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this is d.w. news live from spain's socialists when the country's general elections but face some tough choices prime minister pedro sanchez his party falls short of a majority that means difficult coalition talks lie ahead meanwhile a far right will enter parliament for the first time sixty end of the military rule in spain will get the latest from madrid. chill rains and flooding strike mozambique just days after cycles can act as floodwaters claimed more lives many
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areas are cut off from rescue to. a fresh voice for turkey international broadcasters including do that you respond to the government's crackdown on independent media with the launch of a new you tube channel. and the heady days of sudan's people's uprising walking around you can feel the pride they have not only in reclaiming public space but also of their freedom because gatherings like this would not have been possible under the old regime. as the protest a kind of test of flair would need a photographer committed to capturing the revolution from start to finish. i'm sorry so what's gone that's going to have you with us. spain's national election is over but a period of political uncertainty has just begun. the socialist party has won the
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most votes but with just twenty nine percent they are well short of a parliamentary majority prime minister pedro sanchez must now form a coalition government a process that could take weeks if not months the election also saw far right party enter parliament for the first time in four decades with box taking ten percent of the vote. the reality sinks in an election that leaves no party in power many in spain were relieved however that the far right had not done even better than it did at the polls. but i mean it's been helpful for me i think it's a good result insincerely i didn't expect it i thought the right wing was going to win so it's cool for me. but i mean by. the by thing we think that the socialist victory is good and now there is hope that the bad guys don't win. the socialist party leader petro sanchez had explicitly pitched his party to voters as the best way to stop the far right. the spaniards have sent
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a very clear message to europe and to the world it is possible to win the against reactionaries and authoritarianism with progressive proposals. but sanchez faces an uphill battle forming a ruling coalition the far right party vox may not have won but it still had a record night this election marks the first time a far right party has gained seats in the spanish parliament since the days of general franco. restore so no three c.p.o. this is only the beginning again if you are mostly not a complete told you are aim was to retake power and that's exactly what we have done you know that you don't have elicited we have a voice in parliament we can now say loud and clear to the entire country that folks has come to stay in the mainstream conservative people's party suffered big losses it was their worst election to date assad. and that the polarization that is
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affected politics across europe has come to spain possibly for a long time to come. let's bring in our correspondent lisa lewis is standing by for us in madrid hi lisa says we heard there the socialists are claiming victory with around twenty nine percent of the vote now they have to form a government so where do things go from here. well it's going to be a bit complicated for them but they have several possibilities they could for example team up with the far left and you just put in most but then would have to bring in other smaller parties such as for example the catalan separatists or the basque separatist parties have come to get a majority in parliament another option would be to team up with the market liberal see that than us that's easier when it comes to the numbers because the two parties together would have a majority in parliament however when it comes to the ideology that might be a bit more complicated because during the campaign they were very much on opposite
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sides of the ideological spectrum so they would have to find a way to talk to each other and come to an agreement again the third possibility would be that the p.c. the socialist party would govan on its own as a minority government probably not the best option for them but they're not excluding that option either listen let's talk about another side of the political spectrum there was a breakthrough for the far right party vox party they're entering parliament for the first time since the one nine hundred eighty s. how will they influence politics in spain absolutely. well it's been a political earthquake that day and a palm and for the first time as you said since the end of the dictatorship and it will have its impact they don't have that many seats a bit more than twenty and will not be able to block any major loss with that but they will certainly influence the political debate just like they have to in the compadre which was at times very tense and very tough and spain. what about the
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conservatives lee so we saw that they suffered their worst ever national result is that really another sign that the political center in spain is eroding. absolutely i mean the popular the people's posse already moved quite far to the right during the election campaign they tried to grab they from the far right vox posse and now obviously they will have to do some serious soul searching because you know see that and those the other the market liberal party they gained really quite got share of the vote for them and the people's party plummeted so now is the question will this trend continue will the people's party be able to stop the trend or will see that out and become the number one party on the right so certainly interesting times ahead here in spain our correspondent lisa lewis reporting from madrid thank you lisa. let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world reuters news agency says officials in sri lanka i warning that islam the
