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what's your story. with numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story train always understand this new culture. you are nothing visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. a lawsuit from a lead to just leader to well lender u.s. president donald trump tells deutsche bank not to hand over his financial records in an attempt to block the congressional subpoena. also on the show investors though just an earnings report from apple i phone sales are down but services are
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up. and billionaires playground monaco want to go green and not just from all that money. until now the law in berlin while the leader of the world's most powerful country is suing germany's flagship lender donald trump hopes a lawsuit will stop the torture bank from handing over his business records to congress democrat what democrat led committees subpoenaed the documents last month betting that if the president has financial skeletons the german bank knows where the bird. the lawsuit is the trump family affair with the president's three eldest children also following suit against torture bank. germany's leading financial institution provided massive loans to the trump organization when other banks were put off by the president's multiple bankruptcies. the congressional committees are interested in where the door to a bank was expecting something in return or whether there were secret guarantees
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from russia or secret agreements made. deutsche bank help the trump organization finance multiple projects to the tune of more than two billion dollars that includes trump hotels and can see you know resorts in atlantic city the trump international hotel and tower in chicago a golf resort in miami almost a billion dollars for the avenue of the americas building in new york and the trump hotel in washington. the democrats want to know why trump and door to bank had such close ties. to the russian ship with no actual bacon's as usual what would they will do and billions of dollars he filed a lawsuit against him oh no whether they would legitimacy but they have done so why was this happening i think we need to ponder. that democrats are also examining whether donald trump is financially dependent on russia they believe money laundering could be involved and tortured bank may have made such transactions
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possible frankfurt based lender has already handed over some financial documents regarding the u.s. president to investigators and plans to continue doing so deutsche bank said it would have by by all court orders related to the probe yes court that joins us now from new york and it's good to see you now the richer bank has agreed to cooperate with the investigation but cancel a lawsuit actually stop it from handing over the chumps the trunk family's financial records. yeah it's not so much about the lawsuits itself a dodge a bank is sort of caught in the middle of a legal power struggle because that is the big question if in general this congressional committee has the authority to actually force a banker to hand over those information as far as i understand about may sixth bank was ready to give at least them some details and now the trump organization and the
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president himself and his family are trying to block this bank overall i don't see it having such a tough time of getting any problems with this case they're basically just waiting and seeing what the legal basis is and the fact that deutsche bank was pretty much the house bank of donald trump was basically because most of the other big wall street banks were not lending any money to donald trump and the longer because some of his and surprises hasn't been that successful so i don't see it necessarily as a big problem for the bank it's it's a legal battle that we're seeing right now surrounding president donald trump his family and his organization. but definitely a story that set to continue but for now yes stay where you are will return to you in a moment because apple's profits fell sixteen percent to eleven point six billion dollars
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as demand for i phones continues to weaken the spike that however the company is more upbeat about the current quarter it expects i phone sales to stabilize and china the world's biggest smartphone market and investors are increasingly optimistic about its service revenue sales from apple's non hardware business came in slightly ahead of analyst expectations. and we're back with young's quarter on wall street now against those apple figures capped off earnings announcements from the high growth tech companies like facebook amazon and netflix any trends that you're starting. well one trend that we certainly see is just set the bar low enough and then it's easy to surpass an expectation that was by the way also true for all because bottom line is the company exceeded for example revenue estimates by quite a bit and in the first after our reaction here on wall street the stock popped up
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by about five percent and maybe on a wednesday i book could try to achieve for market capitalization of one trillion dollars again also other big tech names like facebook like amazon like twitter overall they did better than expected and this is one reason why we saw quite a rally on wall street in the past couple of weeks just here on tuesdays at the final trading day of april the s. and p. five hundred set in new all time highs so new records here on wall street thank you very much chance carter there on wall street for us. now to some other business stories from around the world apple rival samsung also released its latest quarterly earnings posting a sixty percent slide in profits year on year to five point three billion dollars the south korean tech company claims for sales and its low and mid-range smartphone
