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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. this is g w news live from berlin tonight in venezuela president nicolas maduro declaring victory over an attempted coupe. urging the army to fight off anyone involved with this week's attempt to alst him he appeared today on national television with his generals at a military parade in caracas the man leading the push to alst opposition leader one is calling on all workers in the country to go on strike also coming up israel
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comes to a halt as it remembers the six million jews murdered in the holocaust. and the story of a girl who was thirteen at the time is told again but this time for the instagram generation and the president of italy and france remember the artistic genius leonardo da vinci he died five hundred years ago today the italian master lived down his final years as a shut in for this. i'm burned off it's good to have you with us we start tonight with venezuela where president nicolas maduro has called on the military to fight anyone who is involved in an attempted coup and that's after the country's. declared president one why the
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call for a series of strikes general strikes hoping to force from power has described this week's protests as the final phase in al sting mature or even though they have failed to break the political stalemate in the country clashes in caracas over the last two days have left four people dead according to human rights groups white have declared himself that that's where he lives in a room president back in january a move supported by the united states germany and some latin american countries. are right let's go now to our correspondent oscar shrinker he is standing by for us in caracas good evening to you. i want to start with the news of this arrest warrant that has been issued for opposition politician leopoldo lopez what do we know beyond their. well as you know yes what survives. on tuesday through the screw ups happened and he is now. the
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spanish embassy as against well what does this mean that the supreme court votes that one of the oldest house arrest commission that for a couple of years and now wants to put him back in jail this is a bit complex that was in educational manner because one way to go on this recognize its president by over fifty nations including spending sounder her for his freedom on tuesday so now the difficulty lies in spain welfare systems newly elected plans to do it with their own laws to this complexity the host of the office father was a citizen was elected as are all interior and you're and you know last week we were sentenced bang in a basement and seek asylum in spain because answer today he was standing there. yet if he gets an oscar if we see this being done against lopez this evening
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what about one if says that why did was part of this attempted coup what are the chances of him issuing an arrest warrant for why don't. well the offense is always there isn't there has always been the threat of one when i was being arrested and there have been more that while attempting to do so i think that there is a lot of pressure on the government from the base to arrest one i don't but there's also a lot of pressure international not do so and. sorrow absent now those security team a fine way to go that's increased their their operations to manage and stuff with a lot of security and what they've increased the numbers is it because of an increased risk to his safety
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yes there is definitely an increased increased risk to the safety and we've seen that with this team there's not more security that they are keeping low profile for much forms events that we've been seeing yesterday and the day before. he is not keeping such a low profile today compared to the past two days of the we saw him today with his generals at a military parade in caracas what does that tell was about how he perceives his power tonight. well i think it's important or i would go to shallow off there is getting loose and they are forced because what we saw on tuesday with the freedom of not want openness and with this go with their lives and each nonspecific is that there are fractures within the armed forces and. does not now complete control there is a break in command from what went on tuesday and it's important for him to show
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there is unity supporting him within the armed forces so that's my reasoning much more often together with military and on force that's today and i ask you what about the influence of russia and the united states in venezuela tonight is russia tonight at least looking like it has the upper hand. well there are analysts that suggest that in the future and that's why i was in the hands of negotiations between russia and the united states and that's what really happened seems after the task you meet it is evidence that both countries want roland what happens here and it has to do with a chill to little strategy that any kind of economic interest there is nothing in venezuela that russia can get a better price elsewhere in the world that their their presence here is priceless because that's why last oil resources and borders with a long unit brazil and it's near the united states and other countries in the
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region for russia there is more of a geopolitical reasons yuki anything else for that and for the united states there's also any interest to keep russia away from the region but all this goes beyond an economic interest because this one of. the times in the past years our infrastructure is not what used to be crime is rampant and constant crisis and turmoil making and spencer richard she said any kind of industry so we have to take that into balance when we. you know shish and play out between russia and the united states did you actually the reporting from caracas tonight thank you. israel today marked its annual holocaust remembrance day commemoration ceremonies took place across the country the day she came to a standstill as people pause to remember the six million jews murdered by the nazis during world war two.
