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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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d.w. . this is a detail you use live from berlin spain's socialists take the lead in the country's divisive general election but prime minister pedro sanchez his party is well short of scoring a majority and the far right will enter parliament for the first time in decades are the country's politics on the verge of a major make over go live to madrid. the deadly force of the sri lanka easter bombings new footage emerges showing the moment one of the blasts hit the country remains are on edge one week on hearing more attacks.
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on exposure thanks for joining us and we begin in spain where prime minister pager ascension is and his socialists are leading in the country's third general election in four years with more than ninety percent of the ballots counted it garnered twenty nine percent of the vote far short of parliamentary majority the conservative people's party is expected to place second but with a large fall in support both will need the support of smaller parties to form a government the far right vox party is on course to enter parliament for the first time since it was founded six years ago. following the story for us in madrid is pavlo fully elice in front of the spanish parliament and lisa lewis who
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is at the headquarters of the socialist party pavel and come to you first most of the votes have already been accounted what else can you tell us. ninety three percent i'm just checking now of the votes have been counted and as you mentioned there it looks like the socialist party of pedro sanchez are going to top the poll they have increased the number of m.p.'s in the parliament behind me significantly from the last election and twenty sixteen it's a good night for the left wing bloc what we're waiting to see now is in that final seven percent of votes that need to be counted is whether. the socialists will need along with them most of course the anti austerity party what they will need the support of the cutline independents parties. independents parties to form a government but it's been a terrible night for the right wing bloc. just coming to to you the socialist party
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headquarters sima won the most votes so is everybody happy there. were people are really happy they're cheering behind me you might hear that actually when i got here first at eight o'clock this evening there were the first exit polls coming out predicting delete of the socialists then we will of course as we optimistic they were saying we really hope this is what the results will be like and for the for the night went on actually you could just feel how does britain fell from their shoulders and everybody was just really happy and chanting they were chanting slogans in front of the headquarters behind me i talked to one lady who said you know the first time i have it was in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven so just a couple of years after the franco dictatorship there had come to an end she said i couldn't believe that the far right might actually get into parliament again accompli how these people can be voting for them and she said i'm really relieved
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now that this is apparently what the result is going to be like an average is really happy and overjoyed here ok these are the people who are members of the party may be happy but can that party actually govern with the numbers we have for them. and. they have a count really that's really here can i just run here despite the happiness here but i want to. go ahead lisa. yes. yes sorry yes i mean what people have been telling me as well of the about the way going forward is that they were thinking about how the peace only could now form a stable government and although federal sanctions had said before had said before that you wouldn't see him up with cattle and separatists and he they were thinking you know with this result this. might as well happen because we really need to look
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at the right from that getting into government say hey people the field general feeling on the ground seems to be that what's going to happen is that there will be government peace only we need us but demos and then and maybe separates parties from parties from catalonia and the basque country ok let's go back to paolo and talk about the right the big news being the breakthrough of the nationalist vox party tell us a bit more about that would you. after he was being a poor result overnight for the right wing bloc put as you said it's been a very good night for vox of course because they arrive here in the spanish parliament with at least twenty members of parliament which is around ten percent of the vote but once again until we actually have the final vote we won't know but it is great news for them and they're actually celebrating it's not so far from where i am actually standing right now they have been very clear in the way the
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situation in catalonia has been handled by the traditional parties has not been the correct way and they're hoping. basically that they were hoping that the right wing bloc would come through and basically take a much more hardline stance with the pro independence movement there so they've really landed here and appear to have taken away votes from. the people's party of course and even from citizens so goodnight for them. reconfigured political landscape in spain public. lisa lewis thank you for that. german media reporting the country's domestic spy agency says it's becoming increasingly difficult to monitor right wing extremists. as according to a confidential report by german intelligence officials it says far right. this like
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a group called revolution happened it's whose members were arrested last year are becoming increasingly decentralized the report also says social media is playing an ever larger role in pushing people to the extreme right a little bit more about this i'm joined by reporter erin tilton is the government going to have to worry about the contents of this report well it does seem that they are taking this report rather seriously have to remember this it does come from germany's domestic intelligence agency in this is a report intended both for their higher ups and also members of the government so it does seem they are taking the potential threat of violence arctic stream is quite seriously in role as you were saying there what the report is really focusing on is this kind of echo chamber effect that we're seen in extreme right wing groups where basically young men usually run thirty or find themselves a kind of a political echo chamber and it's drive them further to the right end of the spectrum or we're actually starting to see them becoming much more willing to commit violent acts and another part that was really highlighted about this report
