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this is deja vu news live from berlin in spain a victory for socialists in the general election now they face tough choices prime minister pedro sanchez his party sales all sort of movements already that means difficult coalition talks right ahead for the latest from madrid. also coming up the heady days of the people's authorising in sudan. walking around you can feel the pride they have not only in reclaiming public space but also their freedom to gatherings like this would not have been possible under the old regime. as the
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protests take on a festive era we need a photographer committed to capturing the revolution from start to send. torrential rains and flooding hit mozambique just days after cycle ten and as floodwaters claimed more lives many areas are cut off from rescue teams. and a fresh voice for turkey international broadcasters including d.w.p. respond to the government's crackdown on independent media with the launch of a new you tube channel. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us spain's national election is over but a period of political uncertainty has just begun the socialist party has won the most votes but with just twenty nine percent they are well short of a parliamentary majority prime minister pedro sanchez must now form a coalition government
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a process that could take weeks if not months the election also saw a far right party enter parliament for the first time since the end of military rule one thousand nine hundred seventy five the vox party won ten percent of the vote. the reality sinks in an election that leaves no party in power many in spain were relieved however that the far right had not done even better than it did at the polls. but i mean as big as hopeful for me i think it's a good result and sincerely i didn't expect it i thought the right wing was going to win so it's cool for me. but i mean. by thing we think that the socialist victory is good and now there is hope that the bad guys don't win. the socialist party leader pederast sanchez had explicitly pitched his party to voters as the best way to stop the far right. the spaniards have sent a very clear message to europe and to the world it is possible to win the against
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reactionaries and authoritarianism with progressive proposals. but sanchez faces an uphill battle forming a ruling coalition the far right party vox may not have won but it still had a record night this election marks the first time a far right party has gained seats in the spanish parliament since the days of general franco. restore so no three c.p.o. this is only the beginning you know more so not a complete told you i aim was to reach out and that's exactly what we have done you know that you know novels that if we have a voice in parliament we can now say loud and clear to the entire country that folks has come to stay in the mainstream conservative people's party suffered big losses it was their worst election to date a sign that the polarization that has affected politics across europe has come to spain possibly for a long time to come. let's bring in our correspondent lisa lewis is
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standing by for us in madrid hi lisa says we heard there the socialists are claiming victory with iran twenty nine percent of the vote now they have to. form a government so where do things go from here. well it's going to be a bit complicated for them but they have several possibilities they could for example team up with the far left and he does put demos but then would have to bring in other smaller parties such as for example the catalan separatists or the basque separatist parties. come to get a majority in parliament another option would be to team up with the market liberal see that there are no us that's easy when it comes to the numbers because the two parties together would have a majority in parliament however when it comes to the ideology that might be a bit more complicated because during the campaign they were very much on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum so they would have to find a way to talk to each other and come to an agreement again the third possibility
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would be that the p.c.'s the socialist party would govern on its own as a minority government probably not the best option for them but they're not excluding that option either listen let's talk about another side of the political spectrum there was a breakthrough for the far right party vox party they're entering parliament for the first time since the one nine hundred eighty s. how will they influence politics in spain absolute well it's been a political earthquake that they end polman for the first time as he said since the end of the dictatorship and it will have its impact they don't have that many seats a bit more than twenty and will not be able to block any major loss of that but they will certainly influence the political debate just like the half during the campaign which was at times very tense and very tough and spain. what about the conservatives lisa we saw that they suffered their worst ever national result is
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that really another sign that the political center in spain is eroding. absolutely i mean the popular the people's party already moved quite far to the right during the election campaign there tried to grab from the far right vox party and now obviously they will have to do some serious soul searching because you know see that and those the other market liberal party they gained really quite got share of the vote for them and the people's party plummeted so now is the question will this trend continue will the people's party be able to stop the trend or will see that arnold's become the number one party on the right so certainly interesting times ahead here in spain our correspondent lisa lewis reporting from madrid thank you lisa. sudanese protesters have welcomed a breakthrough in talks with the army leaders they've agreed to form a joint council to pave the way for civilian rule sudan's longtime president omar al bashir was ousted by the military earlier this month after
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a massive demonstrations one photographer has been capturing images of the uprising . and melanie core of the ball talked with and the capital to. but for thirty two year old muhammad this is history in the making has been documented the sudanese uprising since it started in the suburb today he's taking pictures of the incoming fire vans joining demonstrators in front of the army headquarters in the capital shutting. my pictures of for the coming generations the suffering experienced by people in my photos should not be forgotten. when we took to the streets we were just calling for our rights we should not have been met with some of the violence we see in the pictures of the store. at the heart of the protest area mohammed displays his photos for his fellow students. in many ways the ongoing fit in has become
