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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2019 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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at risk june twentieth flooding additional downforce are forecast for the coming days. you're watching t.v. news up next just doc film a story of south africa more news at the top of the hour thanks for watching. here what's coming up on the coldest legal have plenty to talk about here b.t.w. not as hot take a look at what all that means for the table of course. the bundesliga every weekend here on w. .
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may have missed it off i think. each of. those over the coming days and then became then it. was read i will not. bring. in some. time to type in fact. no. question. as opposed to. trying. to do a thousand on yesterday. and he's feeling like you haven't involved here.
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ok to paris remember you want to know they want to take this to be an insult to enough time to speak that's ridiculous and then try to make up who they want to bed and all they want to learn now i mean how long do you need feel no ending i think that's when we're going to think that. they did mean needs for the meaning of the post now and then say that the anti of the people so that's why they should have a break i'm asking you to make a judgement because you're the leader and you need to show quickly to share and you need to talk next time i personally think i should be great but that's my feeling so maybe i could have a break to be different from the pain of that i can't actually. join the fear of a certain amount of time just to organize your life i'm trying to feel you to make a better good decision.
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let's cut. to sue to get. to. do so. to speak to. all. the time but i didn't know any feeling i didn't think of my. to which they
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would do this but one thing if you need a good position to try to lead this could cause. in the end i ask myself that suit what did they see to me to point me to plead and maybe there is something that these things that i do know. about. are entirely really really. good morning the beloved women mostly we're going to continue exploring who we are as leaders and look more deeply at what all the qualities of a leader. if a leader governs with a vision then people will not go wrong. so in her wisdom she restrained herself by not dominating the organization. by keeping herself healthy and fit all day
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any words that we would like to see cherrypick tension on. ambition do we know what that means. but the good will come. here and up there are going to have. an ambition it is we need to do something to put on for oneself. ok ambition is to work with a huge goal for oneself is that is fixed in the environment where you can be respected and supported you actually do have what it takes to be needed to be leaders in your family to be leaders in your unit at court but none and to be leaders in cofa know. anything.
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about it would. seem to believe that everything is anything but only in certain ways through away you must have seen major. you mentioned twice cut once and. he will. lose it and then hundreds on the show to misery down like sad. and he bought. system. is.
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first. internalized because from. feel. thank. you feel. really. see. you today because they've been here to use the transform. yet we didn't pay this confirms was mr snooping it's news to inflame and told. so. we stepped up to where we are coming game. in a mass finished and paid the fees.
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for things. that. will be left in my favor. or flip it feel like i want. to go to sleep but i've. never. felt anything. i feel it feel if i think he's trying to tempt big film did taking c.c.s. fall how stupid he e.c.c. that's why it's the he watches the gators use because we are neutrally him get right to the.
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scene in the it's where we fight each other. this is the style of if you get paid to be embedded you used to drink then man you sometimes and then. we end up and it's his human food in the house. decisions by such as the basic things you treat. but he is drinking too much too much if you eat come they take in hundreds one in. two bites. after some time soon find out to come clean and take kind of. it around you think. it's r.k. and you know them as if maybe yeah just. that
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it has been crossed. that this is going to be a ticket because in one i'm afraid of in my clothes this comes in the. goodness for the label it was lit and they tell you it's not a lie and because you understand. it's very important that we give them feedback so that they understand how to improve lives in this connection is. you know. them. in this fashion made we must become their peers from the vision i mean the new thing is big. and then once you do all vision. is that's just going to make me feel cumbersome and music in the finished color must tell you. that i am less than those two going on my mind they're my visions
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and no way my. yes i'm not. the family budget. as we can use these are not to find out the facts not to thank them when they demand i do they feel that the son could see and really did this us could treat him in good. young man releasing them it usually. gets jumpy. and i must jump in to say why didn't i too must hold fair trade if it is then still with us we would plug it that's not an offical show you. lot of sleep please. come around yapping again can you guarantee we became not. just good for. you now but i'm going to get. back. to getting yeah i'm not.
