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to take his grandmother there. it's all that they're new i'm rachel join me from the germans on the w. . post. this is it overuse live from berlin mozambique bears the brunt of a nother giant cycle of cycle kind of this time a leisha's high winds and torrential rains on this beleaguered country destroying homes and pushing thousands of people inland this is just six weeks after cyclone d.-day submerged and bit of the state of the country also coming up short longest
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as the suspected ringleader of the easter sunday attacks died in one of the hotel bombings but authorities warn more attacks could be imminent and tens of thousands of anti army protestors pour into her to bloody sudan's capital to rally in support of the civilian government answering to the call for a million strong march outside army headquarters to demand the ruling military council seat power. thank you so much for your company everyone well we start our broadcast and mozambique while this south east african nation is bearing the brunt of an intense tropical cyclone cycling kenneth first made landfall on the camorra silence before hitting the mainland mozambique is still reeling from the aftermath of cyclon each
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day last month and this is the first time in recorded history that two cyclons have struck mozambique in one season and over the next ten days this cycle is expected to dump twice the amount of rainfall as the previous one. a holidaymaker dares to confront nature at its most extreme. less a resort in northern mozambique as the eye of the cycle on passes through kenya barreling into a country still reeling from a deadly storm just weeks ago. he waged war on the comrades island remnants of a night of for russia's winds and pounding rain drivers and cyclists navigate the leftovers. several are dead here but authorities say the feel picture is yet to a marriage. it is difficult to get access because many trees
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fell many electrical and telephone poles fell so for the moment we are clearing the roads so we can make an initial assessment. as kenneth cut its path of destruction residents found refuge in a marriage and she shelters like this one. and a place to sleep but no rest bite from the reality of what awaits them at home. thinking. it's a huge disaster that we not use to seeing you and i thank god to escape the worst but we really need her one of those and if that. their problem will start there was a strong wind a demolish the houses but of rescuers found us shelters while we slept low nobody was injured and we didn't say. thank god. for no many here grateful to be counting the cost in terms of chaos rather than casualties.
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well we're joined now by so butters this is a country director of care in mozambique a good day sir what's the situation on the ground right now as a result of this source specially for the people of mozambique we're still. going to see information and try to understand the specific impact of this all. you're of course the sets insisted on going to understanding the show in baghdad we have teams on the. ground also conducting assessments and what i know from the team is there sustained heavy rainfall which is like lightning to continue for the next few days the satellite imagery of four costly suggests as much as a year's rainfall is going to fall in in areas in a period of around two or three days so we're extremely concerned about the potential of flooding. in a similar way to what we saw in the. right because mozambique of course as you
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referenced is still recovering from one of the deadliest storms on record cycle a day that hit just its shores just weeks ago and now this tropical storm how prepared is this beleaguered nation for what is shaping to be a humanitarian catastrophe. what is always a very well prepared we have we have two teams of experts from around the world already located in mozambique operating on a very similar disaster so we have in country capacity at the moment which is a very helpful and i think that's been reflected in the successful evacuation process has been can be carried out by the government and the red cross there. however only the other side of that is we have massive investments in times of people and money trying to cope with the initial recovery and the emergency response so like only
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a dollar. and this is really going to stretch our capacities in the humanitarian sector and the government and in terms of how much money is available to respond to this to the living that the timing of this storm a course is putting the country at a severe disadvantage what are the most urgent priorities right now where authorities and relief organizations like yours. the the most urgent need is to understand exactly the dynamics of what we're facing trying to understand where people have been affected and how they're going to affect it or we can do to support these people typically you know for evacuation and actually to get people to save spaces and then provide shelter and search and rescue in the in the first days so the first days we are there to find people who are suffering and see what we can do terms of bringing materials to help them through the. what makes mozambique so susceptible to these devastating storms. well
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cyclons are. fairly regular but. not this regular normally where used to cyclists in the coast we have some similar cycler further south in the country in two thousand and seventy. so it's just. that this is the situation in mozambique where one of the main dynamics is that we have a large areas of low lying land. and a lot of river systems that come in from inland and on the continent of africa come through mozambique into the indian ocean so the coastal areas the most extreme susceptible to flooding so butters from that care in mozambique thank you sir for taking the time to speak to us you're welcome. i want to tell you now about some of the of the stories making news around the world. emergency responders in eastern