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a microcosm of what the people here want their student to be walking around you can feel the pride they have not only in reclaiming public space but also their freedom gatherings like this would not have been possible under the old regime. a larger art movement has emerged from the uprising even this billboard has taken on new meaning protesters have hung clothing in honor of military personnel who disobeyed orders and refused to open fire at them and there are. some it says his photography not only documents the revolution it is also a way to help the people who need it. this picture shows a man waving a flag as he is being loaded on to the back of a truck. i will be using him and punching him so that he put the flag down and see saddam holding up the flag card so. you know that's a picture help to get this man released because it spread so much so they were able
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to locate him and have him freed. for passers by mohammed's work reflect a turning point for sudan and its people. i feel loved when i see the details of these pictures. these pictures are an expression of the bravery the strength and the patriotism of people who have overcome thirty years of oppression under a corrupt regime. to display shows that sudan has a lot of artists and people with many talents. to decide you found freedom is very fragile and there are a lot of work needs to be done for the spirit of the state and to be made a political reality and we learned as a people that we can be united and we can be one hand in this transitional period we've the sudanese people have to accept each other. does not know what exactly the future holds for sudan but he is determined to bear witness to it
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with his camera. reporting that not some other stories making headlines around the world officials. say at least six people are dead after jihadists opened fire on a church in the country's north gunmen on motorbikes targeted worshipers in the town of as they were leaving sunday services authorities say it's the first attack on a church since jihadist violence broke out in the country in two thousand and sixteen indonesian president has decided to move his nation's capital away from the crowded mega city of jakarta a location for the new capital hasn't been finalized about thirty million people live in or near jakarta which is in a low lying coastal region susceptible to flooding. in india voting is underway in the fourth phase of the country's parliamentary elections about one hundred thirty million people are eligible to vote in nine states today the election is organized
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into seven days of voting over a five week period the election and so on may nineteenth with results expected a week later. you're watching news still to come on the program weapons in demand a new report shows global military spending is at its highest level in decades. but first the united nations is giving thirteen million dollars in emergency funds to mozambique the country is struggling in the aftermath of a second cycle in six weeks the government now says the death toll from cyclon kenneth has reached thirty eight the storm slammed into northern mozambique on sunday causing massive flooding more to rental rainfall is expected in the days ahead kenneth comes less than two months after cyclonic died devastated the region around better in the south of the country. after the storm the
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rain. torrential downpours are swelling rivers and washing away houses here in the north of muslim baek nature's fury has been unleashed and the danger is far from over six weeks ago cyclon it i devastated the south of the country killing some six hundred people on can it is predicted to cause twice as much rainfall as its predecessor already communities have been up ended by the storms destructive force . the wind destroyed the farms and the palm trees the farms don't have anything we lost everything on the farms here in the village as you see three hundred houses have been destroyed. i'm not going to build anything else because i had two houses in the shop everything is destroyed i don't have the means to rebuild i'll just try to rebuild one home and i probably can't even you know
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that. it is the first time in recorded history that muslim beak has seen two cyclons in one season aid agencies that have been working frantically to deal with the fallout from it i now have even more work on their hands. and sri lanka the catholic church is urging the government to crack down harder on islamic extremists in the aftermath of the easter bombings the archbishop of colombo said the church might not be able to stop people from taking the law into their own hands if the government fails to prevent further attacks one week after the bombings sri lanka remains on edge. these scenes of everyday life on the streets of colombo mosque an underlying tension. after a sunday's deadly bombings security remains tight for good reason officials say that terrorists are planning another wave of attacks using military uniforms and vehicles to disguise themselves. the police are racing to root out the two
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extremist groups behind the massacre. on friday fifteen people died when security forces stormed the safe house in the city of terrorist mastermind sarin how she and three of those killed were his relatives prime minister o'neill the. told the press at large amounts of chemicals have been found in the raid he said efforts must now focus on finding those that are ready to strike again. and. to help find an emergency law has banned the use of face veils to move us in criticized by some fable in the night the country's muslim minority. but for many muslims security concerns of a right religious sensitivities. the
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moment is not good yeah. yeah. that's fine. but even if police manage to stop further attacks and religious tensions don't get out of hand the country's tourism chief estimates choice numbers will plunge by half in the coming months. and that's certain to have a lasting effect on sri lanka's economic wellbeing. a new report by the stockholm international peace research institute or sipri shows a rise in global military spending once again much of the increase is driven by the us last year it spent almost as much on its military as the next eight countries combined but china and eastern european countries are also spending more on defense . military preparedness calls for tanks bombs and grenades in the
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face of growing global tensions many countries are arming themselves more than ever . between nine hundred ninety eight and twenty eighteen worldwide defense spending rose almost continuously with one plateau to nearly two trillion dollars a year in twenty eighteen a sharp increase over twenty seventeen. the u.s. is by far the biggest spender on weapons and it shows no sign of changing course in twenty eighteen washington increased its military spending for the first time in seven years. china has the second largest defense budget which it also boosted in twenty eighteen saudi arabia a traditionally well armed country with the third largest budget reduced its spending india and france increase their defense budgets last year as did russia.