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a close race or not experiencing you can hear you live new me at. all to point out it's our nature it takes to push it if you believe it is the point is we need spunky a speech. oh . oh. oh. oh oh yeah. if. they know everything it's just going to be just move. in notes. will feet i tell you don't see that's how i feel but even with other people he didn't seemed to ease his fleet smoking something something.
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take don't know. she used his id to do is read by t. he is not the point of stevie in a way he was he in the house to save me to order to buy a pistol. all displayed and to use it all of. this baby mixed chemicals with their relatives is poised to go that way it's. not that. you. don't know who the winners were the women that you add.
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in that he only had the normal boon to the names i'm going to say we use but there was need to be. a long term here are these food to to to say this is the all. in and i do. to protect to the project to do books there in the opus full stop of project because you are scared to say someone tell you are wrong here. you see let's just be more nuanced because when you look who's this oh this is a good. kid and he's just by this into your own room problem because he doesn't need probably as you were i didn't get the point on the order but imagine the change who should get in quick who's most had to mean yeah i want to see scenes symbolical i want to do ballads with my lobes must lie at your place i would so for love groovy is the love i do love about bashing the oppression this is the business of my doing must show its path.
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it's not just that you come from outside you know most especially. if it one knows that's dealing with a white just being in need it's a growing thing some as black people we destroy teams. sometimes when we last yeah we just trade things to see if i can be appointed to be in the state project some of the people would not like kids some of the people we're going to take the f.b.i. explain leave because you know i'm the one who's leading the project. was.
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already in the bank if you have one thing is going to get your ideas what i mean man it's going to community it's a tough here since early when we go to the bank we always need id i didn't you know all of the talk on the trip introduce you to isn't here because it was spike come. this has been the last time you did you did you have your i.d. the last time no you didn't and you knew we were going to the bank. so what what do we need to to intensify and i can show them where the strong leaders of companies so what's going to change. if. i.
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am lucky just not much more do i need it now not something. i'll usually longer than i did a hundred i'm going to give or muslims living i was done i'm going to do as nicely are these none of that and it is enough that i didn't really worry because he had resolved in a field live still i. think i'll give you some of the miami family that you will turn to the next morning when he looks in gaza anything moxon was on why he didn't work on my mind you i don't know where he's going to are i sure don't know yes and charges are not funny there's nothing there's nothing to.
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please i. think at. least. secession of the post was at the monday i said to. him and i explained to him that doing it any way she did was they did their challenges and pedals and if. it is something that you need to call it when i'm in demand call them names what actions are you going to push in in place to help you meet those challenges sometimes and the rights you've been in to bed my bed with maybe it will indeed so fine but maybe i open to preach in the night when i think it's not that great and
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you do know what. that is my problem sometimes when you tell me something now i write it but i don't know where you laid into that says the blue so how can you make that better if this is special man must be fooled right beyond dealings feet and we know that you can do it. all that we're all on the learning curve i mean overseas trips just live and i will be going to australia. and it. will be going to the school it's been sponsoring list and we will do a presentation to the fungus. and you can talk from a personal point of view. that.
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is. the m.p. for. more you. well fluent to use this continues including think. it's absolutely done if you still want niggas that you fool for me in the us it means i'm generous unless i'm going to be easily fooled the ones fizzle out. how you imagine israeli attack in madison kayak in my life i felt deep in my vibe but that. all. through thought. gays are going to buy a whole new people. the money is restored i but yeah not in my mind you have to know i'm done and i don't mind seeing some at night i do it enough they'll be mocking me john referring to me here john sounds minute now i'm from the national language and you need to get i'm frightened to need uncle christmas over the room
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full of angina my mama parted every now and matching it all dolled up bought all of a valentine's day and i'm done before you know wanting time and i'll show it in dialogue all night only the longshoremen's know it if you're in. it and. nothing will that couldn't happen. seven seven a lister years and then now she's moving it into more show you possibly your suspension is the is it on this list ne ne reduce least to the so now the list is that in movie we make it a place to live for eat or need regard also to why it was left so late that we
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chose in this. again we're going through such chaos we still not pushing all people to finish jobs on time which is the leadership role. trials so far that we don't end up in these kinds of we end up on every time this is additional.
