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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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iran a journey through a land full of contradictions of joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts of everyday life. and help people cope with them. iran bittersweet. starts may second on g.w. . donald trump's germany's biggest lender the u.s. presence tells deutsche bank not to hand over his business records that's up to political rivals in congress demand that. also coming up boeing leaves questions unanswered at its first shareholder meeting since its top selling jet was involved
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in two fatal crash. hello welcome to the business i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us presidents on a trump is suing door to bank to stop it from handing over financial records about the banks dealings with the new york real estate mogul congressional oversight committees seppi made the documents in march and for years the german lender has been trump's main and sometimes only credit to financing many of his construction projects democrats in congress say they want to investigate possible financial ties between donald trump and russia and gain general knowledge of the president's finances trump past few years posted about his financial action but he's been secretive about the details for a king with a longstanding tradition of presidents making their tax filings public. all right for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent in frankfurt as he does the president of the united states suing germany's biggest lender what does that mean for daughter back. well monica think it means to wait and watch and see how
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the lawsuit plays out in court the dutch a bank hasn't made any official. he hasn't reacted to this development as yet president trump says that the subpoenas were aimed at had a seeing him and the documents could be used to actually damage him politically and that's what he's and that's why he's trying to oppose it desperately through this lawsuit and now that his opponents however say that the lawsuit is made it less and that they would not stand in court and they would be rejected by the court now still dortch it bank unfortunately has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately and this isn't a nice headline either is this yet another disaster in the making well i've seen on this leave most of it most of the bad news and banks the shady dealings have been factored in by the markets and the bank the bank is trading at just
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a quarter of its book value to clearly investors are not very optimistic about the bank as of now having said that this is definitely an irritant for a bank which is actually trying to get its act together it's a blow to the reputation there are bound to be question as to why a bank of bankrolling businessmen that is donald trump out of bankruptcy when other banks including prominent u.s. banks would not even touch him so there are also questions about was there any money laundering that was involved and so there are many who even believe that donald trump wouldn't have been the president had it not been for the money or the loans given by virtue of bank ok i should just punt it a reporting from frankfurt for us thank you so much. some corporate news now and investors had been warned and now some just released first quarter earnings that show profits late sixty percent year on year to five point three billion
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dollars the south korean tech company says the decline in profits is due to poor sales of its low end mid-range smartphone models along with falling demand for memory chips and displace samsung is the world's biggest maker of memory chips phones. and google's parent company alphabet published a disappointing figures after trading hours its first quarter revenue came in below market expectations dropping more than thirty percent on the year the take complements failed to benefit from the pos if the u.s. economy. amid pressure from record e.u. finds now that's left some investors concerned alpha beds google and you tube face many challenges the company's privacy practices are under increasing scrutiny triggering more efforts to restrict advertising that appears with potentially offensive content.
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to italy now the country's economy is apparently in worse shape than its government has suggested for some time rome has forecast around one percent growth for twenty nineteen and it also said rising tax revenues from that growth would help limit any new dates to just over a moderate two percent of annual g.d.p. and those projections have changed now the latest forecast is for just zero point two percent growth and twenty nineteen and to make up for bad poor performance italy will have to take on new day it to the tune of two point four percent of g.d.p. now those new figures are weighing on investor confidence with lower growth and rising debt italy will have to pay higher interest rates when it issues government bonds for the last year its ten year bonds have yield. around three percent interest if rome is forced to pay investors more that'll put even more pressure on state finances and let's talk a little bit about that let's bring in
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a seaman gupta who's standing by for us in rome sima good to see you know there's one piece of good news and that is standard and poor's said another downgrade is likely but is that enough for rome to be able to turn things around well as you mentioned mean it's he's the economy is not in the best of places the economy stumbled at the end of twenty eighteen and then of course the massive debt is you also mentioned but we have the figure of one hundred thirty two percent of the g.d.p. which is essentially the second highest in europe and so all these figures put in place but we had the finance minister giovanni tria speaking just earlier this month seeing that he believes that italy is probably out of recession and that because of encouraging start to the year perhaps it's a little bit more optimistic for the second half so perhaps that might have had some to play in terms of the ratings agencies and how they did not downgrade its
