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the but. this is the job news coming to you live from berlin mozambique is here tom via joins cycle and winds and heavy rain have destroyed homes and pushed thousands inland seeking châteaux cyclon kenneth's comes just six weeks out the cycle he died or death and devastation to the country also coming up. she loves us is a suspected ringleader of the east just sunday attacks died in one of the hotel bombings for the car she's worn most trikes could be imminent. and soft will
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promote its belt and bold initiative as a global summit in beijing a month cillian dollar project is a source of march to investment for some countries but others see it as china's real flexing its muscle in the why don't. i don't of a warm welcome to you i'm on the thought she might get to have their company. now the psych mill has set norden mozambique's sights on planets first made landfall on the communist islands before turning towards the southern african country wasn't the isuzu reeling from the author effects of sites on the dial last month this is the first time in recorded history the two cyclons have hit mozambique in one season and over the next ten days this cycle is expected to dump twice the amount
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of rainfall as the previous one. holidaymaker dares to confront nature at its most extreme. case a resort in northern mozambique as the eye of the cycling passes through kenya powerline into a country still reeling from a daily storm just weeks ago. barely on he waged war on the commerce islands remnants of a night of for russia's winds and pounding rain drivers and cyclists navigate the leftovers. several are dead here but authorities say the field picture term marriage. it is difficult to get access because many trees fell many electrical and telephone poles file so for the moment we are clearing the roads so we can make an initial assessment.
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as kenneth cut its path of destruction residents found refuge in a marriage and she shelters like this one. and a place to sleep but no rest bite from the reality of what awaits them at home. thinking that us it's a huge disaster that we not used to seeing thank god we escaped the worst but we really need her one of those and it that said. their problem was that there was a strong wind that demolished the houses but the rescuers found us shelters while we slept well nobody was injured and we didn't suffer thank god. for now many here grateful to be counting the cost in terms of chaos rather than casualties. mozambique's disaster management agency says only seven hundred thousand people could be at risk from the cycle and getting aid to the affected region is
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a priority. there will be an urgent need for shelter clean water sanitation and hygiene kits food and non-food items power generation until communication equipment . thank you kenneth may require a major new humanitarian operation at the same time that the ongoing diet response talking to three million people in three countries remain critique on the funding we spoke with cut in one entity enough she's the one food program director we asked a fuss what she was hearing from the teams in the field to nation is quite worrying as we heard a few minutes ago with many people being affected and in some districts of course more than others not the whole province of kabul to gabble district such as me and evo area and. panama city itself has also been quite badly damaged and we are already mobilizing to respond to their requests for
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assistance as we heard a few minutes ago as well and there have been has already pre-positioned food is there. and some of the districts already as well as an account which is a bigger house close by and we are ready for netting to start distributions. and it's possible so how difficult is the situation with people because as we had the u.n. says this is the first time that the country has been hit by two cycles in one season . yes it is very very. it's a huge challenge and especially both sides gnome's the die was extremely strong as well and brought a lot of destruction and this one as we're seeing now is also very strong and what we are concerned about not only this tax hike the passage itself but the fact that it's bringing a lot or ainslie will be a lot are days of two three four days of heavy rains in those areas and so the
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likelihood of for lots. and flash floods and as valuable storm surge as we've seen. and there we're at it getting reports about a couple of the rivers there are already flooding and the ground already being it's the end of the rainy season so the ground of the rivers were already quite full and saturated so this is also a big concern with safety of people with the floodwaters that are that are already hitting us that will hit us with a difficult situation kind of an end to from the program in mozambique thank you very much for being us up to date on the situation there. a look at some of the stories making news around the world emergency responders in eastern ukraine say at least four people have been killed in a meet and blast at a coal mine the explosion took place in the low hans christian which is under control of russian backed separatists the mine closed because of hostilities and
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two thousand and fourteen and reopen. at least ten workers are reported missing. detectives investigating the murder of journalists a leader of the key in northern ireland last week have asked the public to help them identify the main suspect police say the man shot indiscriminately into a crowd and five the bullet that killed mckee officers say people in the community will recognize the gunman. a german russian woman who due to new york's elite into believing she was a billionaire heiress is facing up to fifteen years in prison on a sort of kin it was found guilty of multiple offenses after fortunately acquiring tens of thousands of dollars in bank loans she managed to fake. style involving private jets and lengthy hotel stays. she learned as president says a suspected leader of the easter sunday attacks died in one of the hotel bombings