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major world powers china and india have outpaced russia in their defense spending which is why the asia pacific region is sent to be arming itself by contrast african countries spending on weapons has declined. eastern europe and parts of the middle east have also reduced their defense budgets according to available data. but that has no bearing on the overall trend for many countries the requirements for security have never been higher. the middle east is a leading destination for foreign labor from africa and asia but domestic workers often find themselves trapped in a system where they need their employers to sponsor them in order to get legal residency that leaves workers at the mercy of employers and according to amnesty international at increased risk of abuse it has called for an end to these rules. the cafe list system essentially binds migrant workers to their employer from the
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moment they enter the country it grants employers wide ranging powers facilitates forced labor and leaves workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation if you look at me in lebannon there are more than two hundred fifty thousand foreign workers coming from asian and african countries to work in homes loaded i mean these workers are exempt from the normal labor laws because they are subject to the cut filesystem whose is when you don't make that feed amnesty international says the lebanese authorities make little effort to bring abusive employers to account workers can be arrested and deported if their employer reports the most having absconded from their job even if they're fleeing abuse passport confiscation is common practice making it even more difficult for migrant workers to escape exploitative labor conditions and it was a year they treat us like flavor first of all with the coffee filesystem the employer can control us in whichever way they want to because our employer can send
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us away whenever he wants i don't have the right to refuse i have to do whatever she wants. to should be done her way but donegal. ethiopia has banned its citizens from domestic work in lebannon but still they find ways to come to washington that there are hundreds of workers in houses being imprisoned and not getting their rights not even their days off. they don't even pay their salary they make them work into has is that women entering lebanon as domestic workers are the most at risk under the car fare list system suicide rates among them are high and many die in failed escape attempts. let's catch up now some other stories making headlines around the world afghan president ashraf ghani has opened a meeting of tribal elders and community leaders and couple that he called the four day loya jirga to forge suppose. for peace talks with the taliban several prominent figures including the former president hamid karzai have refused to attack. the
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commander of the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay in cuba has been fired a statement said the military had lost confidence in rear admiral john brings ability to lead the controversial prison at guantanamo was set up to detain suspected terrorists captured overseas after the nine eleven terror attacks in the u.s. . and in canada flooding is forced thousands of people to evacuate homes along the auto a river soldiers have been helping homeowners up flood barriers in the capital rising water levels have also closed at least one key bridge in the city ottawa and montreal declared a state of emergency last week. so the come on d.w. byron munich were looking to extend their lead at the top of the table we'll find out if they could get past the stubborn nuremberg or just hoping to survive in the top division. but first is teaming up with other major international broadcasters to launch
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a new source of independent information for people in turkey plus ninety starts today on you tube it is a joint venture of the b.b.c. and voice of america the channel is being launched in response to the turkish government's restrictions on reporting and the jailing of independent journalists. living in a diverse complicated country tested by tara and upheaval. there the future of turkey beyond the thirty five c. make up half the population there the target audience of plus ninety a new voice in the media and it's now on you tube. manages from the full media groups involved launched plus ninety in istanbul on monday it a report in-depth on issues including how refugees and the people of fairing youth unemployment and the crisis in turkey's building industry. i hope that we will have a significant amount of regular users who see in the channel
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a window also to our countries and an open window between our countries and that we can contribute some information which might be not available for the moment here and so i think we want to become relevant for. knowledge see how the viewers and users are using it here in turkey. in an era of so-called fake news plus ninety will also fact check claims made by public figures and institutions its name is the number of turkey's international telephone code the channel operates with an outsider's perspective the result of the unique european and transatlantic cooperation between four international public broadcasters alongside torch of. voice of america and france media the b.b.c. wants to see what could we build where we be better and stronger together and you cheap is the kind of platform that rewards a big why did deep offer nor did says will come soon congregate around that so it
