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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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our documentary depicts the contrasts of everyday life. and help people cope with. iran bittersweet. starts may second on g.w. . loaf. hello welcome to eco india a sustainability magazine interview soon to change make us people like you and i while making a real difference for a cleaner. i'm suddenly coming to you from blue by in india on this week's shore let's look at how a group of fisher women in bristol india i learning sustainable techniques to save
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their livelihood. how the indian concept of jugaad is working for frogs. and how you can have your coffee and eat it too. but first let's look at the story you for a group of resolute fishermen invest in india oyster farming in the country is very hard work the families whose livelihood depends on it will tell you that they have to stand in the creeks and under the scorching sun for hours to bring back a small catch but a simple innovation has changed the lives of these families in the bartok that a bitch. about the women of the small village of about that on india's west coast busy stringing together or oyster shells. for generations
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members of this fishing community toiled for long hours only to return with the minimal catch. all the hard work did little to improve their family's incomes. so what the lucky larry was that one i mean all you ever used to go to the shore and collect naturally from oysters in the creek now i used to earn very little money. and though i still would only be collected for about eight days a month and our hands and legs were always dressed our backs used to hurt the sun was unrelenting to a little less idle. rising temperatures and the increasingly later rainy season saw the men's catchers constantly drained. so the women look for
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ways and means to maintain their family's livelihoods in turn two thirteen they were approached by the united nations development program with a plan that would simplify their lives by enabling them to farm oysters in the creek behind their homes. they were promised training and funds and asked to form a self-help group. but at. present the women self-help group was formed after much opposition and coaxing. just first said we are not interested in this and this is the job. we could talk about was trucked in october going to thirteen and he was certain that this wasn't going to walk out of the looks of the looks as well walking some people used to laugh at us and say they will dig down our structures but if you are determined to
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see this process took us the. decided that we will treat this like a game and that's how we started. the women quickly took to oyster farming after the simple demonstration. they also learnt that the oysters in the creek feed on plankton and waste and keep the water clean which no need for supplementary feed it's one of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly options in coastal areas. to begin with the women strung up four hundred fifty ropes on bamboo frames in the creek. the ropes are threaded with empty oyster shells are suspects are very common in the but out that creek.
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over time the spats attach themselves to the empty shells within twelve to fourteen months they grow to become commercially viable oysters producing a bumper crop for the farmers. danish an investment of about seventy five euros to buy bamboos and ropes returned eight times that amount and the project has been replicated in other regions across the west coast. knew much about it with much of. what they did one little mother i used to work at the fish market to sell my couch my friends that they would tell me going we saw you for doing the newspaper and heard about the success of your project tell us about it like i said you can do it do what you need to form a self-help group to be part of the project. mommy i had a muslim mother the two out of the said groups in my fish market alone i thought
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you should also benefit from this just like. it was in well this is the. much of india's coastline is well suited to oyster growth the demand for them is still minimal oysters are the least common shellfish on the menu in india only eaten by coastal communities this attitude changes very slowly. they only earn a few rupees poised but the money provides the women at least with essential savings and they share the profits amongst themselves at the end of the yeah. the women of i doubt that among the first oyster farmers in the state of modest truck and they're putting paid to many gender study. types. there mr bill was their. husbands used to own a money and they used to handle part of it to us we had to manage everything with
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that amount what we had to think about that gets them think about ourselves because of this project i have money that i have. not able to manage our expenses so much better not. so much i would say it with the women don't depend on your husbands financially being dependent this is our time. he's up . i mean spiraling story of how we really mean entire communities change for the better the oysters that bought out that have not only help these women but also helping the environment by cleaning the backwaters their farm did how does that work as an explainer. what would happen if you put muscle some clams into a large tank full of pollutants like fertilizers herbicides and industrial runoff.
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researchers tried it and found that their shellfish removed up to eighty percent of the contaminants within three days acting rather like natural cleansing agents. so does this mean that oysters clams or mussels could be used to purify or serious when mollusks like these hunt for tasty phytoplankton in the water they might indeed be part of the solution. a single oyster for example in its quest for food draws one hundred ten to one hundred eighty liters of water through its gills every day. during this process oysters filter out several dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus containing pollutants carbon dioxide and plastic from the water around the. plastic bag. it's left on the beach harden in the sun become brittle and break into little pieces plastic fragments submerged in the seat can actually kill some marine creatures outright or enter the food chain and even end up on our plates.
