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for information. plus trying to connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now or new to. this is the w.'s live from venezuela's beleaguered president nicolas maduro urges the army to fight off coupon after this week's violence the military response for the show of support meanwhile the man leading the push to oust mature a position leader. is called a series of strikes on the program israel comes to a halt remembers the six million jews murdered in the whole.
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time half the story of a girl who was thirteen at bath the at the time and its fan her story has been reimagined for the instagram generation the. presidents of italy and france remember the artistic genius of the division who died five hundred years ago today talia castellano lived out his final years to shatter. i'm still gal welcome to the program and as well as president nicolas maduro has called on the military to fight anyone plotting a coup this after the country's self declared president called for a series of strikes open to force majeure out of power by to describe this week's protest as the final phase an obstacle to a number. failed to break the political stalemate clashes in caracas of the last
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two days of left four people dead and the rights groups. to track and soften as well as interim president in january a move supported by the united states germany and united latin american nations. and ras nick is a member of the german parliament who speaks on latin american foreign policy or chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party he explains germany's tank column venezuela's current situation. i think we have a clear position that you and i do is a legitimate interim president of venezuela in accordance with the constitution of a sailor. we call on everyone involved to refrain from while and seek a peaceful solutions to a national dialogue and a democratic transition that can only be resolved through fair and free elections. and to enable that and to make that possible i think. moderate has to step aside i
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think there were rumors the last couple of days he was already plotting his review not clear how. realistic that scenario is but it's clear that neither the majeure going to where the moment can it can secure the full support of the of. authority says in him in a sailor so that stalemate may continue for quite a while and should germany become more actively involved in the situation. i think we have become quite active in well who among the leading nations recognizing present gotto as legitimate saying even our ambassador has been dismissed from of in a set off voice involvement in this situation which we strongly protest i think what we should be urging more for maybe is ratings and sanctions on the majority regime not on the people of venezuela but on the individuals of the regime in terms of
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results a student visa for the family members to european countries in terms of freezing illegitimate illicit edition of the assets that they have transferred to european countries and otherwise and to increase the pressure to make everyone work towards a peaceful transition and refrain from violence at gemas foreign minister hoc hamas psalms and has been in colombia has been meeting with van is violent opposition leader what is he hoping to achieve. i think we have been strongly supportive of all the countries in the region in the lima group working together for a peaceful transition in the country we should never forget that there's a refugee crisis was more than ten percent more than three million people and permanents and i would have left the country in two or neighboring countries of the region which is a significant risk of the stabilizing. the region as a whole so we strongly support our partners in colombia court or peru and other
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countries who in involved in that i was in the region myself in separate together with the federal president and we support in terms of giving refuge to the people fleeing minister ala in terms of securing a humanitarian support for those remaining in a circular and in working towards a peaceful transition and i think once it's gets go we can be even more helpful in terms of supervising and monitoring as you facilities an election process that should be fair and legitimate and perfuse and you government for an answer and does all of our assistance with visas and humanitarian aid all depend on nicolas maduro not being in power that we have off of my humanitarian support in a significant form i think that was refused by the majority was partly hilarious. arguments so many here and it is not depending on that but we want to work towards a democratic transition in venezuela for the benefit of the people who are
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suffering from a moment of terry and it is also. of. most importance i thank you very much for joining us to address the neck of my mouth a judgement call. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of people have taken part in another mass rally in sudan's capital khartoum pressing the military to hand control over to a civilian government must present a la al bashir in mid april and took over with country's interim leadership processes for the generals intend to hold on to power. base one person has been killed in clashes between protesters and troops in any eyewitnesses that soldiers opened fire on people demonstrating against parliamentary elections held last a single opposition candidate many voters in the west african country boycotted the polls and so are record no turners of just under twenty three percent.