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militants are planning more attacks in the wake of these three bombings security has been tightened across the country with multiple arrests over the past week the government has also banned all face coverings that could conceal people's identities. indonesian president joker we don't know is decided to move his nation's capital away from the crowded megacity have to carve out a location for the new capital hasn't been finalised about thirty million people live in or near jakarta which is in a low lying coastal region susceptible to flooding. afghan president musharraf gunny has opened a rare meeting of tribal elders and community leaders in kabul ghani called the four day. to forge support for peace talks with the tell about several prominent figures including former president hamid karzai have referred to lieutenant barker's and the commander of the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay in cuba has been fired a statement said the military have lost confidence in rear admiral john brings
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ability to lead the controversial prison at guantanamo was set up to detain suspected terrorists captured overseas after the nine eleven terror attacks in the u.s. . the united nations is giving a thirteen million dollars in emergency funds to mozambique the country is struggling in the aftermath of a second cycle in six weeks the government now says the death toll from cycle in kenya has reached thirty eight the storm slammed into northern mozambique on sunday causing massive flooding more torrential rainfall is expected in the days ahead kenneth comes less than two months after cycling devastated the region around bera in the south of the country. after the storm the rain. torrential downpours are swelling rivers and washing away houses here in the north of muslim beak nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six weeks ago cycle on it i devastated the south of the country killing some six
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hundred people on can it is predicted to cause twice as much rainfall as its predecessor already communities have been up ended by the storms destructive force . the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed to do this. i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild one home and i probably can't even do that. it is the first time in recorded history that muslim beak has seen two cyclons in one season aid agencies that have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from it i now have even more work on their hands. you're watching news
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still to come weapons the game demand a new report shows global military spending is at its highest level in decades. but first sudanese protesters have welcomed a breakthrough in talks with army leaders they have agreed to form a joint council to pave the way for civilian rule sudan's longtime president omar al bashir was ousted by the military earlier this month after mass demonstrations one photographer has been capturing images of the uprising. and melanie credible talks with him in the capital. for thirty two year old muhammad this is history in the making has been documented the sudanese uprising since it started in the summer today he's taking pictures of the incoming caravans joining the demonstrators in front of the army headquarters in the capital have to. assume the. pictures of the coming generations the suffering experienced by people in my photos
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should not be forgotten. when we talk to the streets we were just calling for our rights we should not have been met with some of the violence we see in the pictures of the sort. at the heart of the protest area mohammad displays his photos for his fellow students. in many ways the ongoing fit and has become a microcosm of what the people here want their sudan to be walking around you can feel the pride they have not only in reclaiming public space but also their freedom gatherings like this would not have been possible under the old regime. a larger art movement has emerged from the uprising even this billboard has taken on new meaning protesters have hung clothing in honor of military personnel who disobeyed orders and was fused to open fire at them and. the summit says his photography not only documents the revolution it is also a way to help the people. nice to get out of this picture shows a man waving
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a flag as he is being loaded on to the back of a truck but i will be using him and punching him so that he put the flag down and says sit on holding up the flag high so. you know there's a picture help to get this man released because it spread so much so they were able to locate him and have him freed. for passers by mohammed's work reflects a turning point for sudan and its people. i feel love when i see the details of these pictures the sadness where. these pictures are an expression of the bravery the strength and the patriotism of people who have overcome thirty years of oppression under a corrupt regime to defend it to the display shows that sudan has a lot of artists and people with many talents. and good mohammad realizes to dismiss found freedom is very fragile and that
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a lot of work needs to be done for the spirit of the city to be made a political reality and we learned as a people that we can be united and we can be one hand in this transitional period we the sudanese people have to accept each other. and talk about. hama does not know what exactly the future holds for sudan but he is determined to bear witness to it with his cabinet. a new report by sipri the stockholm international peace research institute shows a rise in global military spending once again much of the increase is driven by the u.s. last year it spent almost as much on its military as the next eight countries combined but china and eastern european countries are also spending more on defense. military preparedness calls for tanks bombs and grenades in the face of growing global tensions many countries are arming themselves more than ever.
