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subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this is deja vu news live from berlin an anti terror raid in sri lanka at least over a dozen dead including children a shootout erupts at the home of an alleged terrorist linked to easter sunday so deadly bombings as authorities seize explosives islamic state uniforms and flags we'll hear from our correspondent in the sri lankan capital also coming up. a rare
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outpost of support for embattled but as well on president nicolas maduro dr has staged a sit in at the country's embassy in washington d.c. to keep out diplomats for opposition leader one point zero. plus signs of progress for protesters in sudan demand demanding a return to civilian rule they say that help productive talks with the country's ruling military council protesters in the capital khartoum have been telling us just what's at stake. i'm exposed or thanks for joining us. at least fifteen people including six children are dead after sri lankan police raided a suspected islamist hideout the country's been scrambling to crack down on extremist militants including the so-called islamic state after bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people on easter sunday. as president has
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promised to search every household until all those with suspected links to the attacks are. another bomb blast in true lanka this time the victims suspected militants blew themselves up as special forces closed in on a safe house residents say this densely populated neighborhood was the scene of an intense gun battle that left several dead a young girl and a woman were pulled alive from the rubble. and they could probably be their family members a mother and daughter they were sent to the nearest hospital. actually they had already gained consciousness as the army medical team and given them attention immediately. once investigators trying to piece together what happened here and the links to last week's attacks police carried out door to door searches in the area authorities interline cura under pressure to deal swiftly with islamic extremism.
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this won't stop so we won't stop either we are the army we are the type of people who protect the country we have the ability we will definitely in good time completely remove these groups from the northern province we're sure of this i say this with personal responsibility. a series of raids on friday turned up bomb making material and a militant hideout one hundred thousand middle bowl's just like night sticks and fertilizer among the stash. it comes as the clean up operation of the signs of one of last weekend's bombings begins one hundred people were killed here after a series of police failures now sri lanka is trying to repair the damage. earlier we spoke to journalist jimi let nudge mu dean and asked her about those police raids and those being targeted. i think the fund is explosive and the police
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seem to be on the best punch for anyone really to the national mall he can lock us in the end and your gun i guess is different than i would bother to get that to not have information that there was on hundred and forty people in the concrete suspect up to having that he said i mean they. had been arrested that they want to get they that the police are still looking for these people and and move on we connect that to the n.p.t. so far one hundred twenty the end expecting more arrests in the coming days journalist jimi reporting from colombo and now to some of the other stories making news around the world a summit on china's massive global infrastructure project belt and road initiative has wrapped up in beijing leaders from nearly forty countries attended chinese president xi jinping pledged that projects would be financially sustainable and environmentally friendly but critics say the initiative increases chinese influence
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around the world and saddles poor nations with unmanageable debts. the final preparations are under way in spain for an election that could further inflame the country's political divisions. prime minister pedro sanchez was forced to call the vote early after his government's draft budget failed to win the backing of part of it descended all is spain's third election in four years as if i got. thousands of people are gathering in the venezuelan capital caracas for a rally in support of opposition leader and self appointed interim president one fido is currently pushing for a massive march on may the first against president nicholas and the duros government rally in support of the euro is planned for later today. we continue the story in washington d.c. now where the venezuelan embassy just like the country's presidency is facing an uncertain future left wing activists supporting nicolas maduro have been occupying the building they're trying to stop diplomats who support from taking it over u.s.
