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the war the playing. every game would be like a fight now. now now man the oldest of all international football competitions will bring you weeks of true football the life . of the cup for america is not the only event getting brazilian football fans excited for the show and really district rivalry is felt all over the world even in brazil. south paolo home to over twenty one million people it's the most populous city not only in brazil but all of south america the nation special relationship with football is no secret and so george a and pedro that passion comes with a twist rather than follow one of south powers topsides their colors of choice a black and yellow and royal blue. petros fringe yet they are just south of san
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paolo city the seventeen year old students long distance love affair began early new home knows they went into the bakery to get some bread. and they were showing the german super cup of illinois. it was twenty eleven i was ten years old and dortmund were playing shelter i stayed to watch the game one of support of them ever since. thirty three year old george a comes from east in sao paolo state he's another rest pessimal in these parts not so much for his job running a football academy but for his favorite team that's right installment. by the passion for the gorge my passion for don't win goes back to twenty eleven when they won the women's league open purely well that was d.d.'s last year in the club the big bang then he was the best known brazilian one germany that's how it all began a new twenty couple of people there so even in brazil the b. . and his league is big and fans like pedro he sticks with his team through thick
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and thin demands and respect given shall his current struggles. showcase a passion for me it's the same as any traveling. moving sports shell to have really shown on the international stage in recent years but they're a big club in germany and he my hoss i mean look at us all. true fans through and through before the latest reveal it was time for pedro and sure shades of put that dedication to the test out on the pitch and against shall go top one pedro in a couple of friends against georgia and some of his students. some of their predictions ahead of the game. they might i'm going for five nil to do it when you want to show being optimistic model would actually be a good result for us. once the micro dubey in sao paolo i was out of the
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petro georgiou can focus on the job the ten thousand kilometers away in germany true love knows no boundaries. did you know kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. with nigeria it was your mexico world so really we travel the world can really feel how high the places are right i'm going to say you know the stars and there were people closer and discuss football i am chris here it is. boring it is going to go on. is a football pick up on you tube. now as promised let's take a closer look at jaden such as riggs where did dortmund top talents come from.
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jaden censuring forward for us here dortmund started playing in the street. now opening the back we headed to england and had a look around jade and sun shows place of origin so you don't have your well. sunshine nicknamed rocket his forceful stay just to date what food plan city dortmund's must just give. he's only getting started but he's already experienced plenty jade and hails from kennington in south london his parents came from trinidad and tobago and made this their new hug what does this place mean to jaden . my home thanks for. having no friends or family born on march twenty fifth two thousand jaden grew up in this very building. the.
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best of a great look. and cry. in the streets for the truth. but his mum didn't like him playing in the streets at age five she brought him to a community playground project run by norman. i'm sorry we had a chat the rest is history but what skills does jaden have norman to thank. the lot playing football. side i used to work and vote for a lesser. one touch football. and then i stick my culture within the air. the playground has since been closed due to a lack of funding and a huge security measures in kennington this was the last of its kind but the community project did produce some good footballers including man united legend rio
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ferdinand and a few young players who gained early fame in the bundesliga such as adam oh look reese nelson and of course jane inside joke. around here where they can play for. you know pay for it it's all free for him. you know that they'll get the coaching they need from from the moment. so yeah this is just this is this is a this is grassroots. and. tackling was forbidden and tactics were not so important instead the focus was on the joy of the game and its social aspects sports as an educational tool for the kids. to the culture.
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with everyone. come together. on the football and. one of the ones. you can see the. children and. everything. just kicking. a tennis ball and. you can see that you know he was a bit more passion. except for his buddy reese nelson jaded and reese became friendly rivals on the pitch. it was like yeah jay did not want to venture a paper and we said never going to play ground so start there with quantum physics in terms of them playing together if i will be painful it was everything to you to
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move them both in that you know yeah and i especially when it became even close race race race started to come in so it's such a it's a french gregory jenkins sound you could say do not a club but. yet they had to be a band out on three brings with the heads of john do that now as you know where you are right now on top. since the summer of twenty seventeen jaded has flourished that meant. it all started back in two thousand and seven. seven. from the street football project to the football academy. the first big step in his career. he's going to. need to develop his senses in and around london and we used to get. really sort of street law
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street football is from three and i kind of i guess some didn't like you know the clubs and jayden is one of those so he wasn't playing organized football and when he came people very quickly said always really special player here when the boy it wasn't long before he got invited in so you train with the actual kind of meeting that was two years old and you could see that he was he was just unbelievably confident. he just played differently to a little get the kids. what was behind early take. things to people. it's people that are around at the time the so if you're serious about football do you. think calls made a loss are classified for cut off from friends. family. just to do. especially in a giant city like london. london. during the week the streets with. his
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parents they did really well. you know i mean as much as they did because. they're the best trained people speak out later on when he was offered school programs they could offer him to stay. which was. troubling for him which meant more time to concentrate on his passion. you know born with unbelievable skills you just play and practice love anyone else and that's what he started with on. at age fourteen his next big career was this transfer to manchester city for small feet sixty six thousand pounds. but it wasn't short because lots of footage of him over the top academies and he just looks so so it wasn't a surprise for us when he went to work for it because he had that tel in there anyway and it was blue when he won it in a. way when he went to dortmund. you've got to.
