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he w. . this is to give you news live from berlin polls close in spain's divisive general election turnout has been high but so has a feeling of uncertainty no party is expected to win a majority and the far right looks set to enter parliament for the first time in decades we'll go live to madrid. also on the show torrential rains and flooding strike mozambique just days after sight clone canada as the flood waters claimed more lives many areas are cut off from rescuers and eight more torrential downpours
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are forecast for the coming days. i'm nick spicer thanks for joining us we begin in spain where polls have closed in the country's third general election in four years turnout was higher than usual the socialists of prime minister pedro sanchez are favored to win the vote but without a parliamentary majority the conservative people's party is expected to play second both will need the support of smaller parties to form a government the far right vox party is likely to enter the parliament for the first time since it was founded six years ago. following the story for us in madrid is paddle fully and pavel polls have just closed in all regions of spain what's the latest. well the latest is the participation is opening
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but must be compared to the last election in twenty sixteen and also an opinion poll taken by spanish public television. the result of that was released just over an hour ago gave the socialist prime minister pedro sanchez the majority but he along with the other left wing party we need them most would not reach a majority and would need the support of potentially regional and national parties from both the possible injury and interesting lead in contra lonia it also means that the right wing bloc has failed in its attempt to reach an absolute majority and form a government well that's what the opinion poll says and we should have an exit poll in the next few minutes there are those projections are correct what will that mean for the socialist party how can it govern spain was going to be very very difficult for them because as i said these kids going to the prime minister has
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a son just would need the support of only those but the most and also the smaller regional parties including pro independence parties from catalonia and in order for him to form a government it will be very very difficult so once again spain is in a very difficult situation if they want to. be able to create a government and form a government here. we're also hearing about a possible big gain for the far right nationalist vaux party which may be represented in parliament for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty two tell us about that. well vox of course catapulted onto the scene in several months ago in the regional elections in on the low c. on the sides of spain and it looks like they've polled very well it's also not been a very good night for the conservative right wing party of the people's party but vox seem to have struck a chord with many people they want to centralize spain they want to give less
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powers to the regions and dave being very very clear about what they want to do with kind of only out which is they they feel that it the traditional parties of the socialist on the people's party have not been able to manage the situation there and too much autonomy has been given to them that seems to have appeal to many voters in spain according to these opinion polls. the turnout as you were just saying has skyrocketed across the country what does that tell us well one thing i've noticed here in the past weeks and months is that everybody seems to have been talking about this election because essentially it's been split down the middle between a sort of a decision between voting for right wing blocks or volume voting for parties who would form a left wing government and they have two very different ways of approaching the situation they're in catalonia and that's essentially being one of the main talking points in this election campaign and for many spaniards it has also meant that some people have shifted their vote from one party to the other depending on how they
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feel their party should approach the cattle and question and so it's dominated conversation and everybody here in spain is waiting with bated breath to actually get the results which are expecting in several hours ok did have a fully alyssa madrid thanks for that. german media reporting the country's domestic spy agency says it's becoming increasingly difficult to monitor right wing extremists and hate groups that's according to a confidential report by german intelligence officials it says far right extremists like a group called revolution candidates whose members were arrested last year are becoming increasingly decentralized the report also says social media is playing an ever greater role in pushing people to the extreme right. to tell us a little bit more about this i'm joined by d.w. reporter erin tilton is the government going to have to worry about the contents of this report well it does seem that they are taking this report rather serious you
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have to remember this it does come from germany's domestic intelligence agency in this is a report intended both for their higher ups and also members of the government so it does seem they are taking the potential threat of violence arctic stream is quite seriously in role as you were saying there what the report is really focusing on is this kind of echo chamber effect that we're seen in extreme right wing groups where basically young men usually run thirty or find themselves a kind of a political echo chamber and it's driving them further to the right end of the spectrum or we're actually starting to see them becoming much more willing to commit violent acts and another part that was really highlighted about this report is the very nature of social media is making it much more difficult for german investigators to follow their actions you have to remember a lot of these groups are communicating on just kind of the local level with each other and are using the protected spaces that social media and messenger apps actually provide to communicate in a way that's not exactly viewable by german investigators. how many understand how this radicalized that issue is different from previous right wing extremism well
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focusing in here in germany in the past a lot of the the the right wing extremist groups that were ready to commit violent acts were actually organized groups on the on the local and national level so we're talking about like skinheads a neo nazi group where the structures were known on a much larger level what this report is warning of. it is more individuals small groups little fractured groups or even lone wolf style attackers who are radicalizing independently online and don't really have connection to these to these larger more national international groups and because that they're kind of so granular at this level it's very very difficult for investigators to actually track them down identify them before they commit an action or what can the government or the tech groups since it's all much it's happening online do well that really kind of remains to be seen it doesn't seem like there are any easy answers here at least when it comes to the social media aspect they do it's very very difficult to actually get access to a lot is encrypted messenger apps i mean they are protected companies as well and
