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write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably more time to come to. the clinics or the sorts of people thirty s. on t w. this is the news live from berlin a shootout in sri lanka leaves more than a dozen people dead authorities raid the home of a suspected terrorist linked to the easter bombings seizing explosives i-s. uniforms and flags we'll hear from our correspondent in the sri lankan capital also coming up yuri returns to the streets of france yellow vests protesters turnout
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across the country for the twenty fourth consecutive saturday after president's budget reforms fail don't fret. i'm calling aspen thanks for joining us at least fifteen people including six children are dead after sri lankan police raided a suspected islamist hideout the country's been scrambling to crackdown on extremist militants since the bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people on easter sunday she long as president has promised to search every household until all those with suspected links to the attacks are found. another bomb blast in sri lanka this time the victims suspected militants blew themselves up a special forces closed down on their safe house residents say this densely populated neighborhood was the scene of a. one tense gun battle left several days
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a young girl and the woman who were poodle live from the rubble. they could probably be their family members a mother and daughter they were sent to the nearest hospital. actually they had already gained consciousness as the army medical team had given them attention immediately. as investigators try to piece together what's happened here and the links to last week's attacks police carried out door to door searches in the area authorities in sri lanka are under pressure to deal swiftly with islamic extremism . this won't stop so we won't stop either we are the army we are the type of people who protect the country we have the ability we will definitely in good time completely remove these groups from the northern province we're sure of this i say this with personal responsibility. yesterday
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a series of raids turned up bomb making material and a militant hideout one hundred thousand metal balls gelug nightsticks unfair to lies are among the stash it comes as the clean up operation at the site of one of last weekend's bombings begins one hundred people were killed here it's an anthony shrine in colombo but still no sense that peace is on the way. let's head now to sri lanka joining me on the line from the capital colombo is journalist jimmy linux machine jamie what do we know first off about those people that are being targeted by these recent police raids. wherever seems the sunday is explosions the police seem to be on the best part of town for anyone we link to the national how he chmagh swiveling seem to sunday's explosion yes a difference in microphone decision as said they now have information that they have on two hundred forty people earning the country suspects just to have links to the slam experience and several hundred being arrested up to now so want to get
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they that the police are still looking for the speaker and anyone we connect up to be in teaching so far one hundred nine police custody and expecting more arrests in the coming days now the threat of attacks there is still high i mean this most recent attack this incident killed innocent bystanders six children were killed how was this unsettled situation there affecting the sri lankan people. rush around guns are crying that grieving and everything is here every day since sunday is explosions and we've been having to up to go i checked in all the houses in the forces have come in and they have been registering their rations and grieving in da area we have been told to remaining goes and just go out on the most necessary the people i screen the staff at the moment because they do not know what to expect next is the government doing enough to restore public confidence or.
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well right now the government is desperately trying to maintain calming the country by assuring that purity forces would have the situation under control in the coming days and by the force of adding that they are longer growing and angle on the parties including the government so why did not the prior warning so far we have only seen the defense secretary of the country resigning and in spite of requests by good presidents of the party have resigned as their knees yes according to his resignation they want one point growing calls from the opposition party is that one thing that many people are now supporting dave so are they flock markets are wanting and collecting government at the moment right jamila knowledge routine in colombo for us thank you very much thank you now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a summit on china's massive global infrastructure project the belt and road initiative as wrapped up in beijing leaders from nearly forty countries attended
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president xi jinping pledged that projects would be financially sustainable and environmentally friendly but critics say the initiative increases chinese influence around the world and saddles poor nations with unmanageable debts. the seconds giant storm in just six weeks is plowed into mozambique cycling kenneth made landfall late thursday and authorities say its aftermath could bring to weiss as much rain as i can die did last month disaster agencies say seven hundred thousand people could be at rest at least five people have died now since the storm struck. final preparations are underway in spain for an election that could further inflame the country's political divisions prime minister pedro sanchez was forced to call the vote early after his government's draft budget failed to win the backing of parliament in a poll is spain's third election in four years. south korea is
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marking the anniversary of a landmark summit between president in and the north korean leader kim jong hoon the two leaders met one year ago in the demilitarized zone dividing the peninsula they signed a peace declaration there raising hopes of a diplomatic thaw today south koreans gathered along the border for a peace ceremony but north korea was absent from the celebrations. the demilitarized zone often described as the most fortified border in the world turned peaceful by the south korean people five hundred thousand people from all over the country have come to the mind strip of land that separates north and south korea i'm here to to add my heart and my aspiration for united korea because with the longest time for seventy years it was one with no active for five thousand years was one race one language one land people. with artistic performances and singing their expressing their wish for peace and