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addressing reporters in colombo. city cena also warned against a backlash against the country's muslim community and appealed for calm it was heightened security and subdued attendance at mosques for friday prayers authorities say more attacks could be imminent police are looking for about one hundred forty people believed to have links with the so-called islamic state. on the lam from colombo i'm joined now by journalist jim. a lot details have emerged about the suspects including the leader of the nashville joe he's suspected of having led these attacks what can you tell us. yes you're right today morning president michel platini fanning i mean everything we touch on that day he said that the lead up to smash mouth i'll get to mock them and call moments a hard on he was the mosque the mind behind some gas explosions and he has died he was apparently one of the bombers break so that he suffered the shangri la salle
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the president also said that he's a high and have traveled to india a few years ago that he had if empty except misleading so we dislike mixed status and when he sent back to the country he had used social media to get some more followers so now just seems to be some sort of. parents who say that they stand to see a child being directly involved with the bombers but i nephew guesses are going and to get more information in the coming days and given that this means appears to be nice to have this with islam mix to disappear as a police officer since for a hundred pieces. yes you are right today president taylor santa set that seven of us hundred then saw the suspect in the country who are believed to be with a flag stand and several had been out at the scene funded explosions he said that a massive manhunt was going on through lax the remaining in the coming days so some
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of the busiest be getting more information that that this mother manhunt is on. when i was still having a pending friday prayers today because i'm most concerned for this safety isn't it . or secondly as in fact when i was on the street myself again morning. feet but if that was so much a tight security outside i mean that well back then one thing. that made me think part of what came up there is the appeal to them of being from anything not to attend. an establishment known from working in reading it feel like there's a little report of isolated incident that would things have been a fact sunday or not invalidating the very much at the moment. in colombo thank you very much for bringing us up to date with that story
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and this to live great sense of shock and unease in sri lanka following those attacks and that has unsettled people to the extent that some a finding targets to vent their anger whatever their religion deceived as non she long can a coming under attack including refugees do you have used nimish i just met some of them in colombo and sent us this report. from pakistan four years ago. she left her home country with three young children and her husband because people prosecuted for being christian. her husband bears burn marks to prove it. but in the gamble where she ended up she could practice her feet freely last sunday she applied hair on her hands and feet to get ready for easter then the blasts hit . mob descended on her neighborhood of pakistani refugees attacking homes and threatening reprisals even going on how many years will are your landlord told us
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not to return don't even return to your not safe here save yourselves and leave we can't offer you any protection we're also a christian we're also grief stricken because our brothers and sisters were killed in this blast but we can't do anything mother and her whole are clear now natasha and over one hundred other refugees are hiding out in the parking garage of this police station women men children christians of muslims of dance and box. the all male one similarity they are not true long can. give our job as a little one if you cannot imagine how they behaved after the blasts sixty hours of people came into my house and attacked us. our landlady said i cannot protect you it will be better if you leave. according to refugee rights activists
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over twelve hundred people have been displaced from their home since the attack. they have taken shelter in mosques and police stations refugees in the course to the city of nic gamble include minority am of the muslims and christians fleeing persecution in pakistan and of guns fleeing insecurity in their own country now however they are all being threatened and displeased because locals view all foreigners with suspicion activist have begged churches and civilians for help but to norway that already life president future yewtree long car is extremely challenging and he cannot work so they undergo a lot of the patient due to disabuse the children and children for many years to the school. and people cannot work build it and people will professional people look for jobs and we don't working you know going on the work of precious by
