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while reigning world champion and current leader lewis hamilton slotted in behind his teammate to finish second the mercedes team certainly had their share of luck with a cleric's accident and they took full advantage with their own performance. has been so close so we can draw it looks incredibly quick and about he did an exceptional job in qualifying. it's just it's is a message with a message a great result for us no good now hamilton and booked us will need to deliver another strong performance in baku on sunday to make the hard work in qualifying count. in tennis dominic team has pulled off an upset at the barcelona open and beating eleven time champion rafael nadal in the semifinal team took advantage of some uncharacteristic mistakes from doll on his favorite surface to claim the match six four six the defeat ends a run of three consecutive titles spent team will now face russia as the new med get it in sunday's final. you're watching news stick around because
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after the break we have the best of the action from saturday's bundesliga games including the derby between dortmund and shelter local pride was at stake for both teams dortmund needed to win over their old rivals to keep their title challenge going. that's the bundesliga coming up with nick mechanic klein thanks for joining us. oh.
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sure linked from africa and the world join us on facebook d w africa. closely. to see carefully. don't look to soon. to do good. old fashioned. discover the. law. subscribe to documentary on to. cut. cut. there was six games all soft to say but only
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one really matters at all must say thirty one of them right here behind me a moustache considered the mother of all this thing is obvious goldman's against alca and it's always about more than just points. as you can see there is just so much since taking a guess is the fight of bragging rights the goldmans this is a heated discussion. about the tides the rest shelter meanwhile could use a hand in the battle against relegation. match day thirty one features the key players in the race for the european places frank but lives in town better braman an all in with the shops it's tight it's tense and it's coming down to the wire. welcome to the bonus they get here on d.w.i. mc mechanic line now it doesn't matter where double as are the table the road is always the biggest game on the calendar but this season there's a little extra spice shaka i have in the second worst campaign in the club's
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history and are dangerously close to relegation dortmund on the other hand are in the final round of a heavyweight fight for the title the last time dortmund did the double against shocker they won the league in twenty twelve as a pretty good omen and as another another win against shout that will put michael royce aside and pope position to win the championship. a few games in football evoke such passion is dortmund again shall care for both teams plenty at stake in this one will be at its opposite ends of the table shall cut down on their luck and true to form the title contenders struck first. erica second his head on the end of jaden sanchez dinkins in the box sanchez who has more assists than anyone this season but watch closely the englishman struck by a lighter thrown by shouts of fans don't mislead lasted just four minutes this controversially a judge to be handful daniel caligiuri levelling from the parents the sports
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eighteen minutes gone more shouted joy followed caligiuri scorn amazed by sally sammy who somehow managed to be poor to him and defend this to the pool despite dominating possession to him and went in at half time frustrated by shocker and those frustrations soon boiled over. mark or royce sharing a straight red for this foul on stewart said and i would go on to captain disappearing down the tunnel with him perhaps he signed streams at the time so. caligiuri crashed in the resulting free kick clearly relishes these games this was his third goal in his last four top the matches he's also called three assists in that time and if this was bad for dortmund because why. yes another reckless challenge. another red card five minutes after the last of marius both the man dismissed starts up in a carbon copy of his captain the nine men refused to cave in x.
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over it so that the far post pulled one back. but darby de belongs to shout by putting the gloss on the victory i saw two with four minutes to go i can tell from question with enough i was not a receiver design always a different game to a normal bonus the game it's like a cup match there's only a winner and a loser and it doesn't matter where you are in the table. so one of unity if we don't win our game says it's impossible to catch up with. an answer. before they shall because last win into him and was in two thousand and twelve the coach that say this man who stephens five years before that shouter were beaten by two men to end their title hopes history has a funny habit of coming back to home sheet i.
