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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2019 1:45am-2:00am CEST

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celebrations and events abound to commemorates the five hundredth anniversary of the death of leonardo da vinci we look into the legacy of the tuscan master. artists in poland have taken to the street and to social media to protest the decision to remove a video installation from the national museum in warsaw the video in question by a prominent artist natalia l l dates from one nine hundred seventy three and depicts a young woman eating a banana in a suggestive way well although it's been on display for many years conservative authorities have now branded it obscene sparking concerns that artistic freedom is under threat. occasionally protesting can be at tasty affair for hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of the polish national museum in warsaw to eat bananas together. all in the name of artistic freedom so. we fully
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reject censorship in art over the past few years our freedoms have been increasingly compromised and now it's. because the images we are protesting against the removal of our freedom of speech artistic freedom. the debate centers around this installation by leading polish concept artist natalia el al in one nine hundred seventy three she photographed and filmed herself sense you are eating a banana for six years the installation has been on display at the national museum now it's being taken down that's gold many under the hash tag banana selfie exasperated polls have been posting pictures of themselves with a banana including many celebrity artists and generalists the museum's new head. appointed by the conservative peace party says the work is a potential danger to young people. this is the national museum as such it's not
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the place for gender related content to be so explicitly portrayed. the protests are having an effect even before the demo the national museum and noun state would put the artwork back on display but many here a skeptical. it's likely to end up in one of the museum storerooms i have no illusions about the museum's head and his decision. and the museum says this won't be the last time it may when they've works from its exhibition. and joining me now in the studio is my colleague adrian kennedy from culture to talk about this welcome adrian tell us a bit about the artist at the center of this controversy i think quite high profile they are very high profile and. better known as natalia of course has been star of the polish art scene for fifty years the world. but this is a piece from the early seventy's conceived as a challenge to the conservatism of the communist regime that ruled poland at the
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time and of course of criticism of the food shortages that prevailed. so ironic that now fifty years for this and she told me this work has full file of censorship. showing that conservatives are on both ends of the political spectrum what about this cause if she's a well respected video of the installation in question features. and mosques and a woman with a whip. of course famous for the quote if you go to see a woman do not forget the whip he is the self the female is wielding the whip half safe to. feminists also interesting that it's works by women that have been put on the ditch lists now this also isn't the first time that we've seen the arts under pressure in poland since the new government came in under the
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conservative law and justice party in twenty fifteen is it that's what opposition politicians have accused the government of a concerted campaign against this one example was that they withdrew the funding the culture minister. if you wish through funding for the month to festival in post nine when they curators and the program was deemed too progressive actually since this government came to power a lot of artistic tech directors have not had their contracts renewed the local authorities then organize competitions in order to install artists that they approve of the thing is that the right wing in poland feels that the theatre is dominated by left wing forces they accuse it of insulting the nation and the church of blasphemy and they want to change that so this is the just another salvo in that culture war very interesting it will certainly have to keep an eye on that story
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more pictures of the banana eating protests or is on facebook at culture if anyone wants to have a look at kennedy thanks very much for bringing me that story thank you. well it's exciting times for classical music fans here in berlin as killer potato prepares to take over from so simon rattle as chief conductor of the city's famed berlin philharmonic now on monday to try to announce his plans for the twenty nineteen twenty twenty seasons which include a european tour and play some heavy emphasis on the works of beethoven for his two hundred fiftieth birthday. kids are. totally in his element demonstrating the full range of his skills starting this summer he'll pick up the baton at the berlin philharmonic the internationally renowned orchestra elected him in twenty fifteen the expectations and anticipation are high.