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ukraine say at least four people have been killed in a methane blast at a coal mine explosion occurred in the yukon screeching which is under control of russia back separatists the mine closed because of hostilities back in two thousand and fourteen and reopened only last year at least ten workers are reported missing . a german russian woman who duped new york silly c. into believing she was a billionaire heiress is facing up to fifteen years in prison and a sorkin that was found guilty of multiple offenses after fraud in that we do and julie acquiring tens of thousands of dollars in bank loans she managed to fake a luxury lifestyle involving private jets and lengthy health stays fresh president and on my call has promised significant tax cuts for working people especially the middle classes it sent response to months of weekly protest by the so-called yellow best movement which have damaged his presidency mccall said there
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would be a return to public order and condemn the violent protests of recent months. showing us president says the suspected leader of the easter sunday attacks died in one of the hotel bombings addressing reporters in colombo the president also warned against a backlash against the country's muslim community and appealed for calm or has there was heightened security and subdued attendance at mosques for friday prayers authorities say more attacks could be imminent police are now looking for about one hundred forty people believed to have links with the so-called islamic states alright let's get you the latest and now on the line from colombo is journalist. jimi lair we are hearing reports of a shootout and that sri lankan police have reportedly made more arrests what more can you tell us. yes as we speak right now days
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a massive shootout going out going on in a town called calm morning in the eastern prodding. combined forces of the s.c.f. and the police i engaged in a gun better with the secretary in fact i just spoke to the army a short side ago and they said that today evening when they were proceeding to work and eighty a suspect to be producing bombs and so yes i can tell when the approach that the idea five to six terrorists had begun firing at them and about exactly is still continuing making for more information from the army are not real muslims have been attending friday prayers today under very hard security in tandem the archbishop of colombo says there will be no sunday masses until further notice i mean people must be so on average it's definitely i mean people are still shell shocked off the
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sundays the terrorist attacks. he says most of the offices have remained close schools have remained closed people are not sticking out of their homes look days after getting them back last doc to be shipped all successive it up he says of you could be traced back that far if you had not a look at him all the fine some nation they had a fourth of us had a tax that people extremely bad people are not going off of their houses basically the nation has come to a complete standstill at the moment all right now turning to the investigation for a moment there has been a lot of confusion in the past few days including the death toll being revised dramatically downwards what's going on. when vendetta or these come from that was a statement released from the health thing through just grabbed my saying that the country having the security up explosions and the fact that devastating many bloody far reach are in the house because then the mall that had been on the street.
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collation with the light of day so a big even by the king hierarchy fifty from that you have fifty nine out of the eighty fourth a. we also hearing that several i read several theories that are being made think that it will be key that the good sign but the problem equate very anxious and making for more noise to see what's going on and what they becoming that god could expect in the coming days. reporting from colombo sri lanka thank you thank you very much and to jim u.s. point there is still great sense of shock and awe knees in sri lanka following those attacks and that has unsettled people to the extent that some are finding targets to vent their anger whatever their religion is perceived as nonchalant than are coming under attack including refugees to be used and we should just well met some of them in colombo and filed this report. from pakistan four years
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ago. she left her home country with three young children and her husband because they were persecuted for being christian. her husband bears burn marks to prove it . but i'm a gamble where she ended up she could practice her feet freely last sunday she applied hair on her hands and feet to get ready for easter then the blasts hit. mobs descended on her neighborhood of pakistani refugees attacking homes and threatening reprisals even going on how many you have all or the landlord told us not to return don't even return to your not safe here save yourselves and leave we can't offer you any protection we are also a christian who also grief stricken because our brothers and sisters were killed in the blast but we can't do anything mother and her whole are clear now natasha and over one hundred other refugees are hiding out in the parking garage of this police
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station women men children christians and muslims of dance and box. the all male one similarity they are not treating can. give a job as a little one if you cannot imagine how they behaved after the blasts sixty six hours of people came into my house and attacked us. our landlady said i cannot protect you it will be better if you leave. according to the few g.'s rights activists over twelve hundred people have been displaced from their homes and the attacks. they have taken shelter in mosques and police stations refugees in the course to the city of nick gamble include minority hymn of the muslims and christians fleeing persecution in pakistan and of guns fleeing insecurity in their own country now however they are all being threatened and displeased because locals view all foreigners with suspicion activists have begged georgia's armed civilians