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and in poland the holocaust survivors led the annual three kilometer march of the living from auschwitz to birkenau to commemorate the victims a quarter of all those killed perished in the nazi death camps at auschwitz birkenau. and today the story of a teenage girl who died in a death camp has been reimagined and retold for the instagram generation. this film depicting the german army entering hungary during world war two might look like a hollywood film production but it's not in fact it was shot on a smartphone and portrayed format for an instagram audience it tells the true story
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of thirteen year old eva hyman in nineteen forty four she kept a daily journal for three months before the nazis deported to auschwitz but even a story is told in the first person as if she had a smartphone during the holocaust and could have regularly documented it on instagram is israeli tech entrepreneur mountie call javi personally financed the project and together with his daughter directed it with the help of social media they're trying to establish a new way to remember the horrors of the holocaust museums and books and we bring. in a meaningful way into the social media. and young people too. and young uses are already starting to discuss story online many have suggested the effect heavy instagram portrayal is too superficial for a story of such suffering up as appeared to be imprest we break yeah yeah but that media. has traditionally been in the past so i would say that was a little bit taken aback thousands are now learning about the fate of one hundred
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one she gave a diary to a neighbor shortly before she was deported to auschwitz it survived she did not she was murdered in october of nineteen forty four. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world wiki leaks founder julian assange has appeared in a london court for the first hearing of a u.s. extradition request washington wants him to face trial for allegedly trying to hack a pentagon computer or wednesday a songe was jailed for fifty weeks first skipping bail in the year two thousand and twelve. tens of thousands of people have taken part in another mass rally in sudan's capital khartoum they are pressing the military to hand control to a civilian government the army ousted president omar al bashir in mid april and took over the country's interim leadership but protesters fear that the generals intend to hold on to power. well the presidents of france and italy have begun
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formal commemorations to mark five hundred years since the death of the response genius leonardo da vinci the heads of state laid wreaths at the french chateau where the spent his final years and they played up the ball between their two nations. the mona lisa now on display in the louvre in paris helped establish his reputation as one of the greatest painters of all time but they are not a division she applied his immense capabilities to a staggering range of endeavors in arts and sciences division she embodied the ideals of europe's renaissance the rebirth of learning and knowledge that marks europe's transition from the middle ages into modernity. and in the us is that you know he didn't she was unquestionably born in italy he's from florence but beyond that he led a career at the service of several powerful men this career and his life and here
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in france and today he's on the speech to be a universal figure and beauty must always bring together as many people as possible a celebrity. it was in that spirit that the presidents of italy and france gathered at divin she's tomb in was france. it's on the and it's on safety this renascence period was an extremely important time in the friendship between italy and france when you're in a sense jenius came to france to spend the rest of his life at the invitation of a young french king as an awful sea davinci spent the last three years of his life at the chateau duplo to say and died here in fifteen nineteen at the age of sixty seven but his legacy in contemporary europe has few equals south africa's olympic running champion custer's ammonia is being urged by
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supporters not to quit this after the menu posted a cryptic tweet hinting that she may just do that quit or sport or wednesday so when you've lost your appeal of an international track and field rule that will force certain women to lower their testosterone levels withdraw. cassis many as recent treat has as many wondering about have future she posted this a day after she lost her appeal at the court of arbitration for sport knowing when to walk away is wisdom being able to a security and walking away with your head held high is dignity cancer quick to react encouraging her to not give up but at least one other is telling her to not allow herself to be genetically modified like an animal. cement he said to compete in friday's eight hundred media event at the diamond eat meat in qatar that's just before the new rules limiting testosterone in female
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athletes from the international association of athletics federations comes into effect. athletics has two classifications it has a huge. agenda we are physically protective about both and i'm really grateful that the court of arbitration doesn't help that principle. the i.w. new rules only apply in moments events from the four hundred metres to the mild run means to many a mate consider a sprint say to the five thousand meet us as he did last week at the south african athletics championships for now though the damage could well be cement his last shot at competing the natural way without having to take drugs to know what testosterone. club football they hold the first leg of the europa league tournament semifinals where frankfurt scored early against visiting chelsea. knocked it in for frankfurt but chelsea tied it up right before half time
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and that's how it ended a one one draw the second leg is in london next week by the way the other semifinal saul beat three one. watching t w news why from berlin still to come indeed up a new business a high profile german organizations lined up to pledge millions to the young victim morial in jerusalem on this holocaust remembrance day jeanette will have that and a whole lot more right after the break. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on. don't expect happy ending. the church.
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takes four hours with your few people and stories it is so special.


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