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between nine hundred ninety eight and twenty eighteen worldwide defense spending rose almost continuously with one plateau to nearly two trillion dollars a year in twenty eighteen a sharp increase over twenty seventeen. the u.s. is by far the biggest spender on weapons and it shows no sign of changing course in twenty eighteen washington increased its military spending for the first time in seven years. china has the second largest defense budget which it also boosted in twenty eighteen saudi arabia a traditionally well armed country with the third largest budget reduced its spending india and france increase their defense budgets last year as did russia. major world powers china and india have outpaced russia in their defense spending
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which is why the asia pacific region is sent to be arming itself by contrast african countries spending on weapons has declined. eastern europe and parts of the middle east have also reduced their defense budgets according to available data. but that has no bearing on the overall trend for many countries the requirements for security have never been higher. now w. is teaming up with other major international broadcasters to launch a new source of independent information for people in turkey plus ninety starts today on you tube now the pictures you're seeing here are from the new channels content it is a joint venture of d.w. the b.b.c. . and the voice of america the channel was launched in response to the turkish government's growing restrictions are reporting and the jailing of independent journalists. let's bring in our reporter jared reed he is in istanbul where plus
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ninety has been launched by jared tell us more about this channel and what's it what it's going to be like. well it's going to be telling the stories about various aspects of took you society for turkey speak is that they might not get from their traditional media here and these are stories for example of how refugees various minority groups are fairing how we're gay and lesbians what's their life like here in turkey but posing also important economic questions like why is the building industry in such a crisis and what can be done about it but i guess the idea too is that plus ninety becomes a platform where people can debate the issues that are important to them and talk about what really matters to them and their friends and this is all on an independent platform and i guess this is where the expertise of these costs is
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comes in publicly funded broadcasters who have journalistic experience and who are pooling their resources together in a way that hasn't been done before and that's that's pretty exciting why it's important to build a channel especially for turkey. well as you mentioned there's been a lot of up evil in turkey recently including crackdowns on free and independent press and that means there's been a demand particularly among young people for verified trusted information fact checking and this is the kind of gap that plus ninety is hoping to feel here and this is a question that i. used to wreck to general peter lindbergh a little bit earlier. or think it's important because the situation room process is very difficult because of journalists. and it's also. because in the recent years there's been
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a lot of tensions between countries on the political side and it's always good if you can try to bring in an offer which. has a lot of plurality in it comes from public service media and so we hope to help to get over this polarization in the in the country but at the end we're just. surplus offer to bring in more information and more opinions into turkey. so jared who is tossed ninety intending to reach. the target audience is people aged in their new twenty's to thirty's because under thirty five's make up around hoth of turkey's population and they're a group that increasingly feels like they're under represented in the media that the issues that matter to them aren't being told and these are the demographic that
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is consuming the news online like a lot of under thirty five's they're online they're on social media and this is key because this channel is being hosted on you tube which is of course the world's biggest video sharing sites and the moist and the most important one used in turkey too and like i said appealing to a group of people who have a lot of questions who want to know more about their own country and the world around them and and basically curious young connected people are reporting there in istanbul thank you jaren. now the middle east is a leading destination for foreign labor from africa and asia but domestic workers often find themselves trapped in a system where they need their employers to sponsor them in order to get legal residency that leaves workers at the mercy of employers and according to amnesty international at increased risk for abuse it has called for an end to those. the
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cuff failure system essentially binds migrant workers to their employer from the moment they enter the country it grants employers wide ranging powers facilitates forced labor and leaves workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation if you at that meeting in lebannon there are more than two hundred fifty thousand foreign workers coming from asian and african countries to work in homes looted and nearly these workers are exempt from the normal labor laws because they're subject to the cut filesystem whose islam is on a coffee and misty international says the lebanese authorities make little effort to bring abusive employers to account workers can be arrested and deported if their employer reports them as having absconded from their job even if they're fleeing abuse passport confiscation is common practice making it even more difficult for migrant workers to escape exploitative labor conditions and it was a huge victory says like flavors first of all with the car filesystem the employer can control us in whichever way they want
