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yes there were literally no industry here visit museums no agriculture agriculture is the best inside and how to put sides well the most dramatic is the movie's emissions of the vehicle and one who will most people visit is there you know a bunch of wastes and everest and. he has a road map for the region's future so he wants to see the exclusion zone added to unesco's list of world heritage sites. he's already filed the application i believe that says this area should be joined into a national park you know. a noble national memorial and the nature of park to keep purpose a memory ends and the religion of the technology which was employed here and which failed you know to do for the going rate so lessons of this event unfold from very far live in this area you know this is lambeth in my god you know it is well no
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fault of my you muslims so to say of my native places and of course i care to attend the lobby of the united states and simply my eyes they are. transforming a world heritage site into an art museum germany's folding and ironworks is hosting the urban archaeology. it features
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a custom made artworks that reflects the site's destry a legacy. the world. over. three day trip to three german cities. which also happen to be federal state. for loop kember. train and. our ultimate city trip guide. and thirty minutes on w. . o. . when the water
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starts rising people fight for survival cold windy days and abundantly but abundant when there's a flood of water comes up to a waist on your clothes faster everyone is different. but a lack of water is equally dangerous. based on keep it will move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of peace not if you want and probably most of them don't come to. the carnage exodus starts if thirty years on t w. cut. cut. head to six there might ask is there any method
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in this madness find out later on in the show harder want to welcome to another fun edition of your own x. with me your host meghan lee it's good to be with you as usual we've got lots of ground to cover so here's a look. what's coming up. living to the max the welcome to the world of bright colors and my old powder. dance coffee culture harvest time on the island of grand program. but we kicked off the show with an art extravaganza of sorts spread over one hundred thousand square metres of exhibition space a former iron works near the western german city of broken is hosting the fifth urban art. artists who once knocked around on the streets at night spring their works in the shadows can now enjoy a vast open space to display their creations we were on hand to meet some of the
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artists and organizers involved. the farmer focusing on iron works form an ideal backdrop for urban art twenty artists have installed work on the exterior facilities alone. artists mambo from los angeles times the smokestack began with street art in the ninety maybe but now he is a well established artist traded his spray can for a paint brush a long time ago. i used to have one painting that was i think it was really. just feel like an artist and i'm really focused on the style and the expression. so it's a different work to your work. i only feel like an artist now so i don't really go anymore. from an artist's mental gussy have contributed several works
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they've placed portraits of current staff members at the iron works on its pipes gratings and silos. and. they print out the photos in extra large format in their berlin studio they've been working in the streets of various cities around the world for the past twenty years often without permission now they've been invited to exhibit at the urban park behind ali. we're always looking for objects or architectures that are three dimensional or a. least have some kind of perspective or depth and space so we won't produce a flat image or a portrait. so we'll be able to create a photo sculpture so i don't even. one of the portraits is of project manager hentai kasten it would have up to the photos were taken of me from every side from above from below that the make the worst faces and then it decided
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which ones to take and that's what i look like. since this kind of photography is a bit merciless on the skin and so on women are somewhat more critical than men but i think they can live with it quite a bit. martin why an artist from france is also here posting his art he's chosen a hot where workers once took their breaks and artistically processed nine hundred seventy s. driven posters about safety in the workplace. and was accused this is why i work with smaller pictures that i can send through a fax machine so they come out with visible pixels then i paint a larger version of that. finally i had got the signal colors to the images. through. another hundred or so works of art from twenty countries are set against the imposing backdrop of the charge once a storage space for wrong materials for the iron works. street art
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that has made its way onto campus. of an art is an art form that originated on the streets a street art among friends and. it is art that has come from the streets far off that initially these artists were arrested as vandals and locked up in prison these a can slow almost them eventually the street artist began making art and portable surface was. build of so that was the beginning of the urban art to be an early. street art took a new direction towards the museums and we've been exhibiting this stronger ever since. the urban art be an ollie and fluking and shows that many former street artists are on their way to securing a place in the international art market.
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when it comes to design there are many trends to follow this year marks one hundred years of bauhaus design which was defined by clean and simple lines then there is minimalism which rejects lavish and highly decorative styles in other words less means more in the mean time on the complete opposite of that spectrum there is another movement that embraces abundance it's called maximal ism here more really means more with bright garish colors matched up with lively and decorative patterns this is how it works. how does bush shapes move past this painting shows us how she's decorated her london apartment in the maximalist style long live abundance decorate til you drop.
