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having recipes for success is strategy that makes a difference. baking bread on d.w. . as it did up the news live from the lens of venezuela's beleaguered president nicolas maduro urges the army to fight off coup plotters after this week's violence has to clear up continues opposition leader one quite a call to a series of strikes. also on the program we bring you a special report on the devastation inflicted on mozambique homes destroyed food running out of families forced to search for what ever they can south. we
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are in mozambique where one week after the cyclon calif made landfall only now help is reaching some of the affected rural areas. and israel comes to a halt tacit remembers the six million jews murdered in the holocaust. and story of a girl who was thirteen at the time is reimagined the instagram generation. i'm phil gal welcome to the program venezuela's president nicolas maduro has called on the military to fight anyone plotting this after the country's self declared president one guy don't call for a series of strikes hoping to force majeure him out of power why don't i just described. this week's violent disruptions as the final phase in ousting dora but
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the protests have not broken the political stalemate clashes yesterday in caracas left one a woman dead and dozens injured rider declare himself and israel's interim president back in january a moose supported by the united states germany and several other european and latin american countries so how is the situation likely to unfold from here nicholas vets' is professor of political science at the university of rostock is an expert on the venezuela welcome to d.w. so one has talked about this this latest push as the the final push to oust a president maduro but the president is still there so is this revolution running out of steam. why i don't call that transition but it looks like of a bit or should look like the pacific revolution but now he tried a sort of coup with some military men and the impression we have is that he
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announced a lot about t. deliver very few things up to now so his situation is not very fortunate yes or so the so the people have seen this before the happen the venezuelans have seen this before people promising change and then nothing this looks like it's just this look like it's heading in the same direction yes a little bit because it goes now for three months like this and the manifestations and demonstrations we have them since fifteen years is started in to two thousand to nearly is a long time going and people are getting a little bit tired of that so this vote here one of wider is he losing credibility i think so i think so actually if nothing is happening in the next days perhaps this was what in spanish is called a pre cupe prevost bit and something comes behind but it doesn't look like this up
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to know they've just looking at the situation in venezuela from outside from it from a peaceful country like germany where we are now it seems extraordinary that that you can get people so riled up that they will they will take hold of the army and take on the military and then nothing changes and everybody just goes back to work in a situation just goes back to normal yeah but one have to has to say that these protests up to no. pacific mostly the people killed were mostly killed by the security forces some also by a by the manifest and so there is a wrong perception tradition in this way there is no interest in the civil war yeah this is perhaps a good sign in the political culture of venezuela although we have. a lot of of a retiree in measures right now from the regime let's talk about the regime that nicolas maduro has been addressing the armed forces he did that after the may day protests we'll have
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a little listen to some of what he said. of the motherland the time has come to fight the time has come to give an example to history and to the world and say in venezuela the national armed force is a consistent united united as never before and defeating coup process resell themselves from washington's dulles. so they that the president says the army is united as never before he would say that. has been saying that he has the army on his side who should we believe up to know the generals the wreckage forces was more duro and only a few soldiers was white oh and some of them or some hundreds of them left in this way and they live in colombia up to now so it's the army is was meant to rule. and looking at the external actors in this russia m v united states
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how much influence do they have i mean we have one of each on each side so is the influence going beyond war worse they have people on the ground how are they actually affecting what's going on historically the influence of united states is very strong in venezuela as well as it in cuba before the revolution of fifty nine but actually only russia has about one hundred military advisors on the ground but there are a lot of cubans we don't know what these cubans how many there are and what will be their position in this game normally they work together with russia or with the soviet union so do we i mean. what we have here again is another proxy but but nobody seems to be that interested in escalating things the united states has declared it's all donald trump has declared it is not that interested in foreign
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wars the whole regardless of what he said about what's going on there so where where are they going to go with this perhaps this is going to last some time more especially maduro is not a military man the military people the generals they are behind him and they say let's to him the drop is even better for us this could last some months or some time more economic crisis will be decisive write a professor thank you so much for joining us yeah. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world for these in spain arrested at eleven people as part of an investigation into a people smuggling ring they say border officials in algeria and morocco worked with bangladesh based traffickers to smuggle hundreds of people from asia across the mediterranean migrants reportedly paid up to twenty thousand euros each. week in leaks founder julian assange has appeared in court in london for the first
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hearing of a u.s. extradition request washington wants him to face trial for allegedly trying to hack a pentagon computer songes fighting request in a separate court appearance on wednesday he received a fifteen week jail term for skipping bail in twenty twelve. and you know authorities are moving hundreds of thousands of people to safety as a major storm approaches the country's east coast cycler on friday is carrying terentia alright and winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour is expected to make landfall on friday near the seaside resort of puri. the destructive effects of cycling canada are becoming clearer a week after it tore through mozambique the government has put the death toll at forty walk that's expected to rise many parts of the country are inaccessible remote areas and small islands are still waiting for aid particularly hard hit has been the island of ebo in the north of the country the w correspondent to our
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increased travel there and sent us this report we are onboard an aid flight headed towards the vacation island of ebo now for the first time we get an aerial view of the massive destruction up till now flights have hardly been possible due to the strong rain. i have never seen anything like this this entire villages that are completely destroyed not a single house standing and if you look at the trees most of them fell down just like toothpicks. now we are about to land on the island of e-books the first aid packages have arrived but this is by far not enough to help out the six thousand people living here. the island has been almost completely destroyed nearly all the houses have been torn down including the. days she has been trying to bring order to chaos.
