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d.w. . this is the dubliners life from a victory for spain's socialist in the country's general election but now they face some tough choices prime minister patters sanchez his party falls short of majority in a difficult coalition talks lie ahead and bring you the latest from madrid also on the program. bans face coverings in the aftermath of the easter bombings and boards of islam as militants are planning new attacks. and a new voice for turkey international broadcasters including to respond to the
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government's crackdown on independent media with opponents of a new you tube channel. time filled gal welcome to the program. spain's governing socialist safwan the country's national election but fall in well short of a parliamentary majority with just twenty nine percent of the vote prime minister petro sanchez must now attempt to form a coalition government a process that could take weeks or even months sunday's vote also saw a far right party and to parliament for the first time since the end of military rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty five vox took ten percent of the vote. the reality sinks in an election that leaves no party in power many in spain were relieved however that the far right had not done even better than it did at the polls. but i mean helpful for me i think it's
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a good result insincerely i didn't expect it i thought the right wing was going to win so it's cool for me. but i mean. me but then we think that the socialist victory is good and now there is hope that the bad guys don't win. the socialist party leader petro sanchez had explicitly pitched his party to voters as the best way to stop the far right. the spaniards have sent a very clear message to europe and to the world it is possible to win against reactionaries and authoritarianism with progressive proposals. but sanchez faces an uphill battle forming a ruling coalition the far right party vox may not have won but it still had a record night this election marks the first time a far right party has gained seats in the spanish parliament since the days of general franco. restore so no three c.p.o.
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this is only the beginning you know i'm also not a complete told you i aim was to reach out and that's exactly what we have done yet if you don't have a little bit we have a voice in parliament we can now say loud and clear to the entire country that folks has come to stay in the mainstream conservative people's party suffered big losses it was their worst election to date a sign that the polarization that is affected politics across europe has come to spain possibly for a long time to come. straight to the spanish capital than where we joined it only correspondent a public welcome public so what. has his options for forming a coalition government. well first and foremost it's going to be difficult for him that's for sure because of course he folds quite far short of a majority he has expressed a desire along with the number two and a socialist government capable to govern alone just with basically the support
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somehow of party such as them most of course that's the party and then regional parties too but he also hasn't ruled out the idea of entering into government with that would be best for them once he said that in an interview in the days leading up to the election on sunday but we're going to have a few weeks now of a negotiations and everybody is waiting here in spain with bated breath to see who exactly pedro sanchez or how he decides to form his new government let's talk about the far right the vox the value of. st paul and how much influence other locked into how. well the influence is i mean that they have ten percent of the vote today for a day of really come here with you know a significant percentage considering that at the last time around and even have an m.p. in twenty sixteen at they said that their plan is essentially to make a noise and this is just the beginning of vox their idea is basically to make people and realise what they're about him what their policies are about and that
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way they can grow as a party so that next time around they'll they'll grow and they seem to be pretty certain that. they've used the word which i suppose has has surprised and shocked some people in spain which is which means resistance now what that means exactly is a little bit on shore but basically their plan is to make changes in spain and they want spain to go in a slightly different direction to the one that we're seeing it going and now with. a look of a good conservative people's party its worst national results what does this tell us about the state of spain's political sense. it's more really the political right where we've really seen the changes because we've seen how the sort of more conservative parties are fractured into three essentially the nose who are sort of a liberal center party swung more to the right the p.p.p. at the people's party it was felt perhaps went too far to the right and sort of
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didn't manage to talk into their more moderate the center voters who left the party and perhaps voted for the nose that was a very good night was a very good night for them and even voters who went from the part of the of people out to the socialists they said today that they need to reflect and they need to see what direction they should take the party and from now but certainly it is being a terrible night for the people's party under particular for their leader public us out of. public. madrid thank you and i'm sure some of the other stories making news around the world the commander of the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay in cuba has been filed a statement from the u.s. southern command said to be admiral john brink had been removed because of a loss of confidence in his ability to command the controversial prison at guantanamo were set up to detain suspected terrorists captured overseas after the nine eleven terror attacks in the u.s. . at least six people are dead after jihad this open file on
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a church in the north became the fast so gunmen on motorbikes targeted worshipers in the town of so god as they were leaving sunday services authorities say it's the first attack on the church since jihad is the violence broke out in the country in twenty sixteen. indonesian president joker widodo house decides to move his nation's capital a white cloud to mega city of jakarta and you look asian hasn't been finalised by thirty million people live in or needs a cottage which is in a low lying coastal region susceptible to flooding. and the catholic church in sri lanka is urging the government to crack down hard on islamic extremists in the aftermath of last week's east of bombings the archbishop of columbus said the church might not be able to stop people from taking the law into their own hands if the government failed to prevent further attacks. the scenes of everyday life on the streets of colombo underlying tension. after sunday's deadly bombings
