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concepts feel like is affordable living space for everyone on a table. in sixty. what secrets lie behind a small. find out in that verse of experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. the world heritage thirty sixty. below and welcome to drive of the d.w. motor magazine coming out cutting edge navigation the opel insignia sports tour. robust all rounder the new sun qashqai. and dream convertible the
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b.m.w. eight serious. after a break of more than a decade b.m.w. finally has a larger sports car in its range that b.m.w. eight series a lancia the coupe a has now been followed by a convertible the new eight series marries both sporty performance and luxury. start months says it feels like the range of attractive convertibles in germany is getting ever smaller but today he's testing out an especially good looking specimen . chunky air intakes sleek l.e.d. headlights and the b.m.w. signature dual kidney grille dominate the front. how long the hood emphasizing the low slung structure along with the wide wheel arches the typical b.m.w. proportions. the wide sporty rear end features
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large exhaust outlets and blacks around. in them and then says you can certainly enjoy life in an m eight fifty i like this one the engine under the hood is of course super powerful and you can choose whether he selects the comfort mode for a comfortable ride or the eco mode to save fuel and he can choose sport and he was bored plus if he really wants to let rip with all the latest cocker doesn't benefit i've thought in sport models what off tonight in sport post-mortem or not gets i think it's now. despite his weight of more than two tons the m eight fifty i convertible really sprints off the starting line that's all thanks to the four point four leader v a turbo charged gasoline engine that moves from zero to one hundred in three point nine seconds the top speed has been a lot tronic limited to two hundred fifty kilometers per hour in germany prices for
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the top engine started nearly one hundred thirty four thousand euros a leg in size the steering is like a one thousand inch braking system is super exact you can gauge it precisely and the eight speed automatic transmission means it doesn't need to bother with the gears. a convertible comes with all wheel drive and sports differential as standard the electronically controlled rear axle differential lock i'd only provides optimum traction it also helps with accelerating out of the curve meaning you can really fly around those vans. and says he can close the roof in just fifteen seconds while still driving to a speed of fifty kilometers per hour the quick. nap of the leather upholstered features and sport whether steering wheel come is.
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if you wanted to really swish you can opt for a start stop button and gear shift lever made of crystal. neck warmers integrated into the front headdress which blow out warm air on colder days are only available as an optional extra despite the high starting price which we think is pretty poor for the kind of get my hands measures one metre seventy five which is not particularly top of it he can sit comfortably in the front but he wants to try out the back of the front seat moves forward and of course with the roof getting it is easy so i. like this he's quite comfortable but now when he puts the driver seat set to his height back into position it's pushing against is neat. no one's going to want to sit here for longer journeys that. the intercoastal active steering enhanced is the overall sporty feel of the car up
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to a speed of seventy two kilometers per hour the rear wheels are steered in the opposite direction to the front this makes the steering a lot more precise and significantly reduces the turning radius. you have about the un says the exhaust sounds great and he can make it louder if he wants so here you can choose between a more serene and reserves style or in your face loud when you opt for the sport or sport plus modi i voted against likes it a lot with a v.a.d. under the hood the enormous acceleration power and the sound of the exhaust was enough to give anyone goosebumps warning of what i'm talking that are coming up on for what i'm the kind of get the. journalist emmanuel shaffer says he's just read an article in germany as big as automotive magazine if they compared twenty one cars from various manufacturers
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focusing on their infotainment systems one of them leapt out at him the opel insignia why because it took a very respectable fifth place behind premium brands like porsche b.m.w. and mercedes which have cars in their lineup that cost twice or even three times as much that's reason enough to take a closer look at the opel. your. insignia is opals flagship model so it's one of the first they've outfitted with the latest generation infotainment systems a touch screen up to eight inches in size is the heart of the system the premium version is the multimedia navvy pro which will get a look at it. and everything emanuel says now when it comes to an end fourteen months as. if you wanted to be easy to use and to reach that's the case here everything's easily within reach and you can brace your hand while you're entering
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something done in the next issue is connectivity there is apple car play and android aren't all that well but you do need a keyboard it's not wireless yet. but you can connect your phone to the sat nav or infotainment system. to go do that now. that. will be. first press and phone. then go to bluetooth mode often bluetooth. then most see how long it takes to find it. a few seconds later the smart phone has detected the bluetooth connection and paired with it and i'd love if the speech recognition system means you don't have to fiddle with the display while you're driving a manual gives you a trial. so the manual tells you to drive to the deutsche vella in bonn. said mab recognizes the voice command and gets to work. from
