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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is the w.'s why but from berlin tonight in venezuela president nicolas maduro declaring victory over an attempted coup but you're always urging the army to fight off anyone involved with this week's attempt to oust him he appeared today on national television with his generals at a military parade in caracas the man leading the push to alice munro opposition leader one why dope is calling on all workers in the country to go on strike also coming up a special report on the devastation in mozambique homes destroyed food running out
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and families forced to search for whatever they can salvage and in france in germany joining forces to make their mark on the battery market for electric vehicles will that work against each and company. and remembering the archetypical and man of the renaissance it's the presidents of italy and france commemorate the artistic genius leonardo da vinci he died five hundred years ago today the italian master who lived out his final years at the chateau in free as. i'm going to go off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we start tonight with of in it's way low where president nicolas maduro has called on the mill. terry to fight
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anyone involved in a coup it comes after the country's self declared president won quite a today called for a series of strikes hoping to force majeure from power why do has described this week's protest as the final phase in else. even though they have failed to break the political stalemate clashes in caracas over the last few days have left four people dead that's according to human rights groups declared himself in its way his interim president back in january a move supported by the united states germany and some latin american countries. are right let's go now to our correspondent oscar shrinker he is standing by for is in caracas good evening to you oscar i want to start with the news of this arrest warrant that has been issued for opposition politician leopoldo lopez but what do we know beyond that. well ask you know what office what
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survives. on tuesday this is true at times and he is now. the spanish embassy as a guest well this means that the supreme court well that office house arrest commission that for a couple of years and now wants to put him back in jail this is a bit complex too as well as in educational matters because one where i go it's recognize it's president by over fifty nations including spain signed her for his freedom on tuesday so now the difficulty lies in spain welfare systems newly elected plans to do it with their own laws to this complexity don't post office father was a citizen was elected as are all interior and secure and you know last week rivers sentenced sang in a basement and seek asylum in spain because as of today he was standing there. yet if he gets an oscar if we see this being done against lopez this evening
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what about one if says that why did was part of this attempted coup what are the chances of him issuing an arrest warrant for why don't. oh defense is always there isn't there has always been the threat of one when i was being arrested and there have been more that while attempting to do so i think that there is a lot of pressure on the government from the base to arrest one i don't but there's also a lot of pressure international which not do so and. that is sorrow absent now those security team a fine way to go that's increased they are out there operations to manage and stuff with a lot of security and for that increased the numbers is it because of an increased risk to his safety yes there
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is definitely an increased increased risk to the safety and we've seen that with this team there's not more security but they are keeping a low profile for much florence events that we've been seeing yesterday and the day before. he is not keeping such a low profile today compared to the past two days of the we saw him today with his generals at a military parade in caracas what does that tell was about how he perceives his power tonight. well i think it's important for us to shower there is getting loose and they are forced to do just what we saw on tuesday with the freedom of never want openness and with this glitz and their allies a nation on its say is that there are fractures within the armed forces and he does not have complete control there is
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a break in command from what went on tuesday and it's important for him to show there is unity supporting him within the armed forces so that's my routine much more often together with military and on forces today and ask you what about the influence of russia and the united states in venezuela tonight is russia tonight at least looking like it has the upper hand. well there are analysts that suggest that the future and that's what i was in the hands of negotiations between russia and the united states and that's what really happened seems to have passed unique and it is evidence that both countries want to broaden what happens here and it has to do with here to little strategy that any kind of economic interest there is nothing in venezuela that russia can get a better price elsewhere in the world that their their presence here is priceless because venezuela has spoilt resources and borders with
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a long unit brazil and it's nearer to the united states and other countries in the region for russia there is more of a geopolitical reason to be anything else for that and for the united states there's also an interest to keep russia away from the region but all this goes beyond the economic interests because this one. times in the past years our infrastructure is not what it used to be crime is rampant and constant crisis and turmoil making and spencer richard she said any kind of industry so we have to take that into balance when we. you know shish and play out and in russia and the united states the group's leader reporting from caracas tonight thank you. from south america to africa sudan has seen another day of protest as people from across the country came to the capital to join what was billed as a million person march tens of thousands of took part in the mass rally in her two
