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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin mozambique bears the brunt of another giant psych loans tropical storm kenneth unleashes high winds and torrential rains on the country destroying homes and pushing thousands of people and just six weeks after cycle he dies purged and devastated the nation. also coming up for a zilzal indigenous people protest what they call a government assault on their rights and territories their demonstrations takes on the new version see the far right president try your boss on our own in all this.
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i'm called aspen thanks for joining us we begin with mozambique the southeast african nation is bearing the brunt of another intense tropical cyclone this one is called kenneth and first made landfall on the camorra of silence before hitting the mainland mozambique is still reeling from the aftermath of psycho need die last month and it's the first time in recorded history that two cycles of struck mozambique in one season the storm has caused at least three deaths so far and the threat of flooding and mudslides is expected to last another twenty four hours. holidaymaker dares to confront nature at its most extreme. a resort in northern mozambique as the eye of the. cyclon passes through canada barreling
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into a country still reeling from a deadly storm just weeks ago. he waged war on the commerce islands remnants of a night of for russia's winds and pounding rain drivers and cyclists navigate the leftovers. several are dead here but authorities say the field picture is yet to a marriage. it is difficult to get access because many trees fell many electrical and telephone poles fell so for the moment we are clearing the roads so we can make an initial assessment. as kenneth cut its path of destruction residents found refuge in a marriage and shelters like this one stayed and a place to sleep but no rest bite from the reality of what awaits them at home. they think of course it's
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a huge disaster that we not used to seeing you and i thank god to escape the worst but we really need help no one i was unable to serve. their problem was that there was a strong wind that demolished the houses but of rescuers found us shelters while we slept low nobody was injured and we didn't suffer thank god. for now many here grateful to be counting the cost in terms of chaos rather than casualties. police in eastern sri lanka have conducted sweeping raids connected to the easter sunday bombings that killed over two hundred fifty people authorities seized bomb making equipment and other explosives during the operation in one raid soldiers exchanged gunfire with no security forces were injured authorities are warning that militants remain on the loose and the public should be cautious. these
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drones may look fairly harmless but they were probably intended to be used for deadly effect authorities discovered them in a raid at one property some three hundred twenty five kilometers east of the capital colombo. forces also found a stock of explosives raw materials used for building bombs and a suicide vest along with clothing and flags linked to the so-called islamic state group. the raids came after another unusually quiet day in colombo the fear of further attacks largely keeping people off the streets. to empty or and orders them to do empty desert rather than there are no government knows curfew in the night or early morn. for it's not good. if it only happened on one day that wouldn't have been so difficult but bombs are going off here every day that's why there's an atmosphere of fear. because. the country's intelligence services urged
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muslims to stay at home for friday prayers warning of possible retaliatory attacks those who did venture out to mosques were met with tight security measures all catholic masses were canceled as the community grapples with a sense of betrayal and in. doing anything any came leg of the war fighters or later on in the news that came out it really does relieve some information had been given by secret service you know anybody who finally relate to those people who they. really see the lapse on the part of the security agencies that they've been there that the. security forces have stepped up their search for islamists more than one hundred forty people with suspected i as links are reportedly still at large the president is vowing to track them down. my office
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is and i speak to tragedy that we have the capability to crush these radical groups completely and we will act but promises alone are unlikely to reassure sri lankans shaken by this national tragedy. to stay now in the preparations for the country's third general election in just four years a minister pedro sanchez is leading the polls but neither his socialists or the conservative people are are expected to get an outright majority in this weekend's vote they will need help in forming a coalition from smaller parties who are enjoying a surge also or. let's have now it's. she is in madrid for us where the final day of campaigning is taking place in spain lisa what are the parties getting up to where you are now the last day to campaign. well there are several parties holding their last rally here in the capital we just came back from a meeting from far right party vox thousands of people there and all the different
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parties here or in all in valencia actually holding their last rallies trying to convince as many voters as possible because up until now according to polls forty percent of the spaniards still haven't made up their mind. and we're seeing pictures from that box rally this is the party that's kind of the new kid on the block the far right box how is it resonating with voters in spain. yes the party was founded five years ago by former people's party's leaders and the people i talked to at this very meeting actually told me how liberated they felt they said you know finally a party is saying something that i really think i feel represented by this nationalist message they said i'm against abortion i think spain should be a grand a wonderful country and and be really proud of its its its heritage and they feel