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warming our beds our clothes we have lost everything we are doing our best to put things in order again at least the sun is shining at least dry the few clues that we have managed to salvage. it has been raining nonstop for nearly the entire week since the cyclon hit shows us her house what is left of it this is where she and her children lived. in you are good to but they don't feel the wind was so incredibly strong that it ripped away nearly everything we lost everything now we don't have anything. i don't know if we will receive any kind of aid but nothing is left i don't have a job or field was destroyed i am a single mother i have to take care of my children and i have to take care of my parents my mother is sick we have to do our best to make ends meet. if
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we. nearly everyone who lives here has found their way of life ripped away from them most of them are fishermen but many washed away with the storm. that remained have to be repaired the mangroves were destroyed as well and the fish disappeared and have not returned since the cycle hit. the few. so hard hit it might be a while before the tourists return. are completely destroyed. a lot of people have no place to stay. and little shacks like this one but many of told me. continue because they don't have the money to. children can spend the nights in their own house anymore because the danger of it
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collapsing on them is too great. so they have to take. a sleeping under an improvised roof their food. they still have some fruit and vegetables but is only enough for one meal a day but she tries to stay optimistic nonetheless she wants her children to know that one way or another she will make things work. now to syria where over the past seven years kurdish fighters have succeeded in carving out an autonomous region in the north of the country but with the united states pulling its troops out of syria region is now under threat from the regime from turkey which regards the kurds as a terrorist threat. hof is it at the town of derek near the turkish border so you have a group of kurdish women preparing for potential attacks. these women are not. braving
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the rain they have come to practice their marksmanship. they're housewives mothers and grandmothers but they're also part of the p.c. gen an all female militia that sprung up all of a coach controlled northern syria. this group from the town of jericho is led by sharon farmer a veteran of the struggle for kurdish rights and that's not the. gauge b.c. gen was formed as an internal security force but back at base sharon says the women will also stand up to any outside threat. i'm not saying we are not afraid of our enemies and we are always well prepared for them was one of the our enemies threaten as daily we will fight and sacrifice for this land. the kurds expelled the outside regime from northern syria when the civil war broke out in twenty eleven they have since been autonomous but the regime has
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a lingering presence. it's a hold on to some neighborhoods in the town of commissioner the capture of the kurdish region. and now that it is winning the war goes once for control of the country. turkey visible from the rooftops of the border town commission is also hostile to kurdish self rule in syria. in the kurdish region it's not unusual for women to pick up a gun thousands join the fight against islamic state and many did not return home they lie buried in cemeteries like this one income usually. the kurds who control northern syria an offshoot of the p.k. the guerrilla group that waged a bloody insurgency in turkey and that's been designated a terrorist organization by nato. it's lead up to has been sitting in a turkish jail since one thousand nine hundred nine from a cell he now preaches ideals such as full equality for women it's an idea that the
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syrian kurds have been putting into practice. jagga is the co-president of the autonomous government based in coming here government positions i co-chaired by a woman the whole mission. of what we consider this revolution to be the revolution of women. we're trying to change the mentality within our society by implementing gender equality you know what have you as you know islam one is would ask creating a new society based on democratic governance. and having a video of them back at home sherry in paris dinner for a son and daughter. she says that action inspired her to join the courage resistance in syria when she was still a teenager. who. could have. landed a lot further. before he came we almost forgot that we are kurds because of the
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oppression and the denial of the kurdish identity by our enemies. warm enough. on sharing phone memories of a fight for kurdish rights it's been a long struggle and she's determined to defend the hard won gains. our israel has been marking its annual holocaust remembrance day to ensure the world never forgets the atrocities committed against the jewish people during the second world war a quarter of the six million jews murdered perished in the nazi death camps of auschwitz birkenau in poland on thursday holocaust survivors led the annual three kilometer march of the living from auschwitz to bear to commemorate the victims. not commemoration comes amid the largest spike in anti semitic violence for decades