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latasha mrs pakistan she's also grateful for her life and she lanka but for now home is this parking garage and she doesn't know what about her land. to china and a major summit is under way in beijing as a country shows off the expansion of this key infrastructure project known as the belt and road initiative need is from some thirty seven countries are discussing the gigantic project which china's president xi jinping north five years ago is set to trade between china and the was there concerns that the project could lead to a market monopoly by china. so what does china's belton good initiative it's a new version of the silk road involve one two bronze so central asia and moscow all the way to korea in italy it consists of roads and railways as well as power stations telecommunications networks and by felines and then there's the maritime
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sake road which will connect china with europe africa and southeast asia china has already invested billions in infrastructure projects along the way but. despite his reassurances some attendees showed concern that they might become saddled with debt the chinese president sought to allay fears and promised cooperation transparency and zero tolerance of corruption as guiding principles. to belton road is not an exclusive club and it aims to promote green development when we are convinced that a more open china will further integrate itself into the world and deliver greater progress and prosperity for china and the world at large. speaking at the summit malaysian prime minister mohammed matiya sought to be raised doubts about his country's desire to take part just a week ago malaysia resumed the china backed rail link project after the chinese
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contract agreed to cut the construction cost by a third to ten point six billion u.s. dollars but matiya did raise some environmental concerns. straits of malacca and then the national route. then the international community must assume responsibility for keeping the seas clear and polluted but so far there's supposed to be the falls on the little steves the are the ones who suffer pollution and the have them in force to clean this sea and they shaw's it does not seem fair that the poor little was should be burdened with this responsibility others including the u.s. russia japan and india are worried that china is trying to build
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a trade and political network which expands its strategic influence russia however seems supportive so far. russia is willing to make efforts to create transparent conditions contributing to the development of cooperation and collaboration across the eurasian continent pretty good. it's important to find an effective response to the risks of the fragmentation of global political economic and technological base and to the rise in protectionism five years after the belt and road project broke ground china is doing its very best to persuade the global powers that its new trade routes will benefit the world. in india any nine hundred million voters a cost in their bonnets and a high stakes and fiercely contested election and not next month some three hundred fifty million voters are going to put in stations across the e.u. as the elect a new parliament now one of the biggest threats in elections these days is
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so-called fake news the truth has unveiled a new to it to tackle the spread of force information maya srijit joins me now for more welcome maya so what is this new to of this for to has unveiled so it's a build off of an old tool that's been there for a while all of us who engage with twitter regularly probably know how to report a tweet that we think is abusive this is a new tool that is going to attempt to crack down specifically on attempts to mislead voters tweeting about false information if you see a tweet that's claiming oh you can vote via text message as well this one is that is false i don't know of anywhere in the world where they can do that so you click the dropdown menu and you can specifically choose to report it for misleading about voting and that's that's really it it's just that simple and twitter twitter is choosing to rely on its users to self regulate and help crack down on the spread of misinformation such as this sounds pretty straightforward maya but is this enough
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this is the big question now is this actually going to be enough twitter we should know has been extremely veg about what happens after you report that tweet does it automatically get taken down is the account shut down all of the big social media company is twitter facebook google are under enormous amounts of. government pressure around the world to crack down on things like fake news and did the european commission back in march released a report saying none of them are doing enough so we should know that facebook has ruled rolled out a new system for add transparency it will make it much easier for users to see how an ad was paid for where it's coming from but this new twitter tool is as we said very much relying on the goodness of the hearts of twitter users to want to regulate misinformation about voting which is as we've seen from a lot of twitter users somewhat of
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a big risk to take so with these big elections going on and coming up we'll have to see exactly how effective this is and possibly how it might be abused right thank you very much if this is a joke to you. now he. is finding inspiration in some of the country's famously greek cityscapes twenty year old for the ice is a much of the country's modern architecture lacks courage and a willingness to experiment he's using his camera and colors to show the world what can be done about it. grey reality becomes colorful urban fantasy geometric the sods are canvases for splashes of color. photographer and architecture student powell ice transforms the often plain structures into genuine i catchers. so many buildings don't get seen because they've been simply painted grey like the rest of the city and. so they almost disappear in this fashion and.