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so this is my colorful polish on color makes me happy so a key thing with some of this movement is mixing mixing color mixing pattern and bringing together a lot of objects. up there we have bottles and there is not just one not just two there's like twenty two so rather than be tane i think . take it to the max. her apartment is full of unusual objects all have a special meaning for. mistakes post images of her maximalist ideas on social media largely thanks to the internet the british born trend is spreading like wildfire. interior designer and also emily henson sense when it comes to living trends over
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crowding is in her latest book tells more so i have noticed a change from neutral tasteful almost like scandinavian style interiors towards more colorful pattern for. homes i think much. is about breaking the rules i don't think it has to be good taste i think it has to be your taste. the growing number of shops in london or adopting the more is more style and carry a range of fun pieces from across the world. the search for the origin of the maximalist and trend leads emily hanson to abacha a her own store and. the design is one of the styles pioneered. by her mixes the old with the new and doesn't shy away from bling. anything that kind of you know raises the hot and makes the hot skip a beat you're creating this really happy space so i get such a kick out of people coming in and they immediately smile and i immediately makes
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me happy because it lifts the spirits and that's what interiors should do they should make you feel happy in a place that you never want to leave. a home lives in the nineteenth century terence tells her trademarks are a dark color palettes extravagant accessories and in your face texture combinations . maximalist and breaks many widespread design conventions and her knows how interior design influences the senses and you have less to come in it looks lovely . pared back but you're done you've read it whereas here is over here and it's over here and all of that is cool and it's over there and it fills really engaging and exciting and that's why i'm so obsessed with this whole maximalist more a small thing it's a hard look to pull off because there's a really fine line between making it fail over the top crazy. at the designer's house me scene plotting but in fact she for those rules she's defies two selves so
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the rules for me are don't use more than three or four colors in a room because otherwise it just is too schizophrenia for the brain. lighting is fundamental texture and pattern are a bit like a hope and a spice for maybe and then the biggest thing that scares people the most. is playing around with. pieces in a small myspace creates a fairytale atmosphere but is this just a short lived trend a real love tentative to minimalism which is dominating the post decades so i do think it is not a trend it's not a trend i think it's a difficult look to pull off and people are scared of doing it but i was i think gaining momentum i don't think that you can feel completely happy when you have one table if you chose around i'm a load of white paint. that would be amazing if our house could just literally go and scan the minimal could go and if all is war and that some of them could stay
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for another hundred years because i think if we all embrace more is and more we would live in a happier place. one thing is certain if you want to express yourself to the full and be creative maximalist is the way to go. don't look like a hard look to pull off but if you want to get some more home improvement ideas then please check out our facebook page ok moving on now to a favorite drink in germany coffee it said the germans drink more coffee than beer if you can believe that well a good cup of coffee of course depends on the beans here in europe there is just one coffee growing area which is located on the island of grand canaria its fertile soil is conducive for coffee growing so we visited a boutique production company for a lesson in what makes a good cup of coffee. harvesting
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coffee on the canary islands but how can you tell when a coffee cherry is ripe for picking up. your max report or hand like that ling learns the tricks of the trade from coffee plantation owner antonio marquez only the red ones yes. it could. begin without the branch because that's what next year's fruitless groan they're going to end it with in a floater. this is how you do it. but we're making the coffee cherries by hand it's harder than it looks. on large plantations right banned and right fruits are harvested altogether by machines here they only pick grapes cherries. not wonder why only harvest the coffee when it's ripe and the remark or even more that we must check every plant five or six times. takes a lot more time and money than checking each plant just twice earlier given the quality of the coffee is better if you only select the right fruits more yourself
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they were allowed to be left with. europe's only coffee growing area is on gran canaria the third largest of the canary islands they belong to spain but are located off the northwest coast of africa. the valley where the coffee grows extends to the village of. it's a volcanic island so its soil is very fertile the valley is home to rich vegetation especially at higher elevations the coffee plantations here are not monocultures though. avocados and citrus fruits are cultivated to prevent the soil from becoming depleted. that women will go through our model quality of the coffee is highly dependent on the soil and the climate precipitation the change in temperature. all of that has an influence on the coffee plants in that's what ultimately determines the taste of what winds up in your cup for that. really solid
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impact. with it's twelve hundred coffee plants the finkle lost a stone your house is one of the biggest plantations in the valley although the entire region only produces around fifteen hundred kilograms of coffee per year the drop in the ocean compared to global production figures. but here the focus is on quality not quantity to achieve that great care is taken during processing. here for instance the coffee cherries are dried for twenty days on outdoor racks antonio marquez turns them several times a day. i different people there but again there are different ways of drawing the fruit on the set of the over here in the canaries the humidity and temperature are a deal for this. is the most natural process the red fruits are dried by the sun and the wind alone.