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experts say part of the reason is that members of the holocaust and are fading so a new project has come up with an effective way to keep those memories alive and call nasa and tell us welcome cup i mean how do you keep passing these memories on from generation to generation it's not easy to keep those alive and so the idea here is use something like instagram to tell the stories of the holocaust to a younger generation and you can really think of this like and frank's diary of that classic book but instead of a diary what if and frank had a smartphone take a look. this film depicting the german army entering hungry during world war two might look like a hollywood film production but it's not in fact it was shot on a smartphone and portrayed format for an instagram audience it tells the true story of thirteen year old eva hyman in nineteen forty four she kept a daily journal for three months before the nazis deported to auschwitz even
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a story is told in the first person as if she had a smartphone during the holocaust and could have regularly documented it on instagram is israeli tech entrepreneur marty called harvey personally financed the project and together with his daughter directed it with the help of social media they're trying to establish a new way to remember the horrors of the holocaust museums and books such for me. we bring them in a meaningful way into the social media and allow children and young people to learn about it and young users are already starting to discuss even a story online many have suggested the effect heavy instagram portrayal is too superficial for a story of such suffering others appeared to be impressed we break yeah yeah but the media. has traditionally been in the past so i would say that was a little bit taken aback thousands are now learning about the fate of the hymen she gave her diary to a neighbor shortly before she was deported to auschwitz it survived she did not she
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was murdered in october of nineteen forty four. but coalesce with this project is quite interesting but yeah i mean it's a powerful story and even what went into this production is really interesting as well i mean this is not your typical kind of low budget instagram production as you can see the director who we saw there in the piece he spent millions of his own dollars with on the cast and crew of four hundred people he got to get the military costumes tanks trucks these are all authentic things from world war two to really bring this story to life he also developed a special camera and you can see a lot of the shots here are shot in kind of selfie style so he made a special camera so that the main character could film herself as if she had a phone in her hand so far it looks like those millions of dollars are pretty well spent in just a few weeks this account now has more than eight hundred thousand followers i mean what sort of reception has been getting well i mean as you saw
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a lot of people are really reacting positively to the story they say it's an innovative way it's an immersive way of understanding and bringing these stories of holocaust victims across to a younger generation there is though some pushback and some criticism inside of israel itself they say look you know this kind of selfie culture it may not be appropriate i mean in some of the videos you can see here they use things like a tag a location tag that just simply says ghetto or the hashtag there said life during war and you know one might argue that things like that might be insensitive given how serious of a topic the holocaust is there is though phil one very high profile supporter of this project that would be prime minister benjamin netanyahu and self here's what he had to say about the project who is in the loop. now i want to encourage you each and every one of you to also make a story about people who were murdered in the holocaust so that the world will understand and that we will remember what we've lost and what we've gained back
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with the establishment of the stakes in israel. because. it's a day to day of course to keep. keep those memories alive and to continue to commemorate what happened during the holocaust the difficult thing is many of those survivors or not many of them left that generation is starting to pass on how do you keep those memories alive how do you get the younger generation involved in this is one in a way the innovative way of doing it i think a lot of young people are very receptive to it and in particular the projects meant to grab attention as well i think as you can tell it's done that eight hundred thousand followers that is a lot for such a new account congressman thank you the german chancellor angela merkel is on a three day tour of west africa is lynn clear to visit two german troops in mali on wednesday she promised millions of euros in german aid to fight terrorism and support economic development of the g five sile countries monetary media ali chad
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but kenya faso economies in the region are suffering because of poor security and conflict and poverty are driving migration to europe. the german chancellor has come to this hill to show solidarity in a region where countries like book enough. have to spend more than a fifth of their budgets on security. germany has some eight hundred fifty soldiers stationed in mali as part of the un force machall pledged support to continue to build up the g. five own capabilities to tackle terrorism. at the joint meeting in what i do go to five leaders called on the chancellor and europe to help solve the political conflicts behind the violence. so that this would let me be we talked about the situation in libya that questions concerning you know jerry and sudan and also first and foremost the impact of the crisis in libya on security in the extended region. we were all of the opinion
