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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2019 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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holes and sixteen assists in the bundesliga this season he made his england debut late last year and is frequently linked to the biggest clubs in the world. things look bright for sonke show but his immediate future is focused on repeating history again shaka. you're watching news live from berlin we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour but up next is world stories a deep dive on the week's. things watching. people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions. iran a journey through land full of contradictions. joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts full of
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everyday life. and help people cope with. iran bittersweet. starts may second g.w. . this week on world stories. a former nigerian boko haram victim attends university. hungary and journalist in german exile. but first we take a look at northern ireland where an ex ira fighter is on duty as a social worker promoting peaceful coexistence in his neighborhood.
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john donnelly is a former fighter from derry and his home is a small collection of treasures from the decades of wolf known as the troubled. young lad the british soldier spelt back contains photos from a secret list of wanted a members. present of michelle for technically army. this guy usually do. i hear him for what. it was a farmer. and i think it was martin mcguinness was to form a provisional ira leader but later sinn fein's chief negotiator for the good friday agreement twenty one years. over three decades he and the ira for british rule in northern ireland john donnelly was the leading political force in derry northern ireland's second largest city he was instrumental in curses aiding ira operatives to lay down their. twenty one years on the conflict seems to have been settled but
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for many this is merely a superficial arrangement. junk donnelly says poorer areas of dairy are still waiting for the peace dividend to kick in. says a peace agreement ok tell nobody there's been no tangible. shuffler people can put their finger on and say look. that's that was that's what happened a little faded. a b. and c. . in the rosamond community center the former i.e. fighter is a social worker helping those who are off. to punish so-called anti-social behavior radical elements impose which will instruct us in the poorer areas of terror this is a holdover from earlier times when the ira police neighborhood's
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a tradition that radical irish republicans are carrying on today. a mother and her son visit the community center they want to remain anonymous the boys accused of stealing a car has threatened punishment is to be shot in the leg you know we're trying donnelly is trying to mediate. i talk to people here should the threat. under cause. because we need it. we are girly you write a letter a letter of apology will hopefully avert the looming threat. it's a typical day at the rosemont community center an indication that for some people in northern ireland peace has returned. even twenty one years after the good friday agreement. reporters without borders warns press freedom is under threat in hungary. that means many
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hunt gary and journalists are forced to go into exile. barely nine hundred kilometers separate berlin in budapest but for a journalist or a dish areas of work the two cities are worlds apart since viktor orban became prime minister nine years ago hungary's media landscape has changed radically. had heard that when i was a child i always heard that hungry was one of the most liberal countries in what was the eastern bloc and i grew up with this idea that is depressing but specifically this democracy in hungary is slowly being deconstructed and that press freedom is being restricted. during the experience first hand how new regulations turn the broadcaster where she worked into state controlled media critical colleagues were fired she herself quit and went to germany in twenty
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twelve. bagnall is from back home two hundred journalists including doris former colleague were recently laid off and here t.v. station once critical of the hungary and government he reports that the broadcaster was taken over by a media foundation headed by a manager loyal to the government. as it can a lengthy perspective as there are no long term opportunities for quality journalism in hungary. dora works at a nonprofit organization in berlin with its own news portal and last is an agency that produces content focused on eastern europe she says you can find critical reports written in hungary and about corruption for example but they are mainly online yes get here propaganda you know there's a lot of propaganda in hungary the same militaristic choice of words the same formulations the same phrases that government speakers use.
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journalists who do not cooperate are denounced as traitors according to reporters without borders animosity towards the media leads to violence dora fears that this could also happen in hungary. five years ago the boko haram terror group abducted more than two hundred girls in northeastern nigeria today cap of them are free and in rolled it university but not all parents approve. a muslim is in high spirits and he can laugh again something he wasn't able to do for a long time we first met a most five years ago just a few months after the terror group boko haram abducted his daughter from her school in chibok up to that but i was totally devastated then i couldn't eat for three days and i cried and cried. like i thought i'd failed as
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a father. but yes like most important duty as a father is to protect my daughter and i failed to do that. when we can make. two and a half years ago his daughter comfort was suddenly freed after the government's negotiations with boko haram. her family is spinal a recovering but a farmer is still not entirely at ease he lives in your book and his daughter received a government scholarship to study at a university that a whole day's journey away. i'm proud of her and happy that she can study again but that's one problem no one is telling us exactly what the girls are doing. more than one hundred freed girls from chip book housed at the american university in your to attend
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a kind of prep course reginald bragg's the school director shows us around for the girls' protection filming is allowed only during the school break he says the trauma has left its mark the clock stopped you know. so we're very sensitive to. just feeling depressed. you know. you know. never you know. it's been impacting you know just. bragg's says the girls need peace and quiet and time to concentrate on their studies. says he says only a few parents have been as critical as well as most of the people you know are supportive but you always have people who are not you know where you. need to be
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out here on a far we need to get married you need to do this so don't listen to those naysayers because in the. process they. should agree there is a lot she did. called his daughter comfort at least twice a week that's his only contact with her he says she'd like to come back to chibok after her studies and work as adults so on and serve her community her father can hardly wait. thomas jefferson first came to shanghai as a student then he married today his funny online videos of being a foreigner in china and having chinese in los had made him an internet sensation. when thomas docks also known as often stroh's through the streets of shanghai he
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rarely goes unnoticed. there are now. thomas is a celebrity on the chinese internet seven million people follow him on social media where he posts clips about his life as a foreigner in china. says it's time now there shanghai accent is great you're a real shanghainese. do it right. thomas came to shanghai as a student in two thousand and twelve he fell in love and stayed in his videos he talks in fluent chinese about a broad range of topics. like traffic. but it all started with a sketch about his sign on german mariage. you know what. i do you hide from your. body. why would you pay for the car
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you. thomas and his wife julie write and produce the clips together and they can make a living from them it all started when they came across a video by a chinese internet celebrity. sketch that she recorded a sketch about coming hung for chinese new year that's when people are us the same questions over and over again when you're getting married how much do you know when you're going to buy a car when you're going to buy a flat julie then said to me you should film a clip about marrying into a chinese family as a foreigner. when i told my parents i'm dating a foreigner my father chris glass down we were having lunch and he said what did
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you say i said a foreigner. he shouted are you crazy what's wrong with you all these foreigners or playboy. that. it's true i didn't like him at the start he's fat he said he was poor and the student base don't talk about that it's embarrassing. they continued to joke about what has now turned into a wonderful friendship for his part thomas says he's lucky to have found the chinese family who share his sense of humor one sketch at a time. transforming
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a world heritage site into an art museum germany's falling in iron works is hosting the urban art be a nod. it features custom made artworks that reflect the sunken best real legacy of. the world. just lovely. a special edition for me down we are going to be discussing a very far the topic gender parity on lock there all the time seeing it in its head the truth i'm human being patrick to choose ok but if it comes to quickly i think some people may have to adapt into these much changes do you think uganda who ever be egalitarian the seventy seven percent sixty minutes.
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what secrets lie behind these more. to find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating blood cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage for sixty kids the. shadows shakespeare might ask is there any method in this madness find out later on in the show i ever want to welcome to another fun edition of your own x. with me your host meghan lee it's good to be with you as usual we've got lots of.


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