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has been grown here in the valley for around one and a half centuries it's a way of life. we pay a visit to mo jose source a garcia a pensioner who like many here cultivates a few coffee plants in his own garden uses the coffee himself and gives some to family and friends. a coffee from a great i always call it the coffee from the aggregate a valley because i consider the valley is the best coffee that exists today by the government the government i mean we're. growing coffee on gran canaria isn't very lucrative so growers offer tours to generate extra income but what motivates antonio marquez and his staff is the desire to produce top quality beans with the best around after they've dried the cherries are field these days that's done by a machine. the cherry contains two coffee beans. the
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roasting process gives coffee its real taste and aroma. and some of this is the most important stuff. during roasting you can really get the best out of the beans. the coffee from his prized by java experts it was even chosen to represent spain at the world barista championship some what about the taste it's totally different to. the work of our government. sorenson but fruit but not like coffee. europe's only home. own coffee comes from the valley. unique coffee with a unique flavor. and you can catch up with hendrix adventures in our europe to the max series including lots of background information on our you tube channel all
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right up next a norwegian performance artist who gives new meaning to the phrase burst your bubble yawn hucking eriksson uses balloons of all kinds bursting them with various kinds of sharp objects now his videos have gathered a worldwide following of fans who love his destructive yet creative urges the artist says he's motivated mostly by fun but one thing is for sure is the installations certainly go off with a bang. good explosion. introducing young hawking erickson visual artist and self-proclaimed destroyer from norway. in oslo studio he shoots a new video almost every day showing him the best thing to do in smith's apparatus as he's built himself. sometimes quickly and painlessly.
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but it's other times it takes several tries for it to pop. it's just for fun really i was just trying to entertain myself and beginning and people started to react very opposed to what i was doing so i decided to keep on doing it and. own the thing i do so yeah. the forty year old artist's videos have fans all over the world he has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. but he doesn't restrict himself to bursting balloons. in twenty eighteen he made a popular series of clips showing him smashing uncouple spaghetti with his head. he also incorporates things he's not keen on interest on such as and on clocks and gym equipment which the self-confessed exercise painter signature but. you.
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don't have like a huge message and i kind of think that there is enough for itself it's like art for art's sake is you don't have to have this message in that and i really hate off just like that like street art or things like i got this means this is the worst ever i have the feeling that. many artists use social media to raise. they profile and find a gallery to sculptor and performance artist young hartmann erickson these platforms themselves are the best exhibition space. has turned his back on the analogue off world even though he's done very well that. you know sort of frustrating for me that you're make something on your apply for an exhibition space and they have to wait
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a few months to see if you get an exhibition and maybe like it was a year or two years to get the exhibition to takes too much time and after wait for too long. as soon as he has an idea he makes it happen. he shoots his clips in a studio with a smartphone he's a kids in a fixed position. posts really stand out next to all the influences glossy snaps on the web. that's one of the funniest thing when i get like a lots more like. they do on my things like a balloon and they work out for like years. and. so i know it's a lot of people because they look so he said what i mean i did this every day and. mike's and comments come thick and fast and that encourages young hakan erickson to
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continue posting his explosive images on the internet. when stefan these nostrils to the forest in his native switzerland he takes home everything he can find with him hey stones wood or even ash and it all ends up in his cooking pot while in his search for a new flavors the star chef works together with forester's perf you murs an archeologist we went along to find out how he conjures up award winning dishes with sawdust. out in the swiss mountains with his dog. they're looking for some tasty pieces of wood this spruce tree seems promising. with pretty much all the trees that grow in switzerland almost all. this new.