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that it is important that europe's leaders and institutions make a plea in favor of the chief i've sought help for all of these issues since these are of course questions that concern us because georgia is on the case on the question of. the fact that germany didn't agree with the two thousand and eleven bombing of libya that ousted moammar gadhafi gives it great credibility here macko accepts europe's joint responsibility. it's the responsibility that also affects europe because if chaos gets the upper hand here which we would like to prevent that would also make itself felt in other areas also germany's message here is that while it won't deliver weapons it will keep up its support for the d. five in this region where the former colonial power france continues to do most of europe's heavy lifting in fighting terrorists. german chancellor angela merkel
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wants to reassure the region countries the g five that they are not alone in their fight against terrorism she's brought some fifty million euros in first funds for book enough aso and these alone at the same time germany still stop sort of from missing anything beyond military advice and the eight hundred fifty soldiers currently stationed in mali as part of the e.u. stabilization force for now france will remain the big player here in the region. well the presidents of france and italy have begun formal commemorations to mark five hundred years since the death of the basin's genius leonardo da vinci the heads of state laid wreaths at the french shot where he spent his final years on site of the bonds between the nations the mona lisa now on display in the louvre in paris helped establish his reputation as one of the greatest painters of all time
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but they are not a division she applied his immense capabilities to a staggering range of endeavors in arts and sciences. and she embodied the ideals of europe's renaissance the rebirth of learning and knowledge that marks europe's transition from the middle ages into majority. is that you know that even she was unquestionably born in italy these from florence but beyond that she led a career at the service of several powerful men this career and his life and here in france and today he's undisputedly a universal figure and beauty must always bring together as many people as possible . it was in that spirit that the presidents of italy and france gathered at given she's tomb was france it's a don't know and it's all say this renee songs period was an extremely important time in the friendship between italy and france when you're in
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a sense genius came to france to spend the rest of his life at the invitation of a young french king will see. given she spent the last three years of his life at the chateau duke lola's say and died here in fifteen nineteen at the age of sixty seven but his legacy in contemporary europe has few equals. quick lot of football at barcelona have beaten liverpool three nel in the first leg of the champions league semifinals there is open the scoring for the spanish hosts in the twenty six minutes and lino massi scored the second fifteen minutes from time and he struck again just seven minutes later the second leg will take place on in liverpool on tuesday that will decide who will face or tottenham in the final. his reminder the top story this this weds president nicolas maduro the army to fight off raku plotters following the vicious weeks of violence the clear has continued but up was made upon by dopes call for syria's
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a struct. the death toll limbo something following the cycle of chemists not reach for the want a week off the powerful storm hit some parts of the country are still inaccessible and waiting for right. that's up here on d. w. is focused on europe but to look at a city that is completely cut off free that's up next i'll be back at the top of the hour a good. luck. with.
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the. propaganda on the rails. russia's army is celebrating its victories in syria with an. exhibition train. bitter pill to swallow for relatives of those who died in combat many receive little assistance and feel abandoned d.w. reporter u.t.v.
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needs families of fallen soldiers and here's their story. next on t.w. . here's what's coming up the book is quick so much news mending to make a space. center to talk about here. it's fun to take a look at what all that means for the type of clothes. going to sleep every weekend here on t.w. . an action packed life. anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends country are. these movies
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kenya's dadar refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema stars may twenty seventh on the. low in a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craig and we begin in northern ireland where tensions have been stoked by the ongoing uncertainty over brags the looming british exit from the european.


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