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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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why are people more concerned. little yellow box shorts mean thirty first w. this is d w news a live from berlin a divisive and uncertain and general election in staying many voters are still undecided even as they go to the polls no posse is expected to win a majority and the far right looks set to enter parliament for the first time in decades also coming up the deadly force of the shoreline east of bombings new footage emerges showing the moment one of the blast hit the country remains on edge one week on fearing more attacks.
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a manuscript as mckinnon thanks so much for joining us very saying is under way in spain's third general election in just four years prime minister padre sanchez was forced to call the election when his minority government failed to pass a national spending bill in february now ahead of today's vote sanchez's socialists were leading in opinion polls not far behind them. and his conservative people's posse but neither of these two major parties are expected to secure an outright majority and that means they'll need support from smaller posses now these are enjoying a surge in support and include the center right c.e.o. that analysts the fall eft in a desperate am also and the far right vox party. one in four voters
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was said to be undecided ahead of this poll explains third election in four years and the most open ended in decades. what i want to think is the most we're actually crucial moment in spain. i think everyone has an obligation to get it this time and make that folks can't. feed it with. my ballot paper because i didn't like any of the candidates any of the parties and none of their proposals. for decades prior has switched between the socialists led by prime minister petro sanchez and the conservative party to a popular or popular party spain had long been seen as a country resistant to nationalism with no real swing to extremes since the fall of francisco franco as military dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. . now the far right vox party like sent to enter parliament for the first time they have been boosted by some voters discontent with the traditional parties but
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not all. we've got he said i don't want a far right i think i voted for the lesser of two evils i'm not really convinced is that more than the. other there are those that could be the first time that the far right enters the government it seems they'll get in so it will depend on which alliances are struck get also what they're going to give them so this could be quite a serious change for spain. and if by there the traditional parties will most likely rely on the smaller parties to form a government with at least five in the running talks on any potential coalition could last for weeks if not months with fresh elections one of many possible outcomes. all right for more on this is probably fairly obvious joins us now from madrid good to see you pablo it's the third election in just four years how motivated all the people to face again what they've been telling you. well first
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and foremost this has been dominating conversation here in spain for weeks if not months in fact in the run up to today's election pretty much everybody here in spain myself included family friends everybody is talking about this and that looks like voter turnout is also open significantly on the last general election in two thousand and sixteen and some regions of the country including count lonia it is open over eleven percent that is incredibly high when you consider what has been happening there with regards to the push for independence and even here in madrid it's almost five percentage points so it seems that this general election has really really motivated people to come out and vote as is the case in many european countries spain is also seeing a resurgence of the far right tell us what's driving that well as i just mentioned there the question of cuttlebone independence has been central to the
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pre-election campaign from old different parties every party had essentially been focusing on how the best route forward is and how to solve and i vox's really see a top tune to a certain percentage of people here in spain who feel that the traditional parties haven't handled the situation there well at all and they feel that spain needs to be more centralized unless power needs to be given to the regions including catalonia and and also it seems to have tucked into this idea of traditional values and people feel left down by like i just said more traditional parties and the bigger parties within parliament at the moment. spain seen some real tubby in recent years is there any chance at all these elections could finally bring some political stability to spain. well i mean that's the million dollar question because going into this poll the last opinion polls put almost over six million people undecided going into sunday's poll that's around one sixth of the electorate
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so basically anything could happen and it's seems to be pretty divided between the two blocs the right wing bloc made up of that the people's party fewer than those also known the citizens and of course vox or those who would rather a left wing coalition made up of the socialists led by prime minister pedro sanchez or pull them over. and also perhaps made up and supported by some regional and smaller parties so everybody here is waiting with bated breath to see what is going to happen this evening but this is certainly one of the closest and most tense polling times i've certainly witnessed in many spaniards have witnessed in that in many years all right probably fairly early as in much of it thank you so much. sri lankan forces have raided the headquarters of an islamist group suspected of being behind the east to suicide bombings more than two hundred fifty people died in the attacks on multiple hotels and churches and the country remains on edge now
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new footage there of deal with the deadly force of the blasts this is the moment the bomb went off it's chilling footage of one of the explosions that took place on easter sunday at the king's. capital colombo the video also shows one suspected bomber checking into the hotel a day before the attacks. in response to those attacks police stormed his jihadist hideout near the eastern town of kabul night on friday the father and two brothers of the suspected mastermind behind the easter bombings are set to be among the fifteen people killed in the shootout. after the state claimed responsibility for the bombings police and troops stepped up searches more than ten thousand soldiers have been deployed across the island to
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hunt down people suspected of having links to eastland missed militants amid security fears churches across the island had to stay closed instead a private memorial service by the archbishop of colombo was broadcast life on t.v. . on. to use someone in the name of god god who is the all merciful god who is the your love god who has reared my brother and my sister. at vigil was also held outside sindh and ginny's shrine in colombo at eight forty five am the time at which the bomber struck the church one week ago. believe me thought this one because. the motivation. for youth in the people and confident in make sure that everybody is still not
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emotions are not die. for scores of people the need to come together was larger than the fear of another attack. police are investigating a deadly shooting at a california cynical that killed one person and wounded three others officials are calling a saturday attack a hate crime and a probing a link with an early a fire at a mosque mourners held a vigil for the victims at a nearby church community members from all faiths coming together to pay tribute to the shooting on the last day of passover comes just a few months after a gunman killed eleven people as another u.s. and ago. places of worship used to be centuries now nowhere seems secret a gunman entered the chabad synagogue in power in california as worshippers marked the final day of passover he opened fire with a high powered rifle killing one woman and wounding three more people including the rabbi. my friend was going to hit you she said.