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today. on spruce stone pine. the first thing he does if it. does it is to drive us stone by. the trees will be captured in addition he's planning. home turf. frequently scours. gradients. these pieces of pumpkin have been lying on and. give the pumpkin an added flavor. a wonderful citrix because of all the form they produce. better the limits. for the last twenty five years and his team. in the villages. have been serving up
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swiss nature on a plate sometimes some heavy weight appliances are needed the pine board is turned into shavings and cooking pot. shavings and fire. distilled into a vent that has a delicate taste. these never uses the vinegar as flavoring. it goes well with venison. the garnish is roasted. marinated like in and stone pine nuts a dish composed of one hundred percent natural ingredients the second course is the four make acid flavored pumpkin which is supposedly also very healthy these new once his dishes to appeal to all the senses his signature style has earned him all sorts of nicknames that meet the malt the guy who cooks or story is the kitchen
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alchemist all the sorcerer likes is just a few of the ways people have described me so. he works his magic in an old bar and this is where business stores his ingredients are in a key first he called. this pine bark dates back to the stone age it's fourteen thousand years old it was found in a prehistoric forest buried in loam but we use it to smoke a radio station. the also finds a use for rusty nails and horseshoes and even stones the inventive chef turns them into flour made of swiss light iron ore and granite. style moulitsas that mean that all the influence flower made of rock or minerals is very healthy so long as you don't eat too much of it already granted every day and it does mean a lot a good list to receive for. today he's using it to make
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a dessert ice cream made of stone flour and served on a stone. if it was. a good base here might be a source of earth but he's quite a showman too. and his shows can be quite spectacular he prepares bone marrow and full view of the guests they love it and so do the critics on the sneers ancient cuisine has earned him a mission on. star and seventeen. that. stand not to forget the experience they say later they can remember every single thing. and that's what's so special there's nothing else like us all. of the growing number of chefs try to copy stuff on trees near style but they can't keep up he's always refining his technique and recipes and he's not likely to run out of ingredients
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any time soon. and with that we come to the end of the show now don't forget to check us out on facebook or you tube for more fun videos related to the program as always thanks for joining us sequencing.
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the for. three day trip to three german cities. which also happens to be federal state. for live. frame of.
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our. ultimate city trip guy. coming up on the road to. kick off life. latin america's soccer event of the year kicks off in less than two months time and coppola meant the twenty nineteen. probably quarter took a look around the tournaments host country brazil. found that people only gearing up for a party and don't want to miss. thirty minutes of double.
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people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions. iran a journey through a land full of contradictions. joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts both everyday life. and help people cope with the. iran bittersweet. starts may second g.w. . i was here when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room. it was hardest for. even white hair is the. language. this keeps me. to enter the fray if
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you want to know their story. fighting and reliable information for migrants. what's the connection between bread. and the european union dinos. correspondent at the baker can stretch this can live with the rules set by the team. cuts. instructing recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . at least one person has been killed and three injured after a man opened fire in a synagogue in southern california. san diego police say they have to taint
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a nineteen year old suspect in connection with the shooting. at least fifteen people including six children are dead after sri lankan forces raided a suspected islam is tight out police say three of the victims blew themselves up during clashes that lasted hours security forces have been carrying out raids across the country since the bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people nearly a week ago. mozambique's government is urging people in coastal regions to seek higher ground in the wake of cyclon kenneth the tropical storm made landfall on thursday evening authorities say it could bring twice as much rain as psycho need i did last month which wreaked havoc on one of the poorest countries in the world. thousands of people have rallied in the venezuelan capital caracas in support of opposition leader one. he's currently
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pushing for a must of march on may first against president nicolas maduro government. supporters also took to the streets. welcome to this special edition of check in. today the cause clearly look at stake are checking out hamburg. and braman. germany sixteen federal states these three are city states. today we'll discover what else makes them so special. our tour begins in berlin germany seat of government.