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they're trying to pressure the military to hand over power to a civilian government the army alstad president omar al bashir in mid april and took over the country's interim leadership but protesters fear the generals intend to hold on to power. well security forces in between have broken up that hundreds of protesters demonstrating against an election in which no opposition parties were allowed to run results announced on tuesday gave president patrice telephone total control of parliament one report says that three people have been killed in the clashes. these protesters are afraid democracy is going up in flames. even as violence fled and authorities sent in the troops they find not to be to. well we'll keep going we're not afraid of prison. democracy is precious to us that's why we are rising up. benigno has developed
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a vibrant political scene since transitioning to democracy in one nine hundred ninety five hundred new electoral laws voters last weekend could choose from only two parties both of them are knights to president petrie. after the opposition calls for a boycott less than one in full vote has ten date. that's they have to indict on the streets calling on president to hold everyone seen up is not afraid of the planets he can either rerun the election or resign it's one or the other he should rerun the election with all the parties and we'll see if the people approve of these methods or disapprove he looking for your. rights groups and the protestors atomics to prevent a return to ben means authoritarian past. i. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in mali as part of a three nation tour of west africa she's visiting eight hundred fifty german troops
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stationed at the camp astore you peacekeeping mission it was established in two thousand and thirteen to protect civilians and prevent extremist groups from taking more territory twenty four men accused of being involved in the murders of two skin the navy and tourist have appeared in court in morocco the beheaded victims' bodies were found in the atlas mountains last december prosecutors are treating the killings as terrorism after propaganda videos featuring the main suspects surfaced online wiki leaks founder julian assange has appeared in a london court for the first hearing of a u.s. extradition request washington wants him to face trial for allegedly trying to hack a pentagon computer on wednesday a songe was jailed for fifty weeks for skipping bail in the u.k. back in two thousand and twelve. indeed authorities are moving the hundreds of thousands of people to safety as
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a major storm approaches the country's east coast cyclon funny is carrying sharin szell rain and winds of up to two hundred kilometers per hour it's expected to make landfall on friday near the seaside. short of pure. mozambique's government has reported more than a dozen cases of cholera the outbreak comes a week after it's like lone kenneth tore through the country officials are putting the death toll at forty one although that number is expected to rise many areas are inaccessible and still waiting for aid particularly hard hit was the island of evo in the north of the country corresponded adrian creek travelled there he sent us this report. we are on board in eight flights headed to was the vacation island of . now for the first time we get an aerial view of the massive destruction up to now flights have hardly been possible due to the strong rain.
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i've never seen anything like this this entire villages that are completely destroyed of a single house standing and if you look at the trees most of them fell down just like toothpicks. now we about to land on the island of e-book the first aid packages half arrived and this is by far not enough to help out the six thousand people living here. the island has been almost completely destroyed nearly all the houses have been torn down including that of. what they see is them trying to bring order of the chaos. warming game in our beds our clothes we have lost everything we are doing our best to put things in order again at least the sun is shining at least dry the few clues that we have managed to salvage. it has been raining nonstop for nearly the
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entire week since the cyclon hit shows us her house what is left of it this is where she and her children lived. in you are god to but they don't know the wind was so incredibly strong that it ripped away nearly everything we lost everything now we don't have anything to you know. i don't know if we will receive any kind of aid but nothing is left i don't have a job or field was destroyed i am a single mother i have to take care of my children and i have to take care of my parents my mother is sick we have to do our best to make ends meet. if we. nearly everyone who lives here has found their way of life ripped away from them most of them are fishermen but many boards were washed away with the storm
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those that remained have to be repaired at the mangroves were destroyed as well and the fish disappeared and have not returned since the second hit. the fewer tells on the island we're all so hard hit it might be a while before that your wrists return. most parts of he was completely destroyed it looks as a bulldozer drove over this little city here a lot of people have no places to stay anymore so they had to build little shacks like this one but many of told me they don't know how life will continue because they don't have the money to build new houses. the children can't spend the nights in their own house anymore because the danger of it collapsing on them is too great. so they have to take the only remaining bat and all eight of them sleeping under an improvised roof their food to snowy running out they still have some fruit and vegetables but is only enough for one meal
