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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight but it's way low holding its breath as rival demonstrations get underway in the capital caracas so far supporters of president maduro and of the opposition leader one why don't have mostly stayed calm but there are fears of violence as there was on tuesday we'll go to caracas for an update also coming up did he lie to congress and the public u.s. attorney general william barr rejects accusations that he misrepresented the conclusions of the model report when he wrote that the report did not support
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criminal charges against president. and made in clashes in the streets of paris as police try to disperse demonstrators trade unionists and yellow vests protesters are rallying against president macro economic policies and is the problem in her blood the court of arbitration for sports rules against south african olympic gold medalist custer so many after she challenges rules forcing female athletes to suppress their natural testosterone levels. i'm burned off it's good to have you with us tonight there are fears that rival demonstrations in the venezuelan capital caracas could once again turn violent supporters of president nicolas maduro were out on the streets first this morning now opposition leader won quite a. his supporters are gathering just
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a day after his call for a military all prizing an appeal that has so far gone mostly unheeded the new demonstrations followed violent protests on tuesday and some of why do supporters have already clashed with police today. are you wouldn't we want to go now to link or he was out on the streets of caracas earlier today good evening to you oscar talk to me about the atmosphere on the streets this morning compared to yesterday's violence. nor the atmosphere is much more chance but calm and from here although we have. protesters and. haven't been. one ounce of protest. we need a year and then israel on a lever that this long march toward workers. today demonstrations have more to do
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with politics street workers were called to march in favor of the government and opposition were called to fill the streets in the direction of muddled up from opposition fighters there were first the violence directed from the government but there is also a lot of sense of duty that the support on the street to be necessary to show the world how much the government asked for the seven circling on may first which are needed power and hold. and it's amazing that we have the situation today when we think back twenty four hours there was real talk and even hope on one side of a quick transition of power in the country today that's not the case you've been speaking to people on the streets but what are they telling. well there is a lot of computer in on the street people want to believe in guangdong and they see him as the only chance not position hands right now to rebuild venezuela's
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democracy but with every day that conflict people become more impatient and even more so with the crippling crisis in venezuela dealing with blackouts shortages and the humanitarian emergency it all becomes more complicated so there is a sense of frustration in the streets and then that only keeps getting worse with every day that that touches and one why don't he address his supporters earlier today oscar is that going to give him more support today i mean is he a leader in need of more followers. or whether it's messages of resistance and resilience his support is with civilians and it's you can see on the images that his support is bigger there is a large numbers of people gather for has a concentration. of building on trying to around his opponent and kind of money the people in the opposition the fatah yesterday factions because they are a move forward for the goals although not enough to reach it now the military are
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key to any level of government that at this time the fracturing beyond forty is just not wide enough to break certain sort of you're going to mother him you know overnight the united states said that nicolas maduro yesterday had been prepared to leave to go to cuba that a plane had been waiting on the tarmac for him and that the russians convinced him to to stay had we heard from him today. what we heard from him left. unfortunately oscar are you there can you hear me. it looks like we've lost our signal there to caracas that was our correspondent. slinger with the latest on the tensions and those two rival demonstrations in caracas taking place today we probably just again for that connection well the german foreign minister who must he has been in the colombian capital bogota he commented on the situation in
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venezuela. for us one guy doe is the transitional president tasked with organizing new elections that's the goal we're pursuing we want free and fair elections in venezuela and the election of a new president. we're going to talk to members of the opposition about what could help them whether additional sanctions could be a way to speed up those processes in venezuela. but i will also clearly tell them that what we want is for this to be a peaceful process with no escalation of violence with this kind of it's kind of hard core that was the german foreign minister now into the u.s. capitol in capitol hill the head of the u.s. justice department attorney general william barr has defended his handling of the mobile report into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election speaking at a hearing of the senate judiciary committee bar rejected accusations that he misrepresented its conclusions when he declared in
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a memo that it did not support criminal charges against wrong now that prompted truck to tweet that the report totally exonerated him before the senate hearing it emerged that special counsel robert mueller himself had complained to bar about the way that bar had characterized the report findings saying it did not fully capture their context their nature or their substance. page after page after page of them on a report on veils unflattering material about president trump's conduct trump himself has his own summary we have no no no no. however democrats in the house of representatives still believe the president obstructed justice and are demanding the release of the full report including redacted material. this is perhaps the best kept secret in washington what's behind
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these we deck shins and what they deliver any incriminating evidence against president trump and that's what the democratic led house of representatives vows to find out by subpoenaing the report itself and having everyone testify who could help to solve that possible. special counsel robert attorney general william barr refuses to hand toward democrats say he can't be trusted and that he pretty spot on the malo report in a positive direction for president trump. the big questions now could lifting the redactions shed new light on donald trump's conduct or is the most important evidence on obstruction of justice already public and could any of this eventually lead to impeachment. of the presidential candidates only for openly support impeachment at this point but democrats say that could change if more evidence becomes public and the u.s.
