care facility that i'm not a con from all the security forces that they can tell people here i'm really really could be feel good when i can make streets to take the same faith that i want to fix in companies also the fact that the heating plant not been here often enough to return and then to get on is going and probably in the community if you have more you can maintain and i want you to take a very i. get to really national doing reporting from colombo thank you so much for your continued coverage. while today is world malaria day it's
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a disease that was once on the decline but now efforts to contain it have stalled the world health organization estimates that malaria killed more than four hundred thousand people in twenty seven thousand alone and this at a time when international research funding is declining our correspondent and you create this report from our sent beak. here in the village of. the waiting room at the medical center is overcrowded fourteen year old moose armando and his mother are among those who have been waiting here for hours. my head always feels so hard in the night i lost my appetite my legs feel heavy as if there's hardly any blood flowing through them. says a village was destroyed when cyclonic died tore through the area for letting most buildings and destroying them and the subsequent flooding even the medical center was damaged by
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a falling tree. the force of nature and the destruction are still visible all over . parts of the reconstructionist continuing there's a major concern right now diseases and in particular malaria. some parts of the region are still submerged providing ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes and his mother have had to sleep in the open with no protections against the insects since their home was destroyed. didn't have any mosquito nets i was swept away in the floods along with our whole house no one has given us new nets. finally turned to see the doctor the only one at this clinic and fears are confirmed he has malaria like so many others of the patients seen here by dr candy to add to in recent weeks. following the cycle the number of malaria and diarrhea cases has increased compared to previous
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months and. i think some areas still waterlogged after the psycho and the floods that's where the mosquitoes breed. we need to launch a campaign to stop the mosquitoes from spreading. mother receives the mets and he needs in exchange for a symbolic fee of one cents a good thing since that's just about all she can afford to pay now she can only hope that the drugs work and that she and moose will soon have a roof as well as mosquito nets over their heads. well the deliberate spread of misinformation also known as fake news is a threat to countries around the world from brazil to bangladesh it's triggered riots and left death and destruction in its wake in some places singapore is one of the latest countries trying to make the dissemination of the spread rather fake
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news punishable by law but not everyone in the country approves cynical reese is here with more on that story great to see the cold let's start with the bill what does it exactly say well this proposal is really looking at curbing the spread of fake news online and so the government wants to protect people from disinformation and hatred and violence that very quickly spread on the social media platforms but they have received a lot of criticism for that so much so that they decided to publish a very colorful get you to explain that the only thing that they want to go after factually wrong thing the wrong information not for example opinion from the critics are really worried that this is too much power that is being given into the hands of government that they will be the ones to decide what is true and false and that's really a big thing i think in the end it is very likely that this noise going to going to come true i mean the ruling party has an eighty percent of majority in government
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so we could very well see an empty fake news channel in singapore been implemented . in of itself of course even should have is commendable because fighting fake news is something that a lot of people are asking for nowadays so what are you exactly is against the law among them off for example journalists there is an open letter that has been sent to the government by at least thirty of them they say that the wording of the bill is very begun leaves a lot of room for interpretation and that worries them because it's potentially a threat to press freedom for example let's say you're a journalist in singapore or germany and europe publishing an article saying the. a governmental body in singapore is evading money so the government goes ok this is fake news you have to either remove it correct to label it as fake news or in a very extreme case you can be fined and you could go to prison for up to ten years which is a lot of time for maybe something that just went wrong you know and if you're
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a person outside the country it could the government could potentially go after the media outlet you're working for instance of course so that a lot of these looks looked after still right so it's not that it's not the antidote that everybody's looking for evidently well not yet we talked to a political scientist in single poor he pointed out that there is for example no legislation that would restraint the government from abusing this fall so that might be something to look into but in the end well there is a need for misinformation being tackled if it's and or another thing has to be looked at it all pretty much depends on if singapore really goes through this with this law and to who is going to take care of it and how it's going to be carried out and if we see how this is going to develop then we can really say is that a good thing is that a bad thing is this the way to do it yet to be decided really the devil is in the details. in there corey's thank you so much greatly appreciate it. next very
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new virtual reality exhibit in sweden is giving the public a chance to experience what it's like to play sports if you're visually impaired with the displays sponsored by fat maris or miti who had to give up a promising football career after he lost almost all of his sight. a pair of goggles the sense of all that is needed to get found some insight into the difficulty of playing football with various visual impairments such as albinism glow coma. you are now experiencing class b. two and albinism in this case there was also a mix with congenital cataract causing cloudy islands as together with secondary glaucoma affecting each eye differently the system developed by the swedish para sports federation is being promoted by fat miss sarah messi at age thirteen his footballing career was abruptly ended by a glow coma he was very good at football i dreamt of plane full fall in the beach
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police. and of course it was like. you could you didn't say that my my dreams it's just that it's. the lights went out of my dreams but a new sport helped them dream again fatma sara messi took up a gold bull in which teams of three compete using a pole with bells in it it gave fat mr messi the chance to win a world championship and two paralympic medals for sweden. it's looks like we can see when we do our sport but it's very important for me to be able to show people how much as. a whole home little i actually can see. sarah metz he now hopes the v.o.r. project will raise awareness for visually impaired athletes and also help sports like goalball gain popularity. great stuff all right that's
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euro news drought focused on europe is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour of course and meantime you can always get all the news by heading to our web site that's d w dot com and on twitter at the handle d w news for now thank you so much for spending this part of her to.
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a child being positive many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but an orphanage in show ya business takes a different approach. here h.i.b. positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the fibrous. what's the daily routine like for the stand out of the children themselves fair.
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next on d w. oh. but the first. are in full swing and we're standing here today at the last plenary session of this particular european parliament because we'll have a bill what. the result of that election is going to be closely monitored in africa the continent up to all the chance yes a complex relationship with the euro a. lot of. you like why they matter to you today. people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions.
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iran a journey through a land full of contradictions. joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrast spoke everyday life. and help people cope with. iran bittersweet. starts may second g.w. . played the first. low in a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me craven and campaigning is now well underway for elections to the european parliament due to take place at the end of may.


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