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who comes from berlin found the many grey and grey cityscapes to dreary so in two thousand and fifteen he started shooting his colorful photo series now he's studying in linz austria where an old tobacco factory has become a favorite setting. the industrial complex was built in the new objectivity style later famed as power house design in the early twentieth century it was a new approach to architecture. is fascinated by it. and so if you look at the details and the windows and what a clever solution this mechanism is how fine the structure you find usually is totally new back this is it's as if you installed a spaceship somewhere today and said this is the new architecture. i sees his photos as a criticism of contemporary architecture. he says modern designs lack
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a spirit of experimentation and courageous ideas. doesn't the industrial building and construction methods that were developed back then were implemented because they offered a way to build a lot. a little money infused. concept of progress behind them didn't take hold at all we have no innovations in architecture there too it. can add colorful accents he turns an apartment block and lintz into an artwork in primary colors red yellow and blue inspired by dutch painter. he also cites architects from the powerhouse tradition printouts designed for workers housing in berlin placed equal emphasis on form functionality and color. architecture photographer giving the tobacco factory a thorough remodeling. on his computer he removes unwanted elements corrects the
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perspective and colors in various surfaces. this is not quite the primary colors used by house but rather a more up to date interpretation than to put the. this image to serve as a call for more courage in architecture. after he graduates hopes to design innovative buildings of his own colorful ones of course. great stuff to football not dork one post bitter rivals shall go on saturday it's a new any know what that means but this time both sides are even more desperate to win than usual shock of finding the bundesliga survival while dortmund on just one point behind by munich what in first place don't want to hoping their young star jayson sanchez and make the difference for them. in december twenty thousand year old jayden sanchez scored the game winner and dortmund's emotional victory over our
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tribal shaka it was just another milestone in the english youngsters explosive belt illusion. searchers first steps towards being one of europe's hottest young players were modest ones kicking the ball around with friends in south london as friends and history. is. not just seven center made the jump to watch birds academy in england youth coach david godley recalls how he stuck out from the very beginning people very quickly said always were the special one the boy it wasn't long before he got in fights a team so you train with the actual kind of meeting that was two years old and you could see that he was he was just unbelievable come from. you just like to for me to get the kids after a brief stint at manchester city center made the difficult choice of leaving everything behind to come to germany people that. if you. make.
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some friends. and you. just do what i love to move paid off central florida dortmund becoming one of the team's most consistent attacking threats with eleven goals and sixteen assists in the bundesliga this season he made his england debut late last year and is frequently linked to the biggest clubs in the world things look bright percent show but his immediate future is focusing on repeating his a row ics again shown. in the mexican minutes a policy of gonna do pinney along today has unveiled recounts from a rare white bengal tiger and this is one of them the do males and one female born just a month ago while white's tie goes. up the better known bingo in tiger's goal with orange in color. only five thousand tigers live in the wind down from the hundred thousand the start of the twentieth century and poaching deforestation and
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overhunting of their natural prey have impacted their numbers but at least these three will be kept see even though in captivity. here's a pic of the story that they're following for you and. another sign of mozambique's sonic on kennett's talked with powerful winds and storm surge just up the five meter this is just six weeks off the cycle and die brought death and devastation to the country. up next the news is here to stay with us for that i'm going to cut you off there's if you have a company. in
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india. it's the basis of. many bodies are polluted and groundwater reserves are endangered but now there's an innovative number of purification projects and then. you can make a living from it. and see how an environmental activist is giving new life to dozens of minutes. sixty minutes. ago t.v. . reality wait a second. we want the whole picture perfect so instead of make ideas shift to live us. to reality to cryptocurrency your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's talk. shit. on d w.
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people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions. iran but journey through a land full of contradictions. joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts of everyday life. and help people cope with. iran bittersweet. starts may second g.w. . this is due to other news asia coming up on the program. and underpaid chinese office workers pushed back against a culture of working twelve hours a day when china was the richest man gold's working nine am to nine pm six days
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a week of blessing is a time for change plus a dangerous cocktail of forest fires and fumes combined to create dangerous breeding conditions in northern thailand. and how do you see.


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