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could help filter a lot of these plastics out of the water but that does pose something of a colon early health problem. every one hundred grams of muscles contains an estimated seventy pieces of debris that's the scary result of one study and it isn't just plastic it's re on its cotton we could be eating all of it. furthermore mollusks are under threat increased ocean acidity and over harvesting have led to the disappearance of eighty five percent of global oyster reefs in the last one hundred years. fortunately awareness is growing now that studies have shown the important role mollusks play in cleaning the water they're being reintroduced to marine ecosystems but there's still a long way to go. since we are on the subject of cleaning our water bodies
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it's probably a good time to introduce you to cristobal to a chennai based environmentalist who left behind a new crypt of job to start his engine the environmentalists foundation of india just last year the foundation work for the scientific eco restoration of over twenty water bodies across the country. groups of fallen to the working to clean up lakes and ponds in the city of tundra. many bodies of water in india cluttered with garbage. the clean up is one of many initiatives organized by the ngo environmentalist foundation of india over the past twelve years environmental activists are in krishnamurthy and his team have restored lakes across india krishnamurthy who has a degree in microbiology decided to take action because of the water shortage in many indian cities including his home city of chennai. two thousand and fifteen we had massive pings and after that we have prolonged periods of drought conditions
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and we've also heard of mist rainfall activity this is having a huge impact on the temperature on the ground water reserves and more they look at each body of water individually to decide how to read nature it because it brought in to remove the silt and deepen the lake so that the water in the brain can once again drain into the earth allowing the ground water level to price. despite the problems tonight is actually known for its abundance of water it has one of the longest beaches in the world. and the city has over three hundred lakes and two hundred eighty poems the process of restoring water bodies like these is lengthy and arduous but it's worth the effort. in one neighborhood they joined forces with local residents to restore a lake. what you see here used to be it water body that was clogged and arrested we have deepened the water body scientifically it has all been
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marred the wall that's been released now in addition to that the book relation to that is water groundwater to penetrate and recharge the groundwater reserves has also been created and we want our fans to this water body to keep up the all that trash or do you need for dumping into this water body. by setting up camera traps they've also discovered that wildlife is returning to the area the i get to a pond from rubbish dump to not true. that are plenty of birds which we can see behind which are enjoying those water boarding on a hard summer day but also a lot of snakes frogs and the dark those which can be found in this mortal body that is why any pond of lake is not just the water boarding area by design that for several life forms. the environmentalists need up to two years to restore a lake or pond the n.g.o.s work is financed by indian firms that donate money to environmental causes. so far they've been able to work on ninety three
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lakes bringing them back to life. water shortages are a constant issue right across india these drawings were done by school children in chennai. are in christian a murty often gets invited into schools to talk about the importance of protecting water resources he finds older students in particular are keen to help. in just two thousand and eighteen we were able to engage fifty seven thousand individuals in different wall and doing activities and we are very positive because people are accepting and people are participating so that is one big big motivation for us to do what your doing. the thirty three year old activist has won multiple awards for his work but he's not resting on his laurels there are still far too many lakes in india that are not yet as beautiful as this one here in chennai.
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indians are longing to be ready we even have a word for it to get on the preview of. this taking the concept of resourcefulness and frugal innovation to for us to start up to god lab specializes in training french companies in a wheat while minimizing the use of increasingly scarce resources and create more value. this is turning an old car into a ping pong table. sugar is a term that hails from india that denotes a life back way of thinking which is becoming popular in paris. is a consultant who came here from delhi nine years ago he is a champion of your god. is
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a disused hospital the complex is being restored but in the meantime it has its start ups happy about the modest rents. having a village like this in the very heart of paris is completely surprising totally unusual. as soon as he went to the site you see that we're breaking all the rules here. cycling reusing the shoe god spirit is breaking out all over the place the surroundings themselves provide inspiration for new projects new objects and new sounds. look at the where near is a designer in his basement studio. he has developed a ceramic sea tray it's a low tech object that uses rubble from the construction site and coffee grounds from the cafe next door. i've added coffee grounds because they
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help lower the firing temperature of the clay. it's also a way to save on raw materials. my goal is always to make everything myself with my own resources and in the simplest way possible so i avoid using machinery in order to reduce my impact on the environment. but. instead he wants his designs to have a positive impact on society his prototype see tray is easy to reproduce and cio will teach unskilled workers how to make seed trays and sell them. to god is a world away from the mindset of the business district in paris but this is exactly
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where rap in a while wants to promote that approach he says that in order to become and remain sustainable large corporations need to adopt frugal innovation. frugal innovation and to god who are born in a context where people lack resources and today we all face that problem so with this awareness we can create a more responsible society. back a while called on large companies such as air france and rand out to spread the word innovate more with less sun small firms are already doing that up cycling for example others waste. this is how the furniture company maximum makes chairs what looks like spaghetti is actually plastic retrieved from the garbage of a firm that throws away ten tons of it every month. you know.