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a day but she tries to stay optimistic nonetheless she wants her children to know that one way or another she will make things work. well if we are all going to drive electric cars in the future will need batteries france and germany are jumpstarting a joint project to produce batteries for electric vehicles they're asking the european commission to approve state subsidies to start the project the aim is to reduce europe's dependency on batteries from asia supply. electric cars and charging stations are still something of a rarity last year just two million electric cars were sold worldwide. but that looks set to change with all major carmakers hutchings plans to develop electric models. of course requires batteries at present battery cell production is dominated by asian companies those produced for tesla for example i made by
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a japanese company panasonic. now europe wants to get in on the game. germany and france have launched a project worth over five billion euros to develop battery cell production among the games staying competitive against the united states and china. we don't just want to meet demand from the european car industry we also want to export globally and make it clear that tree is made in europe represent an important quality standard for electric mobility and other alec tronic up occasions . around a billion euros of the earmarks funds comprise e.u. subsidies for cross border but we sell a consortium involving french carmaker peugeot and its sister company opel in germany a further four billion is expected to come from private companies including energy
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firms. not everyone believes the project is a good idea the german center for automotive research says high production costs mean european companies won't actually be able to compete with asian rifles. already the talk more about this time joining to the obama likes to know molly and she's from our business desk so you know why is it so important for europe to get into the business of making these car batteries well it's in the question brant it's all about europe now as we heard there in the report reducing the dependency on asian suppliers is a part of it but to argue that the reasons are purely economic and they only have to do but that wouldn't be right there's a big political dimension to this the european commission has likened this project to creating an arab bus for batteries so what does that mean it means a european champion and a global industry that is also by the way heavily subsidized so in a big way this is about politics france and germany want to get their brand out
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there to rival asian dominance at a time where global industry really is just a race between u.s. china and europe so and the press conference today now friend francis the finance minister lemaire made a point of saying that other european countries are interested in this as well italy belgium poland austria and so further underscoring how european this project is supposed to be there are critics though who say that this is a waste of money are they right while the criticism isn't isn't even about the money per se we're talking upwards of four billion euros with one point two billion euros and those european subsidies of if approved now some analysts investment in the sector at somewhere upwards of a trillion in the next two decades so really we're talking about a drop in the bucket here but the argument is that that money could probably be spent somewhere else critics are saying why aren't they investing this money in mobility concepts like mar sharing and moving away from individual car ownership
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and towards trends that benefit communities and cities so they're not argue. putting up this venture would be bad for europe a fairly just that the gains might be bigger elsewhere it's a good point but when can we expect to see this franco german consortium get down to business in charge dealt with if you will well those much awaited you subsidies are expected to be green lighted in october and a pilot factory of about top two with about two hundred employees is supposed to open up in france in the next month and the main goal is to get to production sites in france and germany up and running by five hundred twenty three do you have a car i do not they are expensive brand that is true a bicycle is much better blocking having a lock on cardio so they'll thank you for the presidents of france and italy have begun formal commemorations to mark five hundred years since the death of the renaissance genius leonardo da vinci the heads of state lead wreaths at the french chateau where leonardo spent his final years and they played up the bonds between
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their two new age it's. the mona lisa now on display in the louvre in paris helped establish his reputation as one of the greatest painters of all time but they are not a divvy and she applied his immense capabilities to a staggering range of endeavors seen arts and sciences. i mean she embodied the ideals of europe's renaissance the rebirth of learning and knowledge that marks europe's transition from the middle ages into modernity. and you know the us yet the quote is that you know that even she was unquestionably born in italy he's from florence but beyond that he led a career at the service of several powerful men this career and his life and here in france and today he's undisputedly a universal figure and beauty must always bring together as many people as possible a celebrity with mexico in the us. it was in that spirit that the presidents of