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early stages that said though i think all eyes are perhaps on the european elections later this month i think there is a feeling of wanting to wait and see what will be the outcome of that and not create tensions in the run up to it so essentially i think that's part of the reason why they did not downgrade any further and the finance minister for him his part believes there is still room for someone to do this ok how optimistic are italians then i mean basically this two point or north point two percent growth it's pretty much stagnant economy. i think italians perhaps are divided into two groups those that are very worried and those that essentially believe that you know look the political class has done little for them nothing is going to change that's it so this new populist government has put in place measures to pension reform as well as a citizens' income to battle poverty now both these two measures it both increased
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spending something which brussels is not going to be happy about but that it did i think brussels a kid's waiting to see what will be the outcome of the european elections later this month and whether they will place any additional sanctions all on it's really for the book though it's pretty much the state says as they wait to see what happens when you can elections or i see my group though they're from rome thank you so much. spain on the other hand has emerged from the global financial crisis with solid growth but while sunday's election gave a lift to the country's political left madrid has yet to solve the problem of high youth unemployment twenty four percent of young people out of work and if they get a job their contract is likely to be limited sometimes to just a few hours a day. rafael are up a is a nurse heading home after his shift and he has work tomorrow not to be taken for granted you will get they might have this contract for fifteen days before that i
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was unemployed for a month and before that i had a four month contract with one of the other when he gets home his time to hit the books. thirty two year old has been in nursing for twelve years now but he's studying for a test that if he passed could get him a highly sought after job in the public service. it's the only way to guarantee a secure job with a fixed contract and a regular salary. sixty percent of employment contracts in spain last for just six months or less i'm up to a world record many young people up their chances by doing more vocational training runs and more has just completed a type of traineeship that's only been around in spain since twenty twelve the jewel model he learnt at school and in the company they offered him a position afterwards so he was spat the job hunt. that's imprecise it helps when
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a company is committed to high quality training and work. just those companies that value that tend to offer you know good contracts and further training. for money. teachers supervise the students in the company and in the school training manager estella sanchez is impressed with the company's two model in fact it can work too well. you know whether or not it will because we have a good reputation in the industry big companies come and make all trainees offers that we can't compete with my leave it isn't a little so much about graeme southlands is promoting this tool training model in spain but he knows there's a long road ahead but this is the most we need thousands more companies to commit we currently have around twenty six thousand trainees in the joule system but still about eight hundred thousand in the traditional vocational colleges. global business by the. it's not just
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a lack of companies it's about the basics there are no nationwide regulations for vocational training every region makes its own one major task on the agenda for the next government. boeing faced its shareholders for the first time since the two fatal crashes involving its seven three seven max model and they weren't happy since those crashes boeing's first quarter profits of twenty percent on a chip rise by ten is the first shareholder meeting since two fatal crashes involving boeing seven three seven max and folded into one of the biggest crises to hit the american plane maker we have boeing or sorry for the loss of life in these tragedies and they continue to weigh heavily on us we recognize the devastation to the families and friends of the passengers and crew members and extend our deepest sympathies to all of their please join me in a moment of silence at this time to honor the three hundred forty six people who were on board those two flights to take but there was tough
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questioning from shareholders some wanted to know if the seventy seven months production was rushed here and whether that led to forty feel safe mechanisms a common link in the chain of events leading to both questions was that bad sensor data or triggered an anti still system designed to force the plane's nose downward we know we can break this link in the chain it's our responsibility to eliminate this risk he said that boeing was making steady progress towards a software update that would keep such accidents from happening again regulators could be about to find out if his bright they are set to test the software next week. that's your business update on w. thanks for watching.
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we're not here to judge but to eliminate prejudice and. we're not here to change your opinion but to open some space for different points of view and we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves.
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i'm not here to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to indoctrinate but to listen. plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. clips. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture i'm karen helm said and here's what's coming up in this edition. new film about a tragic family killing revisits a real life drama that took place on the streets of berlin fourteen years ago. we look at the explosive parts of norway's. who's making
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a name for himself with destructive performances done especially for social media. and in our series one hundred german must reads we plunge into. oppressive tale of seemingly random injustice and impenetrable authority the trial. in two thousand and five germany was shocked by the murder of twenty three year old how to shoot a young turkish kurdish woman who had dared to leave a forced marriage and defy her strict muslim family well she was shot point blank in on the street by her youngest brother a so-called on or killing german director sherry hormones new film a regular woman tells the story a new and gives the victim back her voice. and
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. and a regular woman is a true story.


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