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many of them actually have their servers outside of germany or germany has very very tight laws when it comes to hate speech but a lot of these companies you know they have their servers in the united states which has a very very different perspective when it comes to free speech and what it also comes actually getting people involved in these groups i mean germany has a long history of using informants in these neo nazi groups in order to track them down that's much more difficult because these groups are just the cut off from each other they don't have those connections that we've seen in the past so right now it doesn't really look like there are a lot of good answers available ok you do have user until thanks for that thank you . to mozambique now where residents are reeling in the aftermath of the second cyclon to strike the country in as many months. tore into the northern province of cabo delgado on sunday after devastated vast swathes of central mozambique in march the government says that up to one hundred sixty thousand people have been affected while thirty five thousand homes have been damaged or destroyed heavy rains
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continue hampering aid efforts and threatening further destruction. after the storm the rain. swelling rivers and washing away houses here in the north of mozambique nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six hundred people died from the flooding caused by so i don't eat ice six weeks ago so i kind of predicted to cause twice as much rainfall as this deadly predecessor. already communities have been devastated by the storm's destructive force. the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed. i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i
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don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild one home and i probably can't even do that. it is the first time in recorded history that mozambique has been hit by two cyclons in one season. aid agencies who have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from aid i now have even more work on their hands. in the sudan to protest leaders and the country's military rulers have agreed to establish a joint civilian military council the joint body will lead a transition from thirty years of autocratic rule by former president omar al bashir it's been hailed as a step forward the protesters aren't leaving the streets are pushing for a rapid handover to civilian rule following the shares ousting earlier this month. they won't abandon that posts not until a civilian government takes over in sudan that's not the demonstrators have fresh grounds for optimism after a breakthrough agreement between the military and opposition leaders to form
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a joint tax so. we've been silly making progress since the beginning of april step by step with things are going in the right direction we're fighting a very old regime in our country with roots going back thirty years that you think anything. and we hope that now we'll finally get a civilian government with the support of the army we don't want to military government anymore never again. the agreement was brokered to meeting street. into the night the result of tough negotiations and weeks of just an input power than you can sell is toss would leaving sudan's transition to a civilian government it still not be decided how many seats each side should have never the best opposition leaders are optimistic. we have reach a sort of. breakthrough. that is therefore was dressing the main issue of the composition of the soaring council
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a foundation has been laid but while trust is growing many protesters remain skeptical they're hoping the fine words will be followed by action. turn out of sports and in the bundesliga byron munich have extended their lead at the top of the table despite failing to win away to relegation threatened nuremberg the hosts took the lead in the second half through pereira but should now be equalized for biron before nuremberg missed a late penalty the one all score line means biron are two points that clear of dortmund with three games to go. mercedes dominance in the new formula one season has continued to this weekend as their drivers are again finished first and second at the azerbaijan grand prix this time valtteri bottas got the better of his teammate lewis hamilton in a race that turned into a stroll for see. the most eighties geo started the race on the front row of the grid reigning world champion lewis hamilton was desperate to take the lead off
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a valid to rebuff us but the finn held off his teammate's early attacks. it quickly became clear that sebastian fattal had little hope of overhauling the front to his ferrari team mate charlotte clegg battled his wife up the field after his crash in qualifying he even led briefly thanks to the leading trios pitstop but the plan only worked for so long as lookalikes tires degraded he was easily reeled in by the race favorites eventually dropping back to fifth place that left the white cliff a potus to complete a comfortable victory already his second in four races of the new season. i could not do any mistakes but honestly everything was under control so i'm happy to to see the track if i can get this get this first place the victory puts boxer some eighty seven points in the driver's championship just one clear of hamilton they're already way ahead of sebastian vettel and the rest of the competition.
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the superhero film avengers endgame has shattered the record for the biggest opening weekend with one point two billion dollars in global ticket sales the movie surpassed analyst expectations setting records in the u.s. china brazil and friends as well as in three dozen other markets the three hour actions spectacle features popular comic book characters such as iron man the hulk and thor in a battle against the super villain planets. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you goals. spain have close in a general election that looks set to transform the country's political landscape the campaign has been marked by a surge in support for smaller parties especially the far right. and heavy rains are causing massive flooding in mozambique just three days after the country was hit by cycling kennet some seven hundred thousand people could be at risk juju the
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a flooding additional downpours are forecast for the coming days. watching the interview news up next is dr phil a story of south africa more news at the top of the hour thanks for watching. what's coming up in the book go to sleep you'll have plenty to talk about here. is how to take a look a little bit means for the table of course. the fund is legal every weekend here on w.


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