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italy and france gathered at given she's tomb in was france it's on the one is so say this renee songs period was an extremely important time in the friendship between italy and france when rene soames jenius came to france to spend the rest of his life at the invitation of a young french king as an awful sea davinci spent the last three years of his life at the chateau do close to say and died here in fifteen nineteen at the age of sixty seven but his legacy in contemporary europe has few equals. south africa's olympic running champion cost as the menu is being urged by supporters not to quit her sport this after some in you posted a cryptic tweet hinting she might do just that quit or wednesday she lost her appeal of an international track and field rule that will force certain women
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starting on may eighth to lower their to start with drugs. cast to cement his recent treat as have many wondering about have future she posted this a day after she lost her appeal at the court of arbitration for sport knowing when to walk away is wisdom being able to a security and walking away with your head held high is dignity. cancer quick to react encouraging her to not give up but at least one other is telling her to not allow herself to be genetically modified like an animal see many a i said to compete in the eight hundred metres at a diamond pro track and field series stop in qatar on friday that's before the international association of athletics federations the i w i s new rules limiting testosterone in female athletes comes into effect athletics has two classifications it has
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a. gender we are physically protective about both and i'm really grateful that the court of arbitration held that principle. the i.w. new rules only apply in women's events from the four hundred meters to the mild run means to many a make consider a sprint say to the five thousand meter us as she did last week at the south african athletics championships for now though the diving even though it could well be cement his last shot at competing the natural way without having to take drugs to know what her testosterone. for right now to a roller derby in thailand you may think that is quite an all american tradition but the sport is gaining popularity in parts of asia to the point that there's an inter asian leak we caught up with one team from bangkok there are these all a big goal competing in the next world cup. it's fast frenzy
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and full contact. welcome to roll of dog. food the gave it all about balance and free will with it but that's pushed because it will i'm going to try and stop the uptake of like a lot of the what next maybe this is no place for beginners. these guys are on a mission to set up thailand's first ever national team to skate their way into the biggest competition in the game devoted of the world cup almost every roller derby player know as a dream of competing in the world cup and it would be great to bring a team from thailand with thai skaters. trained in bangkok that would be a dream. with the world cup expected to take place in a few years time the race is on to qualify they already have the skills. and training from a charity role a dobie legends experience international should stop that's become team thailand's
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they need to recruit more type places and they are counting on roller dobby's growing proof fallen asian to help them do it i think people are hungry for it they want it they want to know what it was they want to be able to power it in their bodies think of space and i think that's. all well. yeah. it has. been a. team bangkok already planted into asian league tonight's the big game against rivals hong kong at last year's world cup the number of asian teams competing jumped from one to three. and with more events like this thailand should be runs alongside them next time around the world many asian taints in the last world cup but everyone really enjoyed watching change pads and team korea team philippines. so i think god admitting thailand will be very exciting just like
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michelle. is tonight sending today by these guys already six hand that intimidation success international. didn't strike up. and that was our charlotte shells and killed their reporting she is dangerous for we just are here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you to venezuela's president nicolas maduro has urged the army to fight off coupon following this week's demonstrations opposition leader one has called for a series of strikes to try to push. the death toll in mozambique following cycling can it has now reached forty one in a week after the powerful storm hit some parts of the country are still inaccessible and waiting for a. you're watching a d.w.t. news after
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a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight an exclusive interview with the political advisor to venezuela's opposition leader one why don't we all ask him is there still hope for democracy in venezuela will be right back.
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her first day of school in the jungle. first gloominess and. then doris crane the moment arrives. joined the running tank on her journey
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back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour of the ring in ten returns home on d w dot com bring it tangs. some time in the twenty six to you my great granddaughter who people are. what with the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. when i was born there were three billion people will share the planet with nine billion. your world around two degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one metres per century. group going to have some climate impacts with journey greater than the more recent . it's really frightening.
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why aren't people more concerned. start to do first w. on tuesday that it's wayland's were called upon to rescue their constitution and overthrow president nicolas maduro today marched with his generals in a military parade in the capital caracas declaring victory over an attempted coup tonight from rising up to flat line he did democracy in venezuela just miss its only.


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