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eventual reunification spending the entire five hundred kilometers between the west and east coast people form a human chain cheering for peace and unification one year ago south korean president met for the first time with north korean head of state can join in at the demilitarized zone they signed a highly symbolic declaration promising peace and denuclearization lately however the north korean regime has been ignoring any communication attempts by the south meetings at the liaison office as established in the declaration has been skipped for two months best know place that symbolizes the tragic separation of the korean peninsula like the demilitarized zone over half a million people have gathered to demand an end to this conflict that spans for over seventy years now into korean relations however looked bleak at the moment north korea shows the south it's called pyongyang didn't even respond to an invitation by seoul to commemorate the one year anniversary of the first summit
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between moon and kim. we sized koreans were hopeful about holding a savant with north korea. and i think they have their own political reasons for not attending. yeah it is disappointing and i hope we can hold this event together in the future. had to have to switch to kissing it regardless of political orientation the people are tired of a war that has never officially ended. the organizers of democracy protests in sudan say they've met with the ruling military council for negotiations on forming a transitional government talks after thousands of protesters again turned out in the capital khartoum calling on the military to hand over power demonstrators have been massing outside army headquarters or weeks even after the ousting of president omar al bashir on april eleventh. yellow best protesters are marching in cities
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across france today for what is now the twenty fourth saturday in a row the demonstrations come just days after france's president emanuel much pledged a series of reforms into using be months of unrest among those measures a new round of tax cuts worth five billion euros but many protesters say it's too little too late or testament windell from their high point in november with numbers now in the tens of thousands. and the w.'s barbara base will joins us now from paris a barber we were expecting large crowds today in france of course the first saturday after mccrone speech what's the turnout looking like. the turnout seems to really be relatively minimal the police says now there's only about two and a half thousand yellow vests that turn up today now we are on the shans it easy you can see you have a police presence here in the back of us and this was the place where they were
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really fabulous last weekend between the police and yellow vests but now the forces of order has have really said enough that they have completely closed off the luxury wrote that tourists have come back people who are controlled but then they can sort of walk up and down and it seems life has returned to normal and there were some marches across paris. relatively small numbers of people and it all went through all the peaceful so this is not the big push back that the yellow vests had announced after mccraw. had announced his measures after mccrone speech on thursday evening now these measures that you just mentioned that they were anticipated for a while now to have a sense now that he's announced them how they're being received by these protesters and also by the country at large. by the protesters they receive badly because nothing whatever mccraw could do is enough for them we have to remember that this was a movement that started was protests against an increase in fuel tax and that then
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sort of developed into this huge social movement going across france for months and it now seems to be really drawing down and there is a hard core of core is a hard core that remains from the very hard left to the very hard right that still tries to sort of head and fight the system and now this goes against the french state in itself this is against the president himself toppan the krunk that's one of their slogans and it has sort of be become something that is a critique against the whole french system against the whole political system in france so it has really gone away from what it was a social movement and the majority of the french are no in the way that even they're not very happy about my crowing they would still say ok let's wait and see whether lowering taxes and increasing pensions for instance is going to change
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a bitch our lifestyle it's going to give us more buying power that's what these protests really were about initially barbara faisal in paris thank you. it was a shocking result in the bundesliga dortmund's title hopes suffering a crushing blow as they lost at home to struggling rivals. the visitors came away with a four two win after what was a bowler coaster of a match it was largely decided within five crucial second half minutes when daniel kelly gouri scored shock as third goal and then to dortmund players were sent off on friday night's labor couzin helped its chances of qualifying for the champions league with an impressive away win against work from falling behind early on date so controlled with kevin poland getting the equaliser there his team mate for its then gave laver cruzan the lead they needed just after half time with this looping
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shot honestly done in the end laver close and made it look easy winning by a score of four. all right let's take a look now at all the results so far from this weekend's of us league action leipzig securing their champions league qualification for the two one win over freiburg frankfurt's hopes though of a top four finish took a blow after a one one draw with howto braman last for one on the road to do sold off and last place hanover beat mights in saturday's late game will see stuttgart hosting gladbach and on sunday off and face both burke while iron will travel to nuremberg for save his driver valtteri boat has taken pole position at sunday's azerbaijan grand prix after setting the fastest lap in qualifying in the capital baku it was a good day all around from his eighties there are other driver you've heard of him lewis hamilton will line up alongside both toss at the front of the grid the reigning world champion has won the last two races his main title rival sebastian
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vettel of ferrari will start in third. you're watching news up next a former ira fighter working to heal the scars from decades of violence in northern ireland stay tuned for that i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour right here on the. people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions.
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iran a journey through a land full of contradictions the for joy and sadness. confidence.


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