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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2019 12:00am-12:03am CEST

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because the other part of the force haven't been an explanation for taking time that you but i'm not attacking people wondering if they're safe but if people have a right to learn that it is this is their job so that if the law how i feel and why not my job because i tied to the executive the thing. i named the ning tool and i want to add it up you. for the first time in five years the leader of the so-called islamic state. has appeared in a propaganda video released by the jihadist organization on it by god he claims the sri lankan attacks at easter were in response to isis losses. in
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spain's generally like sion socialist prime minister petro sanchez has scored a victory for his party with almost thirty percent of the vote but will have to negotiate alliances to stay in power the far right box party has entered parliament for the first time securing about ten percent of the votes just going to say you know i was the political musket at that. the government of mozambique has raised the death toll from cyclon canas to thirty eight the storm slammed into northern mozambique on sunday causing massive flooding more torrential rainfall is expected in the days ahead kenneth comes less than two months after cyclonic die devastated the region around by ira in the south of the country. indonesian president joe cole we don't know has decided to move his nation's capital away from the crowded megacity of jakarta a location for the new capital hasn't been finalised about thirty million people live in or near jakarta which is in a low lying coastal region susceptible to flooding.
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spain's prime minister pedro sunset as has emerged as the clear cut winner in his country's general election his socialist party increased the number of seats in parliament but how long will mr sanchez keep smiling spain has no tradition of coalition governments but it appears mr sanchez is socialist will have to find a partner or maybe call another election and for the first time since the end of the franco dictatorship voters have put a far right party in parliament tonight the leader of that party is betting he'll be the politician smiling last i burned off in berlin this is the day. this ocean is policy has won the general election.


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