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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2019 7:45pm-8:00pm CEST

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and still a backer for the arts but it's all subjective. so as brolin become too expensive and too cool many struggling office of lost the studios all rehearsal rooms to soaring rents all credit for a developers here's a clip from a documentary about two authors who left but eventually return. done the other to pitch otto is a multimedia artist from the united states her husband alexander is best known as the basis for the band i'm still to know about this film shows how they came to a point where they felt they couldn't breathe and brylin anymore you have also been there we blew out our walls by giving up our house. we left lean back then because in two thousand and ten barely had arrived at a point in its development that was absolutely not conducive to being an
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independent artist. so they packed everything up and tried to make their dream a reality someplace else. great is showing what we are like nomads they first headed to mexico then to new york then finally to prague they found more on their journey than just the individual places . but nowhere was like berlin. in twenty eighteen they returned to their beloved city intending to open a center for artists and musicians but where. everyone says that buying something in berlin. doing something is impossible ok but impossible is
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a word i will not accept. the documentary tom fact known for dream catchers is about a couple who went away and came back having concluded that there's no place better than berlin. my guest is a legend of the graham music scene here in berlin but originally from manchester in england mark reader is a musician a record producer a filmmaker who amongst many other things organized the first of a punk rock concert behind the ball in east berlin i think got away with it he's now for forty years. how here's the big question mark how's it changed in those forty years it's become more colorful. i think you know but in the eighty's was very gray and very bullet riddled and very desperate and berlin now we some more accessible place i think he said more expensive place of course but it's accessible
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and the fall of the wool did that also things a great deal as well not immediately but obviously you know with the sea is lots of course it's very different place berlin which i quite live because it's you know i've moved into a new city without having to do the move. and what about alternative culture that your particular involving. is it still the best place to be like it was well i think it is you know another don't think anything's really changed on that front really you know it's still in a place that truck. from all over the world which you know in the past of a very few once the wall came down people realized the potential of the city for you know it was very very cheap back then. but it. would say to paris all alone dunno america you know like new york or something cisco berlin still really a cheap place to live is still in the foldable place to live even though the reds
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have got up skyline. even though the bourbon has complained about his or all when you're used to living in a place that cost like eighty knocks which is like forty or less. and then your rent goes out four hundred then you're going to complain exactly about gentrification is a dirty word for a struggling artist so let's see how the burnin boom in recent years has affected the. famous architect designing flashy new buildings luxury lofts and condos sprouting up everywhere burnings fabled venues of fast disappearing. culture is losing ground to capital its most prominent victim tantalus the sub cultural center of the ninety's and early two thousand right in the heart of berlin. after a long battle tacklers finally closed in twenty twelve. artists workshops are being edged out all over ballin most recently here in paris are. over three hundred fifty
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studios disappear each year to you to rising rents. for holland in the district of vetting is one of the last big studio spaces in the center of the land they have also been sold to an investor so far artists have been paying a renter three to seven euros per square meter they couldn't afford. it's ninety percent of them living on the breadline as it is doing odd jobs living. almost thirty years ago creative spirits were the first to take advantage of the historic changes in land occupying on the used spaces and opening crops it was then the berlin gained its reputation as a club as paradise party goes from all over the world still come here in droves and back kind remains legendary but many opponents one hundred forty camps have had to close down in the great sun off continues.
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so that's what's happening today before we talk about it more let's have a quick look at some of my readers favorite homes in the old poor but. the. east. we're standing here right square. behind me is the legendary thirty six cloak which was the place where i first played the game in the back and i had no idea what was the day and a friend of mine called me just to see if i wanted to go out for a drink and i said. the same anyway stranger. than what brilliantly next wednesday would be called by
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a journalist the only company and then there would be kate scholl to the to the on the cards and which actually means the. i'm standing in front of the kid mind the howls of the. vocals which is in east berlin to talk to holes in a punk band from ice germany played the first gig by a well. and group here in east berlin in one thousand nine hundred two well this is the only place in on a little tour as hasn't changed at all. this is the churchill all this is the place that seems to be the truth. fortunately tore it down a couple of years in this area anything goes you know there was there were no rules no regulations you know policing in the early ninety's it was a very unique a really really great place to go out to and there's nothing going to be like every
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. reco producer musician is mardi gras dancers or less now are concerned that strain. my question is could you do it today and get me a gig next wednesday the like from all the not know why. things have become a bit a little bit more regimented i think there are possibilities not buildings completely strangled itself you know it's not there are places you can go and berlin still got a lot of opportunities you know there's a lot of places where you could do things i find the fact that you know people come and take over certain properties and turn into flotsam things they forget the reason why people come to believe in the first place they might just come on a whim because they've heard about it they might want to go out to one of the club scene here and they experience a city that she's very culturally very vibrant and very relaxing in comparison to
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say some a lot longer do you think it's going to last i mean balance being cool for ages. attracts the always the same kind of people you know i find i've met so many people in the meantime who've moved to berlin and and it's not just you don't spend the entire life a lot of you know me you can say for a few years maybe in just experience if the whole find chines you into so in some way and. you can gain certain experiences from being here and the way berlin kind of light presents itself on the club scene and music scene i'm not saying for that matter it creates a certain sort of light in the level of you know attainment you have to achieve right and then and then you can take that and go elsewhere ok now many people and by the now you through the film being movie n.s.a. and movie fold about your life as of a short look. back in one nine hundred seventy eight mark reader worked in a manchester record store selling punk music. but it was german bands like
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cuff back and tangerine dream that really appealed to him. so he headed off to west berlin the city with the wall the city that never sleeps. he lived in a squat where he paid no rent and witnessed the first street riots sparked by housing issues back then the problem in berlin wasn't luxury renovations but no renovations at all but the result was the same as now the demand for affordable apartments was greater than the supply. was. the movie shows historical documentary material supplemented by newly shot scenes made to look like the early one nine hundred eighty s. . mark reeder watched the rise of famous german bands he later played in his own
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promising band but major success eluded them. you. see. the film ends with the fall of the berlin wall and the growing techno city new music a new opportunity new bands new parties new drugs a new era. and a new company that you create at the time you've recently revived it because you've been to china about a chinese band moved to china just two months or a china i went to a festival saw this beyond the call stolen and i thought limited guilt they made the difference and this kind of psychedelic techno rock music and decided ok i'll fill it with these guys and do a record with in the studio so i could psych psychedelic techno wrote were look out for the thanks very much agree with us today i'm not so for this talk on
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a dime forget website you don't slash culture for more i'll leave you with pictures from the bowling cultural scene back in the day because you have a nap but we're still a bit crazy and thankfully off this do still flow here. you .
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