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there is the best route the sat nav as he man oh well if he wants to head out. you know. the comes out is an island in manama says both touch screen or voice commands work well and he finds the interior appealing but now it's time for him to leave the stage for a moment it's the place. where they tethered smartphone the system delivers traffic information in close to real time when the system's not connected and can use d.a.b. to access information carried by t. paid protocols that way you can always stay up to date the sat nav maps also stay up to date since for map up days per year are included in the package. the insignias sports torah features a long low silhouette eighteen inch alloy wheels and chrome trim extending all the
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way to the trunk add to the sporty look luggage capacity is up to one thousand six hundred sixty five leaders. out on the road b. insignia is ad shot down and easy to handle on curves and higher speeds when noise is more apparent but it's still within the acceptable range. with this car also has a head up display it's very practical you can always see how fast you're driving and the speed limit as long as the car is equipped with speed limit recognition like this one of the if you have a sat nav device you can see the next turn without taking your eyes off the road so it's very practically because there's dothan name was out of it out of the park that. this car is powered by a one hundred twenty one kilowatt one point five liter turbo charged gasoline engine. it makes the sprint from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour and eight point nine seconds and sports
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a time speed of two hundred twenty two kilometers per hour and germany the sports tour innovation version starts in about thirty six thousand euros. about everything documentable gives his verdict the opel insignia is an absolutely solid car as good showing on the comparison test is well deserved and if you want to cut costs a bit if you could easily do without the sat nav and the someone of the larger display even in the basic version the infotainment system supports android auto and apple car play then you just use your cell phone as a g.p.s. rather than buying a car equipped with one. beats that's the name of a us audio products manufacturer founded by rapper dr dre say out has no install the company's premium sound system and a special edition of the beats the it beats of beats side mirrors and fog lights
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and eclipse orange are just some of the features that enhance the beats has already dynamic youthful wine. highlights in the interior include this board seats with a speech design they provide more lateral support than the standard version the beats are also bose a well equipped infotainment system with an eight inch color touch screen and a virtual cockpit that can be adapted to suit the driver's individual wishes a three hundred watt amplifier with eight channels and seven premium loudspeakers ensure a great sound. so i thought about car just a vinyl dyson over wonders if you can really call the beats a small car. maybe now he says it measures four point zero five meters in length but consider that the go for from one nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and
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three was just nine centimeters longer by that standard the beats that isn't all that small. that's good well for him and i when he climbs in i know hold who's fairly tall has plenty of space let me do things look in the rear i think he does hit a thug. but are plenty of space here to not sweating he concludes a respectable amount of leg room for a small car. conspicuous features on the exterior are at the grill in a shiny chrome diamond design and the l.e.d. headlights. and then there are the sixteen inch aluminum rims and chrome framed windows. the original easy to look isn't swamped by the ever present beats logo that
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rejuvenated. the trunk of fastening can be varied thanks to the flexible seating configuration. coupled with the biggest drug offers two hundred sixty two to one thousand and seventy two leaders of storage space which are testers says is just below average for its class less than the open course or the ford fiesta but the loading floor is even and the still is not too high a finds. we take a spin in the beats of beats with the most powerful gasoline engine the one leader eco t.s.i. generates eighty five kilowatts of power according to see at the a.b.c. uses four point nine leaders of gas for one hundred kilometers the sprint from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour takes nine point five seconds and top speed is one hundred ninety three kilometers per hour in germany prices for the beads to be started around twenty eight thousand euros is the i hope says the beats is an especially important model for say it since its introduction in one thousand nine
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hundred four over five point five million have been sold worldwide more than six hundred thousand in germany alone and it's basically a small version of a leon says reinhart sporty sturdy and not a bit boring and it has what it takes to face up to the bigger rivals like the ford fiesta or the opel corsica. for the past thirteen years the qashqai has played the role of the urban crossover and in isaan portfolio our entire test drive was plagued by bad weather but the qashqai took it all in stride as you would expect from an s.u.v. it feels very sure footed on the red but we want to find out how the car performs in various everyday driving situations.
