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in around half a century. your world will be around two degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in a century that's really frightening watch. out. why are people more concerned. starts may thirty first on t.w. . contaminated band and apocalyptic the chernobyl exclusion zone three decades after the nuclear disaster one man wants to revive the region. my main job easier create june and then cope and to develop a principle a new phenomenon zillions or shoes that are of our civilisation. which is
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a chernobyl duras more speak to a more broad golems poster to be sure makes going towards. business is booming visitor numbers have skyrocketed and are soon expected to top one hundred thousand a year. sistani is a vacation like no other an unrivaled experience you won't find anywhere else but it's a leap nice. but for his own sparse population daily life is hard to follow. after the accident the people here were evacuated while they were told they'd be gone for three days but they were never allowed back into. long ago they said we don't want you here contaminated.
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syrian union taking a stroll in the radioactive exclusion zone. and the fumes of the radiation go. because it was a dream of to become to race their way in which they were. received going to more. workers called in to clean up after the one nine hundred eighty six chernobyl reactor explosion were officially called liquidators. but they could only contain not eliminate a disaster of this magnitude. within days one hundred thirty four liquidator suffered acute radiation poisoning twenty eight died that year. it's not known how
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many people died later from radiation exposure estimates range between twenty thousand and fifty thousand. today the area around sure noble remains an exclusion zone but some pockets inside have been cleaned up and are safe to enter you know my personal opinion that uses it. should immediately be. incompetence. and the result in. the zone is fenced off and can only be entered through one of several checkpoints. where sarah he's story began. as a chemist he was drafted into the team of first responders. this old soviet tank brings back memories of this dangerous mission thirty two years ago his reconnaissance team was sent deep into the you. to the area to measure radiation
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levels at the time no one knew how high they really were. he is results prompted the evacuation of communities located around the reactor and the establishment of a three and a half thousand square kilometer exclusion zone. a lot has changed since then. will you always weigh blizzard's the. middle of the day to see you huge crowds of tourists who visit their places. once those and wore your producer. sarah he is keen to share his experiences as a scientist and veteran liquidator with outsiders. he offers all inclusive tours into the contaminated zone. this company already has twenty five employees competitors are jockeying for a share of this market but sirrah he is ahead of the pack.
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it's all good marketing is part of his business strategy. t. shirts that glow in the dark. and cherry noble ice cream. is that your mobile during the movie will be. the drive and you'll sleep over minimalization of situation after you know. then it's time for an unusual sightseeing tour. what motivates tourists to come here. why have they voluntarily entered a contaminated zone. and even more samples it was a hugely. significant event that happened here three decades ago for me it's an
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opportunity to see what's happened here since whatever also because of current debate on phasing out nuclear power in europe. to better understand why nuclear power plants need to be closed i want to see what happened here ripple on top of my parents are thrilled about me coming here neither is my girlfriend was moment fortunately we already have kids so she needn't worry more before the future. about . how hazardous is the zone today. the tourists. when block for exploded on april twenty sixth one thousand nine hundred six the burning reactor spewed radioactive debris and isotopes into the air. the toxic material and dust contaminated huge swathes of land. the cleanup began immediately some eight hundred thousand liquidators were drafted in serving at great personal risk. many locations were cleared today their radiation levels are low enough to
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allow short visits. but there are still highly contaminated areas that could pose a safety hazard if approached. that's why visitors can only enter the zone in the company of local guides like. radioactivity is an invisible danger. radiation measurement instruments or indispensable equipment on the tour. sara the first shows the tourists how to use a geiger counter. you know. greece is. just a game room. you're reading this one some more in order to realize how. to
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. use a distance. the soil around this tree is still emitting radioactivity two point seven millisieverts per second that's about fifteen times higher than natural background radiation short exposure though is harmless just a fraction of an x. ray. there used to be a village here. after the accident it was dismantled and buried. its kindergarden is all that remains. is where the so this is just slightly higher than she has radiation levels i think kiev has zero point eight team the hot spot here at the tree was six point seven in some places. no reason for alarm right off of a smile let's hope so at the end of the day we all want to go home unharmed. furniture and toys left behind in the rush of the evacuation. scenes that bring to mind the
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horror movie and soviet salinger. it's hard to tell what's clicking more the tourists geiger counters or their cell phone cameras. use the grounds of it's beeping the whole time it makes for a bit of a weird atmosphere. you can't help remembering this was a place where people lived you know and you and all the kids in this kind of garden and you see the little beds the atmosphere is strange quite a bit like a cemetery really going. to is a ghost town built by the soviets for plant workers and their families it was home to fifty thousand people until the accident then they were all evacuated.