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president insists this is a few political with. either way the question what's behind the blacked out lines remains washington's best kept secret as the fight for the full report continues. joining me now is our correspondent in washington oliver sally good evening to you . bring us up to date this story this is a saga if you will what are the stakes at the moment for. it has been wildly defending himself in the last weeks and days and especially today in the last hour as he's been writing countless tweets over and over repeating his stance and that is that he's exonerated that he's free from all charges if you will that the investigations are over the report is out and he's not even questioning the legitimacy of the report himself the democrats however they say that this is basically just the beginning that this report some of them say that this could be
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a road map to impeachment in fact and that is a debate that has been more open discussed every day right now within the democratic party for all of the presidential candidates are already openly calling for the president to be impeached we have to take into consideration here that we still haven't seen the underlying documents of the report all the blacked out material is still held secretly and it's a political fight right now between the department of justice and congress and a fight that has only just begun. i'm sure you like all of his you've read the letter that robert muller wrote to your bar that you know that was just released. in that letter basically mohler is saying to bore you hey you lie about my report are there no calls for ouija board to be fired if you do that a possibility could he lose his job. well some democrats are in fact
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calling for him to resign. william barton understand this we do all remember the four pages summary that she wrote about them on the reports before the report was published and in this report he summarized and concluded that donald trump is exonerated from all accusations and that is something that the moller team reportedly was very frustrated about and now the letter you mentioned actually summarizes that and puts it into the mouth of the special counsel robert mala as well the accusations here are that the president of struck to justice but it's unlikely that william will resign for this at this point all right our correspondent overselling on the story for us tonight in washington all over thank you and here's some of the other stories know that are making headlines around the world the u.k. has defense secretary gavin williamson has been fired by minister to resume
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a said he leaked details of a national security discussion on whether the chinese tech firm who way should take part in the u.k. find g. network that has denied responsibility the government of mozambique says forty one people have died as a result of cycling kenneth the second major storm to hit the country in six weeks aerial footage you see right here shows the damage done on the bow island in the north the death toll could rise as aid agencies reach more areas. entirely and the long term concert of the kenya has been given the official title of queen so theda i disagree moving in bangkok today the former flight attendant is the monarch's fourth wife the king is due to be crowned in an elaborate three days. starting on saturday. there were demonstrations
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in paris today the annual may day rally turned violent as police used tear gas to disperse hooded masked demonstrators more than two hundred people were arrested yellow vest protesters and trade unionists. were in the marches as well many of them protesting against president emanuel microphones economic policies it was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration but quickly devolved into violence trade unionists and yellow vest protesters made common cause but they were joined by the so-called black bloc violent protesters who often show up at demonstrations across the continent. which of course with the violence the government isn't fixed on us and everything that follows what little violence we can inflate does absolutely nothing and it's just a warning sign if we have to get to that level it's because it's a real problem and we don't have any of a solution itself except to see what they say good we've been trying to make
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ourselves heard to six months and nobody has it's pretty simple we just want to know if no money so this issue. may first usually seize mass demonstrations by french unions this year the traditional holiday honoring labor movements comes after months of so-called yellow vest protests large scale demos that have seen crowds trashed public spaces and upscale stores the government has often seemed unable to stop them. jobs i make will top model speed wessex there's a real discontent in this country and it will be expressed today and in the coming days and it's been expressed for five months those who sent the protests don't make any difference that there wasn't any younger left in the country have been forced to realize that there is unhappiness in the country you might as we'll speak and i think i think that it's a pity that. it's a country that only by river lucia. it's a pretty good that's a french caracter it seems. the authorities have adopted what they call it zero