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mention it's. probably one of the best managers in the world and you can't. the bet is you haven't made in four but i thought so i was surprised he went. over those if you look. free from the look on the who could develop us up. for that's one of the reasons why i can do it with my shit processor could be you know she just. so. he's currently fighting for the bundesliga title with. the league's leading assist provided this season. twenty eighth century made his international debut for england. it is probably the one. cover magazines in germany. he's come from.
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in germany and i feel that he's going to be a good thing you know you may be. surprised next. plans in the world cup. many of the big european clubs. where would he fit. i think he's more confident playing spain i'd love to see him playing some other. big nights with someone from. the next and i think it would be i think he would be no one took a place in germany. we're not going to be sure. and want to his long term followers have to sign. to be only so proud of you to do and i'm proud of what you did change. proud of. from your roots you start from your roots and you. are young person. i know that when i mention you
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have a small in their face. and i just want you to reach your goal and i know you can do that. you know i have every faith in the. i don't hope you're well you can join it. you can look forward to seeing your progress. keep your head sensible reports and. choose your german football ambassador two thousand and nineteen but about testing to go people has been shining a fossil or not alongside messi. or maybe roy some a pep guardiola secret weapon that not just a sissy. you could pick on your
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mettle he plays for f.c. rosengarten in sweden. a good choice could be antonio really go to chelsea to find the net down. tony crows as always one of the favorites brail madrid's midfield maestro. maybe. from manchester city. from atlanta united's p.c.t.'s tito cannot. go to the website to cost you very much.
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typical man. cynical slots traditional gender roles against intersexuality same sex marriage and the mitsu debates. how is
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society's view of sex change you. think that we should not push ourselves too strongly any goals. could we be nearing the abolition of gender fifteen doubling. sometime in the twenty six to you my great granddaughter people are. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. when i was born there were three people you will share the planet with a nine billion. your world would be around two degrees more. evidently sea level rise by at least one
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meter in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts mature greater than what we see already. it's really frightening to talk back. on. playing. why are people more concerned. starts to do first on the d.w. . during the civil reaction of. playing. around six hundred years ago in the renaissance the revolution in florida enabled this many people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence in the first.
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culture. just to play. d. w. . player . play. this is news live from berlin a divisive and uncertain general election in spain many voters still undecided even as polls open the no party is expected to win a majority and the far right looks set to enter parliament for the first time in
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decades also coming up a nother community in shock one person dies and injured after a gunman attacks at passover service of the u.s. synagogue it's the second shooting at a jewish place of worship in the country in just so. plus a fiery showdown in the bundesliga delivers a shocking result dortmund's title hopes suffer a crushing setback losing at home to their arch rivals shelter. i'm called aspen welcome to the program it's being described as spain's most divisive general election in decades voters head to the polls again today for the third time in four years the party of socialist prime minister pedro sanchez is expected to get the most votes but may not garner enough support to form
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a government that means hilly the backing of smaller parties which are enjoying a surge in support many voters are still buying their options. that still plenty of indecision on the streets of madrid post-show about four in ten spaniards don't know who to vote for for many it's no longer simply a choice between the two traditional parties the center left socialist workers party or the center right people's party. you know what i'm going to vote for the left wing party only does put their most because the traditional parties have deceived us too often they were involved in so many corruption scandals and have never delivered on their promises will be lost but i must i mean i think it's great that there are now alternatives i couldn't really identify with either of the major parties but there weren't any other real options. the far right to vote spotty look set to win seats in the national parliament for the first time. it's predicted to win at least ten percent of the vote with its populist anti immigrant and anti
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feminist message a sentiment that seems to resonate with many. i like how they defend spam and our civil liberties and they want to cut taxes are still important to their gender ideology to promote abortion and criminalize as mad a lot of. young people are sick of our traditional politicians doing the opposite of what they promised. forty years after the end of general franco's dictatorship spain finds itself with a resurgent far right just like many of its european neighbors. and lisa lewis joins us now from madrid lisa voters they're heading to the polls today but it still sounds like many of them just don't know which way the vote i mean how tight is this election while this is going to be a very tight race indeed the last poll for monday this week we're predicting that none of the blocs the left or the right would get an outright majority and that
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would mean that they would have to work together with smaller parties unknown factor of course that forty percent up until then hadn't made up their men minds and also the question how many people will turn out to vote at polling stations like the one behind me which could tip the balance in many european countries we're seeing the resurgence of the far right it's the same thing in spain but what are the issues driving that resurgence there. well the one main issue in this election with it was catalonia really the far right party works was using the fact that the socialist government under pedro sanchez was being supported by catalan separatists and then lots was riding that wave of you know the feeling of nationalism and saying you know we need to go back to the roots to dish no values conservative values on the other side the left was saying you know it's really