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for help but to norway that already life as a deaf u.g.g. lunker is extremely challenging they cannot work so they undergo a lot to be patient you could decide because the children learn. the school. and people cannot work build it and people are professional people. working in you know. precious by latasha mrs pakistan she's also grateful for her life in tree lanka but for now home is this parking garage. and she doesn't know when that will end. in washington we knew still to come. spain is gearing up for its third general election in just four years and smaller parties are enjoying a surge in support we'll visit some rural communities where many feel forgotten by
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mainstream politicians. but first protesters in sudan have vowed to escalate their action if the country's military council insists on maintaining sovereign powers until elections are held on demonstrators in the capital hard to continue their protested day after the so-called million strong march for civilian rule they have been massing outside army headquarters ever since the ousting of president obama bashir just over two weeks ago. all right and with me here is our very own jeff i became who has just returned from sudan great to have you here with us again extraordinary images coming out of a heart to thousands of people surrounding the army h.q. demanding they seek power you just returned from higher to what was the atmosphere like the that we just saw is where you see every day on the streets of course to
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people are angry people are frustrated people say we will protect our revolution with our blood too i even heard this phrase because people say you know it's either no or never we have to protect our revolution the military council should hand over the power to a civilian council that's what we want and the thing as we will not accept ok now how much stress is there that the military will make good on its promise to hold elections and allow for civilian causes this is the thing going on according what i see and when i talk to the people i don't think they trust the military because they just look to their neighbors in egypt and they know what happened there so they have the feeling the military is saying no it's only a part it's only a small amount of time where we are in power but they are afraid that the military will take over the power for a longer time and that's. that's why they are very persistent on saying no we don't want to have ministry in power ok so we know what the protesters don't want gone with the army yes what do they want twenty agree i'm you know the protesters are
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here true genius group from people there are different parties you have the professional association you have the youth of the river you should you have everyone today in sudan says i'm a reviewer person i'm a protester you know there's no one unity among them and that's and that's you should understand it i mean thirty years of dictatorship and now suddenly you cannot imagine that they are united because i even heard you know people saying the dictator is gone but the dictatorship is not done and and when you talk to the people they never had this opportunity to express their opinion to say what they think there's no political structures organization it's all now happening people are it's the discovering of politics is discovery of being part is the discovery of having a voice so they are not united you have the audience of freedom and change they are down the anti government anti. military but among them they are also not united and they don't unite all protesters and this is important to say
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because when we look from here from say from berlin to to to sudan we think it's all organized and you have. parties and all of that but it's not the case everyone in the street feels like i have a voice no i want to talk i want to protest because there was no civil society so you're brushing grass roots movement exam forming a civil society in real time what i wonder you've been there too far yes why is the army taking a wait and see approach because they could just go into squashes protests what are they afraid of they are too smart to do this giving the people the feeling we are for you we support you we love you we're protected you from the very bad guy personnel the she the president the dictator and we are the one who made the last step in order to letting. step down and now they are observing you know it's kind of observing even when you look at the sit in area where the protesters are it's at the headquarters you see everyone observing they know everything going on and they will not give the people of the feeling that we are against you they would do it
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that the right time according to what i see and what i observed that they would do it at the right time when there is no unity and then they say here we are again we are the ones we can unite to we are the ones who can protect you because protection and security is also what. part of the people's thinking the whole time because you know over the wars that happened in sudan people are sick somehow afraid in the say they could protect us but we want the cabinets and the power to be by civilians so it's going to be really interesting to see what's going to happen with it and like egypt or will the protesters they know will not accept it so the next day is the next weeks would be saying it more and more are very very crucial there thank you so very well craig we appreciate it thank you and we're going to turn our attention now to spain that country is gearing up for its third general election in just four years this weekend prime minister fetter sanchez is leading the polls but neither
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his socialist nor the conservative people's party are expected to get an outright majority and that means they will need help in forming a coalition for a smaller parties which are joining a surge in support while our correspondent lisa luis visit some rural communities near the spanish city of terrell where many feel forgotten by mainstream politicians the two big traditional parties are scrambling to regain their trust. i kill clément has decided to speak for mt spain she grew up in this village with three hundred inhabitants one bar and a bakery only open for an hour a day now she's running for parliament in the province of parallel for the conservative people's party. representing ten well would make me really happy. i have every piece of good news is being celebrated by everybody here. and even if it doesn't concern all of us directly we are like