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this kind of plastic is perfect but it ends up in the garbage can every time the farm starts producing a new color. we take the plastic we make certain we melt it with an old device we also found in the garbage that we use ammonia ballot minium to create these chairs entirely out of reuse materials. at maximum the design is always use industrial waste to create their products. we classify these objects according to what they look like their shape or texture. that helps us with the creative process of designing new furniture. the company has found a way to transform waste into gold each share is an original and sells for about two hundred euros. a year. industrial waste is
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a fantastic resource. it comes in large volumes it's often high quality it's free and it's a problem if we don't use it. i've been out of wants to god to influence more businesses he sees the roots of his approach in a certain form of indian spirituality. innovation owes a lot to gamble his philosophy we should create value with what we have. today i think we need to make changes in personal family and organizational terms to have a global impact. the concept of jugaad could most certainly help us move towards a more sustainable be a flip it take for example how many of us have to take out coffee when we're in that rush hundreds of thousands of disposable coffee cups are thrown movie every
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hour around the world a bulgarian startup has come up with the solution we'd all love. to have your coffee and eat it too. this is an edible coffee cup. it remains solid for forty minutes. the cup doesn't alter the text of coffee. and stays crispy. it's edible like an ice cream cone. it was designed by a pug ariane startup company. but our cops mainly consist of wheat products and our organic food if your case you don't eat the car it's also
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biodegradable. more than one hundred twenty billion coffee cups are thrown away each year this edible coffee cup helps to avoid that. if you're doing your bit tell us about. visiting our website or send us a tweet. during your event share your story. in india many cities are grappling with mountains of trash it's common to see vast group of frac because many of them women informally collecting and segregating least and then selling it without any job security or dignity but in the way. still city of forming a cooperative of three thousand bees because it has joined hands with the municipal authorities to collect waste from daughter daughter and fight for better work conditions our correspondent met with one of the women pushing for change. and.
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is known as the fanti of garbage in the slums including and she's got plenty of work to do. her job is to go from door to door to pick and stock trash like most ways because it's from india's done it untouchable community to face white spirit prejudice and marginalization she started wreck baking when she was a teenager more than thirty years ago for a long time city officials and residents had a stroke and she toiled in filthy unsanitary conditions that changed nine years ago when hostler joined a co-operative because courts watch it struck a deal with city authorities to get the rights to collecting the city's garbage. earlier there was so much discrimination we couldn't even use public taps to drink water people used to call us thieves now there's been a huge change people let us into their homes to get the garbage some even offer us
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a glass of water we provide a professional service and return we get respect. if you define it or not. working conditions have also improved for the corporate it services about six hundred thousand households across the city from slums to high rises municipal authorities provide workers like also the protective gear and hilton shorts was also can use the elevator now something should remember those weeks because we're denied. houses in this apartment is sixty rupees that's less than a year old every month for the garbage collection service. fighting for her rights is something horse unloaded at the protests. along with other ways because she's on the organizations board many women including cos are illiterate but that hasn't stopped them from making their voices heard. was even invited to france
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a few years ago to speak about with because rights. because they come together form their own and to be decision makers of this organization itself means there's a lot of process of end problem and that's going on before. twice a week or so heads to a neighborhood scrap to. supporting plastics. and glass she salvagers the recyclables from the daily garbage. the trash which is for the soul to recycling for helps boost them. all together takes home about one thousand rupees that's around one hundred twelve euros every month it's a significant sum in a totally informal sector the chair is. also also has big plants. along for the corporate of help to build a concrete house for herself and her family after years of living in a makeshift in hot in the city. the two story building could be ready in
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a few months. other ways because they've been able to send their children to school and college thanks to their work in the co-operative but she says the benefits and just want a tree. after years of organizing protests and fighting for our rights i've learned to overcome fear i'm self-confident now i come so far. from now the corporate it has achieved an uncomfortable try and women from the lowest cost of pushing for their rights and cleaning the city with a sense of dignity. the journey towards a sustainable plant also involves respecting each other as human beings and noticing the real or more similar than different i hope to these stories have inspired you to be the change you want to see of the world will be back next week and do them good but.
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this instead of you news live from spain's socialists when the country's general election to face some tough choices prime minister pedro sanchez his party falls short of a majority that means difficult coalition talks lie ahead meanwhile a far right will enter parliament for the first time sixty end of the military rule in spain will get the latest from madrid.


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