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security remains tight for good reason officials say that terrorists are planning another wave of attacks using military uniforms and vehicles to disguise themselves . the police are racing to root out the two extremist groups behind the massacre. on friday fifteen people died when security forces stormed the safe house in the city of terrorist mastermind sorrow and shame three of those killed were his relatives. prime minister o'neill victoria told the press that large amounts of chemicals have been found in the raid he said efforts must now focus on finding those that are ready to strike again. if. you need to focus on. and. to help find an emergency law has banned the use of face veils the move has been criticised by some who feel that it will
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alienate the country's muslim minority but for many muslims security concerns that way religious sensitivities for now. this is. the moment it's not good yeah. next friday. but even if police managed to stop further attacks and religious tensions don't get out of hand the country's tourism chief estimates choice numbers will plunge by half in the coming months. and that's certain to have a lasting effect on sri lanka's economic wellbeing. japan is preparing to mark the end of an era on tuesday with the idea haitian of he took a thirty year right first a japanese moment to abdicate in the modern era he's no stranger to breaking with tradition. akihito was
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a groundbreaking figure long before he became emperor in one nine hundred fifty nine he married a commoner michiko a major taboo but the people loved it the couple recently celebrated their sixtieth anniversary. and such toshi hope their union will last that long the two wanted to marry during the akihito era they are nearly out of time with his abdication looming. i spent thirty years of my life in this era since i was a year old we've lived through catastrophes but i want to keep this time in my heart and enjoy the new era they've always teeth and going off. now akihito is abdicating the first emperor to do so for two hundred years now. few years ago after two operations. i sensed that my ability to lead was fading
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also in view of my age i'm worried that i can't fulfill my job a symbol of the state with all my strength as i have been up till now. and. archytas role is partly to act as the conscience of the nation he's the official defender of the pacifist constitution visiting war memorials and paying homage to victims of japanese aggression he's criticised tends to justify japan's military history including by the ruling conservatives under prime minister shinzo abhi. son novel he told is supposed to carry on the tradition. of it the two of them have a father son relationship. i think the father has always passed on his wisdom not that he says you have to do this but i think the future emperor has learned much from the old one. man rushes from the crowd akihito his wedding didn't go off
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without a hitch stones were thrown and people tried to climb into the imperial coach me once a toshi enjoyed a day of peace and harmony. and they w. has teamed up with major international broadcasters to launch a new source of independent information for turkey plus ninety started today on the huge you it is a joint venture between the p.b.c. france and the voice of america is being launched in response to the turkish government's restrictions on the jailing of independent journalists. living in a diverse complicated country tested by tara and our people. there the future of turkey the under thirty five so make up half the population there the target audience of plus ninety nine you voice in the media and it's now on you tube. manages from the four media groups involved launched plus nineteen
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a stumble on monday it a report in depth on issues including how refugees and people are fairing youth unemployment and the crisis in turkey's building industry. i hope that we will have a significant amount of regular users who see in the channel a window also to our countries and an open window between our countries and that we can contribute some information which might be not available for the moment here and so i think we want to become relevant offer and knowledge see how the viewers and users are using it here in turkey. in an era of so-called fake news plus ninety will also fact check claims made by public figures and institutions. its name is the number of turkey's international telephone code the channel operates with an outsider's perspective the result of the unique european and transatlantic cooperation between four international public broadcasters alongside george about
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the voice of america in france media morons the b.b.c. wants to see what could we build where we'd be better and stronger together and you cheap is the kind of platform that rewards a big oh why did deep offer an audience this will come soon congregate around that so it really made sense to do this project together rather than separately. was launching the channel so they don't just want to tell younger turks about the world around them but i hope plus ninety will become a home for debate. i hope that older young people here in tokyo will watch us that it's very important to us that we're hitting a note in the turkish society and decide we want to do with all what is needed for digital platforms for you to you tube and we want to do dat with constructive journalism and every opinion minute matters to. few would disagree the world needs more safe places for different ideas and constructive journalism. coming up in business news africa what does it take to look in uganda take you to
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a shop in kampala to find out. and for them we'll have that story and more if this is james africa in just a moment back at the top of the hour i'm going to. what secrets lie behind these moments. find out you know most of experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage three sixty getting up now. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word can go.


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