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if you know it hold on one record. sixty minutes till it. hurts first leave school in the. first clean lesson and then the doors grand the moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey back. in our interactive documentary dora the writing returns home. hello and welcome tots twenty one. has a new book the humbled forum is set to open in late summer in a replica oppression palace and it's long been one of germany's most hotly debated and ambitious cultural projects. it's a symbol
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a place that will welcome the world for customs on it. in terms of investigation into the provenance of the artifacts the humbled form has lost ten years of funny people time. this way of. the home but for what its truth justice. and the history of. the genesis of the humbled forum and the challenge is a focus this week on ops twenty one but let's go back to the beginning. on september seventh one thousand nine hundred fifty the government of the german democratic republic blew up the berlin city palace. it didn't fit with the ideology of the new socialist state. dominating the district of berlin it had been the residence of prussian kings in the german counties or for over two centuries now it was history. the. the last day
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republic was built in its place the seat of the east german parliament the fox comma and a venue for key events. german reunification heralded the end of the people's dallas in one nine hundred ninety the building was closed due to as best as. the discussion regarding the new image of berlin mr had begun. fans of the building fought to keep the palace to republic others advocated for the reconstruction of the passion palace even erecting a huge mark beside in the summer of one nine hundred ninety three. a third option a modern new building seemed to have no chance. on july fourth two thousand and two the german bundestag voted with a clear majority to reconstruct the old historic city palace. down to the tiniest detail a computer simulation was created. a lot of work.
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but nothing compared to the reality of executing the project. the presto the public can to be demolished then international architects were invited to tender their ideas italian architect from costello won the tender his design is based on the baroque original just the eastern facade is modern. but what are the new palace be used for that's an issue that sparked a lot of debate the idea that one in the end is to create a forum for a world culture is housing berlin's extensive non european collections in tandem with the european art on the neighboring museum island. the humboldt forum is named after the famous researcher and universal scholar at xander fun humbugged. construction began in june two thousand and twelve the government is providing five
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hundred ninety million euros funding an extra one hundred million euros have been collected in donations to reconstruct the baroque for side. aside from the building itself the current folk. objects displayed in saeed restitution of colonial era artifacts is a matter of heated debate and one the new mega museum conduct. a gruesome murder carved in stone and discovered by chance in guatemala in the nineteenth century. incredible boats from oceania which for the high seas but without a single nail. and a cave from china were buddhist monks prayed over one hundred thousand years ago. treasures from berlin's enormous collection. prussian rulers started these
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collections over two hundred years ago today they belong to the prussian cultural heritage foundation the key player in the new book form. around five hundred thousand exhibits will be on display from all continents mostly acquired in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. known busta here to be the provenance of the history of the exhibit their biographies how they were made what their original function was how they were acquired and how they made their way into various german collections that's a part of the research on these objects which has become a key focus in recent years. and it's now an emotion and in focus could. the times when cultural artifacts could simply be put on display in european museums are over. the flagship project at their home board forum is raising questions about the provenance and history of objects shedding light on german
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colonialism a chapter of german history which was long surprised in the public consciousness. were these items stolen looted. or acquired by illegal means. the humble form. announced that it will host twenty thousand exhibits from berlin's ethnological collection over one thousand of them are from africa. from the late nineteenth century until one nine hundred eighteen the german had four african colonies the native population was not only exploited brutally enslaved robbed and killed. during this period the german kaiser received a valuable gift the lavish throne of the king of bomb in northwestern cameroon at the time a german colony. what is the significance of such