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to. stop being nasty mouth and post and then things should be honest. i don't have to sacrifice only a spot to talk only if you're just pissed on and weakening our plan for the next one i just have a conference call with options focus. on let's throw stuff out from space.
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so roosegaarde trivia on the seventeenth floor sign that said to him you have. a list most round on the left hand side prefaces are going twenty six thirty. temporary relief of apology mom of three rejection from six women to mark of. the year many are christians too funny disco. remember this was.
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the turning thing you. want to hear yeah i don't like the way we fight. live here to play she loved ones yeah suspension and the students are bad and you can and that. just takes a swipe. at our troops fool if. you feel safe it's not it's much safer it's not safe to me you are not going outside to night. especially now when you come up to who we keep seeing retreat in the tiny bit i did manage to take not leave to whilst i. complain about something they didn't take notice his insults just any time soon when we asked them something or when they are sending our i mean to me something
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for us. to this day and think now we're its power and is leaving ours because the time and then that was the first name it's made in here he's saying to give as. for the house to have now it's not in. the township the minister quality is something you doing things come and so they fish you think that that meets now that i shop in their shoes facing the secular money. could you and i dream of the possibility that one of the women at companies and say you could stand should excite the local municipal opera much. as you did that's what you need to see. are. going to take another time to think through
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when i was up you know once we're with you give us another one sorry we have another table we have it all. i'm just i'm spacing up to find out sammy sweeney. came in to point us. to sis push. her home this is on. our. palms and there are. few structures. burn through the processes of your contribution marks. we have to. write everything through.
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and then this time if you one instance finished painting two towns in the time that when we use another one it's. its own distance it will have six. you want to take a. name. you . want to write on to it been trending in a can something. when you kidding me are you referring to. the. eyes of the own species oh i see no time god fearing i have this feeling very nice
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fish oh i love shoulda and i can hear all strings that are nuts are wondering how long. i shot. it down i think you need. as the sun that's what it's like if i spy cam suckin on looks fine at the feet. he done talking behind him something struck him and you can just leave it on your flight. hours. but. you must. know you are. going to. cause you to.
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jump on. me when. the well will fall. well. you can go to just. look i'm not. going to leave you in the. house. not going to come on that i didn't go in the earlier you mean that he's pushed me i didn't want to push on i do consider. each scene. it's on the coach with me it is jade i mean you turn yourself there's a lot of people. here in this resort on. she didn't actually mean him and. maybe two hundred if you left the building.
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manager with. ignition like this i'm going molly ball and that's what he lived at school not my thing you go. so there's a lot of them then i mean your mom odds you close you walk up the teacher she. didn't get mail nothing. at all no problem. well. you not only want to ask how i'm going to spend the time you know yet i could maybe you. even if i could maybe include bush and his team these should. include a pen do you hold the one who's going to do is continue an idea the people of bombarding. you to walk out on.
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me. you know miss lindon i'm going to change and change that. because a lot of us were used to our film and. he's just. ok are poignant. enough to sound i am going now to get you to think so i'm going to continue. to. thank. you to tell me the time to meet with unit managers new meetings over this last five weeks i've been away again when we didn't have a deal and religious mateen week at the general unity which was held on in the city and. if anyone twice held only eighteen of the four
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pari and you think it's enough for me to think is there some reason why you didn't have it usually you next month they might have just reaching a hundred unit manager speak for. it's about every month. it is supposed to be every month and. yes it is supposed to be every man. but then i don't have any excuse for training that. way what we have been since is this is that though there was so much to do everything we can now focus on those called we didn't run to the south korean peninsula and we wanted to do it right on the other hand you didn't want to disappoint me this project is not about me it's got to be fulfilling your function tests and the managers of this project small population says to share your speech if you know clear we need to discuss it i don't want to be here in that if i don't
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keep doing so. until you can do is you know. i mean that's a not productive. you're a fool but we have the commitment today between fishing of the country and working with him a hero and there is a plan to wait. i believe the cogon can tell. you the truth that you can't leave balance for this planet. a tropical plants off. balance. balance it's all pixels in the club's. history next. time don't tell me you call it a cold release and please please let me go to lectures here in grade.
