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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is it really was live from bro in mozambique bears the brunt of another giant cycle out tropical storm kenneth unleashes high winds interventional rains on this beleaguered country destroying homes and pushing thousands of people in the lead just six weeks after psycho need a huge submerged and devastated the country also coming up for a long control least launch fresh rate as the hunt for suspects behind sunday's deadly church and hotel bombings authorities say the suspected ringleader died in one of the attacks.
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on my iraq thank you so much for your company everyone well we begin our broadcast with mozambique this southeast african nation is bearing the brunt of an intense tropical cyclone this once called kenneth it first made landfall on the chorus islands before hitting the mainland mozambique is still reeling from the aftermath of cyclon a day last month and it's the first time in recorded history that two cyclons have struck mozambique in one season over the next ten days the cyclon is expected to dump twice as much rainfall as the previous one. a holidaymaker deer is to confront nature at its most extreme. less a resort in northern mozambique as the eye of the cyclon passes through canada
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barreling into a country still reeling from a deadly storm just weeks ago. he waged war on the comrades islands remnants of a night of for russia's winds and pounding rain drivers and cyclists navigate the leftovers. several are dead here but authorities say the field picture is yet to match. that it is difficult to get access because many trees fell many electrical and telephone poles fell so for the moment we are clearing the roads so we can make an initial assessment. as kenneth cut its path of destruction residents found refuge in a marriage and she shelters like this one. and a place to sleep but no rest bite from the reality of what awaits them at home.
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it's a huge disaster that we not used to seeing thank god to escape the worst but we really need her one of those and if that. problem was that there was a strong wind that demolished the houses but the rescuers found us shelters. we slept low nobody was injured and we didn't suffer thank art. for now many here grateful to be counting the cost in terms of chaos rather than casualties. well we're joined now by solar butters assistant a country director of care in the britto mozambique a very good evening sir what's the situation on the ground right now as a result of this storm especially for the people of mozambique. well allegedly receiving. considerable damage to the infrastructure. there along with
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it is now in the problems encountered of the because often occur in excess of all. as you reported just a. loss of life and the major difference i was down to. the . point i was raised in the city. and i was like where the provisions i was just you know we're going to see a year's worth of rainfall it's all three days so we're concerned about the potential devastating flooding as we saw with. last month of course mozambique as you reference this still recovering from one of the deadliest storms on record cycle on each take that hit just its shores just weeks ago and now this is how but there it is this beleaguered nation for what is shaping up to be a humanitarian catastrophe. that it was a cycle of. there's still
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a lot of good international. totally involved and it can continue to respond about i would i go with it without regard. to this only because how do you live and the. the evidence of a visit in a much more organized early warnings posted about your ways in. supposed to do. more bigger shows. a lot of effort and people and financial resources are invested in trying to help people recover from it i and that's a months ago frozen in itself so the prospects of our disaster of a suit are scared to die is pretty overwhelming. pretty overwhelming to see country director care immigrant know what mozambique search. thank you. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world
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. tens of thousands of algerian protesters have turned out in the cop at all and other cities for the tenth week in a row street pressure force a longtime ruler i does this with an effort to step down earlier this month for now demonstrators want his allies were having a transitional government to go as well if your elections scheduled for july fourth will be rigged. a russian woman who admitted to secretly infiltrating u.s. political groups from the for the kremlin has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison maria patino will be deported to russia after her jail term the leader of a small russian and gun rights group rutina used her ties to the national rifle association a firearms lobby to build a network of powerful republican contacts. oh german a russian woman who duped new york's elite into believing she was a billionaire heiress is facing up to fifteen years in prison and stark in that was
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found guilty of multiple offenses after acquiring of thousands of dollars in a bank loan she managed to fake a luxury lifestyle involving private jets and lengthy hotel stays. or. spain is preparing for its third general election in just four years prime minister better sanchez is leading the polls but neither his socialist nor the conservative people's party are expected to get an outright majority in this weekend's vote they will need help in forming a coalition from smaller parties which are enjoying a surge in support especially in sparsely populated rural areas like the one little . lisa lewis is in the spanish capital of madrid to covering a some of the election or rallies or get to see only so this is a lousy of campaigning before sunday's vote who is leading.