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a bit of it because our employer can send us away whenever he wants i don't have the right to refuse i have to do whatever she wants. kids should be done the way that drama. ethiopia has banned its citizens from domestic work in lebannon but still they find ways to come to me it is what there are hundreds of workers in houses being imprisoned and not getting their rights not even their days off. they don't even pay their salary they make them work into houses that. women entering lebannon as domestic workers are the most at risk under the cuff ellis system suicide rates among them are high and many die in failed escape attempts. japan is preparing to mark the end of an era on tuesday with the abdication of emperor akihito after a thirty year range he is the first japanese monarch to advocate in the. modern era but i can tell is no stranger to breaking with tradition
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a habit that started even before he became emperor. akihito was a groundbreaking figure long before he became emperor in one nine hundred fifty nine he married a commoner. a major taboo but the people loved it the couple recently celebrated their sixtieth anniversary. and some toshi hope their union will last that long the two wanted to marry during the akihito era they are nearly out of time with his abdication looming. i spent thirty years of my life in this era since i was a year old we have lived through catastrophes but i want to keep this time in my heart and enjoy the new era they have always to thin out the lawyer. now akihito is abdicating the first emperor to do so for two hundred years now with
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a few years ago after two operations. i sensed that my ability to lead was fading also in view of my age i'm worried that i can't fulfill my job a symbol of the state with all my strength as i have not till now. and. akihito his role is partly to act as the conscience of the nation he is the official defender of the pacifist constitution visiting war memorials and paying homage to victims of japanese aggression he's criticize attempts to justify japan's military history including by the ruling conservatives under prime minister shinzo abi. like ito's son never he is supposed to carry on the tradition. of it the two of them have a father son relationship. i think the father has always passed on his wisdom not that he says you have to do this but i think the future emperor has learned much
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from the old one. a man rushes from the crowd was a stocky he chose wedding didn't go off without a hitch stones were thrown and people trying to climb into the imperial coach me once and toshi enjoyed a day of peace and harmony. to football now in the bundesliga iranian exile that followed up dortmund shock loss to shell co with a stumble of their own on sunday the league leaders were held to a one all draw at nuremberg at least a glimmer of hope for dortmund in the title race and for nuremburg survival in the top flight. fighting for their lives and pride in the bavarian derby nurnberg had no intentions of handing by in three points in the title race but the best chance of the first half belong to the visitors but all the buzz twenty second minute free kick playing got the crossbar i oversell a celebration in the away end delayed the start to the second half. and three
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minutes after the restart truly extinguished byron's fire but tales per day of the finished up a scramble chance to put nuremberg ahead. one male. just as it was looking like nuremberg might really pull off the impossible by and did the inevitable session oddly with a bit of luck to leap a deflected ball into the net levelling things with fifteen minutes to play. i had another chance to earn the upset thanks to an eighty ninth minute penalty tim libeled approaches spot ready to make himself a hero and hit the post. and five minutes into stoppage time can see come on how does own opportunity for her oh it's on a breakaway but it was number keeper question mccain yes to prove themselves the man of the hour. both teams will likely be ruing their miss chances later after this thrower. but biden are still in the driver's seat in the race with dortmund. it was a good weekend for of all spark as they hammered hoffenheim four one away to keep
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their chances of qualifying for the europa league alive or took advantage of some poor goalkeeping by hole sometimes over. a strike of with a chorus here scored the first of his two goals of the day but now sit in eighth place in the table just one point behind. some tragic news from the football world czech republic international has died after a mini bus crash sorel and six other players from the turkish top tier side or were returning home from an away match the twenty eight year old forward died in the hospital he only signed for the team in january turkish television showed the damage vehicle the state run news agency said the players rented the minibus while the rest of the squad were turned with the team bus the agency added that the driver is under investigation for allegedly falling asleep. coming up on data d.w. news asia leading the way we have the campaign trail in india meeting one of the
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candidates hoping to spearhead a breakthrough for women in national elections. those stories and more coming up with melissa chan and peter.
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this is news asia coming up on the program what will it take for india to finally see more women in parliament as the country enters the fourth phase of its massive election we have a special report from west bengal where a leading political candidate is trying to break through the glass ceiling plus. the end of an era japan he told prepares to step down from his royal duties and
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hand over his ceremonial robe.


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