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nissan offers five different trim levels for the kind of guy we're testing the second highest level the tech now with us and fourteen month system and black design leather seats and even offers a certain sense of luxury. unites the card to strangers creator he says the nineteen inch wheels and smart wheel rams come standard with a technique she thinks they've had perfectly with a four point four metre long run a looking car. to go boomerang inspired l.e.d. daytime running lights graced the front along with his son's iconic wii motion front grille. black plastic familles
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underlined that cars robust look around clarence's eighteen centimeters out. the window line teachers upward sharply towards the back of the car with the chrome surround directing attention to the roof spoiler. david listen i have put in a says the most important change can be found under the hood nissen now offers a one point three liter gasoline engine without quotes of either one hundred three or one hundred seventeen kilowatts they replace the old one point two and one point six liter engines today she's testing the smaller one hundred three kilowatt version. it takes ten point nine seconds to go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour
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this smaller gasoline engine has a top speed of one hundred ninety three kilometers per hour the combination of engine version and trim line that we tested is exactly in the middle of the overall price range. in a sense the one hundred three kilowatt gasoline engine always comes with a manual six speed transmission she notices that the throws are quite long and there's considerable resistance on the clutch pedal so it doesn't feel like such a dynamic right although the engine actually kicks in the full two hundred forty newton metres of torque at sixteen hundred revolutions per minute. she now wants to test it on the german autobody. stock of course the business of changing gears is not really an issue on the autobahn driving here is much better in is found that in the city smart design future with
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a wide seat pillar was actually a disadvantage she found it impacted her all round vision considerably anus also thought the car felt overall a bit too big and cumbersome for the city and. with that in mind it might be a good idea to order the onboard navigation system with all around you monitor. a three hundred sixty degree view many will find it helpful when reversing in the higher trim levels it's part of the standard phoenix along with other safety features. in a series that car that she tested with the high level tech that package on the smaller gasoline engine costs roughly thirty thousand euros in germany she would be interested to know what the car feels like with a more powerful gasoline engine and seven speed to a clutch transmission whether it would feel more dynamic and agile that would certainly be worth a try it off in fact. after
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all the more powerful engine offers and that additional fourteen kilowatts of power but if you're looking to go more off the road with a conscience and need all wheel drive you won't get it once again so a version you'll need instead to opt for the more powerful of include diesel engines on offer. the porsche nine hundred twenty four is one of the biggest selling sports cars in history its origins go back to the early one nine hundred seventy s. when both wagon as the company's engineers to develop a successor to the nine fourteen a current they jointly developed. was put in i saw that artistically stuff power says the nine twenty four was originally intended as welsh
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wagons flagship sports coupe a it was even some talk about it being sold as an audi so the porsche engineers borrowed from the most wagon groups entire range of models with many of the small parts like the interior knobs and switches that wheel suspension and brake components come from the beetle golf and others that to leader four cylinder engine powered from the audi one. hundred and the voce wagon l.t. van but in one thousand nine hundred seventy four the new v.w. boss tony smoker bailed out due to the oil crisis and potential competition with the w.'s own sure rocco he decided to cancel the development project for. porsche didn't give up. and stead they brought in one twenty four to market themselves the new nine twenty four was a ready made people's porsche exactly what the marketing team was looking for to appeal to a broader market and the nine eleven but the nine twenty four was
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a world apart from the agile and nine eleven. back then the porsche disciples believed firmly in the trinity of the rear mounted engine and box are designed with air cooling the nine twenty four had none of that plus the ignition was to the right of the steering wheel which was definitely not on it but at least the seats in the instruments came from the good old nine eleven which cost thirty two thousand marks back then the one twenty four started in twenty three thousand marks which brought in many new customers of course and it became a huge salary but decades later traditionalist still disparage the one twenty four as a housewife porsche flashed a fan thought kept saying to speed i'm back at the fed i feel it's right there at the white house called pos as i. for a time and even seem like the nine eleven his days were numbered which would have spelled the end of the traditional porsche design the watercooled front engine nine