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exemplifies the legacy of the disaster like no other place and as. well we choose the most. prepared. to receive you. and use them and you've just started to become you know just the same bowl of that old full of prepared so well yeah in front of people and because indeed there's a reason you've been blocking the. way until five directions and well you know it's really really simple example if you never went into it you know why don't you have to ration you to was supposed to stop to be and use the ones if it was still from a nine hundred eighty six it was almost a radius and then five days before the accident happened you know and so now this
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view which was never enough to ration. is the most famous for this new things that will. p.p. it's morbid charm is a money maker it draws tourists from eighty five countries. is good to see such a special interesting cheap special. this i'm sure. as he settles on that it's a vacation like now if and i'm by that experience you won't find anywhere else in the. middle i could not be completely preserved.
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our guide hopes visitors can help the region around sure noble improve its image and image he says that also must be decontaminated for. the tourism or even and they made a terrible elem room for all of the system of there to mitigate the. stand in the consequences of the radiation accident including sure nobody you know you. brings the people. and the last but no definitely not at least it is the best way to along the listens over the walls are huge and important accidents roland i'm kind of proud that i am continuing to. i would think feeney is for it's all of the thoughts of to whom i bought a bottle of bill or guns or former officer for doing commissions and from a book. battered
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pieces of furniture are all that their testimony to their lives abruptly event and in previous. liquidators destroyed and buried almost everything. thousands of abandoned pets had to be caught and put down for fear they would carry radioactive dust out of the zone. eerie calm cast a spell on visitors. kilometer after kilometer surfacing beneath the brushwood empty houses. abandoned villages.
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three hundred fifty thousand people were evacuated from the zone from one day to the next their lives changed forever. they were resettled in other towns and villages wherever there was room. many today live hundreds of kilometers from their former home. but they were three of those a. local. community and it's a substantial. psychological draw might slow that i would read through it about the loss of collector right to the loss of their old selves and laid to waste. that may be why life has returned to some villages in the zone like in cuba about thirty kilometers southeast of the reactor. mary and her husband even were resettled following the disaster. they had nothing but the clothes on
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their backs when they arrived at their designated destination a village one hundred kilometers away but they were never welcomed there. didn't i want a friend who does some of the locals wanted to stop those of us who'd been resettled from using the well. they threw straw and hay into it so we couldn't they said we don't want you hit your contaminated mud to defame it wasn't possible is that a. stigmatised and far from home they could no longer bear it and returned secretly they live here illegally but are tolerated by his own officials who provide is mostly cleared of radiation but no one knows whether residents aren't consuming radioactive isotopes in homegrown food even and maria nevertheless provide for themselves they rule out the possibility of danger. there is no radioactivity here i don't believe it i've been living here for thirty
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one he is if there was radioactivity i'd be long gone this is my home. today an estimated one hundred forty people live illegally in the zone most are elderly and can't imagine living anywhere else. eighty five year old hannah is one of the returning settlers known as. but behind you as she's fondly known in the zone lives here with her six sister sonia whom she cares for all by herself. the two women wouldn't think of leaving their home again. i mean this is where i was born in this is well i don't want to move into a retirement home if i can no longer walk someone will bring me water so i can die here. but you know it's something of a celebrity in the zone and gets regular visits from tourists. if only.
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a guide says he's coming around with a large group oh hello. may god protect you oh how many are coming. that's when you drive by son his place and then come here and then. no menu seven people find come on over there you see how the whole. laundry. here as well as public coming to our job i like to bring me some coffee that probably. got him. ok i'll make some pancakes for you would i. know that when you can no longer work the fields she depends on the gifts brought by visitors it's hard to get hold of food. a mobile shop selling the basic necessities comes by once a month at most. ruthless well like god i have the boys
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a bring me flour. and the tourists bring me all needles and some of. the tourists bring everything made me i'm so grateful for these kind hearted people people a little bit early. i take a little ahead and ask baba honey what can we bring there i tell them case here or t.l.c. i can't do without it as i know he she. she serves up a spread of mashed potatoes bacon and lots of vodka. offers homemade food and the chance to visit a real someone saying there is no other place in the world like it. the third tour group of the day is waiting outside her door. meanwhile sarah he and his group have arrived at the epicenter of the disaster
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reactor block for. the highlight of every tour. here like. this monument you can see the look of the first circles i guess but it was built in really short terms radiation was so high at that point it's. fifteen twenty seconds. to build it in a good way. around the reactor was completed in two thousand and eighteen. a multinational project that cost more than two billion euros the giant steel shelter is designed to contain radiation from the plant for the next century but is still only a temporary solution. deep inside is the molten core of the reactor known as the most toxic chunk of waste in the world just a few minutes exposure to its intense radiation would be lethal the lava like mass
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will remain radioactive for another hundred thousand years. the canteen is just a stone's throw from the. contamination checks are mandatory before entering the tourists are not exempt. this is where people who work at the site eat lunch. to the world's worst manmade disaster. but it isn't abandoned life goes on at least to some degree buildings have been restored to service housing for workers in the zone. there are bars a sports facility with a small selection of goods. but because living in the exclusion zone is illegal people commute they spend one week here to spend time in another place outside.