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tolerance approach after a particularly violent demo earlier this year that's being put to the test yet again today. lisa lewis is covering the paris demonstrations force as she reports that the police have adopted a much tougher stance than in previous may day rallies the police deployed more than seven thousand police officers in the streets today and they were using danes they were using one hundred nine thousand mobile teams on and on motorbikes actually at that we're trying to when something happened be there really quickly and intervene the police have already oh also change strategy because before hand they would stay away from the dumb and stem straight as but these five months of demonstrations sometimes very violent stemmed yellow vests demonstrations of the pot past five months and that actually has the effect that the police has now
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changed its strategy because this day today was announced as a day of how a hand france there was lisa louis reporting from paris warriors for the wiki leaks founder julian assange say they'll focus on stopping him from being extradited to the united states that after a london court jelled him for fifty weeks for skipping bail breached his bail terms when he sought refuge in the ecuadorian embassy back in two thousand and twelve he did that to avoid extradition to sweden over rape allegations he was arrested last month after ecuador withdrew his song. oh judy in a song she was whisked from the courthouse back to prison to begin his sentence. the wiki leaks find that had cleaned himself up since british police dragged him from the ecuadorian embassy last month in court his lawyer write a letter in which is songs apologized quote unreservedly but the judge appeared on
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moved she said a song should use his privilege to evade justice and that his seven years in the embassy cost british taxpayers sixteen million pounds. out side the court supporters were vocal in their anger at the sentence many see a soldier as a hero for exposing abuses of power and championing free speech. you know . it is by view i was editor of wiki leaks so this sentencing here today. is on the whole drage. and it's a vindictive in nature. that it doesn't give us a lot of faith in the u.k. justice system. for the fights that. the case against a soldier in britain arose when two swedish women accused him of sexual assault and rape in twenty ten a song refuge in the embassy afraid that sweden could actually die of him to the u.s.
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he fears prosecution that over wiki leaks release of millions of classified documents associates lawyers and i turning their attention to a u.s. extradition request all star teams that have charged him with conspiring to break into a pentagon computer system the first hearing is on thursday. this case is and has always been about the risk of extradition to the united states. we've been saying since two thousand and ten that that risk is real and we now have a provisional extradition request from united states i the focus of our energies will now be on fighting that extradition request. and not five steps to my. it's about from the songs will be fighting from prison at least for the next fifty weeks that's the legal tussle over extradition is likely to last much longer than that. but she is an olympic champion but today the court of arbitration for sport told custer so many show have to change what's
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inside if she wants to compete again so many lost a legal challenge against the international association of athletics federations regulations on testosterone levels for female athletes the court ruling today that show have to take drugs to suppress her testosterone levels of the twenty eight year old was trying to overturn a new rules aimed at regulating testosterone levels of intersex athletes the idea says so many and other female athletes classed as having differences in sexual development gain an unfair advantage because of their raised testosterone levels. but the court also expressed its concerns about those idle regulations. and then found out that is the regulations discriminatory but the majority of the panel found that on the basis of the evidence submitted by the parties in the procedure such discrimination is
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a necessary reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the i believe ifs objective of preserving the integrity of female atlantics the right you heard there discrimination is necessary to preserve the integrity of athletics or the talk about that i'm joined by katrina cars cause is she's in anthropologist a bioethicist he has been following the custards have been your case closely her latest book testosterone and unauthorized biography calls into question someone held beliefs about the hormone that is at the center of these some in your case because it is good to have you on the show i'd like to get what's your reaction first of all to the ruling today for dr hudgins can you hear me looks like our signal has frozen with