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the maestro is famously media shy giving very few interviews but once a year he has to subject themselves to a press conference this one is his first with the berlin philharmonic. orchestra i know this orchestra has a source of energy in it that is indescribable and as a conductor i have to learn to deal with the source of energy and deal with it correctly. and. atenco has already conducted the philharmonic a few times there are twenty seven thousand performance of chekhov's he's pathetic was super promising great things to come. to him for what bengal how about one carlyon audio how about oh answer simon rattle are the heavyweights that shape the circus struck. by. the orchestra sounded different under each of them and that's how it should be so i appreciate each one
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of them but i want to create my own sound my own philharmonic world long in mind that i do in the. originally from scrushy was hired by the mining in theatre in one thousand nine hundred nine becoming germany's youngest artistic director of an orchestra he worked for berlin's como starting in two thousand and two and in twenty thirteen became artistic director of the munich state opera. his new position at the berlin philharmonic will kick off with a performance of beethoven's ninth symphony on august twenty third they'll perform it again the next day at the brandenburg gate for free and outdoor. things for me the ninth symphony contains everything that distinguishes us as humans in both a positive and negative sense in that he says he shares the expectations placed on him to launch a new illustrious era in the history of the philharmonic. and for you the. head of
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every concert i have the desire to somehow float on clouds with the orchestra you can feel the void can simply. but that's enough talking for the maestro he prefers to let the music speak for itself. all his revered as a universal genius and best known for his paintings most notably the mona lisa but italian master leonardo da vinci was a true polymath with interests in company encompassing architecture mathematics engineering several branches of the natural sciences and even music on may second marks the five hundredth anniversary of his death and competition is rife between the places that can lay claim to him among them his birthplace near vinci in tuscany. and the french town of on what was in the water valley where he died
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in fifteen nineteen and so while they all try to do one another we took a look into the legacy left by this exceptional mind. leonardo da vinci was not just an artist an architect but also a philosopher and engineer he's credited with some eighty inventions including submarines i'm flying machines but according to german author mathias echoed he didn't really invent them all. hot mic. it's widely asserted that leon out of really did build a flying machine himself and that the last will and employee of his tried out this flying machine and that leonardo recorded the flight in his codex firstly on all good us ins i'm cool digs therefore when i've read the codex and there's nothing in it about the flight. stuff and printed. the florence workshop of the medics he's court painter became leonardo's master school he achieved mastery of
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perspective better than anyone else and he sketched everything he saw whether in books or in his surroundings in the pages of his notebooks unable to make a living as a freelance artist at the age of twenty five he applied to work as a specialist for military equipment at the milan court of ludovick us force. to get me through the heart the equipment he promised was either unfeasible totally impractical or simply didn't work so much with him for instance if you look at the tank he proposed it's constructed to be driven by a hand crank and hunt. and that hand crank is attached to a kind of gear a cage here so that the front wheel goes backwards and the rear wheel goes forwards . but he has a call takes a skeptical view of the da vinci cult basing his research in the artist's own notebooks. it wasn't until the twentieth century that the image of layer
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in art of the inventor which he himself never claimed to be first emerged driven by benito mussolini to support his fascist ideology the dictator recast davinci as a universal genius and a leading figure of italian creative strength was done and of great almost illini initiated an exhibition not just initiated he ordered it and it was done and. that exhibition models were created from davinci sketches for the first time. models that simply ignored the errors in the original sketches the exhibition travelled from milan to the u.s. and then to japan where it was destroyed in an air raid why is it amazing lost the exhibition is gone miscellany is gone fascism is gone but the layer noto cult of the cult of léonard of the inventor has remained believe they are not a was
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a visionary but he wasn't a jack of all trades book doesn't question the boldness of davinci is ideas but rather it worshipful view that distorts what he really was a person endlessly driven by curiosity. and an inspiration to many who came after him well that brings us to the end of the show so until we meet again for all of us here in berlin all the best and by.
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then just burning a living work promotes integration. workers are active independent and take part in society. but how do foreigners or people with disabilities join the workforce. we asked. to learn about the difficulties opportunities and successes made in germany thirty minutes on d w. visionary. sage and scapegoat than karl marx and maicon of communism the being inspired revolution and class strong abstains book but also divided the brain out relevant is he today man mars his heirs. seventy five minutes on the moon or.
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down the phone the book you are now going to keep you on. the line from no commitment to. exposing injustice global news that matters w. made for mines. leave the arena get. the shoes above his wrist bands. they. seem. bug oh la la back. to school shrug. last summer's. love and respect what's the connection between bread biome and the european union dinos
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guild motto w correspondent at the baker can stretch this book in line with the words sex but you've seen. me no. small thing recipes or success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . one quite old venezuela's opposition leader and self-proclaimed acting president says some troops have joined his campaign to oust president nicolas maduro but the government disputes this and has vowed to put down what it said was an attempted coup and has responded with tear gas and violence against protesters.


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