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has decided to explore the government district. from the central station it's just a short walk to the german capital governmental border built in the years following the cold war everything is big and shiny made mostly of concrete and glass. and right in the middle of all this modern architecture is the historic rice stacked building one of the most visited sites this is where the german parliament known as the born this stock and it's a center of power and tourist magnet alike. i've arranged to meet you feel to. berliner with turkish roots she's been representing the social democrats in the porn stack since two thousand and thirteen so she knows her way around first she shows me the debating chamber the heart of the problem and
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really german democracy as a whole. here that we debate vote on passed last year that. and that's where you work yes that's right so how does it feel to stand up there at the podium. it's nerve wracking i can imagine especially the first time in with a thought well over time you get used to it and the nervousness doesn't fade but that is all right but i've been a member of parliament for four years and it's truly special to have a chance to speak in this hallowed hall. i come from an immigrant family and a long jew what they call the guest worker generation. on the full force and it's really something significant for me and my parents as well than that i got a good education and today i'm representing people in germany as
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a member of parliament. to mention boschfontein. walking the halls of the bonus talk is like taking a journey through time this graffiti was scrawled on the walls by soviet soldiers after they won the battle for the right stock in one thousand nine hundred forty five british architect norman foster integrated them into his clan when the building was reconstructed and he left the bullet holes to. the. now corner and the delicate lobby this painting represents the reichstag fire in nine hundred thirty three the nazis used the event as a pretext to persecute their political opponents and the books of names commemorate the hundred twenty members of parliament who were murdered in the aftermath. the next stop is the prayer room a place of quiet and reflection for the m.p.'s regardless of their faith.
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because there's a lot more going on up on the roof of the building the glass dome is the biggest attraction for visitors to their rights talk. from the top we had all the way to the bottom in the basement we come across five thousand boxes with four thousand nine hundred ninety nine names on them of the need and at the most there's a box for every democratically elected representative in the years between one thousand nine hundred. in one nine hundred ninety nine. cents preston on the phone . said is there anything in them no. these boxes are all shaped the saying to stand for the equality of all elected
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representatives independently of their function and nothing you feel from so on the years of naziism are symbolized by a black box there's no name on that one can see. the. tunnels least from the right start building to parliamentary office buildings nearby. i'm going to now we've emerged from this tunnel into another very futuristic looking building. and on up with a home yes this is the power luba house from the to the representatives offices and the committee rooms are here on the right and left on them on biden. so lots of heated debates behind these walls. and right on. my committee
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the finance committee meets in this room every wednesday from nine fifteen till about noon or one o'clock. it's in. the polar bear house on the western bank of the river shri just across the money as house some members of the pundits talk up their offices over there. when the city was divided in this area of the river served as the border between east and west berlin the crosses remember people who lost their lives trying to escape from the east. i'm standing in front of the chair. up there on the seventh floor that's where an alum merkel works unfortunately i can't get in but on her official website you can take a look at her office. wow
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look at that view you can see that your garden the big inner city park and all the way to the right start. right next to the chancellery and i'm going to hop on the bus. nicknamed the chancellor train this will get me to the grand boulevard on today linton in no time and that's good because i have a very important appointment to keep. and of course going to take the v.i.p.'s entrance i mean i have a photo session with the chancellor herself. ok ok it might not be all that exclusive after all at madame tussaud everyone can take a picture with aguilar markel or with morocco obama. or other celebrities a bit stiff but pretty close to the originals and you think. now
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i'm going to treat myself to a little break the tea i got miss the perfect place for that it's right in the center of the city just behind the reichstag and the brandenburg gate. and oasis of peace and quiet for listeners and tourists longing to rest their legs. here in the park you can rent a rowboat chill out in a beer garden. or just sit back and watch the boats go by. at dusk it's time to walk back over to the government district here i'm going to check out something i've been looking forward to all day. just behind the right
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stock a row of steps along the banks of the sprayer river offer a perfect view onto the muddy elisabet ludo's house and summer a big round window becomes a movie screen that presents milestones of german history from the end of the german empire to the fall of the berlin wall in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine this sound and light show is a wonderful way to end my day in berlin fascinating government district. northwest of berlin is hamburg. located on the elba river the former hence the arctic city is famous for its port. now a days you can spend the night on this former fishing boat. were. after a restful sleep in the floating hotel. is ready for his tour of hamburg.
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welcome to my hamburg summer tour always pretty close to the water from the concert hall through the entertainment district to the beach and if you're going to. but first a tour off a former fishing boat built in one thousand nine hundred forty seven. shows me his ship. this is the belly of the ship here's where they kept the fish cool on ice. in fact as the uncle leaves the harbor sometimes or is it permanently mortier . oh no it's fully functional we could set out right now for spain for instance or wherever you want it was ok maybe another time today i want to check out hamburg.


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