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scary that there's this far right rising and we do we need to fight against this and they were using that as an argument against the right and in favor of the left so it's been a very devices very tense contain indeed how possible is it that after these votes are counted this election won't solve spain's political deadlock well it could be a deadlock in the you know spain has been in the deadlock more or less for three years without a stable majority government and many people here are afraid that this will happen again and then they would have to have a hold to snap elections again if the government breaks down again all right lisa lewis there in madrid as voting getting underway in spain thank you very much a police are investigating a deadly shooting at a california synagogue that killed one person and wounded three others officials are calling it a hate crime and approaching a link with an earlier fire at
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a nearby mosque the shooting on the last day of passover comes just six months after a gunman killed eleven people at another us and a dog. places of worship used to be centuries now nowhere seems sacred a gunman entered the chabad synagogue in power in california as worshippers marked the final day of passover he opened fire with a high powered rifle killing one woman and wounding three more people including the rabbi. my thing was you got her here she said. she's gonna. try to. stop the bleeding but if you don't have to take her. i suspected nineteen year old gunman fled the scene by car but was stopped on a highway and arrested shortly after police say his motivation may be detailed in a letter posted online we are collecting digital evidence and we're aware of his
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manifesto which we are in the process of reviewing to determine its ability and authenticity. politicians were quick to call the attack the outcome of hate. at this moment is looks like a hate crime but my deepest sympathies to all of those affected. will get to the bottom of it on sure now. this is not how away we always walk with our arms around each other and we will walk through this tragedy with her arms around each other the attack comes just six months after a white supremacist killed eleven people at a synagogue in pittsburgh. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world sri lanka has been marking one week since the easter suicide bombings that left two hundred fifty three people dead the archbishop of colombo held a private televised mass after shutting churches across the country over fears of further attacks he condemned the bombings claimed by the so-called islamic state as
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an insult to humanity. rival rallies have been held in the venezuelan capital caracas supporters of president new glasses announced states in the region which have recognized his rival as interim president meanwhile held his own rally calling for another mass demonstration on may first. mozambique's government is urging people in coastal regions to seek higher ground in the wake of psycho and kenneth officials have warned of flooding and mudslides in the days ahead as heavy rains lashed the region cyclon kind of made landfall late thursday authorities say it could bring twice as much rain as the deadly cyclone die did last month. pope francis has donated five hundred thousand dollars to help migrants stranded in mexico as they try to reach the u.s. border the money has come from peter's pence funds from church collections around the world will be distributed among a religious congregations that have asked for help in order to continue to provide
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food and shelter. sudan's military rulers and a civilian coalition have agreed in principle to establish a joint transitional council but the makeup of that council remains undecided thousands of protesters calling for civilian rule are continuing their week's long demonstration in the capital hard to correspondent baal as there was. that. they could it is satan but here in the streets of khartoum nothing is still working among the greatest in the capital gets around it by transferring the. speed to send her a treat on the provisional stages i grew up reading history songs and be at sudanese next not praying every way. to release the cross the generations is the overwhelming sounds you hear all over town nevertheless people here in sudan
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keep on insisting that fight isn't over just yet my stuff in and out of the people's demands have not been met yet that's my business come here i've come all the way from el good on earth and i'm going to remain here until the regime actually falls down as everybody here is united as the people give you a sense of comfort when you sitting here there is no fear. these people will only be said despite when the regime steps down completely and power is handed to a civilian transitional government. incredibly well organized protest we are witnessing here but clementine is doing security checks revolutionary are being created on the streets. and cleaning patrols taking care of the rubbish. you can tell these practices are here to stay and make so that their evolution isn't stolen from them. oh.
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sports now and so as he joins me in studio to go over what's already been quite the eventful weekend in the bundesliga of course but referring to that match on everyone's minds what a match that is that is the darby in germany pitting two bitter rivals from the ruhr valley i mean dortmund shall have been going at each other's throats for decades i mean there's mutual respect mutual hatred lots of excitement and generally it's sold out stadiums as was the case on saturday in dortmund and what a tale of two cities i mean it went second from the top just behind league leaders by a munich one point behind going into this match at forty two point spread between it and shall come forth from the bottom in possible relegation trouble ok it's coached by an iconic shell coach whose hoop stevens he's amazing he knows how to pull a rabbit out of a bundesliga hat when a team is in trouble but i'll tell you one thing was for certain this was the game to watch. a few games in football evoke such passion is dortmund shocker
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to both teams plenty at stake in this one will be a six offices ends of the table shall cut down on their luck and true to form the title contenders struck first. america second it's in his head on the end of jayden sanchez didn't come from the folks so i'm sure has more assists than anyone this season but watch closely being richmond struck by lights are thrown by shout to fans don't mislead often just four minutes this controversially have judged to be handful daniel caligiuri leveling from the parents the sports eighteen minutes gone more shall can join followed caligiuri scorn amazed by stylish sammy he somehow managed to be cool to him and defend his to the pool despite dominating possession to him and went in at hostile.


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