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quite close to other far right parties across europe such as the a.f.p. in germany there's also an anti european message in that they think that spain should be a strong country and not depend on the e.u. now that that message has actually i mean the whole the whole nationalistic matter that nationalist message has had a large impact on the compay in here the left reacting to it and saying you know we need to protect ourselves we don't want the far right in our parliament and the right wing parties so the people's party and the sudan is party which is the market liberal party they were also reacting to it by shifting further to the right to actually grab some of. lisa lewis reporting there from the spanish capital literate now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of algerian protesters have turned out in the capital and other cities for the temp
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week in a row three pressure forced longtime ruler of dell is easy to think that to step down earlier this month now demonstrators want his allies who are heading the transitional government to go as well they fear elections scheduled for july fourth to bring. world leaders are gathered in beijing to discuss china's belt and road initiative it's a massive global infrastructure project involving more than one hundred nations president xi jinping is hoping to sooth fears about the costs of construction of reinventing the ancient silk road the critics warn of the possibility of a debt trap and increasing chinese dominance. movie reviewer u.s. president donald trump has vowed to withdraw from an international arms trade treaty that was approved by his predecessor iraq obama trump told members of the pro-gun troop the national rifle association that he would be informing the united nations of moves for the agreement to regulate the trade in conventional very soon
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very formal notice thousands of indigenous brazilians have rallied in the capital against what they say is a government assault on their rights and on their territories they say ministerial changes implemented by far right presidential airballs and oro are harming indigenous communities native leaders representing more than three hundred ethnicities across brazil are attending the march it's part of a three day any will vent known as the free land encampment. heard the marches were nothing if not musical and colorful so they had come to brazil there with a serious purpose to protest against what they see as encroachments on the president . inside of the congress who voiced toolmakers the fear that the president's policies would. the expansion of mining and industrial farming businesses and protecting their owners. well the agricultural business will kill us
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because what they're planting puts lots of poison into the land would've been done in this rainy season the water from the plantations runs into the rivers and springs and pollutes our fish and we eat the fish will middlebrooks. both scenarios not trying to undo himself to indigenous people during his election campaign he vowed to integrate them in part with new roads and rowing lines through the amazon and clearing more areas for agriculture many indigenous people clearly do not want scenarios tied to integration the president has shown no sign of relenting in his push for pro-business reforms but it might just be that the country's indigenous people are wrong as compared to caged animals will bite was. protesters in sudan have vowed to escalate their efforts if the country's military council insists on maintaining sovereign power until elections are held demonstrators in the capital khartoum kept up their protest the day after the
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so-called million strong march for civilian rule they've been massing outside army headquarters ever since the ousting of president omar al bashir just over two weeks ago. all right to nigeria now and the challenges confronting youth in the slums of lagos faced with crushing poverty many children fear there may be no way to improve their lives one man though is set out to change that mindset and he's using the game of chess that teach children the value of creative thinking to overcome life's obstacles. how. carefully calculates every move she makes the nine year old is the champion play at this chess club. doesn't just need the first letter was just an obviously smart well do i your only learn to play eight months ago now she's
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preparing to represent africa at a regional tournament but what's in there or not korea is how coach he's also found this club chess in slums he coaches children left who come from on that privileged communities like this communities that offer luck quality education and even basic amenities robertson is goal is to use the principles of test to see each of the children that in spite of their circumstances they can still make it in that it was for them to be in this community to face a lot of challenges so he's got to address them in them that if he can live this game of chess or you can become a champion at it you can also become the champion of your life chess is a game of strategy requiring critical thinking and concentration even adults can struggle to plait let alone children children in some communities are actually
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very intelligent very intelligent enough to master the game of chess despite all its complexities. i'm not korea also grew up in a slum neighborhood he says plain chess from a young age give him a new perspective on life now he's determined to do the same for other children. are dwyer is at her first regional tournaments and her coach is there to cheer her or. she will be faced. seems he's from more privileged background but she says he's confident of how he treats you think you are going through we did come to the show . out of six rounds or do i always fall and comes in second place coach or no quiesced says the men's leg this can really boost the children's confidence now he hopes to take higher and off i kid on to see
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shows. well coming up next on business germany's byron buying us agra tech company monsanto would help it would help make it a global champion instead it's been saddled with lawsuits over monsanto's service i found shareholders are now forcing their frustrations that's next. take personally. with the wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all true fans oh my. god more than. on line. it's all happening. during linked.


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