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also has a room here every fortnight he returns to his wife in their home three hundred kilometers away. it hasn't been easy for the residents of trying to start new lives elsewhere. cool photo rupert the people internet are unable to move on so they won't find work anywhere else in the news and they've been working here for twenty or thirty years they've grown accustomed to the place people have grown accustomed to each other it's too late to leave that to old they're unfamiliar with modern technologies and computers and they can't speak english. a least they're living out their old age here go to pollute the.
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air and i've used to live in this room with his wife but she had to leave his own because of health issues. he wants to stay a few more years to work in money then he too will leave the zone to start a new chapter he has it all planned. a good pension quiet old age a fishing rod a river and a dock. back at the checkpoint for the tourists it's almost time to leave. what's to take away from their journey into the exclusion zone. with the social might say a lot of historical facts were conveyed also by the guide lots of interesting
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details. when out of it and we saw quite a lot it was a first hand experience like being in a living museum or cemetery depending on how and look at it. ok for you of course because i can alternately it's up to each individual to decide what they gain from this kind of terrorism whether it is simply snapshots or more than just memories. some message they want to convey. or a real awareness of what can happen if a reactor blew up in a heavily populated area in france or england on going on is unclear this could happen near paris brussels or london specifically my take away is the empathy i feel for the people who live here also it showed me the same thing could happen anywhere else and it would be equally dramatic. and next week i must say that i meant to keep this all the way. at the end of their tour the tourists are handed a certificate identifying them as true zone visitors should be in this group it's
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is a zero point zero zero pool we're losing lives it is the grooves of four four hour let's hold our speed and is it your low blows will. that's about equal to the dose of radiation passengers sustained on a flight from paris to new york. well if this is them does all that exists here so is if you feel enough but you know it will be my sea. which means a corner has a big. no no surgery it was my pleasure coverage of israel. then it's time to return to kiev for the tourists this was an excursion a once in a lifetime experience. the area of the exclusion zone will remain contaminated for thousands of years because of a single accident in a nuclear power plant. siri
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believes it offers more than just a stark lesson for mankind. well and you know this area is actually one of the cleanest areas not in the only in ukraine but perhaps in europe because for thirty years there were literally no industry here visit museums no agriculture a good culture views the best. well the most drastic. visit missions of the vehicle. people visit you know urban wastes and there were soon. he has a road map for the region's future so he wants to see the exclusion zone added to unesco's list of world heritage sites. he's already filed the application i believe it is this area should be drummed into a national park you know. your logo national memorial and the
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nature of. to keep the memory and so no willage. technology which was employed here and which failed you know to do. so lessons of this event unfold from gary for a lot of the new sarah knowles islam because in my god you know it is one of my your model and my major places and of course i care through it and they love it and all it's and simply my eyes for error.
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we're going to follow becoming a city of a nice nation it's a mecca a numbers of people living in cities are soaring and the challenges grow into how you plan to make a localist. future transportation concepts being like these affordable living
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space for everyone on a table. groups including. the basis of. many of the bodies and groundwater reserves are in danger. but now there's an innovative water purification project and you can make them up. and see how an environmental activist is giving new life to dozens of lakes. ninety minutes to a. short . field say this is the last hundred german street on d w. we're not here to judge but
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to eliminate prejudice and. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. not here to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to indoctrinate but to listen. plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube.
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this is the w. news live from spain socialist when the country's general election but faced some tough choices prime minister pedro sanchez his party falls short of a majority that means difficult coalition talks are ahead meanwhile the far right into parliament for the first time in decades to look at the latest from madrid. trench old.


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