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her do we have do we have katrina cars is ok we apologize for that we will try to see if we can't get that signal re-established let's move on though to other news for the moment japan has begun a new imperial era emperor he tows education means that his eldest son number hito has ascended the chrysanthemum throw in his first public address in peru or now her pledge to follow his father's example by devoting himself to peace and by staying close to the people. in the final minutes of his say the era of outgoing emperor akihito. and the beginning of re while the era of naruhito thousands gathered in the streets and nightclubs to celebrate. the next morning the rain had cleared and the party kept going many went
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to the imperial palace to be a part of this historic event. to the to get a look at the transition of imperial eras is an event that may happen only once in our lifetime it's a special day and we came here today as we wanted our baby to be present at this historic moment to if they do that that was the cheapest one of the following the previous emperor i hope the new one will stand with the japanese people and do more things that people expect a lot from him it doesn't look good. inside the palace too short ceremonies the first attended by senior government officials the prime minister and his cabinet parliamentary leaders and the male members of the imperial family. chamberlain's present naruhito with the imperial sword and jewel as well as the state and privy seals.
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a short time later the emperor returned with all of his family and court. i swear this i will act according to the constitution. and fulfill my responsibility as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people of japan always turning my thoughts to the people and standing with them i sincerely pray for the happiness of the people and the further development of the nation as well as the peace of the world. since a. prime minister shinzo abbey came next. quarter we will look up to you as the symbol of the nation and our unity while the international situation is drastically changing we are determined to create an era where japan has
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a bright future which is peaceful and full of hope that. the us begins a new era in japan. means beautiful harmony and well japanese soul abraded with sarkozy and can make notes of congratulation poured in from capitals around the world. the legendary spanish footballer you can see us has suffered a heart attack and is in hospital in portugal the porto goalkeeper he played most of his career at real madrid and was captain of the national spanish national team that won the world cup in two thousand and ten suffered the attack during a morning training session with his local media say the thirty seven year old is now out of date. here's
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a reminder the top stories that we're following for you rival demonstrations are underway in the venezuelan capital caracas so far the supporters of president maduro and of the opposition leader one have mostly stayed calm there are risks that violence will break out as it did on tuesday the u.s. attorney general william barr has rejected accusations that he misrepresented the conclusions of the model report when he declared that it did not support criminal charges against president before a senate hearing it emerged that molar had complained about the way bar and characterized the report's findings. police in paris just first made a demonstrations and demonstrators as trade unionists and yellow vests protesters rallied against president economic policies security across france is tight with authorities concerned that demonstrators would be joined by what they call radical activists. and don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as
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push notifications for any breaking news she can also use the d w apt to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. you're watching the news one from berlin coming up next conflict zone terms of ashton interviews senator jim risch chairman of the u.s. senate foreign relations committee i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day if you see it.
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good. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as comes rigs intensify i'll be meeting with kids players on the ground in the stands as i'm. gushing through the rhetoric
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holding the powerful to account for the conflict zone. conflict zone conflict zone with two suggestion on d.w. on t.w. . day it's. like o.t. robotics and learning merge to reality wait a second do you want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift to live us. from atlanta to reality to cryptocurrency to your top picks for live in an ever changing digital world let's start to devise a sure fire shift. on d w. i'm not thinking. well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and we should have been think the printer jemma culture of looking at the stereotype
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question in here think it's beautiful country guy not on the time. needed to be honest grandma yeah. it's all about ok. my job join me to meet the gentleman from v.w. post. this week conflict zone is at the annual security conference in munich i made plenty of recriminations and bad blood between europe and washington my guest here is jim risch chairman of the powerful senate foreign relations committee how damaging is this transatlantic divide and how committed is the trumpet ministration to nato.


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