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really made sense to do this project together rather than separately. launching the channel say they don't just want to tell younger turks about the world around them but i hope plus ninety will become a home for debate. i hope that older young people here in turkey will watch us it's very important to us that we're hitting a nerve in the society and decide we want to do with all what is needed for digital platforms for you to you tube and we want to do that with constructive journalism and every opinion meant a. few would disagree the world needs more safe places for different ideas and constructive journalism. to sports now and in the bundesliga byron munich followed up on dortmund shock loss to shock a with a stumble of their own on sunday the league leaders were held to a one all draw at nuremberg that leaves a glimmer of hope for dortmund in the title race and for nuremberg survival in the top flight. but fighting for their lives and pride in the bavarian derby nurnberg
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had no intentions of handing by in three points in the title race but the best chance of the first half belonged to the visitors but all the buzz twenty second minute free kick playing got the crossbar i oversell a celebration in the away end delayed the start to the second half. and three minutes after the restart members truly extinguished byron's fire potatoes per day the finished up a scramble chance to put their emberg ahead. one male. just as it was looking like nuremberg might really pull off the impossible by ended the inevitable so shall be with a bit of luck to leap it deflected ball into the net levelling things with fifteen minutes to play. i had another chance to earn me out so thanks to an eighty nine minute penalty to my bold approach a spot ready to make himself a hero and hit the post. and five minutes into stoppage time can see c'mon how does
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own opportunity for her oh it's on a breakaway but it was number keeper question mccain yes reprieve themself the man of the hour. both teams will likely be ruing their missed chances later after this earlier but by and are still in the driver's seat in the race for the dortmund. it was a good weekend for of all spurs they hammered hoffenheim four one away to keep their chances of qualifying for the europa league alive for spurred took advantage of some part goalkeeping by hoffenheim believe about a month strike afoot fake force here a scored the first of his two goals the day all start now set in a place in the table just one point behind often. and some a tragic news from the football world czech republic international yosef sorrell has died after a mini bus crash sorrell and six other players from turkish top tier side alon yes four were returning home from an away match. the twenty eight year old forward died
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in the hospital his teammate's estate injuries are he only signed with the team in january turkish television a showed images of the damaged vehicle the state run news agency says the players rented the minibus while the rest of the squad returned with the team bus the agency also says the driver is under investigation for allegedly falling asleep. reminder now of our top story here on d w in spain's election the socialists under prime minister peter sanchez have won the most votes but they will need to form a coalition to stay in power the far right box party will also enter the spanish parliament. coming up next on news asia women struggling for a voice in indian politics we hit the campaign trail with one of the few female candidates running in india's national election. and pomp and symbolism japan's emperor akihito prepares to abdicate and hand over his metaphorical and literal
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mention to. melissa chan has those stories coming up for you on t.v. use asia stay tuned. colleville
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while becoming a city club in isolation is a mega. numbers of people living in cities are soaring and the challenges grow into how do you plan to make a long list of. what the future transportation concepts be like is affordable living space for everyone on attainable. in sixty.
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years what's coming up on the going to sleep so much movement a lack of gas to see the fan sentences i want to go discussions take a look at what all that means for the take of course. going to sleep every weekend here on t.w. . we're not here to judge you but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves. or to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to indoctrinate. but to
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listen. close ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. this is news asia coming up on the program what will it take for india to finally see more women in parliament as the country enters the fourth phase of its massive election we have a special report from west bengal where a leading political candidate is trying to break through the glass ceiling plus. the end of an era japan's emperor akihito prepares to step down from his royal duties and hand over his robe.


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