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she's gonna. try to. stop beating me if you don't have to take her to hospital but i thought i suspected nineteen year old gunman fled the scene by car but was stopped on a highway and arrested shortly after police say his motivation may be detailed in a letter posted online we are collecting digital evidence and we're aware of his manifesto which we are in the process of reviewing to determine its validity and authenticity. politicians were quick to call the attack the outcome of hate. at this moment as looks like a hate crime but my deepest sympathies to all of those affected. will get to the bottom of it i want to know. this is not how way we always walk with our arms around each other and we will walk through this tragedy with our arms around each
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other the attack comes just six months after a white supremacist killed eleven people at a synagogue in pittsburgh. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world serious flooding is being reported in parts of mozambique three days after cyclon kennett hit the government is urging people to seek higher ground with hundreds of thousands at risk of floods come just six weeks after another site flown by killed more than six hundred people in the country. scotland's first minister nicolas has said her posse will do whatever it takes to keep scotland in the european union in edinburgh she told delegates at her scottish national party spread conference that britain's parliamentary system is broken and that scotland needs to make its own choice over its future. tens of thousands of hong kong residents have marched against a proposed law that would allow people to be extradited to china to face trial
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activists say the law will further erode rights and liberties in the autonomous region of protests comes days after the arrest of several pro-democracy activists. sports news now in saturday's bundesliga action included one of the biggest games of the season as dortmund hosted bitter rivals with dortmund battling with buy in for the title and shelter not yet safe from relegation there were ramifications for both sides and the result shook the bundesliga. a few games in football evoke such passion is dortmund shocker for both teams plenty at stake in this one albeit it overseas ends of its how you both sound cut down on their luck and true to form the title contenders struck first. very good circuits in his head on the end of jade and sam shows didn't come for the books so i'm sure it has more serious than anyone this season but watch closely the englishman struck by lights of throwing bright
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shouts of firearms don't mislead lasted just four minutes this is controversial to be a judge to be harmful to your county jury leveling from the parents the sport eighteen minutes gone. shouted joy followed caligiuri scorn amazed by sally sammy he somehow managed to be poor jordan defenders to the pool despite dominating possession dome and went in at half time frustrated by shaka and those frustrations soon boiled over. marco roy's shown a straight red for this foul on stewart said and i would go on to captain disappearing down the tunnel with him perhaps the side streams of the title. caligiuri crashed in the resulting free kick clearly relishes these games this was his third goal in his last four darby matches will cycle three assists in that time and if this was bad for dormant because worse another reckless challenge.
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another red card five minutes after the last marius both the man dismissed starts up in a carbon copy of his captain the nine men refused to give in. so that the far post pulled one pack. but darby de belongs to shout. bolo putting the gloss on the victory for two with four minutes to go. and get some cash and with slash. in formula one to sadie's drive about harry potter has capitalized on his pole position start to clinch first place in the azerbaijan grand prix in back to his teammate lewis hamilton came second continuing the team's early season dominance ferrari races sebastian vettel finished third to round out the podium the wind pushes bought us just ahead of hamilton to first in the standings and finished in the top two for every race so far. enjoying that champagne you watching the daily news outlets in
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american fashion designer is trying to transfer industry and she's doing it with road kill state change for that and i'll. back with more news at the top of the hour thanks so much for watching. my first boss was the sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this social influence even something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle it isn't. since i was a little good i wanted to have advised i'd lost my home but it took me near as to understand there's. finally they gave up on mental buying young guys like that but returned because sewing machines sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for girls than.


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