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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2019 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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we travel the world can really feel how high the places are right i'm going to say you know me the stars the me and there were people in the quarter and discuss football i am chris here it is. a boring day and it's going to go on. as a football kick off on you tube. over to you. now as promised let's take a closer look at jaden sutton chose riggs where did dortmund's top talent come from . jaden such a forward for brasier dortmund started playing in the street. now able to come back we headed to england and had a look around jaden son shows place of origin so you don't have your well. jaded son showed nicknamed the rockets his football stages to date what food and city
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dortmund most just go slow if he's only getting started but he's already experienced plenty jaden hails from kennington in south london his parents came from trinidad and tobago and made this then you have what does this place mean to jaded. my home for. having no friends or family born on march twenty fifth two thousand jaden grew up in this very building the. best of a great look down then and ply. in the streets for the matches. but his mum didn't. like him playing in the
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streets at age five she brought him to a community playground project run by norman. titans or we had a chat the rest is history. skills as jaden have norman to thank. god i used to work and go out for a lesson or. touch football. and there i stood my culture with. the playground has since been closed due to a lack of funding and a new security measures in kennington this was the last of its kind but the community project did produce some good footballers including man united legend rio ferdinand and a few young players who gained early fame in the bundesliga such as adam or look man reece nelson and of course jane inside show the.
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pace around here where they can actually play for. you know pay for it it's all free for him. you know that they will get the coaching they need from from the moment. so yeah this is the sort this is where this is a this is grassroots he said like to say in england. tackling was forbidden and tactics were not so important instead the focus was on the joy of the game and its social aspects sports as an educational tool for the kids. to the culture. with everyone. trouble and think about. this it will come together. and then.
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one and then once. you can see that you enjoyed it more now with children and with . children just kicking the ball every single time i would just kick in a tin can just kick in a tennis ball and that's what it is they just want to kick the ball. and you can see that you know he was a bit more passionate about forward and. except for his buddy reste nelson jaded and reese became friendly rivals on the pitch. it was like yes joe did not want to be educated and we said never going to break ground so it was right there with quantum physics in terms of them playing together you thought would be painful we would have even seen them both in that you know yeah and especially when it became even close right wrist right started to comment and so it's hundreds of expect we're judging these sounds you could say do not close but. yet they had to be a bad that i don't think race was ahead of jenks it better now if you have where
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you are right now on top. since the summer of twenty seven jaded has flourished at dortmund. but it all started back in two thousand and seven. seven. from the street football project to the what football academy. the first big step in his career. change goal is going to be one guy. at the front of the senses in and around london and we used to get. really sort of street a lot of street footballers from it from the kind of i guess some didn't place you know clubs and jayden is one of those so he wasn't playing organized football and when he came people very quickly said oh we've got a really special player here one the boy it wasn't long before he got in marketing so you train with the actual county team there were two years old and you could see
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that he was he was just unbelievably come from. you just like different to the other kids. what was behind. things to people. it's people that are around at the time they're so if you are serious what makes them call not being made a loss of class with some friends. or family behind for certain. especially in a giant city like london. especially. during the winter is with. his parents so they did really well. you know i mean as much as they did because. the best training people speak at later on when he was off at school program they could offer him to stay with. me which was a really troubling for him which meant more time to concentrate on his passion.
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you know born with unbelievable skills you just play and practice move anyone else and that's what he's told on. at age fourteen his next big career was this transfer to manchester city for small feet sixty six thousand pounds. but i wasn't shocked because lots of footage of him over the top academies and he just looks so so it wasn't a surprise for us when he went to work for it because he had that tallinn there anyway and it was blue when he won it in a. way when he went to do it was. to go to the. mention it's. probably one of the best managers in the world and you're going to do . i think making that decision. the bet is you haven't made in four but i thought so i was surprised he looked at all. of those if you look young. they
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have changed from the look of them in the who could. see that's one of the things rock and processor could be you know she just. so. he's currently fighting for the bundesliga title with. the league's leading assist provided this season and october twenty eighth century made his international debut for england. is probably the one now it will be. the cover of magazines in germany a. person who's come from. germany and i feel that if you go on to bigger things you know you may think you will be surprised next day be. plans in the world. many of the big european clubs.
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i think is more of a continent play in spain i'd love to see him playing some other. big nights with someone from. the mix and i think it would be he would be no one to take place in germany. we're not that you can be very sure. and want to his long term followers have to say. that you do and i'm proud of what you've achieved on proud of. your group you start from the roots. give you a great into your young person. i know that when i. have a small in their face. and i just want you to you know your ultimate goal and i know you can do that. you know i have every phrasing in. i don't want your well. clear plan of us to look forward to seeing your progress especially with. cuba had
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sensible. choose your german football ambassador two thousand and nineteen what about testing him to start goalkeeper has been shining a fossil not alongside messi. or maybe roy some may pep guardiola secret weapon at manchester city. you could take on the place for f.c. rosengarten in sweden. a good choice could be antonio really go to chelsea to find the never stop. tony crows as always one of the favorites brail madrid's midfield maestro.
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maybe. from manchester city. from atlanta united. go to the website to cost you very much.
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transforming a world heritage site into an art museum germany sparkling in ironworks is hosting the urban art the antarctic. it features unique custom made artworks that reflect the science industrial legacy. of the world. over. they believe in a peaceful coexistence with egypt's come to christian. i think there is enough resources in the horn words excretions living in a predominantly muslim country in every service and you will hear the words because . despite attacks by islamist fanatics they're holding fast to their religious convictions. a journey to the car. in the city.
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raring to leave. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list one hundred german mosque reads. what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating and cultural heritage sites on the. d w world heritage for sixty get the.
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shadows shakespeare might ask is there any method in this madness find out later on in the show harper want to welcome to another fun edition of your own max with me your host meghan lee it's good to be with you as usual we've got lots of ground to cover so here's a look. what's coming up. living to the max and welcome to the world of bright colors and my old how to. dance company culture harvest time on the island of grand korean. but we kick off the show with the an art extravaganza of sorts spread over one hundred thousand square meters of exhibition space a former iron works near the western german city of azzam brooklyn is hosting the fifth urban aren't been at it artists who won snuck around on the streets at night
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spraying their works in the shadows can now enjoy a vast open space to display their creations we were on hand to meet some of the artists and organizers involved. the former focusing on iron works form an ideal backdrop for urban art twenty artists have installed her work on the exterior facilities alone. artists mambo from los angeles chose the smokestack began with street art in the one nine hundred eighty s. but now he is a well established artist traded his spray can for a paint brush a long time ago. the adrenalin i used to have one go it was addictive it was very like a drug just feel like an artist and i'm reading focused on the style and the expression. so it's a different work to your work. i only feel like an artist now so i don't need to
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illegal anymore prevent an artist's mental gussie have contributed several works they've placed portraits of current staff members at the iron works on its pipes gradings and silos. they print out the photos in extra large format in their berlin studio they've been working in the streets of various cities around the world for the past twenty years often without permission now they've been invited to exhibit at the urban park be an alley. among our we're always looking for objects or architectures that are three dimensional or at least have some kind of perspective or depth and space.


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