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a gift when it is not among equals the sculptures and basques where they purchased or are they the spoils of war. oftentimes i think we have to deal with this issue openly and transparently and face up to our past form it's a unique opportunity for the humble foreign we can only find a new way into the future by working together jointly with the countries and peoples of origin and by reappraising our past together it's a confident. depression cultural heritage foundation has been carrying out provenance research for over ten years but recently it's been more intensive and rigorous no doubt as a reaction to the public debate and protests from organizations representing the victims of the restitution of certain objects that were proven to have been acquired by illegal means has taken place in the glare of the media is hammer on parting afraid that his cultural collections good slowly diminish. his answer
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is diplomatic. there is no museum director in the world who can singlehandedly decide which objects should be rested to take from their museum it's a decision of the state boards and organizations have to meet. these decisions so i think it's important to create a national or as i prefer to say a european international consensus on how the restitution should take place to have some kind of ground rules on how to proceed. this could take a while in the meantime exhibits have been on the move to their own board for at full speed the effort to logical museum in berlin data where the collection was housed up to now has been closed for some time the last visitors came here in january twenty seventh team since then things have been tracked. restored. and dusted off. the famous south
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seas both said to be put in a disinfestation covered to prevent any harmful insects from moving with them. transporting larger objects is a challenge in daraa a wall was broken through and a gap was left in the facade of the on board farm which was closed up after the exhibits were put in and. none of these objects can be moved again easily we'll soon have pride of place in this exciting contemporary exhibition. was in the museums are no longer temples of contemplation they're more like social libertarius that's why it's so fascinating to work in that the humble foreign will be an extremely attractive place to visit. within the next five friends plans to set the framework for returning cultural artifacts taken from the african countries of origin. two of the experts advise ing president emmanuel
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mccraw on the issue you took time out to talk to twenty one. very sour forty six years old is an economist from senegal. going to need several i also forty six is a professor for art history. berlin and paris both are advisors to french president manuel my call. in a speech in brooklyn or fossil in nov twenty seventh teen mark or announced that france would be rested today looted art and artifacts from its former colonies so far i'm sorry britain a feasibility study on this issue with some politically explosive content. this is the level there are around ninety thousand objects in the french national museums and we were able to prove that two thirds of them entered the collections during the colonial era either spoils of war or through scientific expeditions purchased as gifts or bequests. if appropriation of the property occurred against the will of
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the people we researched whether there are restitution claims in the countries of its origin in this particular case it is a very serious issue to begin the fund always does that in most cases there was no permission to take the objects of plenty of reports confirm this also whether with scientific expeditions and feel of your vessel we recommend that if there is a restitution claim the objects should be returned without any great difficulty. as a comedian would in the media we read about a fear that museum showcases will be empty in five years. is that realistic is this list of yours that any thought that no it's not the objects haman's the collections over centuries and they won't all be returned within five years. and soon there is evidence about a few key pieces which are very important to the history or identity of the country of origin we're talking about
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a few hundred at most not tens of thousands of objects the same thousand and how were the reactions to president micron's idea for us to choosing alter facts or looted art with us to have had to him via the reactions we heard were very. we traveled through fool african francophone countries to talk to a colleague. in the republic of beneath the memory of the destruction of that kingdom by the french you know the memory of french colonial history is still very strong. as. everybody remembers that there was a king there he was sent into exile and that a palace was burned down. perhaps not everyone knows that two thousand objects then found their way to paris but once you know that objects came to paris as a result of this plunder well even a school child can put two and two together those who can't take notes. and
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along with that african curators have thought about how to fill the empty spaces left in european museums after the restitution for me this means important consideration of the relationship the exchange between africa and europe we have a walk off in your book of return which has now been published in germany you describe how africa is always described from outside as a continent in decline dying and riddled with catastrophes. what is the current debate about restitution say about the way europe perceives africa today of africa is central interestingly we are now hearing arguments which reveal a deep seated come dissension towards africa that there are no museums there or that africans are incapable of taking care of their own works of art or cultural heritage not everyone is saying it out loud but many people are convinced that the objects would be much safer in europe and it would even be for the good of africa if they were kept in europe. it means we have