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models along with falling demand for primary chips and displays. iran's president hassan rouhani says his country will continue to export oil this fight us sanctions in a speech broadcast on state t.v. he said america was wrong to think it could reduce iran's output to zero pressure from the u.s. is expected to drive iran further into recession and inflation towards forty percent. official figures show the eurozone economy expanded by zero point four percent in the first quarter of the year that's twice as much as the previous quarter and unemployment fell to its lowest levels since two thousand and eight itself hovering around seven point seven percent although that's higher in some countries like greece see. profits european airplane maker airbus fell eighty six percent during the first quarter of the year that's true to
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a number of factors including the ending of the a three eighty super jumbo program after years of losses the german government suspension of defense exports to saudi arabia resulted in a one hundred ninety million euro loss. high rollers pro players champagne and convertibles those are some of the things that come to mind whenever monaco is mentioned but now europe's gambling capital wants to bet big on something else sustainability that is. monaco is pretty but it's also bursting at the seams a building boom is to blame almost forty thousand people live on a tract of land measuring two square kilometers. at the palace at the rock of monaco prince albert the second is using rapeseed oil for heat he says if all the buildings in his principality were heated with rapeseed oil monaco could slash c o
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two emissions by half. especially in the past few months all the measures we've been putting in place are due to our objective of honoring the commitments we made to the paris climate accord. monaco promise to half its greenhouse gas emissions by twenty thirty and replacing fossil fuels with rapeseed would help what you're wearing right now may one day end up in india for a decade a town ninety kilometers away from delhi has made its living from the clothes the rest of the world throws away but the community has also attracted the attention of campaigners trying to rid the country of child labor. for more than half a century it's been known as the castoff capital of the world punny parts in the indian state of haryana is the final resting place the many people's unwanted clothes hundreds of tons arrive every day to be destroyed and repurposed. going to
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see a lot implored we import from different countries especially from dubai and from european countries these came from friends and we separate the different colors here the blues. and here the browns. the clothes are turned into a rough heavy yarn known as shaadi which is woven into blankets but demand for them is falling thanks to synthetic chinese fleece which is softer lighter and cheaper where penny pat had around four hundred factories in the early two thousand and now has around one hundred production has fallen by a quarter over a decade the increasingly bleak outlook for the industry here come inside with a concerted effort to get the children of laborers out of the factories charity workers estimate a tenth the panny perhaps children are as they put it in gauged in a working environment. passive of that and then they get it's not about the money it's just that by getting together we're able to work faster we collect one hundred
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to one hundred twenty repeats a day working from eight o'clock in the morning to six at night that they're never get that. one charity is trying to turn pony part into a child labor free zone by getting the kids back into school either at one of the government schools or one of its own training centers like this one. we bought five hundred children back to school the beginning when we first visited the factories to convince them not to let the miners work i wouldn't let us in but we came back again and again to get up again as panipat continues to try to live off the leftovers of others with education may give its very youngest work is a shot at their own rags to riches story thanks for watching.
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what is coming up all in the booklet is so much movement a major speech. he told you don't expect to take a look at what all that means for the title. going to sleep every weekend here w. . hello and welcome to news from arts and culture i'm karen helms said and in this edition but nanna's as a symbol of freedom in poland we'll see why artists have staged an inn in front of the national museum in warsaw and also coming up. the berlin philharmonic has just
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rolled out its plans for the season starting in august marking the beginning of a new era for the orchestra under chief conductor kitty in. the celebrations and events abounds to commemorate the five hundredth anniversary of the death of leonardo da vinci we look into the legacy of the tuscan master. artists in poland have taken to the street and to social media to protest the decision to remove a video installation from the national museum in warsaw the video in question by a prominent artist natalia l l dates from one nine hundred seventy three and depicts a young woman eating a banana in a suggestive way well although it's been on display for many years conservative authorities have now branded it obscene sparking concerns that artistic freedom is under threat. occasionally protesting can be
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a tasty affair hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of the polish national museum in warsaw to eat bananas together when you moved.


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