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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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d.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin spain's socialist when the country's divisive general election the prime minister pedro sanchez his party is well short of scoring a majority and the far right will enter parliament for the first time in decades of the country's politics on the verge of splintering we'll go live to madrid. also in the show torrential rains and flooding strike mozambique just days after psych long kennett as the floodwaters claimed more lives of many areas are cut off from rescuers much needed eight more treacherous downpours are forecast for the coming
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days. plus countries around the world are shelling out more and more money on defense a new report explains what's driving local military spending to its highest level in decades. on nick spicer thanks for joining us we begin in spain where prime minister pedro sanchez and his socialists have won the country's third general election in four years but they will need to form a coalition government to stay in power as their twenty nine percent share of the vote is far short of part of the tree majority the conservative people's party has placed second they suffered a large fall in support in part because of a breakthrough by the far right vox party. it is on course to enter parliament for
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the first time since his foundation six years ago. let's bring in our correspondent lisa lewis in madrid and she is standing by at the headquarters of the leading socialist party lisa it's midnight in the spanish capital we can hear people cheering behind you and nearly all the votes have been counted what else can you tell us. why it's been an extraordinary night here really you can hear petro some say the president speaking behind me people are really joyful here and they have no reason to be happy really the happiest only party the socialist party came first with one hundred twenty thousand seats in parliament now they're not sure the coalition partner the far left you know the only does put them on has a bit more than forty seats and that means that them together they wouldn't be have either to form a majority government there are now different possibilities either they team up with separatist party smaller parties or this speculation that he has so read the
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socialist might actually. be as he had on his party which is the market liberal party that's kind of unexpected they have more than fifty seats and with them piers so he would have a majority in parliament what's more at the today there were also senate elections for the lower house of parliament now the senate is maybe not as important but the senate can block laws so the year p.s.a.t. party won half of the seats there which means everything they are able to form a government with different problems whatever possibly it might be and they could really given this country and this is up to a great great nice cool people here especially for the people behind me. and we're looking now. pictures of peter sanchez who was looking very happy. he's going to have a lot of work ahead however. the coalition talks that will inevitably take place
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how long are they going to last. hour how i'm sorry could you how long are they going to last that the party of sorry it's very loud. the coalition talks will take a very long time i would think out the course and. yes i'm sorry yes they can take several weeks now the first deadline is the twenty third of may up until then the pm so he needs to have the first package in by whatever pack that be that could be kind of a wishy washy thing but they need to say we have come to some kind of agreement but i'm to enter the coalition finally stands that can take several months that has taken a several months in the past really so they have some time to come up with the state government. ok lisa louis in madrid thanks so much.
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thank you. say a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. scotland's first minister nicolas sturgeon has said her party will do whatever it takes to keep scotland in the european union. she told delegates at her scottish national party spring conference that britain's parliamentary system is broken and scotland needs to make its own choice over its future. ukraine's president elect of the mayor's alecky has promised to grant ukrainian citizenship to russians who quote suffer under the kremlin's rule the pledge was a response to a decree by russian president vladimir putin making it easier for ukrainians in breakaway regions to obtain russian passports jeff has been fighting must go back to rebels in eastern ukraine since two thousand and fourteen. tens of thousands of hong kong residents have marched against a proposed law that would allow people to be extradited to china to face trial
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activists say the law will further erode rights and liberties in the autonomy is reaching the protest comes days after the arrests of several pro-democracy activists. the people of the need to have voted in parliamentary elections the west african states main opposition parties supporters to boycott the polls because tough new eligibility rules effectively barred them from fielding candidates voters are only given the choice between two parties allied to president i don't know has was once seen as a model for democracy in the region. to mozambique now residents are reeling in the aftermath of the second cycle and to strike the country in as many months cyclon canis tore into the northern province of cabo delgado on sunday after cycle devastated vast swathes of central mozambique in march the government says that up to one hundred sixty thousand people have been affected while thirty five thousand
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homes have been damaged or destroyed heavy rains continue hampering aid efforts and threatening further destruction. after the storm the rain. swelling rivers and washing away houses here in the north of mozambique nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six hundred people died from the flooding caused by psycho six weeks ago so i can kind of predict it cost twice as much rainfall as its deadly predecessor already communities have been devastated by the storm's destructive force. the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed.