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a lot of work ahead to decolonized the european perception of africa. the poor and yet it's provenance research has only really just got going yet the humble foreign member lynn is about to open in twenty nineteen how can that work kind of giving them. as what this was in my recommendation would be that the museums publish their inventor. this would basically mean that we see museums in the same way as libraries a library without a catalogue is just a pile of books of the law and a museum without an inventor e which is available to the public is simply a pile of optics that no one really knows what to do with call advice on fun come get us what does this debate mean to you personally part of the sort of the same as with the the me it's important to show the dark side of museums that normally only show us the best science as const behind the transparency of the provenance of the stories of where the objects actually come from that's very important to me it's
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vis now we have this debate and everyone knows that the background of these collections is a difficult one. for me and that's a big step. toward him by me thanks for talking to us and. them multi-disciplinary humboldt lab tanzania project explores questions of cultural heritage with reference to the tanzanian antti facts appropriated during the years of german colonial rule. a plate with mysterious inscriptions brought to berlin and eighteen ninety six is a cheap wardrobe. for years it was mistaken for a gong. after one hundred twenty years it's true purpose is finally come to fight. for dos and we showed pictures of it to scribes near the city of kill workers to want to wear this object had originally been expert created and they were able to decipher the writing presence in front and. it turned out to be
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a story from the qur'an. which clearly showed that this object was a protective talisman. protection perhaps in the battle against german colonial rule. for three years the home both kinds are near and examined objects that had found their way to the ethnological collections as war trophies and spoils objects that the german occupiers in east africa had often taken with brute force. and it was that was a comment like that in a way you could say it was a sort of collective morning with these colleagues it brought up so many emotions. about seven thousand kilometers further south in darkness a lot more turns and use government sits. tucked away between modern
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skyscrapers are witnesses to the country's colonial past the germans created these botanical gardens nearby the national museum partner of the home boat club tanzania . there are over ten thousand artifacts from former german east africa still stored in berlin alone. it was a shock knowing that they have a lot of court actions that belong to the company or the former chairman your question but. these conditions were not on display they were close by this storage so no one knew where that the from danielle knew or the germans knew. the university of dar es salaam also help to determine the origins and meanings of what was found a difficult process. the fact that's most of these objects quite difficult. to maintain that there is
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a very of it will inform their ship about the biography. oh. it's. lies an hour and a half north of doris alone it was the capital of former german east africa between eighteen eighty five and nineteen eighteen the dream of the german empire of being a colonial power finally came true. for tanzania it was a nightmare. this is where they hang those who dared to rebel against forced labor inflated taxes corporal punishment between one thousand nine hundred five in one thousand nine hundred seven some three hundred thousand tons a name people died in what became known as the mudgee mudgee rebellion a scorched earth policy. today the buildings are rented by the invaders are crumbling germany is willing to support restorations but there is no talk of restitute ing their massive theft of cultural assets. back at the museum in dar es
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salaam the historical section hardly shows any african exhibits of german colonial rule an empty space that could be filled with plates like this inscribed with us from the qur'an. if they were. in scripture and we. inspired the fight that at the end of the day they would it may give the. money. yes so that these are frightening accident. because if we had. you know the physical. against. what would returning these objects mean for historians and museums. i think it through a milestone for the academy and its fights because now
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they will have some of the timetable harry. things to look on and to reflect on and to do research on and again this is the time because that's right in their own history. the first small step has been made. the findings and interpretations made by the african partners of the. will be incorporated into the tanzania collection. for. my. would have been just. has to be. for them. and that's it would be extremely distraught when all of that is nothing about you but your. interpretation.
