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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2019 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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they're going to take he loves us that much you know ok ok there's time time the ingredients want to be the flowery potatoes and salted beef brisket and pickles wasn't and what's the story behind it it's a pretty traditional dishes around here right now that. i was involved in the past when sailors were at sea for a long time that was just by the meat had to be preserved that's why their salt to be visible. that he must and because most of them were probably toothless due to bass bites scurvy or whatever or that everything was mashed up just so they didn't have to chew it just ok i joined i thank you saying this i can't wait. for all that was some frightening really delicious a perfect finish for my tour around britain and i've learned to live and tasted a lot and i feel like that's
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a great note to end this show and so thank you guys for watching and do next time. after. kick off life.
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in latin america sucker event of the year kicks off in less than two months on the coca-cola many catch twenty nineteen. family quarter took a look around the tournaments host country personal. that people are calling gearing up for a party you don't want to miss. next. month . the woman said because a lot of traditional gender roles against intersexuality same sex marriage in the me to the basement of our society's view of sex change. think that we should not push ourselves to strong goals. could we be nearing the abolition of gender in forty five minutes.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press that was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to a shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked off the face of many qantas and their problems are almost the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom. the price. go up she can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans the humans on scene or microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. is paris and i weren't dominant. you want to buy tickets for a cup medica for brazil peru sorry they have been sold out eighteen minutes after
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it went on sale thanks on a stick. once there was a time when many countries had no clue about what football even was even back then south america was already a football crazy continent since then nothing's changed south america is the world's epicenter when it comes to passion for football. football in south america is like a. kick off for a pulitzer s├ębastien sam explains why you shouldn't miss the chance to watch the cup or america this summer. it's going to be a big part. of the best players of the world to play together with south america produces top players nonstop but other continents produce top talent to join sanjay
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for example he started out in the streets of south london and perfected his game as a youth player at manchester city. now he plays for dortmund taking the bundesliga by storm we visited the nineteen year old super talent time sound met with his first coaches and visited his early stomping grounds. this is where to start this is the business crossroads he said like to say in england. now i do. but let's start with sebastian sam and the cup for america cup america studio. turn the mean time in twenty nine feet. from erica city or the africa cup of nations the women's world cup the gold cup. so you want to know which of the big tournaments is the best i will tell you which is the best. a minute. and i'll give you three good reasons why this is the kicks
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well i could actually give you twenty but you know. you doubt that i think of hard hello we're talking about the south american championship. america. not convinced yet poor. little soul i. think. you should have your eyes on copacabana in june and july. and no i don't have a concert with the brazilian tourism board i'm not married to a brazilian and i don't dance or do couplet or get. over to the very. top american city oh yes cup i'm erica no this is not the gold cup no no no
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no. sorry i don't know the number also google that somewhere in america i mean north america. big reason number one. cup on that this is today it started as early as nine hundred sixteen so when other countries were at war with each other or didn't care much about football south america was already infected with a football virus small wonder that even the first two world cup in history was played in europe why fourteen years later the stadiums were packed during this first world cup neighbors europe why and argentina clashed in the final launching a fierce rivalry that has marked major tournaments ever since more on that later and oh. but back to cup i mean since nine hundred sixteen when this team from europe away won it for the first time the tournament has existed in different forms and if you can call me to kind of one nine hundred seventy five and it includes
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countries making the comment who called the one who came up with that that's the south american football concentration and spanish continental song when they come out if they. just don't mess around with the oldest football confederation in the world may take some time to figure that one out but whatever. the ten carnival teams are. brazil argentina europe. chile peru bolivia adore colombia is waiting and terrible. now as if this. cup america studio what they're african cup of nations all i know is it takes place in egypt and that's it we have to work sorry. now as if this lineup was not already quite impressive since one thousand nine hundred three there have also been two guest nations
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a couple make the country to turn into the most special guest of all is. to go. they participated ten times since one thousand nine hundred three. cup america has become so popular that its centennial edition in two thousand and sixteen was held in the united states one point five million people flocked to the stadiums for this birthday edition as many as never before this year tickets are also very sought after so football temples. it's going to be of women's world cup not. copa america studio. you want to buy tickets for a cup i made a cup for brazil peru sorry they have been sold out eighteen minutes after it went on sale thanks and i state. so football temples like the epic might i cannot stadium it is and i don't it will be full during cup america which takes us to big
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reason number two. the passion for football and so american. football in south america is like to have. every goal to celebrate it like winning the lottery. the passion french show there is unmatched around the world and distances don't matter just take the world cup in russia south americans flood it must go and other cities so just think of what could happen that cup i mean speaking of the world cup after germany had tragically failed to defend their title i went around berlin to find a new team to support that's when i came across this true love couple she's from europe why he's from brazil both supporting the one that day now lovebirds what would happen if you meet a couple america time to get your drawers and you. get
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a man. would it be possible for you maybe your girlfriend and other south americans to come to our studio. that's absolutely great thanks so much. to south americans are coming and all of a sudden here in the gulf america's studio there are real south americans and. i am from i.b.m. and from brazil and one from europe what i which is the team you really don't want to see win a single game that are i think the argentina. argentina at the. at the fight i guess versus you know i guess it's a new way and you know this one can do number two to lose. oh so here to say. that i want to learn to live their actions you never see you want to allow anyone with a little risk that a little bit of leverage see their friends off everybody you know that yet yes the five of us in the but not the football team and here is big reason number three.
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the teams and their players counted together different disciplines of cup on medicare have actually won nine world cup titles now these guys haven't won any of them but there are still among the world's top players come is so what is the name of missy and it's not just the superstars south america produces top players nonstop. well the only moment that moment boulder gold and. now big stars also means big shows and no matter what you make of it that's entertainment. i would not necessarily want to be a referee there but chances are it will be a great show including great guests. now mexico can't come this year because
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they have their own tournament to play but. the most south american involved from. qatar jokes aside they were really surprised at the asian cup but actually winning plus they are the hosts of the next world cup and also the second best team of asia will play at the copa america japan so just imagine a replay of the asian cup final is possible in rio at the medic and if that happens though neymar and his team mates have to go into hiding the pressure on the hosts is extreme brazil has not won cup america since two thousand and seven and messed up its home world cup in between in two thousand and fourteen just explain this. brazil used to be the powerhouse in international football but if you're born let's say in two thousand or so. but so what pressure only adds up to this couple's
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dramaturgy and cup america is always good for drama quite some religions have surprisingly never won it quite a lot of alabama colombian hair monster for example. messi actually lost two cup america finals in a row in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen against the current defending champions chile but i don't know also i don't know like between nine hundred seventy nine and one thousand nine hundred. and in one thousand nine hundred one when argentina actually did snatch the title he failed a drug test and i'm sure this year's cup america will even produce more drama cup america will be the tournament to follow so. she's. cup on the tickets a good hot line. what you want to talk about the women's world cup germany will win it if they don't play south korea that is thanks. so get into
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a couple. it's going to be a big party. the best players so if you're worried playing. every game would be like a fight now. the oldest of all international football competitions will bring you weeks of true football the life . of the cup for america is not the only event getting brazilian football fans excited to show the district rivalry is felt all over the world even in brazil. south paolo home to over twenty one million people it's the most populous city not only in brazil but all of south america the nation special relationship with football is no secret george a and pedro that passion comes with
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a twist rather than follow one of sao paolo his top sides their colors of choice of black and yellow and royal blue.


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