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per year old man accused of being involved in the murders of two scandinavian tourists have appeared in court in morocco even had a victim's body was so found in the atlas mountains that last december prosecutors the treason the killings terrorism after propaganda videos there featuring the main suspect surfaced online. place in spite of arrested eleven people as part of a best occasion into a people smuggling ring they say that border agent border officials in algeria morocco worked with bangladesh based traffickers to smuggle hundreds of people from asia across the mediterranean i would supposedly paid it's twenty thousand euros each. but he leaks founder julian assange has appeared in a london court for the first hearing of the u.s. extradition request washington wants him to face trial for allegedly trying to hack a pentagon to people on wednesday he was jailed for fifty weeks for skipping bail
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twenty twelve. now israel has been marking its annual holocaust remembrance day commemoration ceremonies have been taking place across the country and i should tell. a standstill as people to remember the six million jews murdered by the nazis during. poland holocaust survivors like the annual three kilometer march of the living auschwitz tibet to commemorate the victims of course of those killed perished in the nazi death camps at auschwitz. was. in the presence of france and italy have begun full
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commemorations to mark five hundred years since the death of the rene so it's genius they're not of defense the heads of state laid wreaths of the french who had their not and spent his final years on flight of the bonds between the two nations . the mona lisa now on display in the louvre in paris helped establish his reputation as one of the greatest painters of all time but layer narrative in she applied his immense capabilities to a staggering range of endeavors seen arts and sciences division she embodied the ideals of europe's renaissance the rebirth of learning and knowledge that marks europe's transition from the middle ages into modernity. and you know the first is that you know that even she was unquestionably born in italy he's from florence but beyond that he led a career at the service of several powerful men this career and his life and here in france and today he's undisputedly
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a universal figure and beauty must always bring together as many people as possible possibly live next so. it was in that spirit that the presidents of italy and france gathered at divin cheese tomb in was france. if you don't know and it's all say this renee sounds period was an extremely important time in the friendship between italy and france when rene soames genius came to france to spend the rest of his life at the invitation of a young french king don't often see given she spent the last three years of his life at the chateau do close to say and died here in fifteen nineteen at the age of sixty seven but his legacy in contemporary europe has you equals. the not commemoration comes amid the largest spike in the country's mostly violence for decades experts say part of the reason is that members of the holocaust and are facing so a new project has come up with an innovative way to keep those memories alive and
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call number and tell us welcome come i mean how do you keep passing these memories on from generation to generation and it's not easy to keep those alive and so the idea here is to use something like instagram to tell the stories of the holocaust to a younger generation and you can really think of this like and frank's diary that classic book but instead of a diary what if and frank had a smartphone take a look. this film depicting the german army entering hungary during world war two might look like a hollywood film production but it's not in fact it was shot on a smartphone and portrayed full match for an instagram audience it tells the true story of thirteen year old eva hyman in nineteen forty four she kept a daily journal for three months before the nazis deported to auschwitz but even a story is told in the first person as if she had a smartphone during the holocaust and could have regularly documented it on
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instagram is israeli tech entrepreneur marty call javi personally financed the project and together with his daughter directed it with the help of social media they're trying to establish a new way to remember the horrors of the holocaust museums and books for me and bring the locals in a meaningful and serious way into the social media. and young people. and young users are already starting to discuss even a story online many have suggested the effect heavy instagram portrayal is too superficial for a story of such suffering others appear to be embarrassed we break yeah yeah but that media. has traditionally been in the past so i would say that was a little bit taken aback thousands are now learning about the fate of eva hyman she gave her diary to a neighbor shortly before she was deported to auschwitz it survived she did not she was murdered in october of nineteen forty four. but coalesced with this project is
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quite interesting background yeah i mean it's a powerful story and even what went into this production is really interesting as well i mean this is not your typical kind of low budget instagram production as you can see the director who we saw there in the piece he spent millions of his own dollars with a cast and crew of four hundred people he got to get the military costumes tanks trucks these are all authentic things from world war two to really bring this story to life he also developed a special camera and you can see a lot of the shots here are shot in kind of selfie style so he made a special camera so that the main character could film herself as if she had a phone in her hand so far it looks like those millions of dollars are pretty well spent in just a few weeks this account now has more than eight hundred thousand followers and what sort of reception has been getting well as you saw a lot of people are really reacting positively to the story they say it's an innovative way it's an immersive way of understanding and bringing these stories of
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holocaust victims across to the younger generation there is though some pushback and some criticism inside of israel itself they say look you know this kind of selfie culture it may not be appropriate i mean in some of the videos you can see here they use things like a tag a location tag that just simply says ghetto or the hashtag there said life during war and you know one might argue that things like that might be insensitive given how serious of a topic the holocaust is there is they'll fill one very high profile supporter of this project that would be prime minister benjamin netanyahu and self here's what he had to say about the product who is in the loop. now i want to encourage you each and every one of you to also make a story about people who were murdered in the holocaust so that the world will understand and that we will remember what we've lost and what we've gained back with the establishment of the state of israel. because. it's a day a day of course to keep. those memories alive and to continue to commemorate what
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happened during the holocaust the difficult thing is many of those survivors are not many of them left that generation is starting to pass on how do you keep those memories alive how do you get the younger generation involved in this is one in a way that innovative way of doing it i think a lot of young people are very receptive to it and in particular the projects meant to grab attention as well i think as you can tell it's done that eight hundred thousand followers that is a lot for such a new account called usman thank you this is yours africa with stephen beardsley is next. if you ever have to cover up a murder best way is to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. the list. is too.


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