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was away in their fish out of their almost safe in the drop for the needle help from club y. well of glad when their match against it got it opens a nine point cushion between shocker and their relegation rivals and with just street games left of the season and nine points up for grabs it's looking pretty good so did the foles dished out a big big favor. an ecovillage took charge of his first game which took guts his job is simple make sure the team doesn't suffer also much like relegation they started the game on the back foot god had a glorious chance to take the lead in the fifth minute was but allison player was thwarted by ron roberts and this to go up i believe had made. five changes from the side that humiliated itself in a six nil defeats outs book and there was clearly more fights in this team and i expect and want to size up both picked up yellow cards. gradually the host started
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to create chances too although gonzalo castro's attempted finish let a lot to be desired. but almost punished them but you're not a spokesman failed to break the deadlock from another one on one situation frustration for coach d. to hacking after half time stuttgart grew in confidence and a star just donates went agonizingly close down his persevered and in the fifty six minutes his hard work paid off and if the strike against it got late the fitting never passionate display against the law thought glad backside it was a crisp finish to beat young zama ingo. they defended the slim lead with their lives for the rest of the game helped by a lack of imagination from cutbacks attack. and it was enough to give them a hard earned one nil win interim coach village has clearly struck the right tone their reward is a crucial victory in the battle to stay in the top division. and
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now it's time to have a look at the matches that could change the landscape of the chase for europe let's start with frank they're having a great run there the last german team still involved in european competition they look set to qualify for the champions league next season but it was a failed to win their last two games and now they face their bogey team has a berlin can they turn things around. or frankfurt running out of gas their rapid improvement in the last few years highlighted by this season's europa league run is taking its toll there attack it's been less clinical recently matches i can tell you are a bitch in the thirty second minute. early in win listen their previous six minutes to push frame for me on. there and this well. look us countries any first minute red card put an unexpected away when further out of harris grasp. no one man up record keeper kevin chapa step is securing the shadow for his side in stoppage time
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. this position is and personally i'd be really disappointed if we lost everything we've worked for in the last few weeks because we deserve our place in the standards and says for the him that's if they wished him. as frankfurt fumbled leipsic prepared to pounce they've been on top form and kept it up against tribe or team avengers fifteenth of the season put them ahead. but freiburg have a slide doc you can take a mean free kick. so crito opportunistically levelled things in the sixty seventh minute shooting before the keeper was ready i was eleven minutes later and kevin started back blocked the ball with his arm penalty substitute emma forsberg stepped out and slotted it home forsberg still delivered the win and more importantly champions league qualification is a sensational day that would lock down the champions league spot for match days from season's end third place safe and that were also in the cup final is simply
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fantastic i feel as it is and from. their cup loss to byron made the match in dusseldorf decisive for braman and coach florian cole felt for a european place but benito rahman made it clear it wouldn't be decided in bringing favor in the first minute i and shortly after k'naan caught him on a waltz through the entire brain and have. their ears cut hangover it was readily apparent in their defense. to now i max truces goal from the spot wasn't enough to turn things around for bremen i they were back asleep early in the second half or so the off against a little resistance as they played through brains defends bhuvan hemmings made it three one in the fifty six minute i mark a suitor added insult to injury for their day finishing up the scoring at four want my. out of
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a deep relegation trouble and they need surprise surprise points it's a commitment to confirm they have been listening to survival last weekend and there was only one goal in this one and it was as it was absolute bedlam in the boxes so might says keeper try to avoid a corner. of the host. look at that the goalkeeper going out and then hendrick vedanta school record he can barely believe what is half and three vital points in the fight for survival in hanover the fight for survival is definitely all. of the above and let's get a roundup of all the results so far from match stay thirty one quite a surprise there is shaka they beat dortmund and over end their title hopes it got based on frankfurt dropped points against berlin leipzig qualify for the champions league with a win in freiburg distance off in fleet brit inflict third defeat in
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a week and ever get their first win since matched a twenty one on friday ellsberg took the lead in the match with leverkusen but the vinous just then took control with kevin following getting the equaliser they scored three more after the break. with the pick of the bunch with this absolutely fabulous shot. in the end who has made it look easy as the match finished one. on sunday vosburgh in hoffenheim. will be taking on number in the very top. let's look at the table with two games left to go and surprise surprise by an hour at the top with a game in hand that could read four points come sunday with goldman's title hopes well and truly dashed and expect more movement with hoffenheim and both were clashing on sunday there's no positional changes in the bottom half of the table but this where the action is from freiburg and outs where they can save themselves next week shall can stick got they have to wait it out while they're in back and
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they are as good as gone. the biggest play of the day is voted by you of you followers on twitter you know when it was seventy one percent of the vote. show he assisted from a corner he stole from the sports but this is what he did to get your folks to chris. want to make same a shocking hero has made a. play. that's all from us here on the back on sunday with the best action from the games and i'm nuremburg i will also be discussing the top talking points from the one in the fallout from the topic if. michelle. best. for me and the rest of the team here thank you and.
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three. three german cities. which also happens to be federal.
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a ghost town. thirty years after the nuclear disaster usually deserted but not always. tourist sometimes was looking for that ultimate chick adventure come what may. seem good to just such a special interest in chief holiday internal sixty minutes on d w. for steve school when the. first clue was. and then sure is grand the moment arrives join during a tangle on her journey to. interest you documentary. entering into and returns home.
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welcome to this special edition of check in. today called coolidge and luke are checking out hamburg berlin and braman. of germany sixteen federal states these three are city states. today we'll discover what else makes them so special. our tour begins in berlin germany seat of government. nicole has decided to explore the government district.


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