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that's the humbled forum is completion curage is a thinking about how to best showcase the many exhibits we met director hans might do for a tour of what's still very much a work in progress. germany's most prominent construction site is approaching the finish line for six and a half years workers have been busy here day and night one hundred thousand square meters and six hundred million euros of pure construction costs all according to plan they say. it's still hard to believe that by the end of twenty nineteen berlin will finally be rid of the scaffolding. broke her side is almost completely reconstructed just like the modern east wing. the famous true toll of courtyard is still surrounded by scaffolding and it looks like a building site on the inside. here in the main entrance hall more dogs are all plans to receive the first guests to the home world forum later this year. trafford
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iniesta builds as a border security guard with a symbolic gesture maybe a private tour they could share salt and bread the tradition in many cultures it comes all they could blow out alexander from humboldt birthday candles two hundred fifty of them there isn't about find out if they stuck. at xander fun homework the impressive scholar and explorer predicted human induced climate change back in one thousand nine hundred known centuries later experts from all fields will come together here under his name to discuss further challenges of our age globalization colonialism digitalisation. this is the it's not just a museum an exhibition space it's also a conference center and event location with a theater and dancing and food you can go up to the roof or a view of berlin scene it's of a lot to offer that's what i call it a forum that's it's got a permanent program and a changing program. and fix and. a program that will fill these grandiose
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rumors the building has been a challenge for construction workers and exhibition organizers a line. at first all that will open is a berlin show to see world cultures the audience will have to wait until twenty twenty and still are to imagine our masks clint axes and bronze plates we're looking here put it on bald form they're optimistic that if the eyes of the architecture helps the interior it won't just be plain identical exhibition halls the rooms differ greatly and that opens up all sorts of possibilities of how to set the scene for each exhibition and with each new temporary exhibition we'll see a different signature design in the hands of. the one show room a wooden wall this is where several of the controversy. mean bronzes are to be displayed that were stolen from africa one hundred twenty years ago france will
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return the ones it took but berlin has yet to make up its mind so for now the busts stay. but they'll be moved to the humbled forum and displayed with video recordings that will include critical voices from their place of origin today's nigeria. and one can see one key principle is to offer a space for other voices it isn't only the curators who tell us about their view of things but we are asked other researches and people from the societies of our region what it means to them today. we also ask critics of the exhibitions of at the not tickle museums this will give our form many different voices was refused to make the top. dog at all promises that not only should the story of the original significance of an object be told in the home board forum but also the story of its acquisition but also goes where on jerks from former german colonies yet the current discussion regarding african cultural heritage is causing tension dealing
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with it responsibly remains a challenge yes country it's important to me that we don't lead this discussion the europeans shouldn't decide on restitution alone it should be a joint decision with the countries of origin of the humble forum should be a place where this discussion can take place and where we present something that tells a story. like these objects from tanzania. a special exhibition will focus on the joint german african provenance research. and of honesty all still don't use the exhibition on tanzania is a result of this research it will later moved to dar es salaam and the prussian cultural heritage foundation who wants some of these exhibits which was suppose of war to stay in tanzania. the tanzania exhibition will be shown in the home board forum in the second half of twenty twenty after the opening phase which will last
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for a whole year alexander for almost two hundred fiftieth birthday will be celebrated on september fourteenth in an almost empty building. the humbled forum construction site will be around for some time a work in progress. from twenty one today by quite a re a while and it is in. large
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sporting and it's got the sun. the m w eight series also comes out the bulb at a test try the flame it's got an air. a ferrari but was considered the place for the nine to five. did you know it hold on one record
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player. tried. to score didn't. win the water starts rising people fight for survival but on a case on a budget we cut the budget when there's a flood water comes up to our waste by good flows fast that everyone needs to put up but a lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junk you can see people move south so they can plant crops and find food the system. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could write any about going to peace not if you want them probably most of them to come to. the climate exodus starts april thirtieth on t.w.
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. read the real talent resides. i come from there lots of people in fact know that the building it is it was not is democracy to me that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the truth and a vision to put his fried chicken bun in after the for want of a bun in one i remember thinking at the time if the barley in bulk and for what anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cool. when i do the news i often confronted difficult situations more conflict between disaster i see despite my job to confront the good he does on policies and development but the spotlight and issues that matter most fundamental to security oppression marginalizes soon. i'm not against going to cheap but so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at concord solutions my name is on
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mcclatchy and i will continue down. this is a g w news live from berlin spain's the socialist when the country's divisive general election of prime minister pedro sanchez his party is well short of scoring a majority and the far right will enter parliament for the first time in decades we'll go live to madrid. also on the show terentia rains and flooding.


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