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i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild one home and i probably can't even you know that. it is the first time in recorded history that mozambique has been hit by two cycles in one season. aid agencies have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from. now have even more work on their hands. in sudan protest leaders and the country's military rulers have agreed to establish a joint civilian military council the joint body will organize the transition from thirty years of autocratic rule by former president omar al bashir it's been hailed as a step forward but protesters aren't leaving the streets they're pushing for a rapid handover to civilian rule following the sheers ousting earlier this month. they won't abandon their posts not until a civilian government takes over in sudan that's not the demonstrators have fresh
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grounds for optimism after a breakthrough agreement between the military and opposition leaders to form a joint tax so. many of the view that the we've been silly making progress since the beginning of april step by step with things are going in the right direction we're fighting a very old regime in our country with roots going back thirty years that you've done anything with me and i want to show a lot we hope that now we'll finally get a civilian government with the support of the army we don't want to military government anymore never again. the agreement was brokered at a meeting stretching into the night the result of tough negotiations and weeks of just. the new council is toss word leading sudan's transition to a civilian government it still won't be decided how many seats each side should have never been asked opposition leaders are optimistic. we sort of.
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break through. all that is default. dressing the main issue for the composition of the soaring councell a foundation has been laid but while trust has grown many protesters remain skeptical they're hoping the fine words will be followed by action. they knew a report from the stockholm international peace research institute has revealed an increase in global military spending much of the increase is being jet. by the united states which in twenty eight hundred spent almost as much on its military as the next eight countries combined but china and several east european countries are also spending more on defense. military preparedness calls for tanks bombs and grenades in the face of growing global tensions many countries are arming themselves more than ever. between nine hundred ninety eight and twenty eighteen worldwide defense spending rose almost continuously with one plateau to
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nearly two trillion dollars a year in twenty eighteen a sharp increase over twenty seventeen the u.s. is by far the biggest spender on weapons and it shows no sign of changing course in twenty eighteen washington increased its military spending for the first time in seven years. china has the second largest defense budget which it also boosted in twenty eighteen saudi arabia a traditionally well armed country with the third largest budget reduced its spending india and france increase their defense budgets last year as did russia. major world powers china and india have outpaced russia in their defense spending which is why the asia pacific region is said to be arming itself by contrast african countries spending on weapons has declined. eastern europe and parts of the
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middle east have also reduced their defense budgets according to available data. but that has no bearing on the overall trend for many countries the requirements for security have never been higher. and so you look at sports now and mercedes dominance in the new formula one season continued this weekend as their drivers again finished first and second at the azerbaijan grand prix this time out valtteri bottas got the better of his teammate lewis hamilton in a race that turned into a stroll for mercedes. the most eighties geo started the race on the front row of the grid reigning world champion lewis hamilton was desperate to take the lead off a valid to rebox us but the finn held off his teammates early attacks. it quickly became clear that sebastian fattal had little hope of overhauling the front to his
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ferrari team mate charlotte clegg battled his way up the field after his crash in qualifying he even led briefly thanks to the leading trios pit stop but the plan only worked for so long as nick clegg's tires degraded he was easily reeled in by the race favorites eventually dropping back to fifth place that left the white cliff a potus to complete a comfortable victory already his second in four races of the new season. i could not do any mistakes but honestly everything was under control so i'm happy to to see the track if i can get this right this first question the victory puts boxer some eighty seven points in the driver's championship just one clear of hamilton they're already way ahead of sebastian vettel and the rest of the competition. the superhero film entitled avengers endgame has shattered the record for biggest opening weekend with one point two billion dollars in global ticket sales the movie
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surpassed analysts expectations setting records in the united. china brazil and france as well as in three dozen other markets the three hour actions spectacle features popular comic book characters such as iron man the hulk and thor in a battle against super villain. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you the socialists of prime minister pedrosa chez have won the most votes in spain's election but they will need to form a coalition to remain in power the far right box party is also on course to enter spain's part of it for the first time. stay with us if you would after the break we'll have the best of sunday's been misleading action featuring league leaders byard munich they were hoping to capitalize on dortmund's loss yesterday but they had to overcome a nuremberg side desperate to avoid relegation former bundesliga star we showed in say will be on hand to give his views on that and the other big win this league
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