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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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first d.w. . this is the. violence flag. exclusive president tells us that the people support his. president. join the protesters in the u.s. . russia china president who says. loyalty and government forces clashed with demonstrators and. is being defeated.
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i'm. we start in venezuela where opposition leader and self declared president urging the armed forces to join what he's called the final phase of a plan to topple nicolas maduro. in the capital. the start of an uprising is calling operation. as he spoke as he spoke nearby troops loyal to president. tear gas and opposition protesters. rising in attempt on the part of the opposition to remove the tour of from the presidency but it appears to have only limited military support. of course is a key factor. venezuelan politics president the door of his party has vowed to put
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down because he says he has the total loyalty of his military leaders. they w. has spoken exclusively with while i'm quite aware asked him how he justified his call for nevada for the venezuelan people to rise up against the government. it's clear that they are the ones who have usurped government powers they have carried on a continuous coup since two thousand and eighteen they have disregarded the rule of law they have discarded the constitution they failed to hold free and fair elections and they seized power today the armed forces have taken an important step by siding with the people our process and we've always said this is peaceful a nonviolent and we are not going to change that the ones who have caused violence through the armed paramilitary forces they call collectives other regime and we'll maintain a nonviolent stance as demonstrated by the venezuelan people when they took to the streets to protest. well let's go to have the venezuelan capital caracas or rejoin
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the dublin correspondent he joins us on the line welcome let's start with with the army we heard there saying that armed forces have sided with him that does that isn't quite the whole picture is it. well we're thinking that the army is part of the army and supporting one way or at least forty officials have are supporting him in today's. revolt against. and among the islands and. director of the intelligence force here in venezuela christopher paper so all we are seeing that he is getting some support from a high ranking official we don't know how that will translate into the rest of the ranks in that the military and how. strong is the support that mother would or is getting from the military as well we've heard from nancy agents from. the defense
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minister but we haven't heard anything from the other military officials act they tend to do when we see one of these uprisings occur and going to sway them and how is today's uprising different from the others that we've witnessed over the last two months. well it's very significant first of all that we're seeing there port au prince street that is an indication that there is support for one way though within the military. for the no protests said that he was freed by intelligence officers so that does support the claim that there is a strong support from the intelligence unit of the military in support of one believes on however that is also very different than the other protests that we've seen we were seeing this as a civilian movement supported by some military and we're seeing them side by side
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that is something we have never seen before and that is motivating people to take to the streets as well and the government response has been quite brutal we've seen pictures over the course of the saving of militia vehicles plowing into crowds and even running over. the afternoon that there has been. escalating and violence throughout the day we're expecting more throughout the following day ask people go out and protest but what is more worrisome is the ability armed civilian for support me call last month and that are fighting against the protesters with a live ammo so that is another complication to these protests that is and was expected to happen. now over the last month old so
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from the outside of venezuela things appeared to have calms down and yet today's operation that literacy seems to have taken everyone by surprise that he come out of nowhere. well it did come out of nowhere we were all expecting tomorrow to be a decisive day a day or a lot of people concentrations of people on the streets there were rumors that the concentration was going to direct itself to the presidential palace which is an area not often. start on by opposition a protest because it is a stronghold of the traditional however. this morning was a surprise element we were not expecting to see one rival supported by military and we were not expecting to see there for the loping by his side so that was an element of surprise but we have not questioned one grade of leadership. in the coming in the past weeks because we've seen the crowds that he's gathered
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throughout his. rallies in different parts of the country and what's most important is that he has not been arrested so there is an element of crush and from them other governments towards one grade all probably due to threats made by washington and other international countries supporting one way though and one of the president himself have we seen or heard from him besides some tweeting. well we've already seen some tweets and some responses on social media but you know definitely follow what's going on which is something very different in this process that we've seen usually they're very quick to answer to any uprising or revolt that we've seen we've seen several in the past year military revolts against motherwell and they're very quick to answer to those but this time it's different we're not listening we're not hearing much from the government and this time.