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school to call for. help and let them. take all picture on picture a little bit. did you see now that you can do is a. copy. it's just. we'll put studio to studio and t. sity script strategy and we've been challenging beam and you had many instances in this we were able to effect it my son was who. look at this. is a lot of look good to our east in the center and you know what steps to take. and it was minimal what i said staged to yes maam every time you come home you come
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with a new i'm. not up yet and you don't know what i never knew i was in the art of learning and i'm teaching. the it is you know we at the university in the township on the. yacht and the rip you rippling it out to families rippling it out to you organizations that you belong to and you are playing it out to the community so you are changing the face of south african society and. now i want us to do it copa now what is your vision so we are we going to make it big because this is not blue stop thinking. and to open it in the same song to build an. alley in the us to the tribes of the right yet they're using drugs ok are you saying to answer we just drug addiction is.
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not. to love the. presumption that. we knew more about them.
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all the education we're setting out is precisely to broaden the leadership and. much more responsibility for the whole city it's not some heavily dependent on two people so it's a big increase but the focus is yours on training camp if you've only to be look at ceiling didn't job description anyway because she has enough enormous skills in translation and in my two patients i have continual disappointments that make you think she herself is admitting to the finances and if you and intrigue and see them now it's big it's big story it's nothing changes in the usual the. competencies that need to shift and so there is
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a real exception to that responsibility in the talks so i believe that we need to forge a crisis which i think is the only way because it is only. half . of. the field on yellowfin if they if they all do that we'll. yeah whatever that may be a little. bit. so
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it is. likely you know i'm going to be in the queue for those up close the door knob i haven't found a move on find big minimus the amazons and i'm keeping the whole family. here when i'm in the lobby is me walking the market she was allowing these ngs. and that's the thing we're demanding is the outrage that no one's at. any angle about who to call you about. what is. true or less to me. is cutting in zero nine and most especially no morning show matter in twenty years that's this really getting battering they way better eternal kuan more walgett now or my rates now matter out have been kept in a corner near. one great guy i know who had zero to one hundred four really tall as well poor poor poor i've had it you poor what
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you want to be you should turn signing. in now paul lands with two million indians who are getting along levantine imagine a matter that's just your opinion doesn't seem arrange you should see most management sooner and reanalysis living in shangri no momentum element that's. evident with the millions in this believe. me will means i missed the internets in there. as well and there have been a lot of problems of an internal problem done right now and that's. when i want my math programs out one meeting in a means. always the bill of one hundred billion war. brings war at minimal cost bill and variables i would see almost all and you probably are with us i mean think. about pileggi in him now and have an inkling of
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a number of problems that go into misspeak. if i'm not.
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playing. a ghost town like no other turn opal thirty years after the nuclear disaster usually deserted but not always. tourists sometimes business looking for that ultimate check adventure come what may. be put to such a special distinction. holiday in turn over thirty minutes on d w. gold.
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and during the civil chain reaction of bricks. began around six hundred years ago in the midst of the revolution and for most men people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence and it's the first. markets. such as. artists. to feature the darkest hours to a. t w.
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this is g w news live from berlin spain's a socialist take an early lead in the country's divisive general election but even with their strong showing no party is expected to win a majority and the far right is on track to enter parliament for the first time in decades we'll go live to madrid. also on the show torrential rains and flooding strike mozambique just days after cycling kenya as a flood waters claimed more lives.


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