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some climate impact return greater than we see over maybe. it's really frightening . why are people more concerned. a little yellow. the first d.w. . this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes torrential rains and flooding strike mozambique just days. have smashed into the country. greece many areas from the rescue workers the situation on the ground also coming up the moment in history. we hear from the who's been documenting the uprising in sudan. and dreaming of film stock we meet the
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young nigerian aiming to make it big in the. welcome to the program now it's being called on president it the second massive tropical cyclone to hit mozambique in the same season. it has wrecked yet more on the country the first of the two cycling's arrived just six weeks ago citing only die taught through a baby and the surrounding areas in mid march killing at least six hundred people there and even tens of thousands homeless what was described as the country's west humanitarian disaster now. is dealing with cyclon kenneth it made landfall just north of the c.t.o. on thursday the un has pledged thirteen million dollars in the. the aid more than
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seven hundred thousand people could be at risk. if. they can't get rid of the water quickly enough to rain here in pember the northernmost on beak keeps on coming. wrote snarr resemble rivers or actual rivers have burst their banks leaving huge areas underwater. aid agencies say psych loan kenneth's will bring twice as much rain is e.t.i. entire crop fields have been whites out and people a shortage of food. you know. these make these. poor people in this. thread but i think there are some things that people fear. the sheer amount of water on the ground is making it difficult to access the
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affected areas rescuers from brazil are on the scene they've come with boats because at the moment it's too dangerous for helicopters to fly but helicopters are what's really needed with many stranded without supplies. and want to help. police people young people men to help get them until help arrives all they can do is wait counting the cost of the latest tropical disaster to land on mozambique shores. joining me now is saul bottas country director of care in that was a big fellow so thanks for your time now first tell us how bad is the flooding situation especially compared to after diet. yeah we're looking at a very similar situation. but it's a bit too it's exactly. flooding. what i can tell you is the
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scenes are still on the ground and operations air operations today was suspended due to the intense rainfall those continued in the area today so. i'm sure officials you saw yesterday roads being washed away this is considered to. definitely not what is the main danger facing the people of. well the out of town everybody is not so badly affected it's look at it there is this room by the islands off the coast of the path of the wind storms in the stands so it's really destroyed most of the islands and further it really looking at similar situations that are levels of flooding houses being washed away and not see
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in the field where they were able to get out and visited immunities they were just bits of the left left with nothing think what they can reprieve from the flooding it's just scattered around and the houses completely take a bow definitely doesn't sound good now you mentioned earlier that it's still raining now forecasts say it's going to be raining for at least three more days what what are some of the challenges that rescue and aid workers like yours are facing. well that is the road to becoming law school so we brought in excess to be able to do it ever since the incident and it dropped a few military resistance they're also being suspended today just because the weather conditions on today just to ease their spirits so exactly the same goes with di well you know these conditions it is really difficult to get out to these places and understand the situation is. provided and humanitarian assistance.
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one country director of care in my pool to mozambique thanks for your time. now sonny's protest as a breakthrough in talks with this they have agreed to form a joint council to pave the way for civilian rule so that. was ousted by the military and you have this month after protests one photograph has been capturing some of the images of the upsizing use i.e. brahim. talk with him in the capital. for thirty two year old muhammad this is history in the making has been documented the sudanese uprising since it started in the summer and today he's taking pictures of the incoming fire bans joining demonstrators in front of the army headquarters in the capital shoved. my pictures of the coming generations the suffering experienced by people in my photos should not be
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forgotten. when we took to the streets we were just calling for our rights we should not have been met with some of the violence we see in the pictures. at the heart of the protest area mohammed displays his photos for his fellow students. in many ways the ongoing fittin has become a microcosm of what the people here want their sudan to be walking around you can feel the pride they have not only in reclaiming public space but also their freedom gatherings like this would not have been possible under the old regime. a larger art movement has emerged from the uprising even this billboard has taken on new meaning protesters have hung clothing in honor of military personnel who disobeyed orders and refused to open fire at them and there are. some it says his photography not only documents the revolution it is also a way to help the people who needed. to get out of this picture shows a man waving
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a flag as he is being loaded on to the. back of a truck. i will be using human punching him so that he put the flag down. on holding up the flag high so. that's a picture help to get this man released because it spread so much so they were able to locate him and have him freed. for passers by mohammed's work reflects a turning point for sudan and its people. i feel loved when i see the details of these pictures. these pictures are an expression of the bravery the strength and the patriotism of people who have overcome thirty years of oppression under a corrupt regime. to display shows that sudan has a lot of artists and people with many talents. and good mohammad realizes to dismiss found freedom is very fragile and that
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a lot of work needs to be done for the spirit of the citizen to be made a political reality. we learned as a people that we can be united and we can be one hand in this transitional period we the sudanese people have to accept each other. does not know what exactly the future holds for sudan but he is determined to bear witness to it with his camera. the nigerian film industry popularly called nollywood is the second largest in the wild by the sheer films one thousand five hundred films a year many film stars begin the stages are reports i went to the lagos the festival the biggest of its kind in west africa and that's one film star that is you you don't want to be like that on your final rehearsal for twenty one year old timey prepares for his very first professional performance to meet up with
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a creative arts student at the university of lagos acting has become his. i think for now it's. easy to get to see t. forget everything just before you know i love hockey is my life so i just going sort of forget everything it was only two hours so the curtains up and the director of the play i want might my business to use it more than. satisfied. that we are still looking at some wonderful make it's really possible to ask you looking. back what you do but that's not putting to me you still hopeful that this performance could help him become a big nollywood star most of those things you do them to for example me up to speed to do something and someone sees me as teacher producer sees me on stage and say oh i like a boy like a certain i want some for my next show a lot of celebrities a lot of people love no one as are his parents and even more nerve wrecking prospect they're going to see their son perform on states for the very first time.
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that i would. want to see my love for being one of the best on the stage it's crunch time just a few minutes to go before he has to be on stage and jimmy has lost in a report and probably you know you just showed us from his two year old something that every team is just looking for i'm looking for the key to this actually. the right so yes but yes. i don't know where he's i think it was. i want my life business is an interactive almost engage with the audience and the issues such as mental health in an entertaining way. and it works standing ovation.
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because he was just he was i mean i love you know beautiful was wonder what about his father. drove over three hours to get here two appeared yes yes for just the audience is clearly impressed but how about the director who we are so mistakes will foodies know you're for the audience we did wonderfully with you have to go on for that despite the slight criticism termit up is satisfied with today and feeling great just this just this. same reason snakes. we may just be witnessing the start of a big korea in fact an audience member who runs a major international theater festival later told us that tomatoes performance was his favorite of the entire festival. reminds me of the days i used to ax about said from the w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website on facebook page we leave you now with images and sounds from the african drum festival in nigeria by for now
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. i'm scared that the war that's hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. i'm with numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us
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your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture i'm can help said and here's what's coming up in this edition. the new film about a tragic family killing revisits a real life drama other took place on the streets of berlin fourteen years ago. look at the explosive parts of norway's young son who's making a name for himself with destructive performances done especially for social media.
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and in our series one hundred german must reads we plunge into. oppressive tale of seemingly random injustice and impenetrable authority the trial. in two thousand and five germany was shocked by the murder of twenty three year old how to shoot a young turkish kurdish woman who had dared to leave a forced marriage and defy her strict muslim family while she was shot point blank in on the street by her youngest brother a so-called on or killing german director sherry hormones new film a regular woman tells the story a new and gives the victim back her voice. and . and a regular woman is a truce.


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