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well the socialist here's a oh he party's in the lead with about twenty nine percent according to the latest poll but that poll is from last from this monday monday this week and so the actually the vote could have shifted and run naked and moving is the far right brooks party which is holding its last meeting just behind me and analysts are speculating to what extent that party might actually get a large share of the vote indeed. as you're reporting we're showing live pictures or at least we were showing live pictures of that rally taking place behind you we are still showing live pictures i'm told a coalition will probably have to be formed just a little bit more about this new kid on the block the far right vox already by the resonating with voters. absolutely the people i've been
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talking to here have been telling you know finally out here is saying well we really think these nationalist nationalist ideas are really healing to them i talked to some twenty year olds who said you know i'm against abortion i think there are too many women now ready having lots of rights and men should be protected in this country and finally the party is defending spain they also feel quite close to other nationalist party across europe they are there they mention for example the a.s.d. the far right party in germany they were saying you know we're also against the european union because we want to be a strong spain and that also i mean the message by the far right rox party is an anti immigrant nationals platform really that's also also having an impact on what other parties are saying so the p.p.p. this is the conservative party and also the modern liberal see that analyst has really shifted to the right in this campaign and the p.s.a. results reacting to the messages that are being broadcast by. all right so
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a very destructive factor there that will have a huge impact on the spanish political landscape did of your sister who's reporting from madrid thank you. intra lanka meanwhile the military says soldiers have exchanged gunfire with suspects as they attempted to raid a building in the east of the country while the raid was part of the investigation into the easter sunday suicide bomb attacks on churches and hotels there was heightened security and subdued attendance at mosques for friday prayers the authorities have warned that there could be more attacks officials say the suspected leader of the attacks died in one of the hotel bombings the police are still looking for about one hundred forty people believed to have links with the so-called islamic state with the country on edge after the attacks there are fears that a wider backlash could emerge against anyone seen as not good including refugees
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student news met with some of those who are feeling threatened. natasha fled to sri lanka from pakistan four years ago. she left her home country with three young children and her husband because they were persecuted for being christian. her husband bears burn marks to prove it. but in a gamble where she ended up she could practice her feet freely last sunday she applied hair on her hands and feet to get ready for easter then the blasts hit. mobs descended on her neighborhood of pakistani refugees attacking homes and threatening reprisals even going on her you have all or your landlord told us not to return don't even return to your not safe here save yourselves and leave we can't offer you any protection but we're also a christian we're also grief stricken because our brothers and sisters were killed
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in this blast but we can't do anything mother in her lab where now natasha and over one hundred other refugees are hiding out in the parking garage of this police station women men children christians and muslims of dance and box. the all male one similarity they are not long can. give out to him as a little one you cannot imagine how they behaved after the blasts sixty scores of people came into my house and attacked us. our landlady said i cannot protect you it will be better if you leave. according to refugee rights activists all over twelve hundred people have been displaced from their homes and the attacks . they have taken shelter in mosques and police stations refugees in the course to the city of nic gamble include minority and him of the muslims and christians fleeing persecution in pakistan and of guns fleeing insecurity in their own country
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now however they are all being threatened and displeased because locals view all foreigners with suspicion activists have begged georgia's armed civilians for help but to norway that already life as a fugitive trade lunker is extremely challenging they cannot work so they undergo a lot of depression to do good disguise the children and. many of. the school you know and people cannot work build it and to build professional people jobs and . working you know going on the. precious buy latasha mrs pakistan she's also grateful for her life in tree lanka but for now home is this parking garage. and she doesn't know when that will end. the mexican municipality of guadalupe near monterey has unveiled the recaps from
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a rare white bengal tiger the two males and one female were born on a month ago with toy takers are a genetic genetic a variation of the better known orange bengal tigers only five thousand tigers live in the wilds out from one hundred thousand at the start of the twentieth century coaching deforestation over hunting of the big cats natural prey of in fact their numbers at least these three movie cats say. are in our mind and off the top story that we're tracking for you this hour. another cyclone has hit mozambique's a clone kind of struck with powerful winds and storm surges of up to five meters on this just six weeks after site clone each day brought death and devastation to the country. coming up in business news africa many african migrants looking for work in the middle east to get trapped into a system of bonded labor
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a practice that borders on slavery amnesty international has launched a campaign in lebanon to end. that story coming right out. what secrets lie behind these me. find a human curse of experience and explore fascinating and cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage three sixty the good the. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with people in a room in.


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