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is the very nature of social media is making it much more difficult for german investigators to follow their actions yet remember a lot of these groups are communicating on just kind of the local level with each other and are using the protected spaces that social media and messenger apps actually provide to communicate in a way that's not exactly viewable by german investigators. how man is that how this radicalized that issue is different from previous right wing extremism well focusing in here in germany in the past a lot of the the the right wing extremist groups that were ready to commit violent acts were actually organized groups on the on the local and national level so we're talking about like skinheads and neo nazi groups where the structures were known in a much larger level what this report is warning about is more individuals small groups little fractured groups or even lone wolf style attackers who are radicalizing independently online and don't really have connection to these to these larger more national international groups and because that they're kind of so granular at this level it's very. very difficult for investigators to actually
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track them down and identify them before they commit an action or what can the government or the tech group since it's all much of it's happening online do well that really kind of remains to be seen it doesn't seem like there are any easy answers here at least when it comes to the social media aspect they do it's very very difficult to actually get access to lottie's encrypted messenger apps i mean they are protected companies as well and many of them actually have their servers outside of germany or germany has very very tight laws when it comes to hate speech but a lot of these companies you know they have their servers in the united states which has a very very different perspective when it comes to free speech and what it also comes to actually getting people involved in these groups i mean germany has a long history of using informants in these neo nazi groups in order to track them down that's much more difficult because these groups are just the cut off from each other they don't have those connections that we've seen in the past so right now it doesn't really look like there are a lot of good answers available. or until thanks for that thank you. and now to
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some of the other stories making news around the world. scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon has said her party will do whatever it takes to keep scotland in the european union in edinburgh she told delegates at her scottish national party spring conference that britain's part of entry system is broken and scotland needs to make its own choice for its future. serious flooding is being reported in parts of mozambique three days after the cyclon kennett hit government is urging people to seek higher ground with hundreds of thousands at risk of floods coming just six weeks after another psych loan each day killed more than six hundred people in the country. tens of thousands of hong kong residents have marched against a proposed law that would allow people to be extradited to china to face trial activists say the law will further erode rights and liberties in the autonomy this region the protest comes days after the arrest of several pro-democracy activists.
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by sir thanks for joining us sri lankan forces have raided the headquarters of an islamist group suspected of being behind the easter suicide bombings more than two hundred fifty people died in the attacks on multiple hotels and churches and the country remains on edge now new footage has emerged that reveals the deadly force of the blasts this is the moment the bomb went off it's chilling footage of one of the explosions that took place on easter sunday at the kingsborough talents capital colombo video also shows one suspected bomber checking into the hotel a day before the attacks. in response to those attacks police stormed this jihadist hideout near the eastern town of calm night on friday the father and two brothers of the suspected mastermind behind the easter bombings i said to be among
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the fifteen people killed in the shootout. after the mixtape claimed responsibility for the bombings police and troops stepped up searches more than ten thousand soldiers have been deployed across the island to hunt down people suspected of having links to islamist militants and that security fears churches across the island had to stay closed instead a private memorial service by the archbishop of colombo was broadcast life on t.v. . on production. he was someone in the name of god god who is the all merciful god who is the all love god who has created my brother and my deceased. at the jail was also held outside sindh entities shrine in colombo at eight forty five am the time at which the bomber struck the church one week ago.
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believe me thought this one because. the moderation. creep in the people. confident in make sure that everybody is still not emotions are not by. for scores of people the need to come together was larger than the fear of another attack. in formula one mercedes driver valtteri bottas capitalize on his pole position start to clinch first place at the azerbaijan grand prix and back his team mate lewis hamilton came second continuing the team's early season dominants ferrari racer sebastian vettel finished third to round out the podium when push. just bought test just ahead of hamilton to first in the standings the jewel have finished in the top two for every race so far. the superhero film avengers endgame has shattered the record for the biggest
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opening weekend with one point two billion dollars in global ticket sales the movie surpassed analysts expectations setting records in the u.s. china brazil and france as well as in three dozen other markets the three hour actions spectacle features popular comic book characters such as iron man the hulk and thor in a battle against the super villain phantoms. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you the socialists of prime minister pedro sanchez in spain have won the most votes in the election there but they will need to form a coalition with smaller parties to remain in power the far right box party is also on of course to enter spain's parliament for the first time. you see with us after the break we'll have the best of sunday's bonus legal action featuring league leaders buyer nick they were hoping to capitalize on dortmund's loss yesterday but they had to overcome
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a nuremberg side desperate to avoid relegation former bonus league a star michelle didn't say will be on hand to give his views on that and the other big blunder sleep just. make spicer thanks for watching. he creates a sex phone operator through her master's thesis on the potato brain to breed. not to turn on well it's more words it was from a. literalist determined stream. people here love life they love their country but not the current conditions in iraq.


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