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caracas thank you so much. let's get the view from russia correspondent i want to show and joins us from moscow welcome really what's the kremlin's position on today's events in venezuela well the kremlin has of course consistently supported nicolas maduro and they do not recognize one why though as president and they came out today again to kind of solidify that position the foreign ministry released an official statement criticizing the opposition they called the the the methods of the opposition violent and they said that the opposition was charting a course towards provoking conflict and they called for this situation to be resolved through talks we also saw from the foreign ministry today a kind of i thought it was a it was a side swipe at the u.s. they called for the international community not to meddle in the situation in
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venezuela now russia has for months now been accusing the u.s. of meddling the foreign minister sergey lavrov in march came out and accused the u.s. of meddling again accuse them of organizing a coup in venezuela so it seems that venezuela is one of the cases where russia is very much setting up its its foreign policy is anti u.s. and the tensions between russia and the u.s. are boiling to the surface in the country there so what does russia have in venezuela. well first of all russia and venezuela are historic. the two countries have been close for decades and actually we've even seen in recent months russia sending troops to venezuela they confirmed reports fairly recently saying however that the troops that were sent were military advisors and that they wouldn't be used for any military operations in the country but it's not
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just geopolitical interests that russia has it's also a cute economic interests first of all venezuela has been been a big importer of russian grain of russian arms and russia has also and russian companies as well has also given venezuela huge loans worth billions in the past few years so if there is regime change that might mean that russia simply doesn't get back its billions and of course there's also another aspect here economically at stake venezuela is a huge oil producing country it has one of the biggest oil reserves in the world and that's why russia wants to keep the country on side because it's part of opec russia is not part of opec organization of oil exporters so for russia to have a stake in oil exports and in regulating the oil market which is very important for russia's economy it also needs venezuela as an ally so really huge huge big bucks
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at stake here for russia as well they're clear about who should win in moscow thank you. it's got another view from peter but he's a latin american foreign policy analyst at the free university here welcome to day doubly do you see today's events as more significant than previous anti-government riots and protests. of course and. we can be sure that there will be no stepping back to yesterday so this is in some way and gain because the stakes are very high for the a position now and all they really succeed in. making sure all leaving the presidency or they will end up in jail so but why is it higher today otherwise why is the stakes so high this time compared to all the other times because one guy though has openly been calling for
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a military uprising and before he talked about keeping it peaceful before he has been calling the majority to leave the presidency and he has called the military to to support the opposition movement but he has not openly called for a military operation and also what happened this morning the freeing of the locals from his house arrest is something that clearly is against the established order so how do you how do you see this playing out how does the president reestablish face or thoresby it's really very difficult of this moment to say what is going to happen in the next few hours or even days because while. everything is under control this is a coup attempt but all the military. all the military has. has told me that they are behind the government so the same time going
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door has told the people of this morning so of the few hours that we haven't heard anything of from him but this morning he told the people that he has the support of the military so we we don't really know what is happening i mean the military has always been came to this what what is it about today's demonstration or the the organization behind today's demonstration that means some parts of the military are now siding with want to go i don't know where before the very loyalty to the president had been solid yes there is a part of the military openly siding on why don't but nobody but nobody knows exactly how many people. with him and so while we don't know about this it's very difficult to say what's going to happen the next
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hours what we know is that there are violent clashes in the streets of caracas but we don't know what is happening in the regions these social media have been closed down in some way so it's really. how does the situation in venezuela this instability how does that affect the region it has been affecting the region already for the last few months because of the has been a refugee movement of three million people living there as well and especially colombia has been suffering a lot. of this migration and and of course the venezuelan case is has been polarizing american governments during the last year i would say so while there are. some few governments as bolivia as cuba still supporting a lot of there are others as brazil and all the lima group government
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also supporting one why do. very clear thank you latin america foreign policy of us thank you. something my president says there is no turning back in his bid to oust the battle's president nicholas schmidle and government supporters have taken to the streets the president claims to have total loyalty of his military chambers. it's something. i'm not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us so i don't not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters. made for mines. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word i'm
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