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recognizes quite a as venezuela's leader but the activists say that the u.s. government is helping engineer a coup de humphrey has more. venezuela's power struggle is playing out here the country's u.s. embassy in washington d.c. for two weeks now american supporters of venezuela's embattled nicolas maduro have occupied the building day and night they want to stop representatives an opposition leader and self declared interim president why don't from setting up shop in the leftist group calls itself the embassy protection collective is only one of its leaders shows us insight margaret the flowers doesn't play in venezuela is needed for the country's economic and humanitarian crisis so much as her own you're right if the united states actually cared about the economic situation in venezuela we would stop the economic coercive measures that were using you know the preventing them from having access to their gold in the bank of london or being able to use
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petro dollars you know we would stop you know we would let them have the assets that they have here in the united states of the united states is holding onto we would stop pressuring other countries who try to you know provide. to them it's the other activists say they're concerned about the prospect of u.s. military intervention americans have a special duty to the people around the world to stand up and oppose that kind of aggression which is carried out in our name but without our approval. they accuse the us of being part of what they see as an overthrow of power. i know so much about the various coups in which the united states has either been complicit or the instigator and i think this is a rare opportunity we have to interfere i have time. but time is running out for the activists if the u.s. government says the protest is breaking the law and we'll have to leave. certain
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where either people are off to workers embassies like the one behind me and now becoming flashpoints in an international tug of war between two men who both claim to be president of one country. nearly sixty nations have joined the trumpet ministration in backing one guy doing at this embassy in washington remains a rare outpost of support from. the organizers of democracy protests in sudan say they've held productive talks with the country's ruling military council on forming a transitional government the talks come after thousands of protesters again turned out in the capital khartoum calling on the military to hand over power demonstrators have been massing outside army headquarters for three weeks even after the ousting of president omar al bashir on april the eleventh. bill karim went to khartoum and talked to protesters there. everyone i talk to in sudan is
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thinking about one question should power be in the hands of a civilian council or a military council i will ask what do you want a civilian government of course why because nothing's changed since we ousted al bashir and got a military government one soldier was replaced by another one where's the difference it's the same situation we've had before we got rid of a dictator and got another dictator so i want to civilian government together with a minute because the military provides protection if there's no military with the civilian government it's not complete then there's going to. have people cherish their freedom a military government leans towards full so that's why i'm hoping for a civilian government. when they come with any. of the new we should have civilian rule we should have freedom the change should favor civilian society but then he under military rule there's no freedom and no god knows it should be
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civilian. so. we've had military rule for thirty years and every time they say two years two years and it goes on and on like that look at egypt general el-sisi said two years of military rule and he's still in power. if we're ruled by the military it'll be the same system it's going to. have used just far abdul karim talking there so residents and car two thousand car is marking the anniversary of a landmark summit between president and the north korean leader kim jong il the two leaders met one year ago in the demilitarized zone dividing the peninsula and signed a peace declaration. today half a million south koreans gathered along the border to push for peace and eventually a unified korea representatives from the north did not attend. the demilitarized zone often described as the most fortified border in the world turn
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peaceful by the south korean people five hundred thousand people from all over the country have come to the mind strip of land that separates north and south korea i'm here to to add my heart and my aspiration for united korea because for the longest time for seventy years it was one with no active for five thousand years was one race one language one one people. with artistic performances and singing they are expressing their wish for peace and eventually reunification. spending the entire five hundred kilometers between the west and east coast people form a human chain cheering for peace and unification one year ago south korean president met for the first time with north korean head of state can join in at the demilitarized zone they signed the highly symbolic declaration promising peace in denuclearization lately however the north korean regime has been ignoring any
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communication attempts by the south meetings at the liaison office as established in the declaration has been skipped for two months best know place that symbolizes the tragic separation of the korean peninsula like the demilitarized zone over half a million people have gathered to demand an end to this conflict that spans for over seventy years now into korean relations however looked bleak at the moment north korea shows the south its cold shoulder pyongyang didn't even respond to an invitation by seoul to commemorate the one year anniversary of the first summit between moon and kim. we sized koreans were hopeful about holding this event with north korea. and i think they have their own political reasons for not attending. yeah it is disappointing and i hope we can hold this event together in the future. talent in the cool gains that have decently to kissing it regardless of political
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orientation the people are tired of war that has never officially ended. a shocking result in the bundesliga now dortmund's title hopes have suffered a crushing blow as they lost at home to struggling rivals shall cause the visitors came away with a four two win after a rollercoaster of a game the match which was largely decided within five crucial second half minutes when daniel caligiuri scored shock as third goal and to dortmund players were sent off. on friday night leverkusen helped its chances of qualifying for the champions league with an impressive away when against out spark after falling behind early on that they took control with kevin fall and gilly getting the equaliser is a teammate chi halfords then gave laver cruzan to lead with just just just a half time pardon me it is looping shot in the end laver cues made it look easy winning by a four one swore line let's take
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a look at after the goal area are the results so far from the weekend's bonus league action life secured champions league qualification with a two one win over freiburg frankfurt's hopes of a top four finish took a blow after an illness draw with her time frame and lost four one on the road to bissell dorf last place one of her mind and stuttgart securitas crucial one nil win over minchin blood bath and on sunday off and on face wolfsburg while byron travel to nuremberg. in tennis domenech team has pulled off an upset the barcelona open beating eleven time champion rafael nadal in the semifinal team took advantage of some uncharacteristic mistakes from the dow on his favorite surface to claim the match six or six for the defeat ends a run of three consecutive titles for the spaniard team will now face rushes to kneel to get it in sunday's final. where sadie's formula one driver valtteri
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bottas has taken pole position at sunday's azerbaijan grand prix after setting the fastest lap in qualifying in the capital back to fellow mercedes driver lewis hamilton while lined up alongside office in the front of the grid reigning world champion lewis hamilton has won the last basis. you're watching news up next the challenges confronting egypt's christian minority how they're shaping egyptian society despite widespread persecution we'll be back with more news at the top of the. school. to listen to. his grandparents arrives. julie ringing on her journey to freedom. you know we're the interactive documentary to ruby and already returns home on the w.
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