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a big family. she takes us to a nearby village with one hundred thirty inhabitants the local people around government recently convinced someone to run the villages only shop and bar by not charging in any rent the village hadn't had a grocery shop for three years but that hasn't convinced everybody here to pay for the party. with the province is completely isolated we don't have proper infrastructure our trains are falling apart and are really slow the traditional parties have promised action and pledged millions of euros but they just haven't delivered from the trough from the government there now that. we want to implement an action plan for the countryside and take special measures in terror well. we've been fighting for people here for a long time. i just don't trust the political
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class anymore. very old talk about grand ideas but afterwards there are parts of spain that are just forgotten. and. desperate and disappointed people are putting their hopes in smaller more radical parties in the provincial capital we need model d.i.'s from the far left. you need us put them us she's promising voters a breath of fresh air and a fresh start. and there's no question that an hour on another the traditional parties have governed spain for forty years and are responsible for the emptying of the countryside people should have the courage to vote for our innovative policies they will bring people back. we will build new roads and train lines and create more job opportunities for women. like this smaller parties raquel says the p.p. also has
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a master plan to bring life back to the countryside she's promising better infrastructure and more support for farmers and better internet access given that it that people should trust us to make the most out of their vote not vote for the smaller parties the fewer seats our party has the less it will be able to do for the country side. without it. but the elections are expected to show that spaniards not just in rural areas but across the country are losing faith in the traditional parties and winning that back will take more than just promises. to football now in toronto it's bitter rival shocker on saturday it's a local derby but this time both sides are even more desperate to win than usual shaka are fighting for one to think of survival while dortmund are just one point behind barring munich who are in first place while dortmund are hoping their young star jaden ness and show can make the difference. in december then eighteen year
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old jayden santos scored the game winner and dortmund's emotional victory over our tribal shaka it was just another milestone in the english on stairs explosive that delusion. searchers first steps towards being one of europe's hottest young players were modest ones kicking the ball around with friends in south london as friends and history and all that was. just seven center made the jump to watch birds academy in england youth coach david godley recalls how he stuck out from the very beginning people very quickly said oh we've got a pretty special guy here when the boy said it wasn't long before he got it might seem so true with the actual kind of meeting that was two years old and you could see that he was he was just unbelievable come from. you just like tiffany to get the kids after a brief stint at manchester city center made the difficult choice of leaving everything behind to come to germany people. if you. make
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sacrifices and. some friends. just do what i love to move paid off central florida dortmund becoming one of the team's most consistent attacking threats with eleven goals and sixteen assists in the bundesliga this season he made his england debut late last year and is frequently linked to the biggest clubs in the world things look bright present show but his immediate future is focusing on repeating his a row ics again shaka. i mean for i'll let you go as in the mexican municipality of guadalupe near monterey has unveiled three cups from a rare white bengal tiger while the two males and one female were born on a month ago rather their genetic variation of the better known orange bengal tiger is only one hundred thousand tigers live in the wild down from one hundred thousand
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at the start of the twentieth century. are at a reminder now of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour. another cycle one has hit mozambique cycle own kind of struck with powerful winds and storm surges of up to five meters this just six weeks after psycho need a broad death and devastation to the country. coming up next after a short break eco in the op looks at natural and chemical dyes and also you can opt out of the out.
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of india. as the basis of. many bodies are polluted and groundwater reserves are endangered. but now there's an innovative water purification project and you can make them. and see how
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an environmental activist is giving new life to dozens of latest. next. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word going to include niko peace in germany. why not learn with him. to suffer it's simple online on your mobile and free. w z e learning course. german made easy. when the water starts rising the fight for survival felony case on a bike gets me but if i get one there's a flood of water comes up to our waist i get close faster everyone me. but
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a lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junk you can't see it will move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any appeal going to be snide if you want and probably most of them to come to. the climate exodus starts in full thirtieth on t w. hello welcome to eco week a sustainability magazine bevy interviews to change make us feel like you and i while making a real difference for the clean up. i'm sun without.


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