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take away your guns so you got of old full means so you made a very clear case they are and we're seeing once again a very divided country here politically and especially when it comes to the question of gun ownership but events like these also make a growing momentum for those who. the rights to own a gun here in the united states ok user over salad in washington thank you for that . to sri lanka now where at least fifteen people including six children are dead after security forces raided a suspected is less hideout in the eastern district of power the country's been scrambling to crack down on extremists including a so-called islamic state after the bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people on easter sunday sri lanka's president has promised to search every household until all those with suspected links to the attacks are found. another bomb blast and. this time the victims suspected militants blew themselves up as
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special forces closed in on a safe house residents say this densely populated neighborhood was the scene of an intense gun battle that left several dead young girl and woman were pulled alive from the rubble. that. they could probably be their family members a mother and daughter they were sent to the nearest hospital. actually they had already gained consciousness as the army medical team had given them attention immediately. investigators trying to piece together what happened here and the links to last week's attacks police carried out door to door searches in the area authorities in sri lanka are under pressure to deal swiftly with islamic extremism . this won't stop so we won't stop either we are the army we are the type of people who protect the country we have the ability we will definitely in good time completely remove these groups from the northern province we're sure of
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this i say this with personal responsibility. a series of raids on friday turned up bomb making material and a militant hideout one hundred thousand middle bowl's just like night sticks and fertilizer among the stash. it comes as the cleanup operation of the sons of one of last weekend's bombings begins one hundred people were killed here after a series of police failures now sri lanka is trying to repair the damage. and start now to some of the other stories making news around the world. rival rallies have been held in the event as well in capital caracas supporters of president nicolas maduro marched against stays in the region which have recognized his rival on why don't those interim president meanwhile held his own rally calling for another mass demonstration on may the first. mozambique's government is urging people in coastal regions to seek higher ground in the wake of cycling kenneth
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officials have warned of flooding and mudslides in the days ahead as heavy rains lashed the region like one kenneth made landfall late thursday doherty's say it could bring twice as much rain as the deadly cycle own i di did last month. just sit down now where the country's military rulers and opposition coalition have agreed in principle on the formation of a joint transitional council it comes as thousands of protesters continue to rally in the capital khartoum to demand the country's military rulers step down they've been massing outside army headquarters for three weeks keeping up pressure even after the ousting of president omar al bashir on april eleventh. correspondent melanie core of the ball is in the capital khartoum where she spoke to some of the demonstrators all over. the.
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bank when it didn't like in the streets of cotton nothing is still working and the greatest gift in the capital gets around it by trying for the. speed to send her a treat on the way from the stage is the actual fact he's been found and he did leave next not bring everyone. stimulation across the generations is the overwhelming sound you hear all over town nevertheless people here in sudan people insisting that fight isn't over just yet melissa a lot of the people's demands have not been met yet that's why we still come here come old wife and i'll get iris and i'm going to remain here until the regime actually falls. you know everybody here as united as the people give you a sense of comfort when you sitting here that there is no fear. these people will only be satisfied when the regime steps down completely and power was
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handed to a civilian transitional government. is an incredibly well organized and cheerful protest we are witnessing here but clementine is doing security checks revolutionary art being created on the streets and cleaning patrols taking care of the rubbish. you can tell these protesters are here to stay and make sure that their revolution isn't stolen from them. spanish voters are heading to the polls on sunday for national elections with the outcome looking far from certain. the country's socialist prime minister pedro sanchez who has only been in power since june is expected to win but may not garner enough support to form a government the upstart far right party called bosses predicted to do well of the vote threatening the socialist power this will be spain's third national election four years. there's still plenty of indecision on the streets of madrid polls show
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about four in ten spaniards don't know who to vote for for many it's no longer simply a choice between the two traditional parties the center left socialist workers party all the center right people's party. you know what i'm going to vote for the left wing party only just put their most because the traditional parties have deceived us too often they were involved in so many corruption scandals and have never delivered on their promises. and i think it's great that there are no alternatives i couldn't really identify with either of the major parties but there weren't any other real options. the far right vox party look set to win seats in the national parliament for the first time it's predicted to win at least ten percent of the vote with this populist anti immigrant and anti feminist message a sentiment that seems to resonate with many. i like how they defend spain and our civil liberties they want to cut taxes and put an end to
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the gender ideology that promotes the abortion and criminalizes mad a lot of. young people are sick of our traditional politicians doing the opposite of what they promised. forty years after the end of general franco's dictatorship spain finds itself with a resurgent far right just like many of its european neighbors. spain's traditional parties will no longer be able to form a government on their own so it's the small pot that will determine who will run this country in the coming four years. in football barcelona have secured the spanish league title for the twenty sixth time in the club's history after beating the batting when came thanks to star player who came off the bench to score his thirty fourth goal of the season and things could get even better for him and the club barcelona are also in with
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a chance of winning both the spanish cup and the champions league this year in formula one well terry bought us will take pole position at sunday's azerbaijan grand prix after setting the fastest laugh in qualifying in the capital back who bought us a mercedes team mate lewis hamilton will line up at the front of the grid thanks to some mishandling from their rivals the favorite to finish first in qualifying charles the cleric's hopes for pole position in the azerbaijan grand prix had a wall on saturday the monica collision into line up ninth to start the race putting his team ferrari at a disadvantage. to mercedes drivers captive was on the clerk's spill with both three put flying through to clinch pole position. while reigning world champion and current leader lewis hamilton slotted in behind his teammate to finish second the mercedes team certainly had their share of luck with a cleric's accident and they took full advantage with their own performance. has
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been so close so we can draw it looks incredibly quick and about he did an exceptional job in qualifying. it's just this is a massive message a great result for us no good now hamilton and booked us will need to dylan.


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