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twenty four looks set to become the standard for future models. want to be in the first porsche with their front engine needed a bit of tweaking to meet the brand's reputation for sportiness christophe explained it's the engineers through on the trends actual principle. meaning engine in front of transmission at the rear and nearly two metres of rigid metal in between to get that help distribute weight even lay and ensure neutral handling qualities so it was a fast and competent right and not particularly spectacular as on the aspect that could. decide what if the portion one twenty four was designed by harm the guy who later became porsches head of design when he wasn't even thirty years old at the time his design featured
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a completely plane chassis with many flat surfaces pop up headlights and a point and snout the sleek design i mean in a world leader in terms of aerodynamics its drag coefficient was a zero point three six which was among the lowest in the world for series production cars another memorable and very practical element was the glass hatch which offered what was at the time the largest drug ever on a porsche plenty of room for your golf clubs i have nothing but coarseness chief designer out of poland the pine wasn't a fan he said whoever came up with this was someone who always wanted a ferrari they might but never got one kind of a come not at that. today the understated nine twenty four is seen as a timeless icon of design it echoed the wedge shape that was extremely popular at the time but with the rounded edges and corners from the late one nine hundred seventy s. to the early one nine hundred ninety s.
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nearly all porsche models mirrored this basic design. the rear seat of the two plus two didn't offer much room go and exchange the three hundred sixty leader trunk a pasty was a standout in the sports car category up that passion i feel is the portion. nine twenty four a true sports car well look under the hood tells a different story this water cooled four cylinder here you'll also find it in the audi one hundred and a volkswagen l t i like an advantage of that here in porsche had tronic fuel injection system and amps up the sportiness to give you one hundred twenty five horsepower s. . so for ship your wrist may have turned up their noses but it was popular the
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original model with a two liter naturally aspirated engine had seals figures topping one hundred twenty thousand. christo says that many years after the model was retired in one nine hundred eighty eight the disciples of the nine eleven finally began to praise this very successful compromise with its combination of usefulness good workmanship and acceptable sportiness plus the one thousand and forced popularity with buyers pulled porsche out of a slump during the oil crisis it was the world's best selling sports car for years after its and says through the three fifty six it was only the second porsche to enter serious production with a four cylinder engine so the one thousand and four was definitely a milestone an automotive history. but the nine twenty four and other front mounted engine models could knock the iconic porsche nine eleven from its throne even today the nine eleven is
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a porsche trademark meanwhile its transaxle models were taken out of the lineup in the mid one nine hundred ninety.
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the boy. told them while becoming a city club in isolation some megabuck numbers of people living in cities. and the challenges grow into how do you plan to make a long list. what the future transportation concepts be like is affordable living
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space for everyone on a table. including. the. president cheney reaction to the book. the be around six hundred years ago. and the renaissance. architects scientists and artists trying to culture a culture of the darkest middle ages into a new. a renaissance factor in seventy five minutes on d w. but you are no one on. the length of. exposing and justice global news that matters g.w.
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made for mines people here love life they love their country but not the current conditions iran a journey through a land full of contradictions joy and sadness confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts of everyday life and how people cope with that iran first week starts may second on day w. . what's the connection between bread but home and the european union he knows. w correspondent at the baker can stretch this second line with the rules set by the team. cuts mean no small thing recipes for success strategy that make
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a difference. baking bread on the d.w. . the only order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting cowards the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nine teams in the laboratory for the digital age. who are reefs. what we do we trust debate and shape the future at the georgia village global media for twenty eight the place may formally. and spain's general election socialist prime minister pedro sanchez has scored a victory for his party with almost thirty percent of the vote but will have to negotiate a line to stay in power the far right vox party has entered the parliament for the first time securing around a tenth of the votes. in mozambique severe flooding is
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wreaking havoc in the wake of cycle and kenneth with torrential rainfall expected to.


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